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7 Things for Sunday: Part I.


Greetings Pats Fans,

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Better to Burn Out, Than To Fade Away.


1. Burnt Out- This is going to be a tough one. "Well, it's a long trip, and it takes a lot out of your football team. It's taxing, make no mistake about that," BB said. "I give all the credit to our players and the assistant coaches and our staff for how hard they work to split the quality and performance on the field. We've done that before, but it was tough tonight against a good football team and a tough football team, but they stepped up and did it. So give them all the credit in the world." The Pats epic victory in Mexico City was a testament to an entire organization giving everything for a single goal. 

But now both ends of the candle are burnt out. "I think we're a blue-collar team. We've got to go out there and work hard. Come out here after a late night in Denver, come out Wednesday, new atmosphere in Air Force, full pads, work on the run game, on playing aggressive, playing fast. I think guys know that. There's no complaining. There's no guys, like, man, we could be doing that. I think guys know that," McCourty said about burning both ends of the candle. "Last time at Air Force, we spent a lot of time in the meeting room with the coaches. Some long days. When I first went there, we went 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. I think we know we need that as a team. We've got to be in there watching film together, being together, studying. When we do those things, we're able to play well." The Pats didn't just have a West Coast trip last week, they had a two-week west coast trip.

Even the Patriot players are but mere mortals. They went to Denver for a few days, played a game. But then they never went home. They traveled to Colorado Springs were they worked for the week in altitude. Then flew up even higher to Mexico City and worked, and defeated the unprepared Raiders.

It was a testament to preparation, coaching, and players giving everything for team. "This has been a three-leg trip for us: Denver, Colorado Springs, and Mexico City," BB said. "Asked a lot of our players, asked a lot of our organization, and they all delivered. We had a great, whatever, nine days. I think we really got better as a football team. We met all the challenges that we needed to meet head on and tried to work through them." But there is always a price to pay.

They burnt both ends of the candle for two weeks, and now the bill is past due. "Yeah, look, we came a long way to win a football game, but that's what we did," BB said. "We came down here, and our job was to win the game. That's what we did. It's a great crowd tonight, a lot of energy, great stadium, great environment. It was exciting to play here and coach here. Our job is to prepare to win, and that's what these guys did, and that's what they did tonight. That's what really matters." But know they have to play Miami in Hangover City.

Now they have to battle a division foe, who sucks, but a lot of the Patriots advantages are mitigated within the Division. The players with the worse coached teams have a familiarity with Division foes that makes the Pats preparations less deadly than against non-Division teams. Plus, a lot of the Pats advantages were burned off in the past two weeks.

Everybody has joked about how easy the rest of the schedule is for the Pats. "Every week is its own week. Hope to go back to work this week and get ready for Miami. We have great respect for them and their division games we have coming up, plus Pittsburgh," BB said. "So just take it one week at a time. This is a big week for us. Come back off this trip to get re-acclimated dealing with Thanksgiving and so forth. There are a lot of things going on this week." They are facing their one real foe to be the AFC Champ (Pitt), and the familiar AFC East foes five times.

Those players know the Pats players, likely better than their new coaches. Every year we talk about how difficult the AFC East Wars are, and then act like they will be easy victories the next year. We will lose to an AFC East opponent or two, and we will have a epic battle or two that we pull out as well.

This has all the ingredients of a Trap Game. Two big games coming up after this, after two huge road victories. An exhaustive two week road trip up into the mountains. Many if not most of the players will still be a little burnt out to start this game, even Home in Foxboro. All that travel doesn't just hurt them physically. In fact, it can often be much more taxing mentally. Jet lag can be a brutal beating of physical and mental exhaustion.

The Pats will not be over prepared for this game like they were for the Raiders. That is what is making me nervous. The physical and mental realities of being human. They tested and surpassed those boundaries last week. And now no one can tell me that the team as a whole isn't burnt out a little.

2. Drafting Patriots- We got some big ones this week. Alabama-Auburn is going to be a nice Game to watch. Auburn has some interesting players, but as usual Alabama is loaded with Patriot-type players. There are three centers in this years Draft who are 1st Round talents, who will be Drafted on Day Two. One of them is Bradley Bozemen (along with Ohio State's Billy Price and Arkansas's Frank Ragnow).

On defense they have a plethora of Day Two and Three Corners like we have never seen. Starting with Fitzpatrick (who is a top ten pick), and Safety Ronnie Harrison who should slip into the second Round. With BB's penchant for drafting Safeties he is a player to watch as well. He is an Excellent athlete and hitter. 

But what will interest the Patriots are their three exceptional Corners who will start going around pick 32 where the Pats will have three picks between 32 and 64. The surprise of the three has been Levi Wallace. I though he was there best Corner early in the season. He was making plays on the ball in the air much better than the other two early in the season.

All three guys are good, not great, but getting better. "We recruited Anthony because of his athleticism, his speed," Saban said. "He's worked hard and has become a very good player for us for all last year and so far this year." Some think Anthony Averett is the best of the three. 

Some think Tony Brown is the best. "When Tony can stay focused on what he's supposed to do, do the right things, make good choices and decisions about what he does and stay focused on it, he can be a very effective player," Saban said. "So consistency in performance comes from that and that's what we work to always try and get from him. That's what we'll continue to do." His family got washed out by the hurricane.

So because of injury and family issues he was a little displaced early in the season. "He's probably going to get more opportunities in the future to play," Saban said. "I'm hopeful that we're going to spend every bit of time that we can with him to try to do things the way he needs to do them so he can be successful. I think he wants to be successful. We just have to help him do it." He has been much more focus in the second half of the season.

