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The Best Game This Weekend. Part II.


5. Pats D Vs Jets O- It is tough to know who it is we will face on Sunday. We don't know how many Jets players have quit, and how many want revenge. This is a very different team from the one we have faced over the years. The animosity is not necessarily there. Plus, they have been wildly inconsistent as a team, and an offense all season.

The good news is that Powell had his best game of the season last week. Players rarely have their best games two weeks in a row. If the Jets can't run on the Pats like they did when they met earlier in the season, and not like they did last week, then they cannot win. You all know how much I hate Air Raid QBs, but Petty was the last one I allowed myself to like. He has a chance to be a good NFL QB.

The familiarity of the teams favors the Pats-D in this matchup. "I would say, here over the last several weeks with two division games or two division opponents [with] both of the games being so close together," Patricia said. "I think that's been a pretty interesting kind of scheduling, kind of situation for us. This kind of goes back to what we're used to is you see a team earlier in the year that you're familiar with, the Jets, obviously a division team, and then come back and it's been a little bit of time here since we've played them last. I think we've changed a little bit. They've changed a little bit. Personnel-wise is where you're always going to start and you're going to take a look." Petty has an NFL arm.

When he was at Baylor he was the best deep ball thrower I have seen the last ten years. "The quarterback position with Petty in there? Really a guy they obviously trust to run their offense, and the system that they have in place right now at a high level," Patricia said. "Petty comes in, I think for the Jets, use their receivers now with Robby Anderson really kind of emerging as one of their big play guys. [He's] extremely fast, extremely quick player that can be explosive and create dynamic plays right away. [Jermaine] Kearse kind of is moving around a little bit more. [He's] another guy that is very dangerous. We know a lot about him from playing him in the past. Then [Chad] Hansen really now kind of stepping into that third wide receiver role. I'd say the other big part of it is they really kind of settled into the tight end situation here with [Austin] Seferian-Jenkins being a big factor in the passing game. He's obviously a big guy in general so he can be out there in the run game, big catch radius, very difficult to tackle. Someone who Coach [John] Morton, the offensive coordinator, does a good job of getting him the ball in those situations. Then [Eric] Tomlinson coming into the Y-spot there, the tight end, the blocking guy. He's another big guy that you've got to deal with." Petty can throw a beautiful deep ball to a speed WR like Anderson.

So the Pats D has to watch out for the deep ball if Petty gets comfortable. "So I think they're settled into those roles," Patricia said. "Maybe a little bit better than what we saw the first time we saw them. And trying to exploit those guys and put them in the best position to succeed. Obviously very explosive." The Jets main problem has been that their DC HC hasn't learn how to run an offence yet.

Like a lot of ex-D-Coordinators turned Head Coaches, they want to run the ball and work the clock on offense to compliment their defense. That is not how things work in the NFL anymore. "They obviously are trying to get the ball here in the run game and make sure that they get Powell going," Patricia said. "Powell in the run game, those guys that can break small plays into big plays. That will be the first challenge for us there. Forte coming in who gives them another element in the passing game, who's dangerous in space along with the receivers that I mentioned and obviously the tight end situation." But Powell has been a Patriots killer, and if the team gets some steam he could run for over a 100-yards.

The Jets like to use pace to hurt the D, and allow Petty to change the play at the line of scrimmage if he thinks he can exploit something in the D. "I think the whole thing for Coach Morton and the system that they have with Petty now in there is to just try to get into a good play offensively that's going to gain positive yards, take their chances downfield when they see fit, push the ball, get some big plays, control the game with the run game and mix the personnel and keep it moving," Patricia said. "One of the things they do a great job of is just kind of the overall operation of their offense from a procedural standpoint. They're in and out of the huddle, they're at the line of scrimmage quick, they have the plays ready to go, they know what they want to run. There is little big of an element at the line of scrimmage where they can change some plays and try to get into a particular better play if they see something defensively that they don't like and kind of play that smart football game. That certainly will be big part of it for us in trying to stop them." I always thought Petty was one of the smartest and toughest QBs I ever saw when he was at Baylor.

Trey Flowers has become one of the best DLs in the game. "Trey works really hard," Patricia said. "Those are two totally different plays that you're talking about right there so two different situations for him. Both of which, like you said, one particular play we didn't play well as a defense and the other one was really a good complementary play all across the ball. I think the second play you were talking about Eric Lee was involved. It's just kind of a different look defensively, a different play offensively." When you watch the film a second time, it is amazing how many tackles Flowers gets in on.

