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7-Things For Christmas Eve.


1. Playoff Start Now- The Jets suck, literally. Not comically like we like to say as Pats Fans. They are simply nowhere near the level of team the Pats are. They are not playing well together, and the bickering has begun. They are angry and tearing each other apart. 

Word out of Jersey is that they have quit on their coach. "It's all on me," the HC of the NYJ said. "I did a terrible job of getting these guys ready to play. As head coach of this team, it's not looking very good right now. It's all a reflection of me. I take full responsibility." The Jets completely fell apart last week on the field, and the Pats were watching.

Of course, most of that is lazy made up media crap. "We played like shhhh-ugar-corn-pops," Muhammad Wilkerson said. "Guys have got to play harder. This has got to be a wakeup call. To play like this at home, in front of our home fans, is bad. I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth about it." The Jets had their crisis last week. However, they are about to face a common foe they can focus on, the Hated New England Patriots.

The Jets are a mess, and not worthy of being on the field with the Pats. The problem is that the Pats players know this as well. Oh, I have to sneeze. Huh-huh-huh-trapgame! The Jets are now wounded and cornered animals fighting for their NFL lives.

They hate the Pats, and will be looking for redemption this week. "They wanted it more. I give them credit," Rontez Miles said. "They overpowered us. This is the first ass-kicking that we’ve gotten all season. We were a step late all game." Meanwhile, the Pats are busy watch film of the Jets, who are "Now A National Disgrace." 

Trap-trap-trap game. And even saying that I feel like an idiot, because the Jets do suck, literally. The Pats are coming off a week were they played their two toughest games of the season, and their two best defensive games of the season. They have won the Bye, and are in position to host the AFC Champ game. But, they haven't quite earned it yet. It feels like they have, but they haven't won crap yet.

In a normal season, they would have earned Home field throughout the Playoffs already. But this is not a normal season. The Raiders just keep getting down going in the 4th Quarter, and then pulling out a win. They keep refusing to lose in the 4th quarter. The Raiders still hold the tie breaker, which apparent is the one loss to the Bills. That has to be making the Ryans' Christmas.

So the Pats cannot rest for the Playoffs. They have another short week this week. They are playing at Home, and owe it to Pats Fans to blow the sinking Jets team out. Then they have to go into Miami, on a long week, and beat their asses as well.

They had their little celebration winning the AFC East. "It's a huge accomplishment. It's a lot of hard work going all the way back to offseason program, OTAs and training camp. A lot of tough games. We've won a lot of games on the road, which is always hard to do. This is another one," BB said. "We still have more we can accomplish. Our goals can now be reset, that was the first one, to win the division. It's something to be proud of, we accomplished it. But it's time to reset and accomplish more this year." Winning the East is now irrelevant.

Locking up a 1st Round Bye has more meaning than winning the East, only you don't get a hat for that. "It's always a good feeling when you come in and see guys who have played in this league a lot and are really good and just haven't won division championships and things like that," McCourty said. "To see their excitement coming in is great. Martellus came running in yelling, ‘where's my hat?' It's a great feeling. I think with just me and Gronkowski left from the 2010 team, I guess we are the X-Factor." They need to remember 2015, not 2010.

You have to get the home field Playoff advantage. It is only natural to relax a little, heading Home for Christmas this week. "I just go to work every single day. I've never been to the playoffs once in my career, so it's just exciting to be a part of this team. We're going to continue to build on everything we've been doing and get ready for next week," Bennett said. "Christmas is coming up, so I might be able to spend a little bit more money on my wife this year, but other than that I'm just excited right now. I just want to enjoy it with my teammates on the plane and on the bus and have a good time." I like the first have of that statement, but not the second (though I do hope he gets to spend more time with his wife, I don't want to be too Grinchy).

I mean, how many times has Julian Edelman won a Super Bowl? Once. "It's very nice. I've won a division title here every year I've been here. So you can't take that for granted," Edelman said. "That's what all the hard work in March, April, May, OTAs, coming back from injuries from multiple guys, this is all the hard work and this is one of the steps you want to of through and this doesn't come easy. Our team works very hard and we continually try to improve and coach is always on us and it's tough but that's what gets wins. It's an honor to get to play here and experience eight of them." But it is only step one.

If they want to go to the Super Bowl they have to beat the Jets this week, winning the AFC East is now meaningless. "It is what it is, obviously we worked hard for it and we earned it," Flowers said. "But we still got a job to do so we'll continue to work for our ultimate goal." They have to hold onto 1st place in the AFC with everything.

When they face LA in the Champ game, we want them to travel 3,000-miles to play in the freezing cold. A team from LA is not coming into Foxboro, during a bad winter, in January, and beating this team. But if the Pats have to travel 3,000-miles and play in the heat of Los Angles in January? Anything can happen.

So the road to the Super Bowl starts again this week with a new challenge. Get up and get down, and beat the Jets. The F-ing Jets are literally standing between you and the Super Bowl. Just like last season when the Jets and Miami beat your asses in the final two weeks. BEAT YOUR ASSES!

You want stats? I'll give you stats! How about Week 16 of the 2015 season stats? Pats-20 F-ing Jets-26. Instead of hosting the Champ game this year, we had to go to into Denver. But we won the AFC East, yay. That's not good enough. How about the infamous debacle where the coaches couldn't decide if they wanted to win or not. Stats from Week 17, 2015: Pats-10. F-ing Miami-20. Bye-bye Super Bowl.

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