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7-Things For Sunday: Part IV 


Greetings Pats Fans,

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Pats Win Ugly.


7. Pats Win- This game favors the Pats in every way, except the familiarity of the Jets-D with the Pats O. "The Jets, this is always a difficult challenge. One, we've played them before during the course of the season, so it's the second time of a division rivalry that we'll have an opportunity to play against them," McDaniels said. "They're a physical group. They play an aggressive style. They're blitzing a little bit more than they were in the first part of the season, which doesn't surprise me. They're putting pressure on the quarterback and really there's a lot of things that they do well - turning the ball over, third down. I mean, there are significant challenges here." The O-line is going to have to stand up to their D-line.

Their Linebackers are just as physical as their D-line. "Their front seven is physical," McDaniel said. "Their inside linebackers are very fast, as fast as a twosome as we'll see all year, and the outside linebackers do a good job of setting the edge in the running game, forcing you to run kind of in a small space. They have a very disruptive defensive line." Pats are going to have to run into their front seven in this weather.

The Jets also picked up two excellent play makers in last years Draft. "The two young safeties, I think, are getting better and better each week," McDaniels said. "I think they're going to be really good players. They ask a lot of them, whether it's to blitz, cover in man coverage, defend the deep part of the field, disguise, play different spots in sub-defense, dime, money and those types of things. And then the corners, they ask them to play a decent chunk of man-to-man, which they do a good job of, and forced us to turn the ball over in the first game doing some of that." Brady should have some opening to throw into on these Corners.

But the injuries at WR have not helped. "It's always a big challenge to play these guys. Their style is similar to what ours is," McDaniels said. "They know us pretty good. We know them pretty good, and it will be a tough, hard-fought division game, I'm sure, that will come down to who executes better and who plays better in situational football, who takes care of the football better. So, excited to get an opportunity to start our preparation tomorrow with our guys. The first part of your question, we'll just see what happens, like always. Like you said, it's happened in the past, and that's something that will take care of itself once the season is over. I'm really focused and excited about our preparation for the Jets." This is going be a low scoring ugly 1st Half, and then it will get colder in the 2nd.

The Pats take advantage of the cold weather and home field to win this ugly unwatchable game to secure Home Field in the Champ Game against Pitt. That is what this game is all about, and nothing else.


Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

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