He seems to get into the backfield on almost every play he wants. "In general, I think the more Trey has developed and played and studied film, you get more adaptive to some of those different looks that you see, different blocking combinations," Patricia said. "Certainly for a guy like Trey Flowers who might be in a numerous bunch of different positions, he's got to understand what are the attack points that might come after me in that particular position. So it could be different than just, ‘Hey these are the blocks I'm going to see this week,' or ‘These are the blocks I'm going to see in this alignment. These are the blocks I'm going to see in this alignment. This is the different plays they run in this situation. This might be passing situations that are also a couple of run situations that come up in that.'" He has been recognizing plays right off the snap, and moving in the right direction instantly.

He  has become the best player on the Pats defense. "[I give] credit to him as far as his work habit, his ability to study, his way that he approaches and attacks the game," Patricia said. "I think when you see guys on the field that perform at a high level on a Sunday that play a couple different things well or maybe get better or see something early in the game, they don't play it so well, and they improve it the next time they see it out on the field. When that repeats, you go back to the week. You go back to the study. You go back to earlier in the week whether maybe it's a Wednesday practice or a Thursday or maybe film study on Monday or Tuesday. They saw something that then clicks and says, ‘Okay, hey that's in the package this week. They're going to run that play. Next time it comes up I'll be more aware, I'll be more alert and I'll be able to play it better.' I think all of that goes into the preparation. I would say Trey Flowers does an excellent job of preparing week in week out because we ask him to do quite a few different things for us. He's a tough guy. He's a smart guy, and he's a work hard guy so that's a great place to start." He is making plays behind the line, and on both sides of the line of scrimmage consistently.

6. Championship Weekend- Oh yeah, the other Champ game. Oklahoma vs. Georgia should a good game as well. It will be interesting to watch Mayfield in the clutch.

#81 Mark Andrews- TE, RS-JR, 6-5, 254- He is a guy that a lot of people like more than I do. When I watched him he dropped the ball a little more than made me happy. Not that he stinks. It's just a case of other having him rated higher so they would take him before I would, which happens a lot in Drafts. When he get hot, and Mayfield throws to him, he can put up some numbers.

He won the Mackey award as college football's best tight end. "There’s guys like Jermaine Gresham, Keith Jackson, Trent Smith and James Hanna. All those type of guys who have played here and have been incredible tight ends who have gone on to have great NFL careers. To be the first to have that award, it’s extremely humbling," Andrews said about winning the Mackey award. "All those guys are incredible players and I’m incredibly honored to be able to receive this award and bring this award to the University of Oklahoma." Like I said, he will go in Round Two.

I wouldn't take him in Round Two. "He’s a vital part and key to our success," Mayfield said. "Mark’s just such a great talent, and, leadership-wise, he doesn’t care how many catches he gets. He’s going to give it his all. He wants to win. I love that. He’s a guy that we need to keep getting the ball in his hands." Not that I think he sucks, I just think his hands are a little inconsistent.

He is a good blocker on the third level on the WR screen. Catches it short well, but is not going to get a lot of yards afterwards. I don't think he is a Day Two prospect, but someone will take him Day Two. He will drop the tough one that he has to reach out for sometimes. I don’t get it with this guy. He misses blocks outside on WR screens. Lines up in the slot a lot and drops the ball.

CAREER NOTES: OU's all-time leader in receiving yards by a tight end (1,713) ... also ranks sxth overall in career TD receptions (20), tied for 10th in career 100-yard games (3), 11th in career receiving yards and 17th (third among TEs) with 108 career receptions ... 22 of his 108 catches (20.4 percent) have resulted in touchdowns.

#78 *Orlando Brown- OL 6-8, 357, RS-JR- He is a giant of a man. "Just his size, man. He's one of the biggest humans I've [ever] seen," his high school teammate Lorenzo Carter said. "He's just a big challenge. I loved it. He's competitive, I'm competitive. We got after it, I remember that. It was a good battle." But with his size comes great long arms.

I worry about his ability to dance backwards outside with speed rushers. "It’s an unnatural position," OK OL coach Bill Bedenbaugh said. “You don’t walk around with bent knees and low pad levels. It’s just the most unnatural position there is. You’re going backward, going sideways all the time. You’re going forward. To be even a good o-line coach you have to be invested in it and always developing your skills and always learning new skills and learning new things and helping your players becoming better players." But he could be on the Board at 32, when the Pats no longer have Solder, Cannon, or Fleming on the roster. If he can hold his feet kicksliding against speed, he could be a great one.

