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Man Alive!


Man alive! This is just too much. "I’ve got a lot of people out there waiting for me so it’s very cool," Brady said. "It doesn’t get any better than that. For the first chance to ever do that it was very special. I felt it in pregame warmup and it carried right to the last play of the game. It was pretty great. They’ve got a great organization. They always have and it inspired a lot of kids here in the Bay Area in my time growing up and I was one of them. To see Tom Rathman before the game, I mean, I idolized him. Dwight Clark and Joe Montana, to see them at halftime it was a pretty, pretty great day for me." To have that game against his hometown team, which was where he watched football for the first time, has to be the thrill of a lifetime.

Okay, timeout. Brady had a 12 to 1 TD to INT ratio coming into this game. That is unheard of. But what struck me is that he came into this game completing 73.9% of his passes. I'm not pretending that he can make it through the whole season with those impossible stats, but man what if he could. With six games down, and six left in his 12 game season, it is not out of the realm of possibility that he could have the best statistical season ever.

Remember he is only having a 12 game season, so he is half way through the most efficient QB season ever. He still has to play the Raiders, who are probably playing the best defense of any team besides the Broncos, who he has to face in Denver, of course, in December. Why do they always schedule games against Denver in Denver for the Pats. I think the largest part of the Pats losing record against Denver is that the NFL keeps scheduling games in Denver.

Now I'm not saying it is a conspiracy, like SuckMyBallsGate, but since 1979 the Pats have played 19 games in Denver, and despite playing 4 for the last 7 games in Foxboro, only 12 games at Home. This year will make it 4 of the last 8, with 20 games in Denver as compared to 12 at Home.

Okay, Brady has been so impossibly great in the first five game this season, that after this game his completion percentage on the season actually went down! To a terrible 70.4%. But his TD to INT ratio rose to 16 to 1. Now I know an INT or two plummets that ratio down to mortal levels. But, what if he only throws one INT in the 2nd half of his season, like he did in the 1st half of his season?

He was also great on 3rd downs in this game. I always say that the QBs main job is to convert 3rd downs. "That's a big key just like pretty much every week," BB said about 3rd down conversions. "There's nothing new there. We always want to try to stay out of long-yardage situations which result from negative plays and penalties primarily. That's a goal of ours every week: don't turn the ball over, and stay out of long yardage. I can't imagine that would ever change. Every once in a while, you convert a long-yardage situation, but that's hard to do in this league. It was hard to do yesterday. The 49ers are very good in those situations, as are most teams. We've got to do a better job on first and second downs to get ourselves a better chance on third down." They have to run the ball on 1st and 2nd downs better, because Winter is coming.

Brady is on pace for the most efficient QB season ever, but I would like it if he would stay in the pocket a little more. "He's Brady-Vick. I'm like, just stay in the pocket Bro," Edelman said. "He's a competitor. And nothing amazes me, what he does. He's an unbelievable leader. An unbelievable football player. Best quarterback I've ever seen play. It's an honor and a pleasure to get to play with him." Stay safe Bro.

Brady was using his quick little feet in this game, like he was Dion Lewis. "He's been in a lot of great clutch plays," Dion said. "You know, scrambling [and using his feet] giving time to guys to get open. So that's a great part of his game that no one [else] really has." His footwork in the pocket, while keeping his eyes down field, has literally become a training tape for young QBs.

His feet are so fundamentally sound in the pocket, moving away from pressure to give his receiver a little more time, that college coaches should be making cuts ups for their QBs. "I though Tom made a great play on the touchdown to Danny," BB said. "Coming off the pressure. [To] find him the back of the Endzone was a tremendous play." It seemed every big play in this game came off of Brady moving his feet in the pocket.

And it seems everyone was taking notice. "For me it's a great thing to see, him being mobile in the pocket," Blount said. "He works that pocket better than anybody and any quarterback in this League. He's going to stay on the spot he needs to stay on to make the throws that he needs to make. He's nimble. He looks pretty quick. He got up to about 16-miles per hour on the scrambles this year. So he's working on a lot, you know. I'm not complaining at all." If he is not the MVP of the League this season than something is serious wrong with the NFL League Office, like I don't know? All the wretched Giant fans in the front office.

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