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7-Things For Sunday: Part I. 


Greetings Pats Fans,

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Let's See Whose Worse.


1. Getting Defensive On Defense- The Panthers are a tough one for me. I liked Cam Newton's game in college and had him second overall to Von Miller. Then once he went to the Supper Bowl, I thought he was going to make the Panthers great. He was a great QB with a great defense that went to the Super Bowl. That is usually the recipe for a team to be feared for a long time.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum. They started drafting a D-End or two in the 1st Round every year, and the DC-HC completely ignored the offense. "4-man line, a lot of zone, blitz-zone," BB said. "They basically play two fronts. Blitz tendencies have been the same as what they've been. In 2013, the last time we went through it, there's not a lot of changes from what we had in 2013 percentage-wise. That's basically what they want to try to do. A good fundamental team. They've put a lot into their front seven." He ignored an offense that was running QB-Option runs so frequently that it looked like Newton has aged thirty years in three seasons.

They traded their best defensive player, because he wanted to be paid market value. "Four-man line, a lot of zone, blitz-zone. They basically play two fronts," BB said. "Blitz tendencies have been the same as what they've been. In 2013, the last time we went through it, there's not a lot of changes from what we had in 2013 percentage-wise. That's basically what they want to try to do. [They're] a good fundamental team. They've put a lot into their front seven." But they don't like to pay their DBs, because they play such heavy Zone schemes.

Then this off season, after Newton's worse season, they finally decided to dedicate some recourses to help Newton. So they made four big signings to help Newton. Matt Kalil (an OLT), and, ah… "I mean, Julius [Peppers] was a tremendous athlete coming into the league. The guys that come in with that kind of rare ability generally seem to last longer than most others. But he's been very productive for Carolina, then up in the AFC North and then back in Carolina again," BB said. "They've used him a little bit inside, but he's not only good defensively, he's very good at blocking kicks. He's a great field goal rusher. I don't know how many career blocks he's got, probably a dozen. But it's a lot. He's long, he's very athletic. In some schemes I'm sure he could play linebacker, could play outside linebacker, so you're talking about that kind of athlete for as big as he is, as athletic as he is, a guy like Clowney, guys like that." And Captain  Munnerlyn and Mike Adams. The last two are CBs.

They hit the offense a ton in the Draft, but those guys are always more for the future than we want to believe during the Draft. "They have a good running game, good passing game. Mike Shula does a good job of having a well-balanced offense with a lot of explosive plays in the offense, both with the quarterback and the other skill players," BB said. "They give you enough different looks to keep you off-balance, but at the same time, they run a very sound scheme, so not a lot of negative plays, not a lot of turnovers, very good on third down and just don't turn the ball over.

"Really solid team. In the kicking game, Gano's got a strong leg. It's all touchbacks. A top kickoff guy in the league. Explosive returners, again, whether it was Ginn before, or McCaffrey now, [or] Samuel on kickoffs. They've got guys that can hit the home run ball with a big [play]." I would be shocked if both McCaffrey and Samuel weren't impact players for a long time.

Those two guys can really kill you out in space. "I think that's part of their game is the plays that get the ball to those type of guys in space. I think they've always used those, but maybe a little bit more now with a guy like McCaffrey," BB said. "But we've seen wildcat before, we've seen empty, we've seen unbalanced line. That's kind of part of their offense. Not a huge part of it, but just enough to keep you off-balance enough to make you work on it: reverses, misdirection plays, bootlegs, things like that. They still do those." But they are still just rookies.

Rookies don't repair offenses instantly. "They just put McCaffrey into the equation somewhere, and you just have to deal with him as par to that, but I think those are all things that are kind of within their wheelhouse and have been, along with all the basic core things that they do that are very sound and, well-balanced," BB said. "So if you're stopping one thing, you're not in position to stop something else. McCaffrey's added that. It's a dimension that is giving them some explosive plays. Mike does a good job of that, though. I mean, again, they're good on third down, they don't turn the ball over, they control the clock, they control the game, they make explosive plays in a variety of ways and the quarterback is a wildcard. He makes plays that you don't think are going to happen and end up happening because he makes them happen. So, that's always an element that you have to deal with." They both were RBs/WRs in college.