Brown has developed into maybe the best OLT in college football. "Throughout the years, he's really stepped up and become that sort of guy everyone can rely on," Mark Andrews said. "It's awesome having a guy, especially on the [offensive line], that leads everybody and brings that passion to the game." He rarely gives up a sack.

He can knock the DE five yards sideways when they run behind him. Great power blocker. He plays too high sometimes, but doesn't seem to lose power, because he is so huge. Keeps his hand too low sometimes when moving backwards. He has to show he can kick slide against speed with his hands up. I think he can play OLT in the NFL.

#15 Baker Mayfield- QB, 6-1, 226, SR- He does throw like Drew Brees sometimes. "I’m not going to talk about Baker," Andrews said. "That’s for Coach Riley to talk about. These last two practices have been some of the best practices that we’ve had all year in terms of sharpness and energy. The guys are ready to play. These practices have been energy filled and passionate and guys flying around. It was really good to see." His best hope is that someone sees him like Drew Brees.

He has the arm. But his size is a detriment in the NFL. However, he is great throwing on the move, which he will have to do in the NFL. He can fire a rocket 20-yards downfield on the run going to his right. He can really put it on his WR hands 30 to 40 yards downfield. However, guys with character issues and size issues rarely become the best they can be in the NFL.

#15 Jeffery Mead- WR, 6-5, 195, SR- If he has a great post season he could go early on Day Three. The Pats could snag him in the 4th, like they did with Mitchell. Though I thought Mitchell was a better prospect than Mead, he just couldn't stay healthy. Mead has shown he can stay healthy, and is a great blend of size and Hands. 

He is so effective using his size to ward off the CB and catch the ball. Not a lot of speed. He catches most of his passes through contact. He knows how to use his body and size to shield off the DB.

He can make the tough catch through contact. Nice job going up over the inside shoulder of the CB and snagging the ball. He uses his hands and feet nicely to beat Press inside. He can use the spin move to make DBs miss with the ball in his hands. He has great hands. He can use his size and long arms to catch ball over the CB's head. 

2017: Has played in 10 games with four starts ... had a season-long 33-yard reception at Kansas (11/18) ... did not play against TCU (11/11) or at Oklahoma State (11/4) ... made a 31-yard catch at Kansas State (10/21) ... tied career high with receptions for 16 yards against Texas (10/14) ... completed a 17-yard pass on first career pass attempt against Iowa State (10/7) ... made one catch for six yards against Tulane (9/16) ... caught one pass for 12 yards in start against UTEP (9/2) ... Academic All-Big 12 Second Team honoree.





# 31 Okoronkwo, Ogbonnia RS SR, 3rd, OLB- I love this kid. I don’t think he has the size to go early, but I love his game. He does a great job using leverage and his arms to set the edge. He does a good job protecting the backside. Great job putting speed to power, and can knock the OLT off balance with his hands, and shed him fast. Elite speed to the QB. When he has a lane he gets there as fast as anyone. Great quick spin move inside, which is devastating combing off his outside speed.  

#7 *Jordan Thomas- CB 6' 192 JR-  He can cover while looking at the QB, and adjust to the bad throw better than the WR, and intercept it. Terrific agility to run with the WR while looking back at the QB. Plays a lot of off. Very tough to beat over the top. He has great size for a CB. Usually plays on the Weakside. Not always interested in run defense.

#10 Steven Parker- FS 6-1, 204- Good athlete who doesn't play the ball in the air well. More of a wait for the runner, than a hitter. He can leap in front of the big WR and knock the ball down. Doesn't have good hands.

2017: Named All-Big 12 Second Team by the league's coaches ... has started all 13 games ... broke up a pass and finished with four tackles against TCU in the Big 12 Championship Game (12/2) ... assisted on three tackles against West Virginia (11/25) ... had four tackles, including 0.5 for loss, at Kansas (11/18) ... broke up a pass and made two tackles against TCU (11/11) ... finished with six tackles and broke up a pass at Oklahoma State (11/4) ... tied career high with two pass brekaups and had five tackles against Texas Tech (10/28) ... forced and recovered a fumble and made five tackles at Kansas State (10/21) ... matched season high with six tackles against Texas (10/14) ... had three tackles, including 0.5 for loss, against Iowa State (10/7) ... made five tackles at Baylor (9/23) ... set season high with six tackles against Tulane (9/16) ... recorded five tackles at Ohio State (9/9) ... tallied three tackles and broke up a pass against UTEP (9/2).

