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7-Things For Sunday: Part II.


4. Playoffs.- One of the biggest factors from this game is that we could face the Dolphins in the Playoffs. A lot of people seem to think they are the third or fourth best team in the AFC. But they have to have a warm place for them to win. If they go out to LA, they can win that game if Carr is out. They have already clinched an appearance in the Playoffs. If they beat the Pats they would likely have to go to Houston, warm weather, and play the Texans. They can beat Houston in Houston. Then they would travel to Foxboro for the Divisional Round.

However it the Pats win, they likely will go to Pittsburgh, much colder weather, and play the Steelers. That is a tougher game for the warmest of the warm weather teams. But they could beat the Steelers. They beat them already, and then they would be playing the Pats in the Divisional Round.

Miami will be the lowest seed in the Playoff, so if they win next week they will be coming to Foxboro for the Divisional Round. So this game has more meaning to both teams than just seeding. They have a very good chance of meeting again, especially if Miami travels to Houston to play the struggling Texans in the Texas heat. If Miami wins, I think they beat the Texans and play up here in two weeks.

Which is remarkable, because they were a disaster to start the season at 1 and 4, and since then have won 9 of the last 10 games. "Well I think you've seen the Dolphins make plays in a lot of different areas. It hasn't all been one thing. They've made plays defensively, offensively and in the kicking game," BB said. "They had the kickoff return against the Jets. They had the 55-yard field goal last week in Buffalo to send it into overtime. [ILB Kiko] Alonso had the interception against San Diego and ran it back for a touchdown that kind of sealed that game." The have been just as hot as the Pats over the past ten games.

They have been winning with great defense and special teams. They also have been surprisingly good on offense the past two weeks. However, when a backup QB comes in sometimes teams don't know how to defend them. It can be tricky. Their game plans were geared to stop Tannehill more than Moore.

But also their offense got tougher with Jay Ajayi running the ball, and they just kept winning as a team. "They've had some big runs from Ajayi and obviously Landry has given them a lot of plays," BB said. "It just seems that it's one of those years and they kind of have that, whatever you want to call it, that type of season where it's just whatever it takes. Whatever it takes, somebody is making it for them. That's the mark of a good team is having good players in all areas and making the plays when they count. Not that plays in the first quarter aren't important, but you get to those plays at the end when everything hinges on the last minute or two and those first 15 minutes came out about even and now it's down to just a play or a drive or a possession or whatever. That's where you've got to have your best execution and your best football and that's usually where your best players step up and come through for you." They have become a clutch team the last ten games.

So this game is not just another AFC grudge match, it could be a Playoff preview. The Pats can stop them now, and not have to face them again. The Dolphins team can certainly go up to Pittsburgh and beat a very flawed Steelers team, but they wouldn't be favored. I think they would be favored to beat Houston in the sunny desert. So let's stomp on their dreams right now.

5. Offensive Explosion- One of the problems with the NFL Draft is that people think that when they draft a QB he should step right in and win right away. When in truth, it usually takes years for a QB to develop into a winner. The repetitions, learning, and understand what he needs to do takes years. Case in point, Matt Moore.

He has not started a game in about five years, but has been developing behind the scenes. "Obviously experience in this league is hard to come by, so any time you can get live reps, it’s only going to make you better," Matt Moore said. "You're going to learn from it. Things are going to go bad and you learn from those, and then things are going to go well and you learn from that too. These reps are extremely valuable." He has spent that time learning and practicing and understanding his craft.

He has turned into a legit NFL QB. "Every game that we go we learn something different about each other," The HC of the MD said. "As far as what either I need to remind him, or his communication to me of something he didn’t like or he does like. The good thing about having a guy that’s been around for some time is that he’s not going to be shy about anything. He’s going to tell you exactly what he thinks and he’s always going to be prepared.

"I never have to worry about anything with the game plan. If he doesn’t like something, he’s going to tell me quickly, which he never says he doesn’t like anything. He’s exactly what you hope guys will try to become at all positions. Just that professionalism, always being ready to go."

He is completing 58.5% of his passes. His 6 TDs to 2 INTs is a nice ratio. He is throwing the ball downfield as well, and his average yards per attempt of 9.62 is one of the tops in the League. He also has a surprisingly good QB rating of 113.4.

The Pats defense is going to have to be ready, because they have a run game as well. "Ajayi's obviously a very good running back. A guy that has really kind of inspired their offense here I would say kind of as of late," Patricia said. "I think he's one of the top backs here in the league since Week 6. [He] runs extremely hard, I would say even runs violent. You know the guy just comes downhill with an extreme force and really does a great job with the stretch-run game. They have a couple different schemes that they run with him but basically just putting him on a track where he can get downhill as fast as he can. He really attacks the C-gap hard. He gets kind of that one cut downhill momentum going. [He] can quickly get to the line of scrimmage, break into the secondary, and then obviously has a big advantage when that happens. I think the guy has enough speed and good quickness to get to the edge. You can see him definitely get to the edge of the defense and getting around the corner." He doesn't have to do it on his own.

All the draft picks along the O-line are finally paying off. "There are a lot of plays where he'll run about eight yards before anyone has really had the chance to get on him," Patricia said. "I think the offensive line is doing a great job with the scheme of covering guys up and being able to get their hands on them, really making it difficult to find him in the backfield. The offensive line, they're all big and long guys. They're athletic guys so it's hard to kind of see him as he's running through those lanes in behind them then all of a sudden he's on you coming full speed downhill with all that power and force." They spent a lot of Draft capital on their O-line.

Ajayi was one of those guys with a trick knee that could last ten years or ten games, that's why he dropped in the Draft. "He's got the ability to break big plays very quickly and turn things into those long runs," Patricia said. "I think they're really feeding off that energy. He runs with a lot of excitement and good pad level and I think that's kind of what's fueling them right now as far as the run game is concerned, so definitely a major problem. He's obviously a great back and having a tremendous year." He was a force at Boise.

But it is not just the run game, they have drafted well all up and down the offense, like Jarvis Landry. "He's super competitive. He's trying to fight for every yard out there. He's like a running back once he gets the ball in his hands: fighting for extra yards, making guys miss," McCourty said. "He's a tough guy that you've got to surround. I think times that we do well against him is when we surround him with a bunch of guys getting to the ball, whether it's a quick throw or a screen pass, anything. They give him the ball in so many different ways but I think when we pursue and get to the ball and if he makes one guy miss we have two and three guys following up. He's a very tough guy to bring down in the open field so the more guys we get to him the better off we're going to be." The Pats defense is capable of stopping these guys enough to win.

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