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7 Things for Sunday: Part I 


Greetings Pats Fans,

First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

Program First.


1. Pat Program is just different– Last weeks win over the Broncos was a testament to coaching, smart players, and program. "Brad's a good coach," BB said about his special team coach Seely (who he groomed for years as assistant ST coach, as BB was really the special teams coach for the past few years). "He's has a lot of experience. He's had a lot of production in the kicking game wherever he's been. He's been at a number of different places. They've always been pretty good, and they're good now. He has good returners, good specialists and a good core group of guys. Bigger group of guys, bigger, physical group that you've got to stand up to and you've got to play with some size and strength and toughness against them. But, they have a very explosive, as I said, group of specialists: punter, kicker, returners, punt returner, kickoff returner. Those guys can change field position. They can make big plays. So, it's a very explosive group. Brad does a great job with them, no question. He's an outstanding coach." The Broncos fell apart mentally, especially on special team and the Pats took advantage.

It is also a testament to drafting. "First of all, colleges are limited with the amount of practice time that they have, so that affects it," BB said. "I don't think that, in general, college offensive linemen are particularly well-prepared for the National Football League game, period, with the exception of a few offenses but not very many. So, it is what it is." No college players are really "NFL ready", except a very special few.

Ted Karras has been developing behind the scenes for three years. "Ted works hard," BB said. "He loves football. He gets there early, stays late. He hasn't had a lot of playing time in the regular season. [He] did at the beginning of the year last year when Shaq was out." He can now play three positions for them.

The Pats Draft different than most other teams. "Yeah," BB said. "Most of those inside players have played all three positions all the time that they've been here. Some more than others. But they work at all of them." They draft to develop guys to play in their system with as much versatility as they can.

They draft for program. They don't really want players to step in a start right away as rookies, like Wise did this year. They know that rookies are not mentally prepared for the NFL. Just like young coaches. That is why Pats' coaches are trained, like rookies, for years before given top spots. Like the Broncos special teams coach, who had never coached special team before. His inability to completely understand his special teams units essentially ended the game after the first punt.

The same thing with Vance Joseph. The camera kept flashing to Joseph during the game, and in the 2nd quarter he kept having this horrified confused look on his face. He didn't know what to do during the game. He didn't know how to help his offense at all. He didn't know how to adjust during the game, and the pain of that inexperience was broadcasting all over his face.

That was when the game was over. When his players returned to the sideline and saw that horrified confused look on their coaches faces, the game was over. BB trains coaches for years, and teaches them that their continence matters. He keeps the coaches that can control themselves, and their manner on the sidelines.

Work ethic, commitment to team, and smarts are as important as Combine Stats. "Yeah, again, we work our players at a lot of different positions," BB said. "So it would depend on the situation and circumstances." He keeps the players that don't panic when everything is going wrong, because if you played sports you know that their will be games where it seems you can't do anything right.

That is why BB gets away with drafting guys lower. He is drafting them for a year or two or three down the road. "You know, guys that have done things together for multiple years. You get a situation that's similar to the situation you had a while ago. You can go back and refer to that," BB said. "You're not going to be able to do that with Deatrich Wise or [Jacob] Hollister or somebody like that. They just haven't had that kind of experience. But the experienced players, sure. That comes up from time to time. That's a good reference." The more you have to depend on a rookie, the more mistakes are going to take place.

They find a role for the rookies, but don't expect them to start right away. Though there are exceptions, like Wise. Rookies are developmental projects, not Franchise changers. You win with veterans, experience, and mental toughness in players as well as in coaches.

2. Drafting Patriots- There are some interesting games to be played today. Games that will be filled with smart, committed, players with great work ethics.

Michigan at Wisconsin Noon Fox. Michigan has the big #73 NT/DT Maurice Hurst. He is a horse in the middle of the line. He is a local kid from Westford. He's a Branch/Guy type run stuffer inside who can hold the middle of the line and let his teammates fly to the ball. He can also explode up field in the pass rush a little. Physically he has everything you want. But he struggles to find the ball. His game is not about stats, and his stats show it. His game is clogging he middle and blowing up the blocking schemes, so the offense stalls on running downs and frees up the rushers around him.

Wisconsin has a later round OLB #32 Leon Jacobs-Nwude- 6-2, 245. I love this kids game. He is a little undersized, but he can play on and off the line with speed and aggression. He is likely a Day Three guy who can play special teams as a rookie as he learns the NFL game.


#73 Maurice Hurst Jr. DL 6'2" 282 rSR, 2nd-

#90 Bryan Mone- DT, 6-4, 310-

#15 Chase Winovich- 6-3, 245, DE

#9 LB Mike McCray II- 6-4, 248, LB SR 4th- 


#17 **Tyrone Wheatley Jr.- SR-SO,  -

#3 Wilton Speight- QB-

#52 Mason Cole- OCOLT? 6’5” 305 JR* 2nd-

#80 FB Khalid Hill 6th-

#32 Ty Isaac- RB 5'11" 228 SR 6th- 


#48 Troy Fumagalli- TE, Sr, 6-6, 249-

#11 Jazz Peavy- WR RS SR-



#25 Derrick Tindal- CB, SR-

#5 Garret Dooley- RS SR OLB, 6-1, 233, 4.79-

#34 Chikwe Obasih- DE, 6-2, 267,4.82*-

#14 D'Cota Dixon- SS, 5-10,198, 4.56

#43 Ryan  Connelly- ILB, RS JR

#32 Leon Jacobs-Nwude- 6-2, 245, OLB, RS SR

#57 Alec James- 5-T, RS SR

Oklahoma is playing Kansas at 3:30 on ESPN. Big huge monster of a man OLT Orlando Brown will be putting his wears on display. If someone thinks he can play OLT in the NFL he will be a 1st Round Pick. He is so good blocking down inside. When he's in balance with his arms extended, he is very tough to beat. His first move off the snap is too often sideways outside instead of back. That will have to change. Cannot be Bull-rushed. He scares DTs, or DEs lined up inside at DT. When he blocks down on them, he can collapse the line with the DT.

