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7-Things For Christmas Eve: Part III.


4. Malcolm Floyd- Can he help us, or is he the irredeemable bastard the Patriots haters are portraying him to be. "We do a great job of trying to ignore the noise," Slater said. "There are a lot of things that people will say and do and have opinions on outside of this building and we try to ignore that as best we can because it really has no bearing on who we are and how we go about our daily affairs. We try to block that out as best we can. Obviously, some of it's going to leak in from time to time, but I think Coach does a great job of re-focusing us, living day-to-day and doing what we need to do to take care of our jobs. Hopefully we can do that." I refuse to acknowledge the stupid writers who just wanna hate (you know who I mean).

Any time any other team gives a second, third, or forth chance to a talented but troubled player they are saintly Father Flanagan's (that has to be the oldest reference I have made in 20-years). But when BB takes a shot at redemption, he is Satan himself. Which of course sells newspapers (another ancient reference), but it really is pathetic BS. The Rams had a drunk driving passrusher who killed two people. The Giants had a passrusher who literally passed out at the wheel, on the highway! Where was all the outrage against the back then haters?

Now the League is planning to step in to try and punish a player just for being on the Patriots, again. If he were on the New Jersey Giants the League would be having a drunk driving parade. They accused the Pats of a conspiracy to suck the air out of balls. But when the Giants balls measure the exact same loss of PSI in a cold weather game as Brady's, the League threw them a Suck My Balls Parade the next day (please note haters, that Brady likes his balls at the minimum PSI of 12.5, and Manning likes his balls in the middle. If the Ass Monkey wasn't hiding the facts, Manning's balls likely measured out with more PSI sucked out of them).

Then when the Giant actually did conspire to destroy the integrity of the game, Darth Goodell begged his Giant Sith Overlord to let him pretend to punish him publicly. Think about it! The Giants used walkie-talkies to signal in to their QB when the coms went down. Luckily? Yay. They just happened to have walkie-talkies laying around, that just happened to coincidently be synched to Manning's helmet, so they could illegally radio in signals. Yeah right! They had to have the walkie-talkies, that they illegally brought to the sideline in case the coms went down, already preset and ready to cheat. They had already tuned the radio into the proper channel, long before the game started.

The Giants clearly went into that game planning on cheating if the coms went down, period. They had to have special radios made, and ready. Remember when the coms go down in an NFL game it is usually only a matter of minutes before they are back up. When the coms went down, the OC was ready with radio in hand on the next play. They had clearly conspired to have illegal radios ready to go for the OC to talk to his QB illegally when the coms went down.

Where were the ESPN reporters on this one? The Giants not only proved conclusively that SuckMyBallsGate was a complete Goodell fabrication, and that he knew Brady was innocent, but the very next week they were clearly caught conspiring to destroy the integrity of the game. There are no ifs, ands, or butts here. The Giants came into the game last week prepared to cheat, by synching walkie-talkies up to the QB's helmet, before the game, in case the coms went down. Their execution was perfect. The coms went down, and the OC illegally used his cheating radio on five plays. Not a peep out of the world wide leader in BS.

Instead, ESPN spent their days and nights attacking the Pats for signing a talented but troubled player, LIKE EVERY SINGLE TEAM IN THE NFL HAS DONE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. They ignored the cheating Ass Monkey led Giants, and called the Patriots bastards for signing a troubled player. Not a peep about maybe this drunk needs help. That alcoholism is a disease not a super secret way for the Pats to cheat.

The fact is that Floyd needs some help, and the Pats can help give it to him. "Well, we have a lot of things on our team to handle a multitude of things that players, coaches, anybody in our organization really that can come up," BB said. "There are a lot of things outside of football that we all deal with. It's a long, long list and we provide a lot of resources for everybody on that. So yeah, absolutely, without a doubt. "Even though what he really needs is a healthy injection of honesty, and in the end he has to do it all on his own.

