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Greetings Pats Fans,

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My Brady's Back, 

And You're Gonna Be In Trouble.


Oh My God! Our Pats are still tops in the AFC East. We are 3 and 1, and the best football player in the World just joined the Patriots. Let me tell you for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Roger Trump and the rest of the NFL. Brady's back and he's gonna be pissed off. Pissed-off, pissed-off, our Brady's backs.

Brady's back, and we have already practically defeated the AFC East. I mean, Brady and Gronk haven't played a real game for the Pats this season, and we have three wins already, and the rest of the AFC East combined has four, LOL. Somehow in Brady's absence the rest of the AFC East fell apart.

So stop all the crying! "He's a good football player, so we're excited to get Tom back," Amendola said. "He's our leader." The Pats are 3 and 1 without their leader. Now their Brady is back, and the Browns are gonna be in trouble.

Is there any doubt that if Brady played against the Bills, even after that 1st half, that Brady could have dropped 20 on them in them 2nd Half without blinking. I told you that I didn't think the Bills could score 17 on the Pats defense, and I was so very right. I am so encouraged by the Pats defense after that performance last night. I mean, they could do ab-so-lute-ly nothing right in the 1st half, and only gave up a sad little 13-points to a legit NFL QB in the zone (which Brady would have easily rectified in the 3rd Quarter).

Tyrod Taylor was in the zone like nothing we had ever seen from him before, literally. He had never won a game where he threw the ball over 30 times before. He could do no wrong. He threw for more yards in the 1st half (165), than he was averaging per game on the season (163), and the Pats defense only gave up 16-points. I have always found that you learn more about  people when everything is going wrong than when everything is going right, like for the Bills in the 1st Half.

Watch the game again, if you can do it without puking (I know I can't). The Pats D could do nothing right in the 1st Half. All's they had to do was contain Taylor (couldn't do it), and tackle Shady (couldn't do it). Yet! They gave up 13-point in the 1st Half. When Brady plays against a defense that can do nothing right in the 1st Half? He puts up 30, in the Half. In the end, the Pats defense was great. They screwed up every way possible, and held the Bills, on Tyrod Taylor's best statically game of his life, to 3-friggin'-2nd-Half-points.

I just don't see what all the whining is about. You can't expect everything to go your way every game. If I'm Buffalo, I'm scared to death. Never mind Brady, if Garoppolo was at QB the Pats win easy. They just beat a Pats team, who was forced to start their 3rd string rookie QB. AND, he had a bum thumb, ON HIS THROWING HAND. And, they only scored 3-point in the 2nd Half, after the rookie reinjured his bum thumb and kept dropping the ball. That is just pathetic. They beat a team with not just a rookie at QB, but an injured rookie QB who was forced to play do to Roger Trump's use of the Dark Side, and a shoulder injury to the real back up QB.

How much will the Pats win by in October in Buffalo? When everything the Pats defense does isn't exactly wrong, and our Brady's back? They're gonna be in trouble! They won't be facing a rookie QB, with a bum thump, who had trouble holding onto the ball in the 2nd Half, when he obviously reinjured his thumb. They will be facing the best player in the NFL. Am I truly the only one who thought Super Bowl after watching that game? Because, our Brady's back and they're gonna be in trouble. Hey-now hey-now, our Brady's back!


NOW! We have a pissed off Brady on our hands. If he just comes back from Italy with his cloths on, we can go 15 and 1. "I think when you look at it, they've been the standard of this league," Sexy Rexy said. "Not just in our conference or division or whatever. They've been the standard of the league. So you want to put yourself up against the best. I think everybody saw what happened when everybody's saying ‘No Tom Brady, this team is going to be a disaster.' Well they're 3-0 last time I checked and beat some pretty good football teams. We need a win in the worst way, but, as far as the Patriots, I think, my admiration is really for Belichick more than anything. As a coach, that's the guy, that's the best. He'll go down as probably the best in the history of the game. So, I like poking fun at him and all that stuff but there's no coach I respect more than him."

Now! We have BB and TB12 reunited, and it feels so good (and little Gronkie looking like he is close to being the Gronk again).

I mean, even Bill was so excited yesterday about the return of Brady that he was practically giddy in his press conference. You could tell that he knew that he and Brady are about to unleash hell on the NFL. When ask about his little Tommy, BB said, "Right now my thoughts are on the Buffalo game." Which we all know is code for, "My Brady's back and you're gonna be in trouble. Hey-now hey-now, my Brady's back!"

I knew once I saw that Garoppolo wasn't playing that the Pats were going to lose. I tried to convey that without jinxing them, but I ran out of time. Sexy Rexy loves to concoct labyrinths with his defense that can confuse veteran QBs, and can cause brain damage rookie QBs. Plus, Jacoby's bum thumb made it impossible for him to grip the ball properly:

"Garoppolo is out, and that changes everything. Jacoby is still a rookie, and the Bills have had time to game plan for him. He is going to see things he never saw before. Now the Bills offense has a chance to keep up with Pats offense. I don't think they can run on the Bills like they ran in September, which puts more pressure on the rookie.

"So this game just got a whole lot tighter. But the game is at home, and the Pats defense has been spectacular. I don't think the Bills can score over 17-points on the Pats defense. I really don't think they can score over 10, but wacky things can happen. Look for this to be a ugly scary low scoring game, and the winner is likely to be the team that runs the ball the best (Which we now know was the Bills). So pray that LG has a good game, because the Ryans are scheming to stop him first."

Heck, I wrote about it after the Houston game. That if Jacoby has to QB against the Bills that he won't Win. When top NFL D-Coordinators have to game plan against a rookie they will destroy them, like Darth Trump trying to destroy a young beauty pageant winner, who doesn't live up to his gross potbelly-standards: 

"But, I do think Jacoby has shown that if he Redshirts for a couple of seasons he can be a winning QB in the regular season. Now you can't be completely certain, because everything with rookie QBs is an illusion. Plus, he played against a Houston team that was clearly unprepared for that game. He also played in a very limited game plan designed to take pressure off his throwing arm and brain.

"It would have been different next week (against the Bills), if he would have been forced to play against a defense that had time to game plan against him. But he isn't playing next week. That win scared Jimmy-G back onto the field for Buffalo next week. He still hasn't thrown a TD pass in six quarters of Regular Season Play. He still has a ton of growing to do." I was so completely positive that Jimmy-G was going to play yesterday.

NOW! We have a rookie QB who will never see the light of day on the active roster the rest of the season. He will spend the rest of his rookie season in Inactive Town studying the best player in the NFL on a daily basis. He will spend the next two or three years learning behind the scenes.

NOW! We have the best QB available to help a team win actual NFL games next season, sitting on the sidelines making half the GM's in the NFL drool like a gaggle of kids peeking into a window at a penny candy store. Jimmy-G has shown that he is a legit Regular Season Winner right now.

NOW! We have Brady back, fully clothed, and looking to take out some serious frustration on Darth Goodell's pathetic NFL. "It's going to be good," Edelman said. "He's our leader, and it's going to be great to have him out there. We're going to have to have a great week of preparation to get back in sync. That's where it all starts from, going out there and having a good week in practice." Brady has proven that he is the ultimate Playoff Winning QB currently in the NFL.

So turn those silly frowns upside down Pats fans. Because, "our Brady's back the they're gonna be in trouble. Hey now, hey now, our Brady's back!"

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