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Be Afraid. Be Very-Very Afraid.


OMG! Everything in the Patriots organization has just changed, again. Remember when we were flying high. We suddenly had two top five QBs on our roster, and were dreaming of the treasure we would get for ransoming one of them to the powers that be, like pirates on the open sea. We were in paradise just a day ago. Life was great.

Brady was busy resting for the rest of the long season, and Jimmy-G was killing it. "You know, [gulp, I] did enough to win," Brissett said. "And [gulp, I] obviously got to get better. But [gulp, I did] enough to [make everyone in New England cry]. We did a great job on all phases of the game that helped lead to this victory." Now we have a rookie QB.

And no offense to Jacoby, but he's a rookie. Rookie QBs kill offense in the NFL. It is what it is. "Obviously, it was a tough situation, but I think Jacoby [Brissett] handled the moment well," Mathew Slater said. "I think he's done a great job of preparing himself. And [when] he got in there, he was able to make some plays with his legs. He was able to move the chains. And I think that the front played well. Marty, the line, James Develin, Clay, they all blocked well, and we were able to run the ball there at the end, and run some time off the clock. LeGarrette played well, carried the ball well. So I think it was a good team effort across the board. You hate to see Jimmy sustain an injury, obviously, but we had to do what we had to do. " I mean, all humor aside, for a rookie QB, he actually did a hell of lot better than I expected.

Also during the game, incase you missed it. Jimmy-G took a humongous step forward in this game. There was still one flaw in his game that worried me. And he corrected that flaw in a flash of dragon fire with three missiles, like they were shot out of a crossbow. Jimmy-G was perfect managing the Pats offense, but couldn't seem to throw TDs. He threw for one TD in the three Preseason games he started. As hall of fame like as he was in Arizona, he only threw one TD in that game.

Then Boom! Yesterday he threw three TDs in less than a half of football, like they were fiery stones bursting out of catapult. He threw more TD passes in the uncompleted 1st half of yesterdays game than he threw in the four previous games he started combined. He was literally making the decision on who should be traded this coming off-season for BB, all by himself. I didn't think it was possible for him to play better than he did in Arizona. Yet there he was making his great start in Arizona look like he was a rookie who is starting his first game (Be afraid. Be very-very afraid).

He took a huge step forward from a game manger who could make great throws on 3rd down, to a top five starting NFL QB who can throw for multiple TDs in a game. That is a step up most NFL QBs don't make. "It's next man up," Long said. "And our offense was doing such a good job and they continue to do a pretty good job. I mean, Jacoby Brissett did a really admirable job filling in. That's tough on a young kid like that. But he just had a mentally and a mindset and he's had a mentality and a mindset preparing that he's ready to play. So we were confident in him and we just had to go out there and hold up our end of the bargain and we didn't always do that. But we'll fix those things and it's a short week and we got to fix them in a hurry."

First off, anyone who says the Pats are going to bring in a veteran QB to play in less than a week is trolling. Impossible. Nether team is even going to have a real practice this week. So stop. Stop the lying. There is now only one QB in the entire world who can barely manage the Patriots Playbook Thursday Night, and that is Jacoby Brissett, period. "I felt prepared, and did enough for us to secure the win," Brissett said.

The real problem is not Brissett's backup, it's that Brissett is a rookie. Rookies don't know what they don't know. Rookies are confused. Rookies are lost in tall grass. Rookies get overwhelmed by the speed and ferocity of the game in a blink of the eye. Then they are doing wacky things like throwing the ball backwards, like Brissett did in the 4th quarter.

Houston's defense is going to chew him up and spit him out, like a piece of fruit that just went sour right before you put it in your mouth. The kind of sudden rioting taste that swirls in your mouth for minutes and makes you spit and spit and spit in hopes of some flavor mercy. Only, Houston ain't gonna show any mercy. Be afraid. Be very very afraid.

The only good news is that Houston has to travel to New England. They are going to be tragically unprepared for this game. Thursday Night football is cruel and unfair to the players. They have one day to recover from the brutality of an NFL game. Then one walk-through on Tuesday. Then Wednesday they have to travel to New England. Then play Thursday. There will be nothing new added from their first two games. What the Pats coaches break down from the first two games is what they are going to get.

The Pats will at least be able to have a couple of run-throughs, and maybe even a little bit more of a practice on Wednesday. Brissett will be working with Edelman, Hogan, Bennett, and Amendola throwing short routes over and over behind the scenes. "Definitely," the starting rookie QB for the NEP Jacoby Brissett said. "Preparation is the key for us going forward." Brissett and McDaniel will be down in the dungeons of Gillette studying old film of the option and some guy named Matt, like two young monks in a catacombs studying ancient dusty texts.

Of course the best news is that we still have the old guy resting in the wings for a 1/4 of the season, which is not a bad thing for his body. 12-game season baby! When you get upset about the unmitigated disaster of the Jimmy-G injury, just keep saying to yourself, "Brady is coming. Brady is coming." That is the new Pats fan mantra: "Brady is coming." This regular season will come down to the glorious 12-games of a pissed off Brady. If they can come out of this utter disaster 3 and 1 or better, the rest of the NFL had better beware.

So Thursday nights' game is going to be hot, humid, and as ugly as an ass-monkey. The Pats coaches will come up with something, not new, but very old. There was a time, the ancient ones still talk about it, when the Brady won a few Super Bowls and then was hamstrung by a knee injury. He missed most of the season. They had a backup who was a backup only in college and the NFL come in to play.

His name was Castle. He was a detective. No. I meant Cassel. And when they put him in he spent the first month throwing sideways. I don't think he threw a pass over 10-yard in the first two games. He would throw it short and outside on screens, swing passes, and out routes dragging down the LOS. Brissett actually had more experience starting football games than Cassel did when he stepped in for Brady, granted they were college games.

Brissett also ran a ton of Options at NC State. They will run Options and he will use his feet as much as they think he can get away with. And when he throws, he will be throwing sideways. Quick passes to get the ball out of traffic, and hope one of his playmakers can make a guy miss and change field position. It will also help to take Houston's great D-line out of the game.

BB also has in his spell book one of only a few (I should probably look that up, but I'm working on a four day week here as well) true back up QBs to win a Super Bowl: Jeff Hostetler (oh, and wasn't Brady technically a backup in 2001). BB was the DC of the Giants team that lost Phil Simms to injury, stuck in the running backup QB Hostetler, and won the Super Bowl. You are more likely to see the kind of offense they ran with Hostetler than with Cassel.

Hostetler was more of a running option-like QB when he first came in, like Brissett is now. He developed into more of a thrower during the season and after, like Cassel did for the Pats and KC. So while you have to hold onto the hope that Jimmy-G plays against the Bills, the offense will become more of an Option-offense with short passes outside to the playmakers, and a long pass or two deep down the sideline when the safeties come up too much to stop the run and WR screens.

Then pray to whatever football Gods you hold dear that Jimmy-G can play against the Bills. A team that is in utter turmoil right now, but you can't beat them with a run only offense. And just remember, "Brady is coming".

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