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Pats Vs. 49ers.

1st Quarter.


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1st Half.


The Pats D came out and overwhelmed the 49ers O-line for a great three and out. "We came out early with energy, but that doesn't matter how much energy you have in pregame and Kickoffs," McCourty said. "You have to go out there and make plays. Guys stepped up and made plays. WE got off the field, and I think you can build off that." Branch got his hands on Kaepernick and forced him outside on 1st down. Malcolm Butler brought him down for nothing.

They tried to run on 2nd down, but Malcolm Brown hit him behind the line, and McClellin knocked him down. "Shea's shown a lot of versatility in his career going all the way back to college. He's played at the end of the line as a linebacker, as a defensive end. He's played off the line of scrimmage as a base-down linebacker in a 3-4, which he did in Chicago, and as a sub-linebacker. He's also played all of the units on special teams," BB said. "So he's a smart player that runs well, is athletic, has good size and power. So he can do a lot of different things. We've used him in all of those roles, more on the line of scrimmage, and then at the beginning of the year and I'd say a combination of both as we've gone through I'd say the last, I don't know, month to six weeks or somewhere in there and in the kicking game. 

"So his overall versatility and the number of different roles, which that could change within the game, or weekly, or I'd say anywhere going forward because of his versatility, and skillset and intelligence. That could change so it could be a little different physically. Last week he was, again, off the line more than he was on but he's a very versatile player and he's helped us in multiple ways on defense and in the kicking game."

3rd down was the best. Chung blitzed from the edge and grabbed Kaepernick by the foot. "Patrick played well, played productively, pretty much as he always does," BB said. "He gives us that week after week, makes plays in the kicking game, makes plays in the running game; makes plays in the passing game. He's a good tackler, he's around the ball. He's just a productive player and it seems like it's pretty much like that every week." Chung needs to step up even more in the run game with Collins gone.

And I love to say I told you so, as rising star Tre Flowers dived onto top of Kaepernick as he fell. "Well, there was pressure on the edge. They didn't have it picked up. He had good patience with it and all of that, but I'd say the harder part of the play was tackling the quarterback," BB said. "We've had a number of situations this year where we've been in that situation, where we've had players come in and block off the edge, and we just weren't able to get the quarterback. He escaped somehow. So I think that's really [the key]. Kaepernick almost got out of there on that one, too.

"Patrick tackled him, kind of wrapped him up around the leg or the ankle, and then somebody else, I think it might have been Trey Flowers, or somebody else was there to kind of help finish the play. But when you're coming out of space like that, you can't really let the quarterback outside when he's as athletic as Kaepernick or Tyrod Taylor or guys like that. It's a tough open field tackle on a player like that, so it was another good tackle. Chung is one of our best tacklers. He's got to be one of the best tacklers in the league whether he's in line or in space or whoever he's tackling. He's very good. I thought that was a very good tackle on the play and not an easy one." Ninkovich reached him as well.

Amendola fielded the ground ball punt at the 43. It seemed to surprise the coverage team. He broke the ankle of the gunner, as he juked up field towards a swarm of six or seven Redcoats. Then he dipped and dashed outside, like a rookie returner for 30-yards sideways. But he had Jonathon Jones, Chung, Brandon King, Bolden, Ebner, McCourty, Grissom, and McClellin waiting in ambush. They controlled Amendola's right flank at the numbers. They formed a moving wall down the left sideline, and Amendola followed their blocks for a great 30-yard return down to the 27.

A stern Brady then walked out onto the field. The Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun with trips left in a business like fashion. The O-line blocked well. Cannon got beat to his outside shoulder, but was just able to turn and wash the DE past Brady as he threw. However, the guy Shaq stuffed a couple yards past the LOS reach his big mitts up, and slapped the pass down. Brady had Dion Lewis breaking open short in the box.

2nd and 10, Brady looked around in the pouring rain as they motioned into a trips left Weak shotgun. He hit Edelman on a bubble screen. Amendola missed his block, but Edelman was able to juke Eli Harold. Mitchell had a nice block outside. Solder and Shaq got outside in front of Edelman, but it was too late to help.

3rd and 3, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Winged Shotgun, which was nasty, because Brady was being winged by Lewis and White. "It felt good. It was great to be back out there playing with my teammates. I had a great time," Dion said. "It's just like riding a bike, I've been playing this game for a long time." The O-line allowed some pressure, but held their blocks.

