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7-Things For Sunday: Part II. 


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Not Sure.


3. I know A Couple-Ah guys- The defense really needed a couple of guys to step up last week. The Pats defense was the worst in the NFL in the first two weeks (or so it seemed;). They needed better coverage and more passrush. We saw Rowe and Wise step up in weeks one and two. We needed a couple of guys to do the same last week and this week.

It was good to see old friend Malcolm Butler finally given a chance to step up. "I think Malcolm did a good job," BB said. "I mean, all of our defensive backs I thought were pretty competitive. We had some scramble yardage and loose plays and things like that. But I mean, the normal passing game we were pretty competitive on. But like anything else, there are certainly a lot of things we can do better. I'm not saying it was perfect or great by any means. We've still got a lot of things we can improve on." Now they can put in three Corners on the field, and not look like the Three Stooges outside.

They need Malcolm Butler to continue to play like a Pro Bowl CB. "I thought Malcolm played really well," Patricia said. "We certainly didn't play great at all as a defense, but I think the guy really tried to go out and play extremely hard. This is a very competitive guy. Malcolm steps up to the challenges that you place in front of him. He goes out and competes, he works hard, he tries to do it the right way and he really tries to get better every week.

"We had a productive week last week for him and working through. But it's a new week and we're going to try to get the same consistency every single week and that's what we're trying to do. That's really what we're trying to go after. I really thought in the game, I thought he really tried to do what we asked him to do and do it the right way.

"Week in week out it's different for us so sometimes that's hard. It's not always easy to change maybe a technique or change a coverage or change a responsibility or an alignment. It's going to be different so sometimes that stuff comes together a little bit better than others. But I thought he really tried to do it the way we wanted to and it'll be a different deal this week so we've got to make sure we get that going." He played with his old confidence last week.

Marsh also stepped up in this game in a much needed way. "Cassius is smart. He works hard. He picks things up quickly," BB said. "He's really done everything that we've asked him to do and worked hard to get it right. He's athletic and has some experience. He's played for us in the kicking game and defensively. I think he's making progress. Again, we've got a long way to go, but making progress." They really need him to be their third rusher.

But it has been a big adjustment for him coming over from Seattle. "I think there are some similarities. There are certainly some differences," BB said about Seattle's defense. "Our defense has some game plan changes on it from week to week, so even if we did something this week next week it could be something a little bit different. It’s just kind of a week to week thing there with what the roles are, what the jobs are, by game plan, by the specific opponent in the matchup. We just have to take that on a week-by-week basis and I think players obviously understand that, but that’s what it is." He looked like he was playing more instinctually inside the Pats defense last week.

I thought Cassius did a great job in the rush last week, or at least he popped a few times in his limited role. "Cassius [Marsh] was a guy that we spent some time coming out the draft taking a look at and spent some time with. We kind of had a little bit of a head start from the standpoint of we thought what he was as a player and what he could do and transferring that into our system," Patricia said. "He hasn't been here that long so he's kind of under fire here a little bit to learn. I think he's doing a great job of trying to work hard and learn how we do things in our defense. It's a little bit different I think than probably what he had done before. The guy really cares about it. He's trying to get better.

"You can really see some improvement that we have to have there from the standpoint of some of our defensive techniques and things like that. But [whatever] the situation is we've got him out there and we're trying to get him to execute at a high level and he's really working hard to try to do that." If he can take another step up this week it could go a long way towards healing the Pats Achilles Heel, speed in the edge rush.

Both guys looked a lot more confident. "I think it goes a long way. We all do things in our normal lives. Things that we're confident in: we do more aggressively, we do quicker, we do with probably better overall execution than things we're not confident in. That we maybe have to wait and have that little bit of hesitation to make sure that something’s right or make sure you’re doing the right things," BB said. "It’s a fine line there between confidence and overconfidence and taking it for granted, as opposed to just being right in that sweet spot of having an edge, having confidence, being alert and aggressive, but not too far that way that if something happens a little bit differently that you're caught off-guard. We just try to find that sweet spot in there for it." They need to build on the confidence they showed last week, and get that aggressiveness moving even quicker.

