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3rd Quarter.


The Titans were a different team in the 2nd Half than they were in the 1st. "They've basically won two playoff games," Gronk said. "One to get into the playoffs, and a playoff game last week. It just shows how tough they are. How fundamental they are, and that they're ready to bring it in the clutch times." They dominated the 2nd Half.

The Pats can't waltz into the 2nd Half if they have a lead, and wait for the Titans to screw up. "This is a team that's been in a lot of close games," BB said. "They're tough, they're resilient, won on the road, won tough games the last two weeks that they needed to win to be here. I have a lot of respect for their program, the way they play, the way they coach, the way they compete and [they're] a tough, hard-nosed team." Mariota was clutch like that at Oregon.

The Titans received the ball to start the 3rd quarter. They lined up in a Big Ugly-I. Which is always a running formation. They ran a dive to Henry. He shot through the middle of the line for six. 2nd and 4, the Titans stayed in the Big Ugly, and ran again. They ran a dive to the left this time, and Henry worked his way forward for the First.

1st and 10, the Titan lined up in a 4-Wide Weak. "He actually knows when to run and when to pass the ball when scrambling. It's a very unique skill because a lot of guys, once they get scrambling, they're not even looking downfield anymore," Harmon said. "They're just looking to run. But, he always has his eyes downfield, always knows when to run, when to throw the pass, and I would say his touch on the ball, too, that gets people open when he's scrambling is really good." Teams usually mess with their tendencies the most in the 3rd Quarter, but this still feels like a pass. Now they have two plays they can mix up the defense with, with an opposite play (Big Ugly I and 4-Wide Weak). Mariota went deep, and threw it way too far.

2nd and 10, they motioned into a 4-Wide Weak Bunch-R Shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass. They run play action to Henry, and then fake an end around. Mariota threw it to Henry on a screen. He got tripped at about the 20, and fell forward.

3rd and 4, Trips-Left Strong Shotgun: 2 for 2 Run. But they have to pass here. They passed, but a whistle blew for a delay of game. 3rd and 9, 4-Wide Strong shotgun: 2 for 2 Run. Teams always go against their tendencies as much as they can in the 3rd quarter. Mariota dropped. But had to step up, and take off do to pressure. So they ran, but the intent was to pass.

He got the First and slide down. "It's not like if he stays in the pocket he can't make throws, but when he escapes outside the pocket and he has the ability to run and throw, you honestly really don't have a shot to stop him, I think," McCourty said. "So, we've played quarterbacks like this where we do want to try to keep him in the pocket, but I think that's just the beginning part of it. We also, when we're man coverage or zone coverage, we've got to be able to play our zones or our man tight and not allow windows or not allow a great pocket for him to sit back there and throw because he's a good enough passer that he'll make all the throws on the football field.

"You know, we saw one against Indy where he kind of hit Delanie Walker between four people on the sideline. That was a tough throw, and that was in the pocket. But, I think we'll have a better chance that way than him being able to escape, throw it deep or run for 30 or 40 yards. So, it's going to be all 11 guys kind of playing their job with trying to contain him." He has elite speed running for a QB.

1st and 10, Titans went 3-Wide Strong shotgun: 3 for 3 Pass. I think they go opposite in the 3rd and run. They ran a Draw to Henry. He showed some speed bouncing it outside. But got tripped up just as it looked like he had something.

2nd and 6, Titans lined up for the first time in a Trips-R Strong shotgun. They ran play action, and threw a WR screen outside. Davis juked and danced and found a First, after the refs tried to screw it up.

1st and 10, Titans lined up again in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun: 2 for 2 pass. An opposite says they run. They run play action, and Mariota hit Davis underneath. 2nd and 6, 3-Wide Weak Shotgun, which looks like a pass again. They could be saving a Run for the 4th from this formation. Mariota dropped, as Henry snuck out of the backfield to the right. He caught it at the LOS, and ran for 29.

1st and 10, Titans lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun at the 26. This has to be a run. Mariota handed it underneath to Henry. He worked his way through the line, and burst outside, and then spun for a First.

1st and 10 at the 14, Titans went Trips-Left Weak Shotgun. Mariota ran play action, faked the bubble screen. He went deep to Mathews in the endzone. 2nd and 10, 3-Wide Strong shotgun 3 for 3 Run. Mariota ran an Option Run. He kept the ball and got outside. A quick fake, and he got the First.

1st and Goal from the 4, Titans motioned into a 3-Wide Stack-R Strong shotgun. Henry ran like hell, but just got stopped short. 1st and Goal from the one-foot line. Titans lined up in the Big Ugly-I and ran, but a flag was unfurled, as they started falsely. 

