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7-Things For Christmas Eve.


1. Grudge Match- I think the Pats learned their lesson last year, and they are going to go all out to win this game. They can't rely on Denver to beat the Raiders. I don't think that the Raiders can beat Denver in Denver without Carr. However, I wouldn't bet a Super Bowl appearance on it. Would you?

BB's half measures last year may have cost them a Super Bowl, though that team was fatally flawed by injuries on the O-line. "I think it's huge. I just think as a football team there is no on and off switch. You know, you can't just decide when you want to play. I think from the outside in everyone talks about, really, how this week is not that important and how the playoffs are right there," McCourty said. "I think for us none of that really matters. We're going against a division team that knows us well, that has beaten us at home over the last three years. I think it's important for us to just know our blueprint, know what we've done week-in and week-out and stay to that.

"I think it starts today with us in the meeting rooms learning, going out there and practicing well today, carrying that over into Thursday and then Friday and then that gives us the opportunity to go play well on Sunday. I think you don't want to break that for anything. You want to just keep doing that and I think that gives you the mental toughness. That gives you the routine that you need.

"So many of us are built on routines and being able to do the same thing every day. Most of us, we know what Wednesday is like. If the game is on a different day then we turn Tuesday into Wednesday in our head and that's how we go about it. I think that is very key for us if we want to go out there and play the type of football we want over the next two or three weeks and it starts with us going out there today, practicing well and playing well Sunday." This season the O-line is the best it's been since last we won the Super Bowl.

They are not going to go tip-toeing around injuries, and rest, and the ifs, ands, and buts of preparing for the Playoffs. "I mean, I think Nate's had a solid year," BB said. "Other than that first week it's been great to have him out there on a consistent basis. From Joe's (Thuney) standpoint I think it's been both Nate and David [Andrews]. Having two experienced guys on either side of him is never a bad thing. But Nate's done a good job. He's obviously blocked a lot of good players. He'll see another one this week. He'll see a couple of them this week. So he's been solid for us: running game, passing game, all of it." The five starters on the O-line are healthy and ready to go.

They have a tiger on their toes, and even though they just got turned into a kitten without Carr, it is irrelevant. "I think it is but I think whether we're the number one seed, (or) whether we're the number six seed, I think like he just brought up earlier, we've done well playing on the road," McCourty said optimistically. "We've done things where we know we can go out there and win when we practice it and do things the right way. So I think more importantly than any seeds or anything, it's about us as a team - how we prepare, how we get ready to go during the week, us not trying to do something that we're not, not trying to be something we're not and knowing what makes us a good team offensively, defensively, special teams and doing that every week. I think this week is no different than over the last couple weeks where we've done that and gone out and executed. I think as a captain, as a leader, it's important to echo that to the guys and make sure they understand that." If they want to play in the Super Bowl they damn well better have the Champ game in Foxboro.

Now I don't think the Raiders can get to the Champ game without Carr. I don't think they can win in Denver on the road without Carr, but I'm going to watch that game. The Pats need to make the 4 o'clock game irrelevant on Sunday afternoon. If they win on Sunday the path to the Super Bowl goes through Foxboro, and all the cold ass weather and snow we have been dealing with becomes their problem as well.

It is time to go down to Miami and show them who the best team is in the AFC East. "I think we haven't played very well [down there], so that's been the biggest problem is just our ability to play two good halves of football," Brady said about the three straight loses in Miami. "We didn't do it last year; we didn't do it the year before. It's a tough place to play for one reason or another. We had a streak there a long time ago. I think we broke it in 2003 or 2004. Where there were a lot of years we didn't win there. It's just been a tough place for us to play for some reason. I don't think it's the weather, I don't think it's Miami Beach or anything like that. I think the Dolphins have always challenged us and especially down there, so it'll be good to go get a win in a tough place." Take the 1st seed in the AFC, and don't look back as we streak down the road to the Super Bowl.

2. Playoffs?- This is the only way to watch the College Playoffs:

#93 Jonathan Allen- DL, 6-3, 294, SR- He is the most versatile rusher in College football.

#56 *Tim Williams- OLB, 6-4, 245- Pure speed rusher. The kind that succeeds in the NFL.

#22 Ryan Anderson- OLB 6-2 253, rSR- Shorter but not small speed rusher, who knows how to use leverage to hold up against the run.

#9 *Da'Shawn Hand- DE, Jr, 6-4, 278- Likely to stay in school.

#26 **Marlon Humphrey- CB, 6-1, 198, RrSO- Most physical Corner in this years Draft. Watch him knock guys out on the edge.

#4 Eddie Jackson- FS, 6', 194, SR- I don't know if he is playing, but he is a super impact player from start to finish if he is.

#54 Dalvin Tomlinson- DT, 6-3, 307, RS-Sr- He looks better and better every week.

#10 Reuben Foster- ILB, 6-1, 240, SR- The leader of the defense who will go in the 1st Round.

