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1. Whoops I did it again-  Well I think everybody is reassessing the Pats this week, after what happened on Thursday Night. "I mean, playing winning football is what our goal is every week. Obviously, we didn't accomplish it last week. We played very poorly in the 4th quarter of that game and lost a game at home that, obviously, we were all hoping we would have won and we didn't," Brady said. "So, we've got to have the same type of urgency that we had for the first three quarters of that game and play a lot better and go out and just get our job done, be the kind of players that our teammates can depend on and try to go get a win at a very tough place to play." Or more importantly what is going to happen Sunday.

Can this team put if all together, or was there just too much change and overconfidence to come together. "That's one of the challenges about early in the year. There's not much tape to watch, especially on, like you said, a whole new group of guys that are playing together for the first time. I'm sure they'll get a lot better over the course of the season," Brady said. "They [the Saints] got off to a great start in the preseason and are playing well. We're expecting to play a great defense, the same one that really dominated all preseason. They're talented, they've got a lot of speed, a lot of athletic ability. I think Coach Allen does a great job getting those guys ready to go. It's a tough test." I get why BB didn't play the starters as much as he should have in the Preseason: two AFC Champ games and two Super Bowls in four years.

Now they have to come together on the field. "I don't know, I don't know," Brady said. "Hopefully we can just go play better than we played last week. We're playing a real good team on the road so it's going to take a big effort. We've got a big challenge and hopefully we can get to 1-1." If they don't come together this week? They will be favored not to go to the Super bowl, instead of visa-versa.

In the 1st Half I thought the O-line actually played well, but the continuity was missing in the 2nd half. "I hope so, I hope so," Brady said. "We work pretty hard for three hours a week. We've got to be at our best mentally, physically, emotionally. This team really tests you. They play very well at home. We didn't play very well last time we went down there. We kind of got our butt kicked. So it's a tough environment. It's their home opener. We're going to be challenged in a big way so we've got to meet the challenge." The Pats O-line has to play the whole game, and not just the 1st Half this week.

The defense was clearly out of synch with each other in the 2nd Half as well. "There's some element of that every week in the National Football League," BB said. "Every team is dealing with something and some circumstances and some unique situations about the game. We have ours and everybody else has theirs. I've seen weeks a lot worse than this one to be honest with you. We'll work our way through it and we'll be ready to go on Sunday. " It was the lack of continuity on the O-line and the secondary that really did them in.

Plus, it just wasn't their day. They dominated KC in the 1st Half, but gave away three or four scores. "I'd really say from Thursday, I think just in general I would say obviously everyone is trying to work hard to improve and get better," Patricia said. "I would say that's where we're at with everybody, including myself. So hopefully we can get that done and we're obviously gearing up here for the Saints. We've got a huge challenge in front of us with some young guys playing for us and going down to their place down there in that environment is going to be a huge challenge for us." That gave KC life, and attitude.

When you give a veteran defense and offense extra time and motivation you are going to be in world of hurt. "Overall execution and missing some opportunities always hurts your ability to sustain drives consistently. Like I said, there are a lot of things we've got to do better. We're going to look at the film part today," McDaniels said. "After a football game, whether you win, lose, tie, score 50, 20, 30, 10, whatever you end up doing, there are always things that you're going to see on the film to be able to correct and try to do better that would've probably impacted the outcome.

"It's no different here. We've got a lot of things we have to correct so that we can play better. Ultimately, when you play against a good defense, if you want to sustain drives and be out there and convert 3rd downs and stay on the field and score points, that takes a lot of continuous execution across the board. If you have a breakdown in any area on any play it could ultimately be the play that ends the drive. You learn from your mistakes and hopefully we can get better from them, the ones that we made last night." Then the momentum just washed over them like a Class 4 Hurricane.

They put themselves in a hole, but it is not the end of the world. "I mean the communication, it's something that really to be honest with you, is different each week as far as what we have to do. Obviously it can be better overall," Patricia said. "The communication again is going to start with me. It's going to start with me and getting the calls out there to the field and getting the communication out to the field. That's just a big part of what we do defensively every single week.

"Let's obviously give a lot of credit to the Chiefs. Andy Reid did a great job with that offense and getting them into different looks and multiple different kind of things that they can do and has a great scheme that they run. They have excellent players.

"As far as that is concerned there's communication every week that needs to be done and sometimes we have good communication and sometimes we don't. We're trying to make sure it's all perfect I would say just in general. We're trying to make it better, and that would start with me."

Which now doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is beating the Saints. "We've been able to spend a little bit extra time here on the Saints. Certainly, they deserve a lot of attention. It's a really good football team. I think Sean [Payton] has done a good job, obviously, through the years. One of the top coaches in the league. I have a ton of respect for him," BB said. "Offensively, this is really a great team. They do everything well. Good quarterback, good skill players, good running backs, good receivers, tight ends, offensive line. They have a lot of explosive weapons with a great scheme. That's why they lead the league in offense every year, third-down, make a lot of big plays. They're hard to stop.

