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5. Pats D Vs Dolphin's O- The Dolphin have apparently not decided which QB to start yet, which is another coaching failure. "They're both good players," BB said about Moore and Cutler. "You've got to cover the receivers, you've got to stop the run. Either quarterback can get the ball to the open receivers, make good throws. They both read coverages well. Coach Gase does a good job with the offense of trying to force the defense to declare what they're in and then the quarterback can cut it up. They're both experienced. They both do a good job of that." Though I'm not really buying it. I think they put Moore in last week, and he is there to stay.

He beat up on the Pats defense enough last year (or was that two years ago;) when he got in the game for Tannehill. "This Miami team is, as usual, a very explosive team to deal with, as they have been for the last few years," BB said. "Offensively, their skill players are outstanding. Good quarterbacks, good running backs, good tight end, very good receivers, very explosive receivers. All of these guys make huge and big plays consistently. They're a hard group to stop. [Good] Tempo. Coach Gase does a great job with his scheme, with the tempo, with the overall offensive system. This is very challenging for us." Miami has the weapons to hurt the Pats D in the passing game.

The Miami coaches are known for their offensive ingenuity, they just got screwed by the Tannehill injury, and the ridiculous decision to bring Cutler out of retirement. "I mean obviously extremely smart coordinators, head coach. Adam [Gase] does a great job of understanding a defense: how to break them down, how to attack them. So he's going to give you a lot of different looks," Patricia said. "There's going to be a couple different personnel groups. He's going to throw a new scheme or a new play that you haven't seen before that you have to be able to react to and handle at a high level. The problem is that they have extremely dangerous skill players. Stills and Parker and Landry, obviously, and the addition of Julius Thomas at the tight end position just gives you another threat that you have to prepare for." They have four excellent weapons for any QB in the passing game.

They can also hurt you on the ground. "Coach Gase will do a great job too of utilizing the backs," Patricia said. "Getting them out of the backfield into space and also allowing the quarterbacks to go to the line of scrimmage, and to adjust the plays and check into different plays that he sees based on the defense and the coverage and the front. They pose a lot of problems.

"I think you can see even just going through their games, and obviously the latest game but their ability to strike quickly, their ability to put up a big play. You really have to be paying attention, you really have to be understanding of what they're trying to do from a scheme standpoint, a formation standpoint and particularly a player standpoint because of their big-play ability. It makes it very difficult to defend. They do great job of game planning week in and week out. We're certainly going to have to try to handle all of that here." This is not a great offense to face with a tired defense. Trap-trap-trap.

6. O-line- The good news is that it looks like Dion is finally back. "There isn't a specific moment where you kind of realize that a player coming back off of an injury has resumed a previous form or percentage or what have you," McDaniels said. "I just think we've been trying to give him opportunity to work back in over the last two years and do the things that he does well. Really, that's up to Dion to tell us where he's at, how he feels and what he's capable of doing. He's done a great job of not only working back from an injury, but also just communicating, working hard, practices well and does a lot of things to try to get better." He is their one back who can really create yards on his own.

He's one of the shortest backs in the League, but he is also a home run threat on the field. "Dion's not thin, that's for sure. He's got power, he's got quickness, he's got speed. He does a lot of things well," McDaniels said. "Sometimes he can be difficult to find back there from the defense's perspective. We're very happy with how hard he runs and taking care of the ball, doing a good job with ball security and gaining extra yards after contact and making people miss in space. Those are things we like all our backs to do, and right now we've got guys that are doing that and Dion's certainly one of them." He brings an added danger to defenses whenever he is on the field.

We are going to need that extra dimension against Miami's defense to help Brady. "Defensively, it's a team that does a great job of knocking the ball off of the offense. They cause a lot of fumbles. They've had a lot of turnovers in the last two years, put a lot of pressure on the quarterback," BB said. "They have an excellent front and a lot of depth there. So they roll those players in consistently. Getting [T.J.] McDonald back in the secondary with [Reshad] Jones gives them two real big hitters at safety. They're explosive players, contact guys." This is not a great defense to face with a tired offense.

The problem is that their defense has sucked this year. They were designed to play from ahead, where they can unleash the hounds in the passrush. They want to one-gap up field all game long. The Pats can't let them do that. But when they are behind, teams are going to run on them. They have not stood up to the run well. So the Pats will turn this into another ugly game, and try to run the ball into the maw of the beast.

The Dolphins D has been over confident and spiraling down into losses. "It can spiral downhill pretty fast," DE Branch said. "You got a lot of people pointing fingers. But that’s not the feel that we have on this team. This is a brotherhood. This is a family. Those teams weren’t, and that’s not a good feeling when it’s really not one team. You’re an offense, a defense and a special team. It’s just that unit, like us against them." The offense has put them in a lot of bad positions.

In fact, they keep turning the ball over and making it worse for the D. "I told them we can’t do any worse by the defense," Cutler said. "We can’t put them in any more holes than we’ve put them in. We weren’t helping them out at all, and they played well against a couple of really good quarterbacks." The defense is better than their stats are showing.

But they have not been able to bail the offense out. "I think we understand what our offense has as a unit," Ndamukong Suh said. "Obviously there’s trials and tribulations that get to different situations and what they’re going through right now. Our job as a defense is to continue to strive and do better. We haven’t played perfect." The defense has not been the sum of their parts.

They are talented, skilled, and they know the Pats offense as well as any defense in the League. "This will be a big week for us," BB said. "We need to do a lot of things right to play well against the Dolphins. They put a lot of pressure on you in every area. They're well coached, they have really good players and it's always tough in the division. Hopefully, we can have a good week here and be ready to go." This is going to be an interesting game on many levels.

They play Miami again in two weeks, which brings up an interesting dilemma about whether to hold some plays back for future reference. "I would say that our focus offensively is going to be on what we need to do to try to put together the best plan we can to help us win this weekend. If there's something else we need to do down the road to adjust or protect ourselves from something that we've done before, then I think you worry about that at that time," McDaniels said. "I don't think you can get too caught up in trying to worry about something that's down the road and in the future because they're going to give us as much as we can handle on Sunday relative to the things they do." It sounds like are going to try and go all out for this victory.

So the only question left is do they have enough gas left in the tank? Can the offense rise again and make the plays they need to win the game. Or did the two-week road trip empty the tank. Can the Home crowd raise the tired Pats up, and help them start the game quickly. I think the 1st half is a mess, as they start off slow and tired.


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