So they can kill you with young speed in space, but they also have some huge receivers that can hurt the defense. "He's a big target," BB said about Kelvin Benjamin. "Funchess, too. Those guys are like having tight ends flexed out there. Plus they have the tight end with Dickson. So you're looking at a very big group. Unless you have somebody with that kind of height and length, which nobody really does, wherever the receiver is there is somewhere you can throw him the ball that the defender can't get it, so he's never really covered even if he's covered. You either throw it high, or if he's on one side you throw it to the other side and he can reach it and the defender can't." Funchess and Dickson need to be more veterans than rookies, with Olsen and Benjamin out.

They are going to have to step up this season and show what they can do. Right now they are not leading the offense like the Panthers need. Both Funchess and Benjamin have had great flashes. But they have been unable to show the consistency that the great ones have. Right now, they are just a couple of guys. If they don't take a big step up, the Pats will win this one easy.

2. Double Trouble- The Carolina Offense has gotten worse each year since they went to the Super Bowl. So far this season they are averaging a measly Touchdown per game. You cannot beat the Pats at Home scoring one TD. The good news for Carolina is that the Pats defense has not put it all together yet as well. However, I don't see how the offence puts it together with Olsen and Benjamin out.

The Panthers will have to attack with the run, and might have Newton run a few Option runs as well. "You just have to be disciplined in your reads. There's only one runner back there. If he's back there with a tight end or a fullback or something like that, you know who the runner's going to be. I mean, it could be a pass, but you know who basically is going to carry the ball," BB said about Stewart and McCaffrey. "With two guys back there, then misdirection plays and reading your keys and making sure that you defend your responsibility, because there's more than one guy that can carry it, becomes more critical. Which is the way it was when I came into the league when there were two running backs.

"So the halfback blocked, the fullback ran. The fullback blocked, the halfback ran, and your keying system was, for linebackers, much more difficult then because of the different combinations of plays that they had. As that's evolved to a one-back set, we know who's going to carry the ball. So that's just changed a little bit. When you put two guys back there, especially if you're not used to doing it, understanding that there's probably not a lot of one guy is blocking for the other guy plays, there's more of one guy runs here and the other guy runs somewhere else. Which guy has the ball? You have to defend both of them as opposed to having lead blockers. I wouldn't say that that's featured, but when you have two guys going in different directions, then that can slow down the defense." Stewart and McCaffrey have been disappointing, to say the least, running the ball.

They have been much more helpful in the passing game. The Panthers are throwing for 169-yards a game, which is almost exactly half of what the pathetic Patriots pass defense is giving up (330!). Something will have to give in this game. It just doesn't look like it's the Panthers are going to be able to step up in this game. So the Pats Defense has to.

The Panthers come into Foxboro stadium without Olsen and Benjamin! This is the opportunity for the Pats defense to step up and show they can stop a passing game. This passing attack is really as pathetic as the Patriots pass defense has been so far this season. This is has become the real question about the defense. Can they stop a passing attack at all? This is the worst passing attack in the NFL. If they can't stop this offense than they can't stop any offense.

I mean, a rookie option QB killed them last week. "I think both guys probably have a few plays that are designed runs, and then there are other plays that are improvised runs," BB said about Watson and Newton. "I think when you're talking about mobile quarterbacks, guys that are tough to handle, tackle, can throw, run, make good decision. "I mean, I would put Newton at the top of the list. Not saying that there aren't a lot of other good players that do that, but I would say, of all the guys we play or have played recently in the last couple of years, I would definitely put him [on top].

"He's the hardest guy to deal with. He makes good decisions, he can run, he's strong, he's hard to tackle. He can do a lot of different things. Beat you in a lot of different ways. We saw that in the game down there in ‘13. So I would put him at the top of the list. Not saying the other guys aren't a problem, because they are, but he's public enemy No. 1." So the Pats D has to decide if they are going to be the FBI or the Keystone Cops.

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