"Defensively, they have a lot of new players. Half of the group is new starters, all new linebackers, a lot of speed at the positons. A faster athletic team, probably [more] than what they had last year. They do a good amount of pressuring so we're going to have to stand up to the blitzes, the pressures that they run, take care of the ball. They pursue very well. They have a lot of guys that can run, chase the ball hard, play hard. Dennis [Allen] does a good job with them. The fundamentals are good. They're a good technique team.

"The kicking game, obviously, two big legs there: Lutz, Morstead. Morstead's about as good of a punter as this league has ever seen, tremendous, tremendous player. Accurate, long, good plus-50, does everything well. Good returners, all three guys are very dangerous. A big physical unit on special teams. It looks like they've really improved that from last year. A good football team playing at home."

They can start off 2 and 3 and win the Super Bowl. They have done it before. But I'm not sure if they can start off 0 and 2 and still win it all. It is often silly to call the second game of the season a must win game, but this is one of those exceptions. If the Pats want a legit shot at hosting the AFC Champ Game? Than this is a must win game.

2. Decimated- The problem on the offense started with the loss of Edelman, Mitchell, and Amendola. "We can't really control those things," McDaniel said about losing three starting WRs. "We like our group. Obviously, the guys that aren't out there that have an opportunity to get back out there will work as hard as they can to do that. But we like our group. It's an opportunity for us now to continue to work on our continuity and our consistency, our trust and dependability with one another, with those guys.

"Now we have a lot of game film here to watch and try to improve on. That's across the board. It's not just at that position. We didn't do well enough last night to win. Hopefully, we can make a lot of progress here after we make our corrections today." That was the chemistry, along with Hogan, that won the Super Bowl last year.

Cooks has to be the Superstar he looked like he was developing into the last three years in New Orleans. "Brandin has been a great addition for us," McDaniels said. "He works really hard, has a great attitude. He's a very competitive player, does a lot of things well and made some plays for us last night. Like everybody, we'll continue to try and work and improve and get better with each guy on our group. But it's been a good addition for our team and hopefully we can just continue to get better as we go." He has to start playing at an All Pro level.

Brady is notorious for being too slow on the uptake with new receivers. "Last week, we went to the game, we only had two tight ends. So, if a tight end gets hurt, then your two-tight end offense could be nonexistent at that point," McDaniel said about being suddenly short in depth at WR. "We face this issue every week. We only take seven linemen to the game. So there's not three backup tackles or four backup guard-center types at the game. There's only a guy here or there that can back up each spot. Then you have to build the depth in your game plan with what you have. There's no other way around that.

"If you have a certain grouping that maybe you don't have as much depth in, you've got to make sure you're smart with how you use it and you can't put all your eggs in one basket. You never can in this league because you don't have an unlimited number of players in each game. You always have to have multiple personnel groupings. You always have to have contingency plans ready to go, which you hope that you build in during the week of practice so you're not making stuff up in the middle of the first quarter. Again, that's a very, very, very common occurrence in the National Football League for each team each week." They come into this game with Chris Hogan as the only WR who played in the Super Bowl

Without Gronk, they were really a 4-Wide team. Cooks and Dorsett have talent and speed. But if they want to go 4-WRs? Special Team Captain Mathew Slater is now 4th on the depth chart again. They went from having maybe the best depth at WR as any team in the NFL? To going into their basic 3-Wide formation with two guys who barely know Brady.

Cooks can't be the new guy anymore. "I think he's pretty unique," Brady said about Cooks. "I don't think there's many that I've played with that are like him. Like I said, his maturity is probably what surprised me the most. For a 23-year old athlete to be so [totally awesome]. He's just on it. Every day he shows up. He works his butt off. He wants to do extra. He wants to know what I'm thinking. He just wants to do the right thing all of the time. It's fun to see." He has to be the man this week if he wants to win this game against his old team.

It would also help if Gronk didn't suck this week. "Rob's been a huge part of our offense since we got him in 2010, and he continues to be. He's a great mismatch," Brady said. "It hurts not having him out there, and when he's out there for us. He's obviously someone they have to pay attention to. He can get a lot of other guys open just by his presence out there. I love playing with him. I mean, he's really a one-of-a-kind type of player. He's had so much production, and I'm sure he'll be fired up and ready to go this weekend." Gronk wasn't out there for us last week.

Really, it's Brady, Gronk, and Cooks that have to dominate like they have shown in the Past, or this game is going to go bad quickly. The good news is that the Saint defense sucks (I hate Red Sox season, it seems everybody and everything sucks all day long on the radio;). The Saints weren't able to fill their desperate need for a Number One Corner, by not getting Butler. This is the week to drop 30 to 40 points and go home. Cooks has to run by their scrubs CBs all day and night.

