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7 Things for Sunday: Part I 


Greetings Pats Fans,

First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

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1. My Kingdom for a Passrusher- I love how whenever a veteran pops off a roster he is instantly listed as a chance for the Patriots. It seems every week an imaginary player has to fall to the Pats. It is fantasyland (which seems to be my theme this week;). However, I do think they have a shot, a tiny shot, at snagging Navarro Bowman.   

If seems obvious he wanted out, because he wants to win. "NaVorro gave his heart and soul to this team for the last eight years, and for that we are all extremely grateful," 49ers GM Lynch said. "During that time, NaVorro was a key component of one of the best teams in the league and his passion for the game allowed him to quickly become a favorite of our faithful fans." Belichick has talk about his fondness for Bowman before.

Plus, Bowman gave up a lot of money to try and find a spot on a winning team. That is three checks in his favor for the Pats. With the Patriots he would be the veteran designated rusher. They don't need him to take a beating in the run. They just need him to hit the QB. Right now Flowers is the number one rusher, by a long shot.

Flowers has been the best rusher we've had in a long time, so far this season. "A big level of conditioning is good. Trey works hard. He's given us a lot of quality snaps. He has, as you said, been on the field quite a bit," BB said. "He's earned that playing time. We'll see how it goes going forward. He's got good versatility for us. There's a number of different things that he can do well. He works very hard to perform well. He trains hard. Some of that is the function of other players on the team and their roles, and what defense we're in. The type of team we're playing against. How much nickel. How much base, and so forth. He's done a good job for us and I'm glad that we've had him out there." It seems like he has been involved in every Sack so far this season in one-way or another.

He has been a force. "Yeah, quite a bit," BB said. "I don't think he was asked to do a lot of that at Arkansas, but we've asked him to do some of those things in terms of coverage and playing inside, playing in the three technique. He did a little bit of that in college but not a lot, probably more since he's been here. He's done a good job of applying himself in those situations and being a good contributor for us there." But there are still troubles opposite him. 

Wise has been an excellent number two rusher, but he is still a rookie. He will continue to be inconsistent even as he improves in his rookie season.  Marsh has been excellent as the third rusher, but that is about it so far. Adding a fourth rusher could really help the Patriots. Especially a veteran who could do other things in case of injury.

Bowman is still young, but has a very old body. He has really beaten it up, and is no longer the Four time Pro Bowler. But he could be an excellent designated rusher off the edge. Especially when they put Flowers inside at 3-Tech.  

2. Communication Breakdown. It’s Always the Same- The best news is that they solved the communication breakdowns last week. "Obviously when you see progress like that you're happy to see it," Hightower said. "We came a short way but we've got a longer way to go. The season is a lot longer. Obviously, there were things that we liked and things that we didn't like. At the end of the day, that's football. Hopefully, [the D is] just going to build on from last week." They scaled everything down, and will work towards complications the rest of the season.

I know in Twitterland, where the negative nellies get the most press (just for the sake of Stupid), they spun that terrific defensive performance into something terrible. It is amazing how full of crap these negative nellies are, and how much haters love them.   

The Pats tried to run their ultra-complicated system that they were able to install over a three to four year period, because of terrific stability in the defensive backfield. They had pretty much the same group of guys together for three or four years. But they upset the apple cart this offseason.

Then added a bunch of young guys and a new guy and expected them to step in and run that complicated system with the same smoothness. "I think every week, like we talk about, it's going to be different. We're going to have to do what we have to do to defend that team we're playing. Certainly it will start from the standpoint of teaching," Patricia said. "I think it's got to start with me and I've got to teach and coach better week in week out. I've got to try to make sure that it's in a 2-format where they can understand it, they can digest it, they can process it and they can make sure that they can execute it at a high level. All of that is going to start with me. It's going to start with making sure that the week, from that standpoint, is laid out the right way and we can play fast on Sunday. I think for us, again, it's going to be different each week. We're certainly going to do what we have to do to stop the opponent. We can't really sacrifice anything for that." It was a fantasy.

Now they have Hightower and McCourty as on the field coaches, communicating with the new guys. "I think communication is on me whether I'm on the ball or not, but it's definitely a lot easier being in the middle. Being on the edge is kind of on an island," Hightower said. "Last week was great on the ball or off the ball. I think in the linebacker room with me, KV [Van Noy], Flowers, David [Harris] and E-Rob. I think we've done a good job as far as trying to grow the front seven.

"The back end as far as communication and how we go about that. That helped last week so hopefully we'll just continue to build on that. Half the time it was us misaligned and wasn't communication, so if we can nip that in the bud and stop ourselves from shooting ourselves in the foot, that'll be big." It is not were it needs to be in the Playoffs, but it is the beginning.

When you destroy a Super Bowl Secondary, and let go of your best DB (and that was Logan Ryan, haters), it is not instantly repaired by a big name free agent who has no idea what is going on in your system. That's why the team that wins the off season loses every year. The big name pick ups might increase the talent, but they usually increase in the instability as well.

Continuity matters in the NFL. "I mean, it's different every year with the different players and who we're playing and how that other stuff goes. It starts as early as training camp and all of that stuff," Hightower said. "It's easier when you have all of the guys on the same page. We've got that now. Malcom and Trey and Branch do a good job with the front and me, KV and E-Rob in the second level and then Devin and Du [Harmon] and Chung in the back end. We have our communicators and we're starting to evolve. It took a little bit longer than we'd like but hopefully we'll grasp that and keep moving in the right direction and keep building and be a better and stronger defense each week." Now that continuity is starting to build.

Butler and Gilmore are becoming used to each other. They are communicating and learning. There were a number of plays from last week when Gilmore was looking over at Butler, and they were communicating something. As Gilmore gets more and more embedded into the defense, he will be able to execute more and more of the tricky stuff. It was fantasyland to think he could be up to Logan Ryans' level, who spent four years and two Super Bowls here, in a quick month of training camp.

Now they found a baseline for communicating the system, and they can grow and expand from here. "I think we've gotten better at it," McCourty said. "And I've also said all our mistakes weren't just communication. Some of it was just executing where we all knew what we were supposed to do. It was well-communicated, and we just didn't all do our job.

"I think that's gotten better with, for one, all of us being on the same page, and then every player individually going out there and executing our job. That's how we're going to be a good football team. It's everybody being on the same page and then going out there, doing everything we practiced, everything we've worked so hard at, going out there and executing it. I think the thing is we know we've got the guys to do it. We've just got to do it consistently now, week-in and week-out." Now I'm not saying everything is awesome.

But last week was a great starting point for getting all the DBs in synch. "We're trying to improve every week. I would say this week on a short week I thought there were some really good things that came through. I think there were some situational things that were good," Patricia said. "There's certainly a lot to keep pushing and keep improving on and that's really the main focus that we've got to handle. I would say for the most part I thought on the field the guys were really focused into what Tampa Bay does, the players that they go to, the quarterback, how they run their offensive system.

"I thought the preparation from that standpoint was really good. I think from a general standpoint of playing aggressive I think was good. I think the guys put themselves in position getting lined up when you have a week where you may not necessarily get a live practice in that week because of the time crunch. Sometimes the alignments or the adjustments or anything like that it's hard unless you see it live in practice first. I thought they did a real good job of that and just being ready to go. We've certainly got a lot to improve on. There's all areas of the game from last night that we've got to get cleaned up which we'll start that today." We will see if they can use this season to build a Championship Defense with current crew.


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