All of them excel in the Press man that BB likes the Pats to use. "There’s no better teammate than Anthony. He’s one of my best friends on the team,” Wallace said. "He’s a great corner, great competitor, great friend. It’s unreal to have someone like him who is always talking me up. We lift each other on the field and off the field." I think all three could end up on Day Two, but one might slide into the 4th Round.

My Best Man Jim said he thinks the Pats need an off the ball Linebacker. Alabama has two exceptional college ILBs. Shawn Dion Hamilton and Rashaan Evans are both smaller quicker and faster ILBs.

You need those faster quicker LBs in coverage now a days in the NFL. "They played a great game," Evans said. "Just the fact that they came in on a big game like this and did what they did, especially filling in for Shaun Dion [Hamilton]. I felt like they did a pretty good job." They both are exceptional against the run and pass.

Plus, both bring nice speed in the blitz. "All those guys have done a really good job. I can’t say anything but positive things about their disposition toward their work ethic to try to get back, how they’ve tried to support their team mates," Saban said. "Shaun Dion is out there coaching guys just about every day. When Minkah couldn’t practice he was coaching guys every day. All the guys have tried to stay involved as much as they could and do a good job in terms of what they need to do to get back, but also what they can do to help the players who are playing." They make plays all over the field with speed.

They also have Junior Keith Holcombe who is a special teams maven. "Guys who just keep their head down and keep grinding and keep pounding and keep working hard and getting better," Holcombe said. "That's what you want, because they're all in for the team. That's how we want to be remembered and that's how we want to have our team shaped. It's not about the individual. It's about the team." He was one of their best edgerushers early in the season, but he'll probably stay at Alabama.

And that doesn't include Da'Shawn hand and Da'Ron Payne. They are both the bigger DLs that the Patriots have on their line this season.

Auburn also has an excellent Corner in Carlton Davis, who is bigger and has better physical measurements than the three Alabama Corners. He has been a little inconsistent. Sometimes he looks like a lock 1st, and sometimes he has slipped a little when I watched him. But when he is on he is the best of the four.


#9 *Da'Shawn Hand-DE, Jr 6-4 278 1st-

#94 *Da'Ron Payne- DT, Jr, 6-2, 308, NT/DT 3rd- He is so solid inside against the run. He can power the OLG up, and then shove him off and tackle the RB as he tries to slash by on a Dive. I like how he always leads with a burst and his arms extend off the snap. Consistent violent hands. He does a great job pushing the depth of the pocket back, and when the QB steps up, he can shed and jump on the QB.

#47 *Christian Miller- LB Jr 6-4, 230-

#29 *Minkah Fitzpatrick- FS Jr 6-1, 201-

#15 *Ronnie Harrison- FS, Jr, 6-3, 214-

#39 Levi Wallace- CB, 6', 181- Former walk on who spent threes years working himself into the starting line up. He was their best B early in the season.

#28 Anthony Averett- CB, 3rd, Sr, 6', 185- "We recruited Anthony because of his athleticism, his speed," Saban said. "He's worked hard and has become a very good player for us for all last year and so far this year."

#2 Tony Brown- CB, Sr, 6-0, 198, 3rd- He hurt his knee against A&M. but has gotten "Stronger and faster" since. He had trouble stopping and starting for a few weeks and it showed. But he has turned into the aggressive press corner since.

#20 Shaun Dion Hamilton- ILB, 6-1, 233, 4.79, 2nd- Excellent blitzer. It is amazing how he can run through an OG and turn into the RB in the middle of the line. He reads it and gets to ball carrier inside and tackles him as fast anyone in this Draft. 

#32 Rashaan Evans- ILB, 6-2, 234, 4.73, 5th- Nice speed to the outside on the toss to take down the RB. He plays out in the edges a lot chasing and covering RBs. Nice speed blitzer off the edge.

#15 *Keith Holcombe- OLB, Jr, 6-4, 240-

#49 *Isaiah Buggs- DL, 6-5, 293,Jr-

#69 Joshua Frazier- DT, 6-3, 315, 5.19, 6th-

#6 Hootie Jones- SS, 6-1, 215, 4.63, 7th-



#3 Calvin Ridley-WR 1st-2nd, Jr, 6-1, 190*-

#1 Robert Foster- WR, 6-1.  196, 4.54, 2nd-

#9 Bo Scarbrough- RB, 1st-2nd, Jr, 6-2, 232*-

#34 *Damien Harris- RB, Jr, 5-11, 216-

#34 * Bradley Bozeman- OC, Jr, 5-11, 216-


#8 Jarrett Stidham- QB, Soph, 6-3, 214- Very inconsistent QB who has that knack for coming through in the clutch. He can also take the big hit and complete the next pass. "Their QB has played better and better," Saban said about Stidham. "He has a tremendous amount of talent. He understands the offense better as the season has gone on. They’re giving him time to make plays with pass protection, and he’s been able to take advantage of it." You have to take a look at this kid in the Draft.

#71 Braden Smith- ORG, Sr, 6-5, 300 2nd-

#36 *Kamryn Pettway, RB, RS-JR.-  

#73 Austin Golson- OC, SR)- 


#6 Carlton Davis- CB, Jr, 6-1, 203-

#9 *Byron Cowart- DE, Jr, 6-3, 283  "I think their front seven has been very physical," Saban said. "Their D-line is athletic. They try to knock you back. This a very good defensive front team, very good pass rushing group."

#30 Tre' Williams- WLB, 6-2, 240, 4.74, 5th-

#28 Tray Matthews- SS, 6-1, 207, 4.65-

#95 Dontavious Russell- NT/DT, RS Jr-

#14 Stephen Roberts- SS, SR-



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