Now I'm not implying the Pats are on the high moral ground here. The Pats had a desperate need for a WR with only three left on the roster, and their Number One receiver, Gronk, gone for the year. "We'll practice today," BB said about getting Floyd ready. "I mean, we didn't practice yesterday. So we'll practice today and see where we're at." This isn't just life rehabilitation, this is the NFL.

Ironically Todd Bowles coached Floyd in Arizona. "I was with Floyd for two years, yes," the HC of the NYJ said. "He can go down the field and out-jump you for the deep ball. He's a pretty good receiver. He worked hard while I was there. Mike and I had a good relationship and I wish him nothing but the best." He can help the Pats on the field.

He is already causing for troubles for other teams. "He's very smart," Bowles said. "We're preparing for him. They've got some good receivers. So I understand if he doesn't play. I understand if he does. It'll be hard to pass the guys they have playing." Brady has been throwing deep to WRs (well, Hogan anyway) better than anytime since 2007, and Floyd is one of the best at getting open deep.

Floyd's problem is that he is an alcoholic. It is a disease not a moral issue. The problem with drunks is that the booze makes them behave immorally over and over again, because Alcohol anesthetizes the brain. Which is a nice way of saying it makes you stupid, as we saw on the video. That video wasn't the sign of scumbaggery, it was a sign of a deadly disease.

It was a sad and pathetic look at a drunk killing himself. His blood alcohol was over 2.5, which means his blood alcohol was over 4.0 when he had his last drink. That is deadly. I know no one wants to here this, but alcohol is a narcotic. Having a blood alcohol level of 4.0 or higher is not drunk. It is deadly. It is overdosing. It is called alcohol-poisoning, and it has killed a lot of drunks.

Are you listening Malcolm? When that cop tapped you on your window, he likely saved your life. You might even have been dead sitting at the wheel. You had drunk a deadly amount of alcohol. Now you can call me an ass-monkey if you want, but if you’re a grown man and you drank so much booze that alcohol-poisoning can occur and kill you, than you a low down dirty drunk. Just like me.

I'm not up on my high moral horse Malcolm. I'm down in the gutter where the low down dirty drunks live, drink, and die. And when you are so drunk that it is legally called "extreme" drunkenness, and you have to serve a mandatory 45-day sentence? Then you are a low down dirty drunk. God saved you that night. There is no logical reason that you didn't kill yourself or someone else. This is the last chance saloon. Go to a meeting or die.

Yes, if their had been a pedestrian in the street he could have turned himself into a drunk scumbag. "Yeah," BB said. "We were aware of his situation when we claimed him." But there wasn't. And he didn't.

Floyd has to understand, not for football but for life, that when he drinks it is not like what happens to other so-called normal people. He can't stop. Or you can climb up on you high moral horse, and use his disease to take another cheapshot at the Patriots for trying to rehabilitate another guy. But don't pretend that you give a shit about Malcolm.

You could say that he has learned his lesson the hard and embarrassing way, but of course he is a drunk who will never learn that lesson the obvious way. The Pats just need him to chill for a couple of months. Stay sober, and stop endangering others with his denial. It's not rocket science, but the hardest thing in the world to do. As we are seeing with Manziel, honesty and addiction are two things that don't go well together.

Now is Floyd constitutional incapable of being honest with himself, like Manziel and Trump? I don't know. It's not for me to say. But what I do know is that he will continue to sink and lose as long as he continue to pretend he is a normal person. Malcolm, your a drunk. Grow up and deal with it. You have a legit chance to help your team win a Super Bowl, or you can go get drunk until you kill yourself again, or seriously hurt someone else. Your choice.