Oklahoma also has  #42 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo- 6-1, 245. He has everything you want in an OLB except size. If he can play some off the line LB the Pats might be interested on Day Two. He has that knack for getting into the backfield and finding the ball. Not just the QB, but the RB as well, even on the Draw. Great eyes and instincts. He is so quick moving forward that it is very tough for blockers to grab his shirt. He really plays 3-4 OLB.


#81 Mark Andrews- TE, RS-Jr, 6-5, 253. 2nd-

#15 Jeffery Mead- WR, 6-1, 226, SR,-.

#78 Orlando Brown- OL 6-8, 357-

#15 Baker Mayfield- QB, 6-1, 226, SR 6th,-.

#92 Matthew Romar- DT-

#31 Okoronkwo, Ogbonni-, 2nd, OLB-

#7 *Jordan Thomas- CB 6' 192 JR, 1st-2nd-

#10 Steven Parker- FS 6' 192, 2nd-3rd-


#64 *Dorance Armstrong Jr.- DE, 6-4, 246, 3rd- Career Summary: Played in 24 games … Started 17 contests … Recorded 79 tackles … Disrupted 25.0 plays in the opponents’ backfield … Tallied 13.5 sacks … Broke up four passes … Ripped loose three fumbles … Recovered two fumbles … Hurried the quarterback six times.


#84 Ben Johnson- TE, 6-5, 245, 5th-

SMU Vs Memphis Noon ESPN News.

These two teams each have one of the most exciting WR prospects in the Draft. Maybe the Pats don't need a WR, but with all the injuries to their WRs it sure seems like a top priority with me. Miller is a Day Two or Three selection that will play in the NFL. Courtney Sutton is a Day One star, who has to show he can bring his physical dominance to the NFL

Memphis- #3 Anthony Miller- WR, 5-11, 190, 4.53- Great quick feet. He runs patterns with some interesting suddenness. He is not a strong blocker, but he gives good effort blocking for his team mates. Great ball skills. Great body control. He can dive out at an angle and grab the ball that is out of bounds with his hands, and just get the tips of his toes inbounds behind him. He looks like a great waterbug slot WR to me.

#16 *Courtland Sutton- WR, Soph, 6-4, 215, 1st-  Sutton is a big fast and elusive WR who was a super star last year. He has to prove he can bring his vast talent to the NFL and Produce.

Sophomore (2016): Played and started in all 12 games at wide receiver…Became the first SMU receiver to garner first-team all-conference honors since current Dallas Cowboy Cole Beasley in 2011…Led the team in receptions (76), receiving yards (1,246) and receiving touchdowns (10)…Ranked in the top-20 in the nation in receiving yards per game (103.8 – 12th), receiving yards (1,246 – 19th) and receptions per game (6.3 – 20th)…Became just the ninth Mustang to register 1,000 yards in a season, finishing with 1,246, which ranks third at SMU…Ranked ninth in school history with 2,135 receiving yards and sixth at SMU with 19 receiving touchdowns…Currently holds both the freshman and sophomore single-season receiving yards record.

3. Onto the Raiders- Oh Yeah! The Pats are playing a game tomorrow as well. "We're ready to get rolling here today on the Raiders," BB said. "This is a really impressive team. They have a lot of talent and played well here in recent weeks." The Raiders are a team that should have hurt the Pats in the Playoffs last season.

They have a QB who looked like he came into his own last season, but has not found his groove since the tragic injury last season that destroyed any chance of a Play off run. "Offensively, they're as explosive as anybody in the league," BB said. "They've got a great offensive line, great backs, tight ends, wide receivers, quarterback. They've got a ton of talent. They utilize them all. They have a good scheme, put guys in different places. It's hard to find them, it's hard to defend them, hard to tackle them, so they're really tough to deal with." You have to be able to cover their three WRs all game long.

They can hit the QB with their edgerusher Bruce Irvin, and Khalil Mack, who has past Von Miller as the best edgerusher in the NFL. "Very talented defensive group who have a lot of very skilled players. Obviously Mack and Irvin are a big force," BB said. "They've done a good job with their inside players: [Justin] Ellis, Vanderdoes. [Mario] Edwards is a very disruptive player. They've got good team speed. Their safeties do a good job: [Reggie] Nelson, [Karl] Joseph. They blitz a lot, cause a lot of disruptive plays. It's a very experienced team." They are the defense that we thought the Broncos would be.

They also added an impact leader during the season. "Defensively, they've got a lot of experience there, particularly in the secondary," BB said. "So, add [NaVorro] Bowman, another good football player that can really run the defense in the middle. He's been a good addition for them." Solid defense that can hit the QB and blow schemes up.

And of course, BB loves his special teams. "Special teams: kickers have big legs. They can really pound the ball. [Marquette] King can change field position," BB said. "And of course they're very explosive with the two returners with [Jalen] Richard and [Cordarrelle] Patterson. Those guys are very dynamic players. You know, the Raiders have been in a lot of close games, they've won a lot of close games, they have a good field goal kicker, they can score quickly in any phase of the game, but particularly on offense with their great skill players and quarterback, so they've done a good job of winning a lot of close games. We know we're going to have to play 60 minutes and play a good football game in all three areas to be competitive with them. So, we'll get started on the process today and be ready to go Sunday night." This should be another easy win for the Pats.


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