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Pats Win.


7. Pats Win By A Hair- I just don't like this game. Some of the weirdest things that have happened to the best Patriots teams ever have happened in New Jersey. And this isn't one of the best Patriots teams ever (yet?). The Jets are not great, but they have been surprising. The Pats have not been great, which has been surprising. So these teams meet at an odd point in the season for both teams. Have they really put it together? Or are both teams still lost in the middle a little? This is a very tough pick to make.

This is the week the real season starts, the road to the Playoffs always starts in the Division. "You've always got to put a lot in a division game. We always talk about how important it is. You're playing in the division. This week is happens to be for first place. That really doesn't matter. We've got a lot of time left in this season, but it's a chance to move a game ahead and put a division team behind you a little bit," McCourty said. "And then it's the Jets versus Patriots. There's really no love lost in this game, and it will always be a good game when we go down there and try to win on the road. It's tough, but I think guys have realized, even with the extra time that we've tried to get ahead and put a lot of time in to knowing them, we know we'll see them again. If we can know them well now, it will only help the second time we play them. I think guys are excited about that and understand how important this is. It will be fun to go out there, and we've got to just make sure we execute Sunday." Hosting the Champ Game always starts with winning the Division.

I think in the end it comes down to the short passing game. If McCown can't go deep to spread out the secondary, then the Pats D will chew him up. He has been mostly spreading it around vertically and not horizontally. His arm is better than Hoyer's but remember what they did to Hoyer. Their O-line has not been great, which is part of the reason McCown has to keep going short. They just kept daring him to throw deep.

I don't know if this secondary can do that. But it they can keep McCown throwing short only it is an easy victory. The Jets have been playing over their head, and the Pats have dashed all expectations. So this is not a gimme by any stretch.

This is going to be one ugly game. The Pats and Jets both have to run the ball to protect their old QBs, and in Brady's case injured as well. To me this victory comes down to the defense. When the Jets defense has played well they won. If the Pats defense really came together last week than they win easy. I betting on the Pats defense this week.


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