5. Offensive Explosion- I don't think Petty can exploit them, but the Jets have some explosive weapons on offense. "We've got to try to contain those two guys," BB said when asked about WRs Marshall and Enunwa. "They both had pretty good days against us down in New York so I think we've just got to compete. It's the same thing with those two guys. There are going to be times they make a great play, there are times where we have them covered. We have to try to go out there and make our own plays whether it's getting the ball out or trying to intercept the ball. But those two guys: they're going to be in the offense, they're going to get the ball. I think another guy is [#11] Anderson. We've got to be ready for him. He has made a ton of big plays since we've played them last. He's a guy that we've just got to be ready for." Anderson has been the speed behind the two big WRs.

The Jets also like to use Bilal Powell as a 3rd down back, and he has been one of the best this season. "He makes yards on his own. Yeah, he's not the biggest guy but he does run hard. He's got good balance. He gets hit but he's able to maintain his balance, stay on his feet. He's got good feet. He spins and ducks under some tackles," BB said. "[Powell's] a little bit unorthodox but athletic. Guys don't really get a lot of clean shots at him. He's able to avoid those hits and, as I said, spin off of them or bounce off of them for extra yards, regain his balance sometimes. He's turned a lot of three-yard completions into 15-yard gains or 10-yard gains where he makes a couple of guys miss in space or things like that. He's bounced out some runs.

"He had a couple against San Francisco where he started up inside over the guard or off tackle and then saw some space, got outside and makes a guy miss in space and it's 15 yards. He can run inside but he's got good vision and good quickness and when he gets outside he's a tough guy to handle in space and he plays hard. He's a very aggressive runner. He gets a lot of extra yards on his own. He doesn't go down easy. He's a tough kid and he's got good run instincts. He knows how to gain yards." He can hurt the Pats on the edges in the passing game.

Really, the problem that the Jets face is that they are playing a young kid who has looked like he is not ready, because their veteran QB seems to have fallen apart. " I mean, they're both good. They both are athletic. They can both run. They both throw a good deep ball. Obviously Fitzpatrick has a little more experience but Petty has a good arm," BB said. "He's thrown some balls into tight spots, has kind of lasered them in there. Fitzpatrick is the same kind of guy. He's an aggressive thrower, especially down the field, and those receivers will go get the ball, especially Marshall and Enunwa. But Anderson has shown that he'll go up and get it in a crowd, too, go up and take it away. He's got great leaping ability and good timing. I mean he's not as big as those guys but his ability to go up and time his jump and take the ball away from defenders like he did in the San Francisco game. He's obviously got great speed like we saw in the Rams game, the Miami game. He's made big plays every week.

"I think the quarterbacks, any quarterback likes a receiver that's open, a receiver that makes plays, and they've got a bunch of them so we've got to do a good job on the quarterback but we've got to cover the receivers. [Bilal] Powell's right at the top of the league. He's in the top three, or four, or whatever it is in receiving for backs. He's got 50-something catches so they get a lot of production out of him, too, and he's tough with the ball in his hands. They have a lot of explosive players." However, they have not been able to capitalize on the receiver's talent with their QBs this year.

Oh who am I kidding, the Jets offense sucks-sucks-sucks. Their season feel apart when their O-line fell apart. The Jets cannot score on the Pats defense, unless they get lucky and hit a deep one. They have some very nice skill players, but no QB and no O-line. Game over man.

6. Defensive Explosion- Meanwhile the Pats offense has taken it to a new level with Dion and Blount. "I thought all the backs ran hard. James, LeGarrette and Dion all had opportunities and were productive with their chances. Dion certainly, I mean, Dion is a good runner and he's tough and he's got good vision. He did a good job of really continuing to move the ball forward, stay out of bad down and distance situations, and he definitely made a few people miss in the hole and gained some extra yards after contact. He always finishes tough, so I'm pleased with what as he did, as well as the backs as a whole. The entire group did a nice job of being productive yesterday." The Jets D has to stop the Pats run game.

