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Start Of Brutal 2nd Half.


4. Mexico- The Patriots are the Away Team, by definition. However, in this odd NFL international advertising game, travel and logistics has always gone to the Pats (London). Especially as they turned their trip to Denver and "Oakland" into a two week minicamp. Which they did last year as well on the West Coast swing. It helped bring the team together for the Super Bowl run.

No one prepares for every contingency better than the Ba-Ba-Ba-BB and the Patsss. "We work on every possible situation," White said. "Whenever it comes up in the game, I think guys play fast and react. There’s no looking around for what to do. Everyone knows what to do and is on the same page, so it definitely helps." That includes off the field travel stuff as well.

Then you look at the Oakland coaches, they seem to be in a bit of a disarray. "When you look at the tape, you can see that we’re so close on so many things," Carr's buddy and OC Todd Downing said. "I know that sounds cliché and I know that sounds like someone sitting up here and trying to give you the rose-colored glasses, but it’s the truth. We know that we’re just this close to making a couple more plays each game. And being able to come out on top. And feeling like we put together a good product." He is more in line with Denver's inexperienced coaches than BB steadying coaching staff.

They hired the new O-Coordinator just because he was the QB coach, and he and Carr because buddies. But he doesn't have any experience as an OC. Just like a certain special teams coach in Denver. Now Carr got hot last week and threw for 300 again, but the offense was a mess the previous four games.

The Patriots went through all kinds of isolated team bonding exercises in Colorado and Mexico. " I say it all the time, 'Sunday’s records, all that stuff doesn’t matter,'" McCourty said. "You have two teams. Whoever prepares the best, that plays the best, usually wins." What do you think Del Rio did to prepare his team for this game and the stretch run.

The Pats have geared up for the stretch run. They understand how important every game is now. One loss could be the difference between hosting the Champ game in Foxboro, or losing the Champ game in Pittsburgh or KC. Losing two could mean two road games to get to the Super Bowl.

They cannot afford a loss in this run of games against the Raiders and Pittsburgh (who is up on the Pats for Home Field by a tick with an 8-2 record), and then the entire AFC East battle ground over the last seven games! "It’s November. Each and every game is important for every team," Harmon said. "I know [they] are going to come out and try to get that win. And we’re going to try to do the same thing. Each win right now is so important, and we can’t let that opportunity get away." The entire season for the Pats hinges on the next eight games: Oakland, Pitt, Miami (x2), Bills (x2), and Jets. That is as brutal a run of games as I have seen in the second half of the season.


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