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7-Things For Sunday: Part III 


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Time To Step It Up.


5. Pats D Vs Panther's O- The Pats D has a good chance to gather some unity and confidence against a not so wounded offense. I mean, they have Funchess, and who at WR? Some guys named: Russell Shepard, Damiere Byrd, and some rookie runningback named Curtis Samuel. And they apparently just added Benjamin to this game.

Even with the return of Benjamin, the defense they play in this game will tells us more about the Pats chance to win it all than anything they do on offense the rest of the season. They have to start stopping the offense and forcing punts. They cannot keep handing out TDs like it's Halloween.

This is the first do or die moment for this Defense. "I mean, McCaffrey is definitely someone that has I think has expanded their offense in general in what Coach Shula has been able to do on the offensive side of the ball. Utilizing him in really kind of a multiple role position, both in the backfield, out of the backfield, some motion, some different things they've aligned him in. Wildcat would be another one that he's had a role in too," Patricia said. "He's just a very elusive player. [He's] got great burst, acceleration, good vision, really good space player, can catch the ball extremely well. [He] definitely is a guy that can turn big plays out of nothing and just really an overall  huge part of dangerousness that their offense now has with him out there on the field." They will motion McCaffrey out of the backfield to play Slot WR, and put more pressure on the defense.

They also like to put two RBs in the backfield with Newton, because both can catch and block, and all three can run with the ball. "I think what they've tried to do with Cam Newton obviously being the threat that he is, both as a quarterback in the pocket, quarterback out of the pocket and also in the run game." Patricia said. "When you mix kind of the element of him, McCaffrey with [Jonathan] Stewart in the run game, from that standpoint you have three different points of attack. There's often times where all three of them will be out there together, both backs will be out on the field together and you've got to be able to handle the different types of run packages that they present. Then along with that what they can do is move the formation or they can spread it out and put you into a bind from a passing standpoint because now with McCaffrey either releasing from the backfield or out of the backfield he's in a really threatening position of wide receiver or receiving standpoint also. It's a really difficult combination to handle, to match up against. You're talking about three excellent players there that are going to be in close proximity or can also spread you out in space situations too." They will need to run early and often in this game to have a chance.

This is going to be a brutal slugfest, and then the play actions will come (just like the Pats-O will try to do). "I'll tell you in general as an offense, I think right now their skill players are extremely fit for the system that they're running. Kelvin Benjamin," Patricia said now that Benjamin is apparently in. "Funchess [and Kelvin used to be] two very large receivers. Guys that can push the ball vertical downfield, have great hands, they're long, they can really cause some problems from the standpoint of coverage where the quarterback can throw the ball up." Which is less of a problem with Olsen out.

Newton didn't play in the preseason, so this offensive just started to turn the corner last week. "Obviously the quarterback is a very strong-armed guy, a guy that can get the ball vertical downfield, so now he's got big targets to be able to throw the ball to a couple other guys that you're going to see in there too," Patricia said. "Obviously [Russell] Shepard will be in there. [Damiere] Byrd, who is extremely fast. This guy is a very explosive guy who can get downfield quickly. And then Samuel, who's kind of another new addition that they have that brings a whole other element to their offense [like 4.33 Combine speed]. Again: very fast player, explosive, like Coach [Bill] had mentioned there, similar to McCaffrey in terms of being in different positions and different roles. Another guy that's a real dangerous weapon that when he comes in can change the element or the dynamic of the offense." So their big target receiving corps has also turned into a small, fast, and explosive unit.

But like the Pats-D, they still haven't put it all together yet. "Certainly at the tight end position Olsen was obviously a great player for them," Patricia said. "With him not being out there now, Dickson is really increasing his role out there in the tight end position. [Some guy named] Manhertz would be the other tight end. They'll run multiple tight ends, and then they'll get into some extra offensive linemen packages also with those tight ends now that Olsen is not playing." So they are going to have to run the ball. "They're going to give you enough stuff in the front," Patricia said. "They're going to try to really try to run the ball at you, try to beat you up, up front. Try to push the ball and really try to use their passing game to not only now go vertical, but then use some of those skill players to get the ball out into space quickly and attack you that way also." So in an odd way they share a lot of similarities to the Pats.