1st and Goal from the Six, the Titans motioned into an I, with a Bunch on the Right. Mariota ran out of bounds as he went to the right looking to throw. 2nd and Goal from the 6, Titans lined up in a Trips-Left Strong shotgun: 2 for 3 run. But the one pass from this formation was in this quarter. So it should be a pass. Mariota Dropped. He looked at all his WRs. Then took off, stumbled, and threw as he crossed the LOS. But Revis knocked the ball down. Mariota reached out and caught it at the Three, and dived in for a TD pass to himself. Yeah me. Titans-10. KC-21.

KC came out Empty. Titans matched up with four down linemen, and everyone else in coverage, with one LB on the TE. Smith threw a pass too high to an open WR outside. 2nd and 10, KC lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Titans matched up in a 3-3 Nickel. KC ran, and the ILB got to the RB late. 3rd and 1, KC went into a Big Weak formation. The Titans matched up with a 3-4 with six guys on the line, including Cyprien. The defense is all over it, as they ran an option to the strongside. Jarrell Casey got to Smith behind the line to force the punt.

But first they run into the kicker, but an off setting penalty forced another punt. Then they fumbled the second punt to give KC the ball back at the 28. How the hell did the Titans win this game?

KC came out in a 3-Wide Weak, and the Titans eventually matched up in a confused 2-4 Nickel. They sent five. It was a Draw. The front guys swarmed over Hunt in the backfield. 2nd and 11, KC lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun, and started faking direct snaps to Hill. Titans lined up in a 3-3 Nickel, with a Safety up in the box. Hill ended up outside in the flat, and as soon as pressure got to Smith he dumped it off to him. But Logan Ryan held him up until he got help for a negative. That was a great play by Ryan.

3rd and 3, KC motioned around again into a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Titans matched up in a meandering 3-3 Nickel, with the DBs in a prevent. Smith got spooked and took off, but he was taken down easily to force the FG. KC missed the field Goal.

Titans came out in a 4-Wide Bunch-R Weak shotgun: 2 for 2 pass. Mariota ran play action, and threw outside to Davis. He ran for a First. After a False start they went Empty on 1st and 15. Mariota threw underneath to the TE Smith.

2nd and 10, Titans went into 3-Wide Weak shotgun with some motion outside. Mariota dropped. He had to take off, and then dumped the ball out of bounds. 3rd and 10, the Titans lined up in a 3-Wide Winged Shogun: 1 for 1 pass. Mariota found Walker deep over the middle, and midfield, for a long First to end the 3rd.

1st and 10 at the 35, the Titans came out to start the 4th in a 3-Wide Strong shogun. This is the formation I said they would probably run on, to go opposite in the 4th. They did. They ran a Draw that was sniffed out fast. 2nd and 1, Trips-R Strong shotgun: 1 for 1 Screen. They ran a Smash to Henry. He slashed through the line. Burst the through the secondary, and ran for the TD. They went for Two, and lined up in that ridiculous college formation with OLs out on the sideline, and then screwed it up. Titans-16. KC-21.

Big Ugly-I: 3 for 3 Run

4-Wide Bunch-R I: 1 for 1 Pass

4-Wide Weak Shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass

4-Wide Weak Bunch-R Shotgun: 2 for 2 Pass.

Trips-Left Strong Shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass

Trips-right Strong Shotgun: 1 for 2 Screen

Trips-Left Weak Shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass

4-Wide Strong Shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass

3-Wide Strong Shotgun: 2 for 2 Run

3-Wide (1 TE) Weak Shotgun: 3 for 4 Pass

3-Wide Stack-Right Strong Shotgun: 1 for 1 Run

3-Wide Winged Shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass


3-Wide (1 TE) Weak Shotgun: 5 for 6 Pass

3-Wide Winged Shotgun: 2 for 2 Pass

3-Wide Strong Shotgun: 4 for 5 Pass

3-WR Bunched-up Strong shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass.

Trips-Left Strong Shotgun: 2 for 3 Run

Trips-Left Weak Shotgun: 1 for 1 pass

Trips-right Strong Shotgun: 1 for 2 Screen

3-Wide Stack-Right Strong Shotgun: 1 for 1 Run

3-Wide Strong Shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass

4-Wide Strong Shotgun: 2 for 3 Run

4-Wide Weak Shotgun: 5 for 5 Pass

4-Wide Weak Bunch-R Shotgun: 3 for 3 Pass.

4-Wide Weak Bunch-L Shotgun: 1 for 1 Run.

2-Wide Winged Shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass.

2-WR 2-TE Strong Shotgun: 1 for 1 Run.

2-WR 2-TE motion Strong Shotgun: 1 for 1 Screen.

2-Wide Twin-TE-L Strong shotgun.

Twin-TE-Right 1-Formation: Run 1 for 1

Twin-TE-Right I (motion): Run 1 for 1

Singleback Bunch-R: 1 for 1 Run.

3-Wide Weak Singleback: Pass 1 for 1

Big Ugly-I: 3 for 3 Run

4-Wide Bunch-R I: 1 for 1 Pass


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