Brady had to throw quickly to Lewis in the left flat. "We did a good job offensively," BB said. "Moved the ball. Had plays from our skill players. Ran the ball well. Had good balance. Tom played well. It was a good offensive performance." Lewis caught it, and broke the tackle of Keith Reaser for the First.

1st and 10 from the 11, Brady went under center in a Weak formation. Develin shifted into a Strong formation. Then Brady called timeout. The Pats lined back up in a Singleback with Blount behind Brady. Blount tried to run a Smash right, but Andrews was overwhelmed by Glenn Dorsey at the point, and a few LBs where able to jump on him as well.

2nd and 10, Empty. Three guys rushed past Brady and the whole middle opened up. He took off and slid down at the Five. Cannon and Solder gave up their outside shoulders, but were able to wash the rushers past Brady. Thuney got beat badly by Dorsey with a Swim move outside. But Thuney was able to turn, and just shoved him past Brady as he stepped up. Brady was able to run around Dial as Andrews held on.

3rd and goal from the Four, White motioned into a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady had time to three step, hitch, and throw, as the line formed a perfect pocket. Edelman was lined up outside all alone. He skipped past the CB, faked inside, and then broke free outside. He was running out of field fast, but Brady threw with perfect timing. Edelman snagged the ball, and wiped himself out getting both feet down and inbounds.

Gostkowski missed the extra point to make it Pats-6. 49ers-Zip. But he slammed the kickoff through the Endzone, instead of trying that pouch kickoff. Which has been so effective trapping opponents inside 20, but has caused a hitch in his swing. This was likely the first step to getting his swing back.

Well one thing we learned in this game is that the problem with this terrible San Fran team starts with their O-line. They are just terrible. The 49ers lined up in a 2-wide I-Pistol. The Pats matched up in a 3-4, with a Chung in the Box. They run a Dive to Mr. Hyde. By the time he reached the LOS, four defenders are in the backfield. 

Ninkovich and Brown shot in from the Strongside, and Branch up the middle. Flowers held the point, as McClellin turned up field and set the edge. Flowers shed and hit Mr. Hyde in the side. Then McClellin jumped onto him on his other side. Mr. Hyde incredibly dragged them for six yards.

2nd and 4, the OC dropped the ball as he tried to hike it, and Flowers bent down and pick it up with both hands. Then it slipped out of his hands as the whistle blew. They called it a false start, and not a fumble for some reason.

2nd and 9, San Fran stayed in the I-Pistol, and the Pats stayed in the 3-4. They ran Mr. Hyde off tackle. McClellin beat the tight end inside on the edge. He headed up field as the tight end held him and turned him sideways with his back to the play. McClellin turned his head back to see Mr. Hyde running towards, but the TE was Holding his shirt and he couldn't turn to face the play. Mr. Hyde smashed into McClellin's outside leg from behind and tackled himself. He somehow fell forward for a yard. And for some reason the refs ignore the obvious Hold.

3rd and 8, San Fran lined up in a 3-Wide I-Pistol. The Pats lined up in a 2-4 Nickel, with only three guys on the line. They shifted into a bunched up Strong-Pistol. The Pats brought four, and got some nice pressure upfield. But Kaepernick found a crack and moved forward past the rusher. He spotted ex-Patriot Chris Harper crossing the field and flicked it to him. He caught it and headed up field to the 46.

1st and 10, 49ers lined up in a 2-Wide I-Pistol, which they have been running out of. The Pats matched up in a 4-2 Nickel, with Chung and McCourty in the box. They ran Harris, and he tackled himself. Hightower jumped on top of him just in case. Branch and Long did a great job holding the point. So he had to try and cut back, and tripped himself up.

2nd and 9, the 49ers lined up in a 4-Wide I-Pistol. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel, with two LBs standing up outside on the Blindside. They ran DuJuan Harris again, and the three D-linemen held the point again. Which allowed Logan Ryan to slash in from the side and make the tackle. Now I know that San Fran's line sucks, but if Branch, Brown, and Flowers can continue to dominate like this inside, the Pats defense is going to continue to get better (well, except for Branch).

3rd and 9, the 49ers lined up in a Bunched up Strong shotgun. The Pats matched up in a Dime, with 2-down and 3-up on the line. They send four but got no real pressure. Kaepernick had to stand calmly in the pocket, survey the field, and threw deep down the sideline to the RB. Shaun Draughn caught the ball. He was being covered by Hightower. But he was lined up inside the Bunch, and Hightower got blocked/picked by the TE Clark. Hightower was able to catch up and slammed him head first into the turf.