The Pats are going to run as much as possible to keep the clock running and make this ugly game as short as possible. "I think it makes you more difficult to defend when you don't have to force the ball to one thing or use one type or portion of your offense to move it," McDaniels said about the diversity in the Pats offense. "That's the best part as a coach. We have a really unselfish team. I don't think they care too much who gets credit or statistics or what have you. They all want to help us be productive and help us win and that's their goal. Sometimes it's one guy or another. Sometimes it's a different position group, sometimes it may require us to throw it or run it more than the other, but we just try to figure out what the best thing to do is each week and sometimes that may change during the course of the game and sometimes it doesn't.

"Sometimes what your intention was, it kind of plays out and you have an opportunity to play the game that way, but Coach usually identifies what it is we need to do and then we try to hone in on exactly how we need to do it and work hard with the players to get them to understand how we want to play the game. Again, we have a lot of good players at a lot of different positions and we trust them. When their number is called, we have great faith that they're going to come through and produce for us." Their intention is to grind the Jets down with the ground game.

The Pats O-line seems to be getting better every week, rather than worse every week last year. "Marcus has just continued to [march towards awesomeness]. Marcus has got a great attitude," McDaniels said. "He cares about the game, he tries to get better, he cares about getting better and being dependable for his teammates. He's really done a nice job of helping a younger player in Shaq Mason who's played beside him for most of the year [to] come along and grow as well. Marcus has just become more consistent each week [and] each year that I've had an opportunity to be around him. I think he's just trusting his preparation and playing. He always plays as hard as he possibly can. He prepares hard, he practices hard. It means a lot to him to do his job so we're happy to have him over there. I think he's really had a nice year and had a good game for us yesterday. He really answered a big challenge and he'll have another one this week." He will be a key match up this week going against the young and talented Leonard Williams.

The defense has quit on the team, as the offense fell apart because of injuries. The Jets are number one in one key category: number of players on their roster (do to all the injuries), a staggering 68. Revis has quit on the team. Sheldon Richardson has quit on the team. Those two guys were supposed to be their veteran leaders. But now they are just a couple of rich guys looking out for themselves.

7. Pats Win- The Pats players and coaches felt the loss of the last two games of last season more than we did. No one understands the lesson they learned in the last two weeks of last season more than the Pats. There is not going to be a let down.

The Jets are more like the Pats from last year when they played in Week 16, than the Pats are this year. They are marching into Foxboro with four starters missing on the O-line. As we saw last year with the Pats, when the O-line falls apart so does the team.

The Jets O-line is as banged up as the Pats was last season. Check this out, their starting O-line has not played together once this season: OLT Ryan Clady, OLG Carpenter, OC Mangold, ORG Winters and ORT Giacomini. This week some guy named Ben Ijalana is at OLT. There ORT is a guy that I really never heard of named Brent Qvale. Their OC is a guy I saw play at Vanderbilt. And of course their ORG is Brian Winters, but not that Bran Winters.

When a team has four young players replacing their veteran O-linemen and they have a collapse, it is not a surprise. It is expected. Maybe the Jets are getting a good jump start on transitioning to a young QB and O-line. Maybe this season will pay dividends in the development of some young players. But this team, with this young QB, and this sad sack O-line, is not going to beat the Pats. The Pats veteran D-line is going to chew the Jets O-line up.

Plus, management has quit on the season. They took the veteran QB they can win with out, and put in the young QB who has no idea how win (word coming out of New Jersey is that they love-love-love Trubisky and want to get into position to draft him). The Jets players know what that means. This season no longer matters to the GM of the Jets. The players simply followed his leadership last week, and literally almost broke their young QB.

The Pats offense just has to score a couple of TDs to win this game. The Pats veteran defense is going to tear this offense apart. This game could get real ugly real fast. It just isn't going to be close, because the Jets just don't have an offensive line.

PS: I'm likely not going to write a review of this ugly game. I was thinking of updating my Mock with an interesting scenario for Pats Fans, and Christmas of course. Plus, there are just too many Bowl games and too little time.

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