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3rd Quarter.


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Bad Weather Man.


Most of the 3rd Quarter was lost to same aesthetically unpleasing lull as most of the 2nd quarter. "Overall I though we played hard," BB said. "Tough-tough week after the Seattle game, then coming out here. But I though the players showed a lot of commitment this week. Coming in prepared. Coming in here and play with good energy. The 49ers present a lot of problems. I thought that they give you a lot of things that you have to deal with offensively. Defensively, a lot of guys close to the LOS that we have to deal with. Their always good in the kicking game. Tough day in their today, but I thought our guys hung together and battled well. It's good to have eight wins." San Fran's aggressive D and the cold rain really shut the Pats down for the two middle quarters.

But the same can be said for the Pats D shutting San Fran down and only giving up one score in those two quarters. "I thought it was a solid effort by our team," BB said. "It's always good to not turn the ball over. We had some good field position opportunities: offensively, through the kicking game, and defensive stops, and took advantage of those. We had some big plays on offense in the 4th quarter. We needed those." The game became a field position battle of trench warfare, bad weather, and mistakes, like World War I.

I think because of their record Pats fans thought they would just lay down at Home for some reason. "They played us tough, they're a good football team," Blount said. "Obviously, we had to capitalize on some of their mistakes in order for us to get a lead. There a really good football team, but we come out here and we play hard, and we play together. Everybody stuck to the script. We knew what the game plan is and we stuck to it the whole time." The Pats sliced into the 4th quarter in the middle of a long drive.

1st and 10 late in the 3rd, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback with Dion in the backfield. "Dion's worked hard," BB said. "He had an opportunity to play today, and we'll see what it looks like on film. I thought he helped us. Hopefully he'll keep getting better as he gets more game experience and timing [back]. As much as we practice its different in the game. But I thought he handled himself well. He got off to a decent start today. He gave us a little bit of a lift." They ran him off tackle, and he made one guy miss but there were three defenders there.

2nd and 9, the Pats motioned into an I-formation. They ran play action. They only sent out two WRs, and both were doubled. Blount snuck out late. But the play action gave Brady a ton of time. Then he jogged out to his right and spotted Edelman going deep to the left. The pass was so far off that you could see Edelman was pissed.

Brady took a lot of shots down field in this game. "We've seen him do that before," BB said. "That's what good quarterbacks do. They have good vision. They know when they don't have it. Our receivers did a good job of finding space. Tom did a good job of finding them. The Play action did a good job of giving him time to gets his eyes downfield and find the secondary target. That was team execution." This one was not effective.

3rd and 9, the Pats motioned into a double-stacked Weak shotgun. Mitchell made a great move going down the seam. He faked out a little, took the inside shoulder of the CB. He got 18-yards downfield in a flash.

Then he broke In. "It was great for him to step up and take advantage of the opportunity," BB said. "We really needed that without Chris [Hogan]. I though all receivers did: Julian, Danny, and Malcolm. Malcom made some big catches over the middle. As you mentioned the In cut [on 3rd down]. He had a good Slant route. And then the scramble [by Brady], and the Over. A good catch and run play concept. Maybe the best play he had, just from the sideline, was the blocking he did on LG's long run in the first quarter. It was like a 20-yard gain [that his blocking turned] into a 40-yard gain or something like that." He left the CB in the dust as he broke inside.

Brady's throw was a little high and inside. "Malcolm Competed hard," BB said. "He always works hard. He's a smart kid. He got an opportunity today, and he certain stepped up and took advantage of it. That's what our team needed. We had a lot of guys do that on both sides of the ball. And in the kicking game, when Slate was out, guys had to step up and they performed well. We needed that." However, Mitchell was able to twist back and grabbed the ball effortlessly for the big time 1st down conversion.

1st and 10, the Pats came out Empty. Brady got pressure from the edge rusher and had to step up and then hop to his left as the DT got pressure. Then he had to duck straight up field, as the strongside edgerusher was getting pressure.

