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7 Things for Sunday: Part I.


Greetings Pats Fans,

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1. More Than A Feeling- I had a bad feeling last week. "It was a good job tonight by the Dolphins: Coach Gase, staff, their team. They did a good job tonight," BB said. "They obviously did a better job than we did. We just weren’t really good enough in any area, consistent enough in any area to win the game. So, all need to do a better job and (we) weren’t able to do that. It just wasn’t good enough tonight across the board." I didn't think the Pats would win and I couldn’t admit it.

I kept dancing nimbly around it like it was a candle. But it didn't feel right. I tried to blame it on how much I hate Monday Night Football. But I wasn't excited when the game started, and I didn't watch the 2nd Half. I found out during the day on Tuesday, and didn't bother to watch the 2nd Half.

It all just seemed wrong. Gronk was out, and with no Edelman to take over the Number One receiver role it was too easy to defend this offense. Flowers was out. "If we play better defense and move the ball better, then you have better field position," BB said. "We didn't do either one of those things well enough to get good field position, so we didn't have it." When you’re the worse sacking team in America, you cannot lose your one true sacker.

Van Noy was out. He is there most versatile defender. He covers RBs all over the field, and tight end in his spare time. Plus, he protects the edges like a hawk swooping in to scoop up and mouse with the ball going outside.

The defense could not overcome those two guys being out. "It's just, in football sometimes you come out and you play as well as you want to and that's what it was," McCourty said. "You play another good team that knows you well. You know them well and they're on it a little more than you are and you're a half-step late. To me you saw that. It wasn't like we just came out here and never got anything going. We got things going at different times in the game but it was just too late. Once we actually started playing and complimenting each other a little bit all the way at the end the deficit was too big to overcome. If we could have got that going a little earlier we would have had a better shot."  I wrote last week how this was the kind of game that Miami always wins, and I had that bad feeling.

I didn't write "Pats win" in  the Pats win section of my 7-Things. The third edit I finally put in it in for fear of jinxing them. Yes, it is a sad pathetic life I lead.

But not this week. "Just trying to get everybody on the same page," Butler said. "Play harder, come out and just fight. Fight until the en, which we did, probably a little too late. We have to rebound. We always rebound and respond the right away." I got a good feeling this week.

2. Drafting Patriots- Two Bowl games worth watching for Pats Fans today.

Marshall Vs Colorado State:

#7 Michael Gallup- 6-1, 195, 4.56- The Pats could be looking at some WRs in this Draft, with all the injuries and inconsistencies they suffered this season. Gallup is one of the most productive WRs in a while. He garnered 1,271-yards and 14 TDs on 76 catches. 

He is very shifty and makes great quick cuts in pattern and with the ball in his hands. Nice snap inside on Slant. He can use his hands to block the CB with come enthusiasm on runs to his side. He does a nice job getting inside position on the CB, on runs inside. Not big or strong, but plays his position well. 

They like to motion him around the line. He will grab more than block the DB on the second level in the run game. He can make a great play on the ball that is way off, while he is being grabbed and pulled by the CB. He can get physicalled out of the catch by the CB in pattern, when the refs lets them push, pull, and grab. 

Nice elusiveness with the ball in his hands. He can make some nice lateral burst to make the CB miss. He can run through the leg tackle for extra yards. Stronger than he looks with the ball in his hands, and can lower his shoulder and run over the CB. Uses his hands nicely in pattern to shove off the CB.  

Oregon VS Boise:

#73 Tyrell Crosby- OLT 6-5, 310, 2nd-

The Pats are going to be looking very closely at O-Tackles in this draft. They have three Tackles who are free agents. 

Plays a little high, and can get shoved off balance a little. He plays well with his arms extended. He always has his hands out grabbing and shoving. Turns the edge nicely in pass pro when no one rushes his lane. Nice blend of quick feet and heavy hands moving backwards in pass pro. Shuffles his feet a lot, and doesn't consistently kick slide in Pass pro. Moves back with good focus and hands up.

His lack of slide can cause the outside to open up if he doesn't get his hands on the rusher. When he gets his hands on the rusher he is done, but when he doesn't he gives up too much wide. I hope he goes to the Senior Bowl, because I have to see him slide against speed before I could take him.

Terrific job moving forward in the power run game. He has the strength and agility to knock the DE into the OLG, and then get to the second level and take out the OLB. He can collapse the line with the DE inside. He can seal the Safety outside, and then throw him to the ground like a sledgehammer.

#21 Royce Freeman- RB, 5-11, 230- He is the most underrated RB in this Draft. Great size and speed, and he has some suddenness in his shoulders. Big power back who is great at running behind his eyes. Reads blocks very well, and makes decisive cuts to the hole. He injured his shin against Nebraska. He looks like a Day Three RB who plays in the League for a lot of years.

#7 Darren Carrington- WR 6-2, 195-

#6 Charles Nelson- WR, SR-


#1 Arrion Springs- CB, 5-11, 205, 3rd-

#92 Henry Mondeaux- 5-T, 6-4, 280, 6th-

#2 Tyree Robinson- FS, 6-3, 205, 6th-

#1 Cedric Wilson- WR, 6-3, 188, 4.59, 3rd-  Wilson had a terrific season. He is a big WR, who excellent in the Redzone (11 TDs this season). The past two seasons he garnered 121 catches for 2,271-yards, and 17 TDs.

Great job tracking the deep ball, he can make great adjustments to the ball in the air and catch it through contact. Runs a nice out after he beats the CB deep. Plays manly on the QB's left. Terrific job catching the ball through an great hit that knocks him backwards clean off his feet.

Good blocker. He can curl inside and shove the SS out of the play. Plays special teams and is an excellent kick returner. He is slippery with the ball in his hands. Sneaky speed going deep down the sideline. Nice subtle move to fade outside as he runs by the WR. Once he has his eyes on the ball, he goes and gets it.

He has that great knack for getting open deep, and can grab the ball over the CB. Great hands. He is so good at catching the ball with his hands extended away from his body. He is so slippery on the second level. He seems to move faster with the ball in his hands.

#59 Mason Hampton- OC, 6-3, 303-

#74 Archie Lewis- ORT, 6-3, 300-

#88 Rob Jake- TE, 6-3, 227-


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