#74 *Cameron Robinson- OLT, 6-6, 327, JR- He will go earlier than people think.

#88 O.J. Howard- TE 6-6, 242, SR- Impact tight end who Saban hasn’t figured out how to properly use.

#1 *Robert Foster- WR, 6-2, 191, RS-Jr-

#11 Gehrig Dieter- WR, 6-3, 207, RS-Jr-

#1 *John Ross- CB, 5-11, 191 RJR- You have to respect his speed, which opens up the inside stuff.

#15 Darrell Daniels- TE, 6-3, 246-

#8 Browning- QB, Soph, 6-3-


#26 *Sidney Jones- CB 6' 181 JR- Knows how to use his long arms to hold off the WR, and stay in front of the ball carrier on the sideline. Love his feet when he is shadowing the WR in the flat.

#20 Kevin King CB 6'3" 190 SR, 3rd- Great job getting in front of the WR, and then punching the pass out. When things get physical he wins.

#32 *Bishard “Budda” Baker- S. 5-10- Nice job finding the RB on the 3rd level when everything breaks down. Plays the ball in the air very well.

#50 Vita Vea- DT, RS-Soph, 6-4, 332- When he hits the QB he is dazed for a few plays. He is just a beast on the goal line. I think he stays in school.

#11 *Elijah Qualls- DT, RS-Jr, 6-1, 321- Doesn't set the edge well when he is standing up outside, and will let the RB get the corner on him.

#36 Azeem Victor- ILB, RS-Jr, 6-2, 230-

#5 Joe Mathis- DE, 6-2, 255, 4-5-

#28 Psalm Wooching- OLB, 6-3, 231- Nice job finding the RB on the Dive off the Option. Terrific on the delayed blitz.

#7 Travis Feeney- LB, 6-4, 226- He is another LB who has that knack for blitzing up the A-gap.

3. Playoffs!- Oops there are two games on tomorrow:

#6 **Sam Hubbard- DE 6-5, 265, RS-Soph- He seems more smooth than quick twitch, but he has that knack for keep moving towards the quarterback.

#59 *Tyquan Lewis- DE, 6-4, 260 RS-Jr- He is a very interesting prospect. He had the big Sack against Wisconsin on 4th and goal in overtime. He fought through the double team and leaped onto the QB.

#8 *Gareon Conley- FS, 6', 195, RS-Jr- Very nice size, He looks like he is over 200 now. Great feet moving backwards off the snap.

#5 *Raekwon McMillan LB, 6-2, 240- Nice job working through traffic to cover the RB out of the backfield.

#24 **Malik Hooker-  CB, 6', 195, RS-Soph- Very nice blitzer from the edge. Elite ball skills.

#2 **Marshon Lattimore-  CB, 6', 192, RS-Soph- Some think he is the best CB in the Draft. Voted 1st Team All Big-10 by the coaches.

#35 *Chris Worley-  CB 6-2, 228- When he can see it in front of him, he can get there fast and give a good hit. Great speed.

#16 *J.T. Barrett- QB 6-2, 225, rJR- He can break a tackle with his legs in the pocket, and still turn and throw to the WR outside by the marker. He can use his arm on 3rd down to convert.

#54 *Billy Price- OL 6-3, 315 RS-Jr- Big brawler who they like to run behind.

#4 *Curtis Samuel- RB/WR, 5-11, 200, JR- He is the most versatile RB in the Draft. He played WR in the 2nd half against Michigan in the Champ Game.

#65 Pat Elflein- OC, 6-3, 300, RS-Sr- Bigger, stronger, and smarter this year.

#5 Corey Smith WR 6-1 195 rSR-


#4 *Deshaun Watson- QB, 6-2, 210, JR- I think he is the best QB in the Draft..

#7 Mike Williams, WR, junior (6-3, 205, 4.54) 1st- He is a bit of a body catcher. He will leap up sometimes to catch it with his body rather than lift his hands up to snag it.

#9 **Wayne Gallman, RB, RS-Soph, 6-1, 205- I love the way he finds a crack, and slips through it on the goal line.

#16 *Jordan Leggett, TE, 6-6, 265- When he gets open early, he makes the catch.

#3 *Artavis Scott- WR, 5-11, 190. Jr- Knows where the marker is. He has been running a lot of chain moving shorter patterns.

#57 Jay Guillermo- OC, 6-3, 310- Nice job doubling to either side.

#55 Tyrone Crowder- OG, 6-2, 330- One of the top OGs in the Draft.


#10 Ben Boulware- LB, 6', 240- Boulware is a small ILB who teams have to decide if he is big enough to play in the NFL.

#25 Cordrea Tankersley- CB 6-1, 195, SR- He knows when he is beat and when he needs to grab some shirt.

#94 Carlos Watkins- DT, 6-3. 300, RS-Sr- He can dissect a complicated offense, and find the RB and take him down instantly. He has that knack for hitting the Quarterback.


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