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7 Things for Sunday: Part III 


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Pats Play D.


5. Pats D Vs Raider's O- Last year the Raiders were one of the best offenses in the NFL. "Offensively, we’re going against one of the best groups we’ve played all year from top to bottom," McCourty said. "We have to be prepared. They have a great offense." But they lost the OC and their mojo as well.

The problem with an inexperienced OC is that he knows the passing game, but hasn't been able to build the running game. "We have to get to Carr, and get him off the spot, so he can’t hurt us with his big arm," Wise said. "We have to pressure him, put his linemen in his lap, get in his throwing lanes, whatever it takes." They hit Carr they win, because he is getting no help from the run game.

They are having trouble coordinating all their big name talent. "I would say this might be the most talented offensive skill we’ve faced all year," Harmon said. "Everybody who touches the ball can take it the distance from anywhere: the running backs, receivers. They have a great quarterback. It’s going to be a challenge. It’s going to be a huge challenge." For all their big name talent at WR, their TE Jared Cooks is their leading receiver.

They are not getting the big plays from their big play guys. "I'd say our goal is always try to eliminate big plays whenever we can," Patricia said. "Certainly from last week's game, very dangerous skill players that are a huge problem for us and they had some big plays out there and it's going to be the same thing this week with the Raiders between: Cooper and Crabtree, and Cook and Marshawn Lynch, and Roberts." Cooper is really the guy that can beat the secondary over the top.

The Pats had a couple miscommunications again last week, but their secondary was excellent. "I mean, I think all of our guys are continually [communicating]. Communication for us, and execution, is something that changes week by week and it's something that we have to continually work on and improve," Patricia said. "The touchdown is just a play that obviously they had a designed play there. They were trying to get the ball front side and the quarterback made a great read coming back and we've just got to execute better in that situation. I've got to get the awareness out there better from my standpoint and coach it up and hopefully try to improve that this week." They will have to work together again.

The Raiders can attack a defense with 3-WRs sets as well as anyone, along with Cooks. "They have plenty of 3-receivers [sets]. They have plenty of 12 personnel," Belichick said. "They have three tight ends, so they may play them in different combinations. They have four, call it five, receivers. They play them in different combinations." They actually have a similar offense to the Pats, where tight ends are featured as much as WRs

The only real question is can Carr play like he did last season, this week. "He's athletic, he's got good vision, he sees the field well and he's accurate," BB said. "He's good at everything. He gets the ball out quick, but he can extend plays, good on the deep ball, good on intermediate balls, good on third down, good in the red area, manages the game well, can check and get them out of bad plays. The guy is a really good player. I don't think there's any doubt about it." So if they harass Carr they win.

6. O-line- The Raiders secondary sucks. How does a defense get through half a season without an interception? Brady is going to chew these guys up. McDaniels and Brady are going to rip this defense up.


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