1st and 10 at the 27, the 49ers lined up in the 2-Wide I-Pistol. The Pats matched up in the 3-3 Nickel, with two safeties in the box. Flower, Branch, and Brown held up the O-line again. Mr. Hyde had to bounce it outside. Ninkovich fought off the ORT, and grabbed Mr. Hyde. But he shook him off like a wild beast, and got outside. He ran right over Chung for the First. Chung was able to hold onto his leg and stopped him from getting more.

1st and 10 at the 16, the 49ers stayed Pistol, but put both WRs outside on the left. The Pats went 3-4, with McCourty in the box. The Pats dominated the 49ers O-line again, as they ran a Zone toss outside. Branch powered the ORG back and got in Mr. Hyde's way. Ninkovich set the edge and turned him inside. Hightower burst through the traffic and got an angle. Chung got in front of him. But Mr. Hyde shifted into something dangerous, and cut back leaving five or six defenders in the dust, like they had just been violated by something evil (that was a long way to go for that joke). Harmon was just able to dive and wrap-up his legs as he ran inside the Five.

1st and Goal at the Three, the 49ers lined up in the 2-Wide I-Pistol. The Pats matched up with an aggressive 4-3 with 7 guys on the line. Hightower dropped his mouthpiece on the turf spitting out signals. Valentine burst up the middle, and finally got a hand on Hyde in the backfield. Flowers helped take him down.

2nd and goal from the 7, they went into a 4-Wide I-Pistol. The Pats matched up in a 2-4 Nickel. They were looking for the pass. But Kaepernick handed the ball off to Harris. He sprinted outside as the middle was clogged again. McCourty and Logan took him down hard outside. McCourty held him up, and Ryan slammed him with some force.

3rd and goal from the 6, the 49ers lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up in a very aggressive 3-4 with six guys on the line showing blitz. The Pats brought five. Then Hightower delayed a little as he read the RB staying in.

He charged the blocking RB, knocked him back, and ran through him to strip sack Kaepernick. "The passrush was great, [and] the coverage was married up with that," Logan Ryan said. "So I think a lot of guys took the challenge that was brought upon us, and played this offense pretty well. It wasn't perfect obviously, but just think guys went out there and tried to get this win." But Kaepernick was able to fall on the ball to force the field goal. Pats-6. San Fran-3. Strange Days, Calls, and Non calls-3.

The Pats lined up on the 23 in an I-formation. The entire O-line dominated the LOS, and before the defense knew what was happening Blount was on the 2nd level. He cut outside so quick he made the Safety miss, and crashed into the LB who was trying to grab Blount from behind. That was a great move by Blount, and he was suddenly running down the numbers with no one in front of him.

He flew over 50 with Mitchell still blocking the CB in front of him. "I felt great," Blount. "Once again my offensive line and my tight ends and my receivers were out there with amazing blocking. They opened up a lot of big hoes for me, for me to make the plays I made. And they're going to continue to do that. They've jelled together, and they've worked hard. They go out there and they take just as much pride in the run game and the pass game as anyone else does. And their the anchors of our team. That's what we need. We need those guys to continue to play that way for us to be successful." He tried to cut back a little, but Bethea caught up with him from behind.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a I-Formation. 49ers crowd the line. They ran play action, and Brady turned and saw Edelman running free. He hit him in a gut on a In cut. Edelman strangled the ball as he got tripped over the 25.

1st and 10 at the 20, the Pats lined up in a Strong Formation. The O-line and Bennett open up a big hole right in the middle of the line again. But Blount got submarined sooner that I thought possible.

2nd and 7, the Pats lined up in a 2-Wide Weak shotgun. Edelman just ran down to the marker, and cut Out. Brady had a perfect pocket and calmly threw. But the pass was a little short, and Edelman had to come back about a yard to catch it.

3rd and 1, the Pats lined up in a 2-TE I. Blount slammed over Dorsey for the 1st to end the 1st quarter. 1st and goal from the 9, they ran a fake screen to the left, and the 49ers' D over pursued. Then Brady turned and flipped it to White on the other side. No one really got a block on that side, except Mitchell. White just ran to the pylon with speed. He smashed into Reid at the goal line and they both twirled into the Endzone.

That really was the end of the 1st Half. The 49ers scored a TD on a ugly drive that I really don't feel like going over. The 2nd quarter was just ugly to watch from start to finish.

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