3. Home Cooking- The offense was over relying on Brady throwing deep Thursday Night for some inconceivable reason. He may be the GOAT, but he is not the greatest of time throwing deep. In fact, he kind-ah sucks (I hate Red Sox fans who call 'EEI;). "I think we had some short guys on the routes and some deep guys. The ball just ended up going there," Brady said about all the deep throws last week. "You're trying to spread the ball around evenly to different guys and I think that's the best part of playing offense is to have guys at different levels and then throw it where they're not." He has to get back to what made him great, short, quick, and smart throws in less than 2.5-seconds.

The prime concern is getting some chemistry with Cooks and Brady, but they are still getting accustomed to each other. "I think he's more of an outside receiver than an inside receiver, which is where we've played him," BB said. "But he can play in there [slot]. It's kind of like Branch, Moss, guys like that. That were primarily outside players that played inside in certain situations or certain type plays.

"I mean, Ginn's kind of the same thing. He's mainly an outside guy but sometimes inside, or if you go to empty formation where the backs outside, then that kind of brings him into the slot. He's not a true slot receiver but he's playing on the inside, number two kind of route position, so it's essentially the same." If they can bring out his speed on the field? He is as fast as there is in the NFL.

But he is also as quick as a waterbug, and he has to use his quicks to get open quick underneath like Edelman and Amendola. "Brandin came in with a great attitude. He's worked extremely hard to learn his role or his jobs in our system and what we've asked him to do. He's been here every day. He's been on the field every day. He's a guy that is a very intelligent football player, certainly has a lot of skill," McDaniels said. "We're still getting used to all of the things that we could do with our entire group this year. But I think Brandin's really done everything we've asked him to do. He's been a guy that his teammates really enjoy being around, the coaches enjoy being around. He's a guy that you look forward to coming to work every day and having an opportunity to work with, just like most of our guys. So, he's been really a great addition and we're looking forward to building as we go through the season." Right now Cooks is the most important weapon on the team.

With Edelman gone for the season, and Amendola and Mitchell out, it is all about Cooks. "I mean, there's an element of your core fundamentals that you've worked on for many, many practices that you're going to lean on no matter what scheme you choose to use or employ that week. A lot of our practices are about building up our fundamentals and being able to be a good, technically-sound, fundamental football team and trying to go out there and then apply those techniques and fundamentals to whatever the scheme is that you think you need to use that week to win," McDaniels said. "Our guys have worked extremely hard, our coaches have worked extremely hard trying to build that base and that foundation. We're going to continue to do that. Try to get better as we move through the season. But, there's a lot of things that we've worked on that are certainly going to be a part of our plan, and then there's going to be some things each week that we choose to either do or not do based on what we think of the scheme that we're playing, the opponent, the players they have, our matchups and so forth.

"Again, I've described this before, we have our bucket. They have their bucket. We've got to figure out how to best use our players, our scheme against what they do and their scheme and their players. And then ultimately, we also know that there's going to be a number of adjustments that are going to be made on Sunday anyway. So you work hard during the week to make sure that your players feel good about what they're doing and what we're asking them to do on game day, and then you go out there and play as fast and hard as you can and you adjust as you need to." He has to pick up the numbers lost from those three guys.

Cooks is coming home to New Orleans, and he has to have that great revenge game that guys often get when they go back to the city that traded them. He was elite in New Orleans, and needs to find that chemistry with Brady that he found with Brees. They also need Gronk and Dorsett to step up as well.

Dorsett is in the same position as Cooks, only he didn't even have the Preseason to get acquainted. "Phillip's come in and worked hard and he's really trying to study hard to get himself caught up as best he can," McDaniels said. "But, Phillip's attitude has been great. He works hard, practiced hard and he was ready to go when he went in the other night. We'll try to do the same thing with our group that's active this week. Just try to build on what we've done in the past, get him ready to go, make sure that we do the best with our repetitions this week in practice and our extra things we do after practice or whatever it might be, and then be ready to go and give them an opportunity to go out there and do the things that they do well." Cooks, Dorsett, and Brady have to put it together as quick as a waterbug.

That has not been Brady's history with the Pats. "I've just loved the time I've had with him," Brady said. "He's been so much fun to play with and to work with. He's got great talent but he's even a better person. He's young. He's professional. He's diligent. He's very competitive. I just have nothing but great things to say about him." He needs to find it faster than normal with Cooks and Dorsett.

The Pats have to face the reality that their offense is completely different from the one that won the Super Bowl. They have smaller faster WRs now, except Hogan. Instead of smaller quicker WRs, except Hogan. And all their starters from the Super Bowl are gone, except Hogan. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt if Hogan stepped up this game, starting opposite from Cooks, as well.

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