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Part VIII.


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Do or Die Play Number 34.


Overtime, and the most underrated play by far in this Super Bowl was the toss. "I always call heads," Slater said. "When my dad was a captain, he called heads his whole career. I always call heads, and there is a little bit of luck. There is a little bit of a family faith story there. But we go heads. The Slater’s call heads. Heads or tails is up to me. I have called heads for the last six years." If Slater doesn't call Heads they likely don't win.

That was do or die play 26. "When I went to the coin toss, I said, 'If Slate gets this coin toss, we’re going to win the game,'" McCourty said. "You go against the guy [TB12] every day in practice. You see his competitive level. You see what he does day in and day out. You don’t doubt him in these games." The coin flip heard round the world.

And luckily Slater decided to receive, and not defer to the 2nd Overtime. "We just said to each other on defense, 'We’re not going to back out there,'" Long said. "Tom, he’s an assassin. Man, he tears people’s hearts out. He just did it tonight " The Falcons were forced to kickoff.

The Pats lined up 1st and 10 at the 25, in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun, Trips right. Brady quickly turned and dumped it off to White racing out of the backfield. He made Deion Jones miss, but had to hop cut outside and just couldn't stay inbounds.

2nd and 4, Pats Empty. Brady had time and hit Amendola on a long Out. "He was the same as he always is: cool, calm and collected," Amendola said about Brady. "He's the leader. The General. The best ever. And that is the end of the story." He crossed underneath Edelman by the seam. Then he broke outside by the 45. I think any 1st down play in Overtime is a do or die play. Number 27.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady had a ton of time. He threw another long one to Hogan 17-yards downfield. "It was his first Super Bowl win," Amendola said. "He played in Buffalo, so we played against him for four years, and then he came over this year, had a great year, stole the show, caught a lot of passes. [He was] one of our best players this year, and after the game he did some questionable activity." He caught it coming back, but escaped and was able to dance around for another three or four yards, for another Overtime 1st down do or die play. And did the announcer just say that Brady had perfect balls?

1st and 10, the Pats motioned Empty. Atlanta moved LB Deion Jones outside to cover White, and showed they were in Man. Brady had time, and threw that quick pass to White outside. Jones took him down violently behind the line.

2nd and 13, Empty. Atlanta sent four. Brady held on for a couple seconds and then stepped up and fired a rocket at Edelman. "Jules stayed with it," McDaniels said. "He had his eyes on the ball the whole way and had his hands underneath." He grabbed it low, and was crushed so hard as he caught it that he was spun around on his back like he was break dancing, but he forgot to pose, for a First. Do or die play number 29.

1st and 10 at the 25, The Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun, Trips right. "My teammate, Chris Hogan, it was his first Super Bowl win." Amendola said. "He played in Buffalo, so we played against him for four years. And then he came over this year: had a great year, stole the show, caught a lot of passes. One of our best players this year, and after the game he did some questionable activity." Hogan motioned into the backfield right before the snap, and Brady faked the end around.

Then he dumped it off to White, who ran out behind Hogan on a well set up screen. "When it ends up being a big James White game, there’s a lot of passing and a lot of pass protection and a lot of route nuance that we’re asking him to do," McDaniels said. "He came through huge for us. What can you say about James? He’s so dependable." The O-line and Bennett wiped out everyone short.

Edelman took care of the only DB who could stop him short. "James White is just: he's everything you want in a teammate and football player," Brady said. "Dependable, consistent, durable, the best attitude. He brings it every day and we just kept going to him so I think that speaks for itself." White slashed out of bounds, for a 1st down, and do or die play number 30.

1st and 10 at the 15, White motioned out of the backfield again to go Empty. The Falcons shifted to show they were in Man. "We knew the 2nd half was going to be a long half for us," the Super Bowl MVP runner up James White said. "We wanted to take it one drive at a time. [We new the] defense would get a stop. Offense continued to score points and decrease the deficit, and put ourselves in a position to win the game. I think Hightower’s strip sack really changed the momentum for us. We were fired up. I think they gave us a little bit more energy." Brady hit Bennett on the back shoulder with a nice soft throw.

However, De'Vondre Campell smashed into Bennett well before the ball arrived. "I'm going into free agency as a Super Bowl champion," Bennett said. "You know they overpay Super Bowl champions!" The refs called it. Now I don't know if that was a do or die play #31. However, when it ends up as a 1st and Goal from the Two, you damn well better call it one.

1st and Goal from the Two, the Pats lined up Big Ugly I, with twin TE right. Lengel motioned next to Fleming, who was lined up outside of Solder. Brady ran play action and lofted a terrible pass to Bennett. Beasley actually had nice coverage and knocked it down.

2nd and Goal from the Two, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback, Trips-right. "The ball came my way," White said. "Blocking, running, I just wanted to do whatever it takes to get a victory. It's a Super Bowl, you've got to lay it all on the line." They ran a toss right to White.

Cannon pulled outside and led him. "Obviously the line did a great job blocking," White said. "Jules did a great job blocking, I just had to run through one guy and find a way to get in there." Edelman had a great crack back block on Poole inside in the box.

Mitchell drove Collins into the Endzone, and then outside almost out of bounds. "It’s going to be a great celebration tonight," Brady said. "Thank-you to all of our fans. Everyone back in Boston, New England, we love you. You’ve been with us all year. We’re bringing this sucker home!" Cannon hit two guys, and slowed them down just enough.

White saw a cutback crease behind Cannon. "I saw a crease," White said. "You have to find a way to make a play for your team at that point in the game. At the 3-yard line, 2-yard line, you just have to find a way in." He cracked his pads into Poole and powered into the endzone.

Then pandemonium was unleashed in the endzone, and all over New England! "I had no idea they were reviewing it, I was too busy running around [in sheer jubilation]," White said. "I knew I was in for sure. I knew I was in there." He had just won the Super Bowl for the Pats.

Magical do or die play number 32! "I actually don’t know what I did with it," White said about the Super Bowl winning football. "I wasn’t thinking in that moment. I was too busy sprinting down the field. I left it on the ground and started running, so hopefully Dave [Schoenfeld, remember him?] has that for me in the equipment room." The funniest part of the Super Bowl was that rookie mistake.

I just can't believe I saw what I just saw. "We sat back, and literally Matt is going over defense," Harmon said. "And we’re just like, 'Matty P, we’re not going out there. There’s no way we’re going out there. Tom Brady is in a groove, he’s doing everything that we need him to do to win this game.' And that’s what happens, man. He led that team down there that whole fourth quarter man. That’s Tom Brady’s quarter. Tom Brady Quarter! That’s what we’re going to call it from now on." That was the greatest game in NFL history. Pats-34. Falcons-28.

And of course Do or Die play #33 has to go to the Pats Fans in the stadium. They booed the Ass Monkey the entire time he was on stage hilariously. But what made it do or die play #33 was that as soon as he handed the trophy to Kraft? They instantly started cheering wildly. "A lot has transpired over the last two years, and I don't think that needs any explanation," Kraft said. "But I want to say to our fans, our brilliant coaching staff, our amazing players, who are so spectacular: This is unequivocally the sweetest." That was my favorite play of the game.

I know this took too long for Pats Fans. But in my defense, writing this review was like reliving the Super Bowl for a week. I rewatched the game with the kids. I rewatched the game with the Wife. I even rewatched the game with the dog. I new that ending this review would end the Super Bowl.

But now it's over. This final Super Bowl LI article ends the Super Bowl. But have no fear Pats Fan, because now it's Draft Time. I will be endeavoring to get a Mock Draft and a few Tapes up this week.

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