Suddenly he had no one in front of him, as he had slipped past all four rushers. "He made a lot of clutch plays scrambling and giving guys time to get open," Dion said. "That's a great part of his game that nobody really thinks he has." He spotted White coming back 10-yards past the marker, for another big 3rd conversion over midfield.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up a Twins left Singleback. They ran play action again. Brady finally spotted Bennett in the cold rain. and threw the ball to him. "It was tough rainy-cold game to play in. I mean, weather always has an effect on the game," Bennett said. "I think this is the only sport where you play no matter what the weather is. If it's 10-below, raining, as long its not lightning, or snow. It doesn't matter what it is. Football is the only sport where we play continuously no matter what. So all the elements will have an affect on different things: how you want to throw the ball, run the ball, be protected. It's hard to throw the ball down the field. The ball gets heavy. It gets soaking wet, so it's harder to catch. That's just part of the game. That's just football." That was his only catch of the game.

One of the reason this was such a better win than the Pats are given credit, is that it is always tougher to win on the road. "Every game has the same amount of importance," Bennett said. "For us it was just: coming in [to San Fran], and a long trip, 6-hour flight, being rested, and you know get our bearing together with the time difference and everything, and being able to come out and compete. The guys did a great job handling the elements, and we were just trying to win. It doesn't really matter where we are, just try and get a W." Bennett caught the ball for a 1st down at the 30.

1st and 10, they lined up in an I formation. Brady one-stepped, turned, and threw the ball outside to Mitchell. "He shows up every day with his hardhat on ready to go to work," Brady said. "I've just been impressed with him since the day he came in. Just his personality is infectious. He's a very positive person. He made a great play today. He made a lot of great plays. He just growin' along with everybody else. It's been great to see." He caught it, and ran to the 22.

2nd and 2, the Pats lined up in an I formation. Brady skipped the play action, five-stepped, hitched, and lopped a pass high and outside to Amendola. Amendola leaped out as far as he could, and did come close to the bad throw. That might have been Brady's worst throw of the game, or his best throw away, I don't know.

3rd and 2 from the 22, they lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady three-stepped, then floated to his right as Edelman dragged over the middle in sync with him. He found the angle and threw over the LB to Edelman. The pass was high and inside, and Edelman had to twist around to catch it, but it allowed him to turn up field and spin down to the 10.

1st and Goal at the 9, The Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback. They handed the ball off to Dion. "I was just thinking about going out there and executing and make sure I didn't make any mistakes," Dion said. "I never really sat down and said, 'oh, this is my first game of the year.' I was just ready to go."  He curved and swerved for a few to end the 3rd quarter.

1st and goal from the 6, the Pats came out Empty. Brady got in trouble real Quick. The DT beat Thuney with an inside move, and rammed straight into Brady. He spun out of the sack, as the DT grabbed his foot and he had to pull it free.

"There were some crossing receivers involved. Danny got jammed as I think it was [Nick] Bellore was trying to work to the outside, then when Tom kind of got away from pressure, Danny saw some space and found it, and Tom found him," BB said. "It was really a good play by both players and the offensive line that gave a little bit of extra protection there. Tom did a good job of coming out of some pressure, getting his eyes up, and Danny saw some people inside of him where he was kind of designed to go on the play, but had the awareness and savvy that Danny has to find the open space, and then Tom found him. It was really a great play by both players. Definitely not the way we drew it up, but it's not unusual in the red area when a team puts in a three-man rush for the play to extend and the ball not to come out exactly on time like it does maybe in the four-to-five-man rush type of coverage. It was just really good execution by our players."

Amendola had blasted off the line, and tried to turn In, underneath Bennett, but he smashed into the LB. His entire body shuttered as he ground to a halt. Then he took off straight into the Endzone, and the collision with Bellore seemed to set him free of DBs, as they drifted to other receivers and Bennett cleared out the middle.

Brady turned his eyes back up field and spotted Amendola open in the back of the endzone. "We got a little different coverage than we want and then had to buy a little bit more time," Brady said. "Danny made a great play, finding some space. I just kind of put it up there for him. It was a great play by Danny." He fired the ball with a third rusher in his face.

Aendola ran inside a little towards the safety, but then saw Brady in trouble so he jerked back outside all alone on the giant 9 in the 49ers' endzone. "Tom kind of got away from some pressure. Danny saw some space and found it. And Tom found him," BB said. "It was really a good play by both players. And the offensive line that gave a little bit of extra protection there. Tom did a good job of coming out of some pressure, getting his eyes up and Danny saw some people inside of him where he was kind of designed to go on the play but had the awareness and the savvy that Danny has to find the open space and then Tom found him. It was really a great play by both players. Definitely not the way we drew it up." No one was within 5-yards of him when he caught it. Pats-20. San Fran-Irrelevant.

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