Their offense has changed, do to injuries at WR (Edelman and Mitchell), into more of a run first, playaction, and throw deep offense. You cannot beat the Pats at Home running the ball and scoring a single offensive touchdown. They are averaging one TD a game, and that trend was when they had a healthy Benjamin for most of the first three games (he hurt his knee during last weeks game). And of course now ESPN is reporting that Benjamin will play despite the knee injury. "[Benjamin] did a nice job of moving around,'' Panther HC Rivera said. "Looked good out there. He really did." So that puts even more pressure on the defense, if he can still move well enough.

So this game just got a whole lot harder. The Pats defense needs to take another step forward this week. They need to cover these WRs, and maybe shut one of them out. This is a big test. This offense has sucked so far this season. So the Pats-D cannot out suck the Panthers-O. Or I will have to start questioning their ability to reach the Super Bowl. At some point, you have to start playing tough D, and start hitting the quarterback to win in the NFL.

6. O-line- The Panther defense is similar in a lot of ways to the Pats defense, and both have been struggling, even though the Panthers are led by Luke Kuechly. "He's an exceptional player," McDaniels said about Kuechly. "The first thing I'd say is that I'm not sure we'll play against a better field general. A guy that has command over what they're doing on defense and obviously is well prepared. You can tell. It jumps out on the film that he's done his homework. He works extremely hard to be prepared for each opponent that they play. He has a lot of responsibility. He generally has an idea of what may or may not be coming offensively. He's very fast. It's hard to outrun him and the entire linebacking core. He gets to the football: run, pass, screen, draw, however it may be. The guy just finds his way to the ball and plays extremely hard. Never, ever is there ever a lack of effort on this defense. I think he's a great example of that. And he's probably the best pass game linebacker that we play because he's such an exceptional reader of the quarterback, he's got great hands and instincts. He understands route concepts. He's a tremendous player. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for this guy." Oh-oh, that doesn't sound very encouraging.

One thing Coach Rivera knows how to do is build a defense. "Their defense, obviously, is ranked first in the league in total defense. They're in the top five in: points, third down, short yardage. I mean, they're top 10 in sacks. They do basically everything well," McDaniels said. "They're very strong up front. They play a lot of people. They'll play upwards of eight people on the defensive line, so the guys that are in there are big inside, create a lot of issues inside, they have good edge players, and they rotate multiple guys out there with Addison, Horton, [Charles] Johnson and Peppers. They're difficult to move. They all can pass rush, whether that be speed, power, some type of games or inside moves" Hey! Can we borrow a couple of those edge guys?

They also have a ton of speed a Linebacker, and all these guys can cover like DBs. "The linebacking corp. is as fast as we're going to play against: Davis, Kuechly, and [Shaq] Thompson," Patricia said. "They're all as fast as many safeties, and maybe more in some cases, that we play. So, it's very difficult to outrun those guys. They've got great team speed there." I think they have the best group of cover-LBs in the NFL.

It is going to be tough for Brady to throw to the TEs and RBs out of the backfield. "The two safeties that we'll see the most of, [Mike] Adams and [Kurt] Coleman, have great experience," Patricia said. "They know exactly what to do, good in terms of getting everything lined up and communicated, never out of position, do a good job of reading the quarterback, disguises are good. And then the two young corners that they drafted last year [Bradberry and Worley are]: big, physical guys, long, they get their hand on balls, good tacklers. It's a good tackling defense, period, and they don't give up big plays. So, they can rush the passer, they can stop the run, they force you to drive the ball 10, 12 plays at a time to get points on the board. They're good on third down. They're good in the red area. I mean, this is as good of a unit from top to bottom as you can play." They have been giving up less than half what the Pats-D has been giving up 13.3 PPG.

These two team seem to be at opposite ends on the pool. The Pats offense is scoring over 30-PPG, and their defense is giving up over 30 PPG. Meanwhile the Panthers are giving up and scoring less than or equal to 15 PPG. Which is impressive because their D gave up 23 points last week. So the Pats want to turn this game into a road race, and the Panthers what to slow it down into a slugfest. Whichever team can control the pace is going to go a long way towards winning this game.

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