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First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

I Mean... No.


3. Onto the Miami- The Dolphins suck. They are in complete disarray, from the terrible trading of Jay Ajayi, to the signing of Cutler, and all the way down from management. They cannot play offense. Which us so ironic because they hired Gase because he was a gear O-Coordinator for Green Bay. Now they are a one sided team. If the Pats lose this game it will be because the offense lets them down. They have to keep Brady on his feet throwing.

But for the Pats this is not a normal week, and they will be fighting more than then Dolphins. "I think there's just a lot of energy output, obviously, when you travel and you play on a road," Brady said. "And then we stayed out there and there's kind of a lot of new surroundings, so you've really just got to get back here. And, again, Monday, Tuesday was what it was still getting mentally prepared. Thursday was what it was yesterday. I think the next 48 hours are really important. I think everyone's got to kind of embrace everything that we've done in practice and getting ready for and then really hone in with what we're doing against a team that we're facing.

"There's still more film to study and so forth, still more rest to get, but it's all aiming for Sunday at 1, and I think that's when we've got to be ready. So, we're in a decent place, and hopefully we can take advantage of the time we have to get either rest or more prepared, but I don't think it's time for the Celtics game tonight or anything like that. I think guys have got to focus on what we need to do and try to go out and beat a good team." He struggled to remember Thursday.

That is what jetlag does to you on a two-week road trip. "I mean, being on the road for 10 days definitely changes up your routine a little bit for sure," Gronk said. "You're not living at home. You're living at a hotel and it definitely does take a little toll but I feel like we've caught up for sure. I feel like I've caught up, got some sleep, had a little more rest yesterday being that it was a shorter day on Thanksgiving and just feeling good now. We had a good practice out there today. Everyone was in sync. Defense was in sync, offense was in sync and it went well." I thought the Pats were in Miami this week, and I was going to pick the Dolphins.

But it is just enough advantage at home that I couldn't pick the fish. "I mean there's always challenges. The biggest challenge is going out there and playing the football we need to play because the Dolphins, we see them twice a year, they know us well," Gronk said. "We know them well but with them knowing us well you've got to go out there, you've got to execute and play football to a T. Knowing where to be, knowing your assignments. You've just got to play sound football playing a rival in your division." The Dolphin aren't coming into Foxboro and defeating the Pats.

I don't care if it was 20 days on the road instead of 10. "I mean that's why I was just talking about earlier being on that 10-day road trip definitely threw you out of your routine a little bit, but being back now already for this week," Gronk said. "I would say that we're back on a good routine, on a good football routine, on a good schedule. I mean it's the NFL. You've got to deal with a lot of obstacles and I would say that's one of them. Positives, we've just got to look at the Dolphins now. We're home this week and we've just got to focus on that." But this is going to be an ugly game right from the very start.

One thing the Dolphins always seem to do is play great defense against the Pats. "Yeah their toughness. They're bringing it," Gronk said about the Dolphin D. "Every play they're bringing it. They've got tough, physical players that like to hit. They like to make tackles. From their safeties, to linebackers, to their d-line, I mean they've got some big guys that know how to play the game of football." The Offense again hinges on the O-line.

With two starters out they need Waddle and Karras to step up again big time. "There's a lot to learn on offense, and we've got a lot of young players. I mean, Joe's young, Dave's still, I would say, relatively young, Ted's young, LA's only been here a few years. Nate's probably the most veteran guy, Nate and Marcus," Brady said. "I don't watch the college game too much, but the guys have come in and done a great job for us. A lot of young players at that position, and it's a lot of toughness. That's a tough position to play. Our guys just embrace the challenge, and I'd say you're going against some of the best athletes in the world. I mean, guys at 270, 280 pounds that can run fast, on the edge there's 330-pound guys you've got to move, and it's really a strength of our team." Waddle will be blocking Patriot-Killer Cameron Wake.

4. I mean… No.- The Miami offense is in disarray. You cannot beat the Pats with a one-sided team. THEY HAVE BEEN SHUT OUT TWICE ALREADY! That just doesn't happen in the NFL. Cutler has been a disaster. I think it all starts with coaching and Management. This organization is in disarray, and their offense is worse. They scored less than 20 points in 7 of their 10 games.

They have some talent on offense. "So we've got experience with understanding that this is the same type of game. There's not one guy that you can go out there and take away and say we'll be fine. Across the board Miami is the same way whether it's Parker, Stills, Landry, Julius Thomas, Drake and [Damien] Williams in the backfield," McCourty said. "All of those guys can hurt you. So far, like you like turn on the Tampa film and all of these guys are hurting you with 50-yard plays. That's one thing that we focus on and we've already talked about not giving up the big play in really every facet of the game because at every level they have a guy who can hurt you whether that's running, short passes, deep passes. There is some carry over as far as a very talented skill group from last week and even seeing it this week. " They just have not been coordinated. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing.

As for the Pats, their defense has been spectacular the past month or so. "We're just doing a better job executing, paying attention to the small things, all of the details on how you play good football and I think we've just come together. We knew it was kind of going to be a work in progress from the beginning of the season, and I thought we kind of focused and believed in that. It wasn't just smoke. It wasn't just talk. It was something we truly believed in and the hard work that we continue to do is showing up on Sundays," McCourty said. "The hard thing about football, you put in five-six hard weeks, and now you're fine. For us it's every week. We've got to do that to have a chance to play well on Sunday and I think we know that now and guys are doing that. Like today was a terrible day to be out there practicing, weather was terrible, it was cold but we went out there and went hard for the time we were out there and put together a good day and I think we understand." The Pats D has only given up 11 points a game over the past four games.

The biggest worry is probably that they start the guy who is the most familiar with their offense, Matt Moore, and keep the pure fantasy QB Jay Cutler on the bench were he belongs. Moore could do some damage to the Pats defense early, but the 2nd half just belongs to Brady and the Defense.


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