They are going to need those two guys to make some impact plays if they want to secure Home Field in the Champ Game. "We're always looking to give up as few points as possible," BB said. "So there’s a lot of things we can improve on in all three phases of the game; plenty of them on defense, plenty of them on offense, plenty of them on special teams. We can score more points, give up fewer, have better field position, don’t turn the ball over, take it away more. We need to work on all of those things." The Pats need to show they can stop someone, anyone, from passing the ball if they truly want to have a shot at the Sacred Sixth Ring.

4. Getting Offensive On Offense- The Pats cannot win the Super Bowl unless Brady and Cooks find a rhythm like he had with Edelman. "Cookie?" McDaniels said about Brandin. "He's got a great attitude, he's a great competitor, he cares about doing things the right way, he's a great teammate, he's very smart, he's got a great work ethic, he's been out there every single day since we got him. So, this guy loves the game of football, practices hard, plays hard, will do whatever you ask him to do to help the team win and has been a tremendous addition to our team and to our wide receiver group." It sure looked like they had developed some serious chemistry last week. 

They have to start showing what they showed last week consistently "Big. I mean, they're the first ranked defense in the league, I think, in points or yards. I mean, everything. I feel like I say that every week. We're playing some good defenses and these guys are incredible; the linebacking corps, the [defensive] line. They've got a lot of veterans, so they're tough. They're tough to move the ball on. They barely gave up any points the first couple of weeks. The Saints play them a bunch. I guess they've figured out a way to score some points, but it's a tough matchup because I think they're very talented. I mean, there's no easy yards. They attack the football. The linebackers probably have more interceptions than any team in the league in the last five years or something like that. They just make it tough and they've got a lot of guys in pursuit or around the ball. It's just a very good defense." Some of the deep throws to Cookie were as good as we've seen since Randy Moss was running under them.

That game was one of the best deep ball throwing games of Brady's career. "The players deserve the credit for all of that. They work extremely hard at their timing and the accuracy and the ability to track the ball, and they also take some intermediate plays and try to make them deeper plays as they catch and run with the ball, too," McDaniels said. "So, we've always worked hard on that. We've always tried to spend time on that. It's something that we continue to spend time on. It's just taking advantage of the opportunities when they're presented to you on game day, and our guys have done a decent job so far. We still have plenty of room to improve in that area, and we're going to continue to try to get better. But, they've capitalized on some opportunities thus far this season." It was amazing to watch Brady get a little better again this year.

Which can change everything in the run game as well. If they can hit the long ball, then suddenly the defenses can't keep creeping up the Safeties to stop the run. And play action becomes a scheme destroying play. Especially with a team like Carolina that likes to play some Cover Four. 

Houston kept bringing up the safeties to help stop Gronk and the run. "I think that's the advantage of having great coaching and guys that can evaluate those things so quickly. We kind of saw how they were making adjustments," Brady said (more about Hogan than Cooks;). "I think the ability to do that on offense [go deep], the experience and the confidence that the coaches have and the players, it's everyone working together. It was just a great play [Hogan's 47-yard reception]. It was a big play in the game. You need those types of adjustments, especially early in the year. It's hard to figure out exactly how they're going to play things.

"We've had a long offseason to evaluate what they do, how they're going to play us. Then you get out there early in the game and you see how it goes. And if you need to make adjustments you've got to be able to do it. I've said before, you'd hate to wait until Monday morning to say, 'Man, when we play them the next time these are the things we want to do.' You'd rather do that in the middle of the second quarter saying, 'Alright, this is how they're going to play it, boom, we know exactly what to go to.' That's important." Those new and improved long ball plays make for a whole new set of problems for defenses.

Carolina likes to play a lot of zone and Cover-Four. They base their scheme on not letting plays over the top, by keeping it all in front of their back seven, and let the front four rush and hit the QB. Brady will have the short pass open all game. So it will be interesting it they continue to attack deep, and try to throw over the zone. 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

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