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7 Things for Saturday: Part III


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I'm Ah-Scared.



3. Houston. We Have A Problem- It is impossible to pick this game. It baffles me how people say a score, like 35-21 Patriots. It is a matter of pure luck that those numbers come up, like Megaball. But everyone seems to do it every week? Even this week, when even the biggest of fools knows damn well that Santa ain't comin' to town this week.

"We'll see," Brady said. My brain just doesn't work that way. I can usually say win or lose, but by how much and an exact score, it makes my brain hurt. "I'm not talking about it," Brady said.

But this week I am right. "I'm not talking about it," Brady said again. If you think you can pick a score this week than you are full of crap. It is impossible.

Here's my pick. "Yeah?" Brady said. The team whose QB throws the most accurately will win. In case you haven't noticed, Brady jammed his finger in practice this week. "I was out there," Brady said.

Some say it is nothing, and some say his skin blasted open and blood squirted out like jelly. "It was fun," Brady said.

That should have been an easy pick for the Pats. But then Brady suddenly was walking around like Santa Claus in red gloves. "It is a great challenge," Brady said. "I think the team has worked hard to get to this point. It will be a great game. We are playing against a really good team that is good in all phases. We are going to have to play really well." Now the Patriots have clamed up like they are fighting an obstruction of justice.

We don't even know if Brady was throwing in practice. "Brian was out there," Amendola said. "Yeah."

The Pats won't say if Brady was throwing, and seemed as scared an Bannon when asked about Hoyer throwing in practice. "He threw it to me one time," Amendola said. "One or two times I think." So who was the QB in practice? How much has Brady been practicing? We don't even know if Brady was able to throw one ball in practice. "I can't tell you that," Amendola said. "It's a secret."

So if you think you can pick this game, you are completely full of crap. "We'll see," Brady said. Exactly! We will see how well Brady can grip the ball. If he can't grip it properly, he can't throw it accurately.

I mean, we all played basketball, and we all have jammed our fingers. "I have worn them before," Brady said about the Santa gloves that kept his thumb a secret.

So we are left in the dark, about the most important aspect of this game: will Brady be able to throw accurately? Or will his thumb screw up his grip like he is wearing Santa's stolen mittens? "I'm not talking about it! Okay?" Brady said.

Without that knowledge I am very weary about this game. "I have no idea," Brady said. Exactly! I have no idea who is going to prevail in this game. As for predicting the score? "They are all different," Brady said. "It is football." Thanks. That was as helpful as your wardrobe after you mugged Santa. "We'll see," Brady said for the fifth time. I wonder what Mrs. Claus thinks if you asked her where he got the gloves. "She already asked that," Brady said. Well that was useless.

Okay, please don't read this section. It is completely useless. It is as useful as saying the Pats are going to win 24-17. Oh crap, now I have field goals in my imaginary score. Thank God Santa is real.

4. I Got A Bad Feeling- Things just keep going against the Pats this week, leading up to the game, and the Jags winning seems to have started it all. "We're kind of working our way through it here. We're not where we're going to be on Wednesday. We have a lot of work to do," BB said. "We haven't seen them in quite a while, but obviously, they're well coached. They have a lot of good players. We saw that from training camp. They've been in two close games and they've made a lot of critical plays in critical situations. They've made the plays they've had to make, and that's what you have to do at this time of year." I mean, they spent a week together in Training Camp.

The problem is that the closest defenses to the Jags was the Seattle and Atlanta defenses in the Super Bowl that nearly (and some say should have) beaten the Pats. "There's some similarities," McDaniels said when asked about the comparison. "There's some definite similarities relative to some of the scheme, and the way they play. But by and large, our focus is certainly going to be on this team this year against these players. Those games in the past don't really have a whole lot in common with our preparation this week, and we've got to do a good job of studying up and getting to know these guys. Not only what they do but who's doing it. So, excited to get started on that here today." They like even fronts, and they attack upfield relentless, like… like… uh…

They have speed like nothing we've seen since we played Atlanta, or maybe Seattle. "They have really, really, really good players at all three levels of the defense. They're very well coached. We had an opportunity to practice against them in August, and that was apparent then, and it's apparent now," McDaniels said. "That they're very well-coached, rarely out of position, know what they're supposed to do in each one of their calls. They get lined up and play fast and aggressive and have got an incredibly disruptive front that's deep and talented.

"They've got really fast linebackers that are very disruptive that can do everything that you need linebackers to do: they run, they tackle, they cover, they turn the ball over, they blitz well. And then you've got a really, really good secondary that contests a lot of throws and makes it very difficult to have a lot of success in the passing game. So, there's nothing they don't do well. They're very talented, their scheme is difficult and they're well-coached, so this is going to be a huge challenge for us. We're excited to start our preparation today for them with our players." Was he talking about the Atlanta or the Seattle Super Bowl Defense?

The next thing that worried me was the weather. After a freezing-ass few months, it is suddenly suppose to be almost 50-degrees tomorrow afternoon. The Pats biggest advantage in playing a Florida team at home in January is the freezing-ass weather.

I mean, I'll enjoy every minute of the nice weather today and tomorrow, when I walk the damn dog. So he can go pee-pee-poopy without freezing his butt off. But it ain't gonna help the Pats on Sunday. In fact, it is a boon for the Jags. It just seemed conditions in this game kept favoring the Jags.

Then Brady's thumb exploded is a shower of gore, and cheerleaders vomited. Wolves howled in the woods as they smelled his blood, and the chances of the Pats beating the Jags got so much more difficult that it will make me uncomfortable enough to not sleep comfortably tonight.

They are going to need Amendola to beat their speedy Linebackers in the slot. "He's as competitive as anybody else we have. He plays hard on every single snap and will do anything for the team to help us win. So, I don't know that I could give a greater compliment to a player than that," McDaniels said. "And he always plays big in the big games. So, he's a guy that you trust, that you want in the game. That you can count on and you know you're always going to get his best effort. Like a lot of our guys, he can take himself to another level and try to do a little bit more than maybe what's done in the past, and he does a great job of preparing hard to be able to do that." Only, he had his best game of the season last week, and players rarely have their best games two weeks in a row. 

I am still picking the Pats to win, 23 to whatever? But when things start going the other way all week, it is very hard to change that momentum come game time. I know it's Playoff time, and I usually turn into a nervous Nelly. But the Brady thumb thing has got me spooked.


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