#92 Matthew Romar- DT, 6-3, 295, RS SR- DT- 2017: Has played in and started three games ... did not play at Baylor due to injury (9/23) ... assisted on a tackle at Ohio State (9/9).


#3 *Roquan Smith- MLB- #3- He never seems to miss a tackle. He controls the middle of the field, and allows others to do their thing. He is sometimes perfect on the 2nd level in run defense.

He won the Butkus. "Roquan Smith proved to be the overwhelming favourite in this year’s collegiate linebacking class," the Butkus committee said in a statement. "He’s always around the ball and is very tough, fast and instinctive, with exceptional football reflexes. He makes his presence felt all over the field and hits with the type of explosion that has come to define the Butkus Award. As terrific of a football player as he is, Roquan is highly regarded by teammates, coaches and support staff for his intelligence, intensity and leadership traits." He garnered 113 Tackles, 10.5 TFL, and 5.5 Sacks.

He can be a vicious hitter, and is a great form tackler. "I think that Roquan is a phenomenal player," Georgia HC Smart said. "I think if you polled the SEC coaches, they would say he was probably that way. I haven’t had to game-plan against him or scheme against him, but he is certainly worthy when it comes to attitude, effort, leadership, all those qualities." He can decleate guys from the side.

He gets outside on the swing pass so fast that he can meet the RB two or three yards deep in the backfield. Nice job shoving off blockers outside and going and getting the ball carrier. Terrific field speed. Great COD off the shifty back making moves in space. He makes more impact hits going sideways into the RB than any MLB in this Draft.

#7 Lorenzo Carter- DE, 6-6, 242- Some thought he could be a Day One pick, but that is vastly overrating him. he could be a nice Day Three surprise for a team that needs some speed on the edge, like the Pats. If he has a great post season, he could slip into the end of Day Two.

I do not think he is as quick and fast as Bellamy. "Yeah, man, he's very chippy, very athletic, long guy," his former teammate Orlando Brown said. "He was a great player then, he's a great player now." Nice job reaching out and slapping the ball out of the RB's hands.

Nice job getting outside and forcing the RB inside. He is a real long and lanky guy. He does a great job using his hands to shove off the blocker as he changes directions. Terrific speed outside. He can get outside as fast as a speed back, and not let him even start to turn the corner. Nice speed and agility to turn outside when the QB throws it to the little scatback, and tackle him from behind. Terrific job redirecting to the QB off of trickeration.

#78 *Trenton Thompson, DT- If the Pats want to draft some depth on the D-line, he could be a nice pick up on Day Three. 

He is really more of a Nose tackle. He is an inside stuffer who can control the middle of the line and make everybody's job behind him easier. 

Great swim move inside to knock the RB back for a loss. He plays a little high sometimes, but has nice balance. Plays special team, and blocked a FG attempt in the SEC Champ game.

#17 Davin Bellamy- OLB Georgia, 6-4, 242- He is a guy who I think the Pats could find on the Board on Day Three. If they go offensive heavy early, they may need to take a chance on a Day Three speed rusher. Bellmyy has play OLB in Georgia's 3-4, and would be a great fit in the Pats system.

Great job shoving the OLT's arms back as he turns the corner, and then keep turning into the QB trying to slide away from him, and he can punch the ball out as he hits the QB. I like his arc-agility. Terrific speed an long arms rushing up field. Great strong hands. He can grab the OG with one hand and pull his way past him. Drops in coverage a lot. Great protecting the edge as an OLB.

#35 Aaron Davis- S 6-1, 189 SR- Nice job finding the RB right in the middle of the line. Fights outside nicely on bubble screen. He has the speed and toughness to play in the NFL. Terrific in run blitz off the edge.

Career Highs: 8 tackles (3x) last vs. Tennessee in 2016. *1 interception (4x), last vs. Louisiana in 2016. *2 fumble recoveries at Auburn in 2015

2016: Appeared in all 13 games, making 11's 4th-leading tackler, with 54 total stops...has 4.0 TFLs and 1.5 QB of six Bulldogs with two interceptions...most recent pick occurred in Louisiana game...credited with six tackles and a fumble recovery in Liberty Bowl win vs. high-matching eight tackles vs. Tennessee...also recovered a fumble in the end zone vs. UT for a touchback.

#24 Dominick Sanders- S 6', 193, SR- Terrific attacking the screen outside. He is a terrific tackler in space. He Plays mainly Cover Two. Flies down hill to hit the RB when he break though the line fast. He will step up on the edge in short yardage, and tackle the RB short inside. He can bail off the snap, read the QBs eyes, and turn back to knock the ball down to the WR running underneath him. He gets his hands on the ball a lot, but doesn't bring it in very much. Nice job reaching in, and pulling the ball out.

Career Highs: * 8 tackles at Vanderbilt in 2015. * 2 interceptions (2x) last vs. Kentucky in 2015. * 88-yard interception return at Vanderbilt in 2015. * 1 fumble recovery at Arkansas in 2014, vs. Georgia Tech in 2016, vs. TCU in 2016. * 54-yard fumble return at Arkansas in 2014. * 1 touchdown at Vanderbilt in 2015.

2016: Appeared in 13 games, starting all 13...had 34 total stops, including a sack, seven pass breakups and a team-best three interceptions...finished junior season with 12 career interceptions, sixth-best on UGA's all-time list...also one of four Bulldogs with two fumble recoveries...had four tackles, his third interception, a fumble recovery and a pass breakup vs. Georgia Tech...credited with three tackles and a fumble recovery in Liberty Bowl win vs. TCU.

#35 Aaron Davis- FS, 6-1, 190, 4.56, 5th- He plays Safety and Corner. Nice second level hitter. He foes a good job not letting WRs get behind him, and then moving up and hitting them when they catch the ball. He really moves up fast from Cobber Two when he reads run to his side. Smart player who will pick up a WR running through his zone.

#14 Malkom Parrish- CB, 5-10, 188- He is a starting CB, who looks like he could an NFL Nickel. He can be tough on the edge. Vey quick and stays very close to WR in man coverage. Excellent tackler.

#97 John Atkins- NT, RS SR- He is a big Day Three Nose Tackle type who is going to have to work very hard to make a team.


 #27 Nick Chubb- RB 5’10” 220 JR*- When he is running through tackles and over defenders he looks like the best RB in the Draft. Nice weaver on inside runs. Great little hop cuts to make it tough for defenders to take him down.

Great power runner right up the gut. He was running through tackles by the end of the season again. He is also a good receiver out of the backfield. He can hurt CBs outside when he catches it out of the backfield.

#1 Sony Michel- RB 5’11” 212 JR*- He has finally gotten his great speed and burst back, and has surpassed Chubb on the depth chart. Great burst through the line. He can really move when he has a lane. Great cutback runner on Zone runs. He does a nice job in blitz pick up. Great slasher and cutback runner. Zone blocking teams could be looking for him on Day Two.

He is a terrific special teams player. They ran a fake punt, and he caught the pass and ran for the 1st and ended up with 31-yards. Terrific 3rd down back with speed, and the ability to start. Not a lot of trend on the tires. He regained that flash at the beginning of the season. Not the best ball skills. He looks faster than Chubb early in the season. He showed he got his lateral burst back against ND.

#77 Isaiah Wynn- OLT, SR- I really like Wynn. I think he will be an NFL OLT. He might have to be in a Zone blocking scheme. He could be an option for he Pats late on Day Two, or early in Day Three. I think he will show well at the Combine, and could end up in Day Two, maybe.

Great job on the seal block on dives up the middle. The OLB doesn't stand a chance of getting inside. Relentless blocker in run game. Slides inside on zone runs effortlessly, and with great quickness. He gets inside the DT seemingly at will.

Great burst outside on toss sweeps. He is a terrific foot athlete. I think he can be a starting OLT in a zone-blocking scheme. He does a great job sliding inside, and grabbing shirt with his arms extended. Great job impacting and sealing the D-end. Smooth quick-stepping feet moving backwards. Auburn stopped rushing his lane almost every down in the 2nd Half.

#6 Javon Wims- WR, 6-4, 215, SR- Sure hands on short passes. He has some nice hands. He can slow and turn in the air and make the high wire catch. He can make the one handed catch, while getting shoved to the ground. He likes to leap to catch the ball, like he doesn't trust his hands and feet together. He makes great adjusts to the ball in the air. He has the speed to run away from the secondary. He could be a Day Three option for the Pats. He does look 6-4 to me.

#83 Jeb Blazevich- TE, 6-5, 248, 4.73- Very nice chipper in pass pro. He can really impact the rusher into the ORT. He is a little light, and can get knocked back into the RB on the off tackle run behind him. Then he stones the DE who knocked him back in pass pro. He is so much better in pass pro than in run game. He might get drafted on Day Three.


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