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The NFL Draft Has Begun. Really! Pay Attention!



2. Drafting Patriots- Oh my goodness the Shrine game is here. NFL Channel at 3:PM. The Shrine Game is the key to Understanding Day Three..

East Offense:

#1 Riley  Ferguson- QB, Memphis, 6-4, 210- Very productive QB who can take hit, and dominated against much better teams. Could be a nice option for the Pats on Day Three. The Pats will definite be looking for a developmental back up in this Draft. He is a winner.

#9 Quinton Flowers- QB, South Florida, 6', 210- Great talent at QB. I love how he plays the game. However, he is awfully small. It is very tough to play QB at his size.

#16 JT Barrett- QB Ohio State, 6-2,  222- Very tough and smart option QB. I like this kid a lot. He has some great clutch in him, and no one takes a hit better then he does. But he is just too inconsistent throwing the ball tight now. Nice 3 to  year developmental Day Three QB.



#35 Ray Lawry- Old Dominion, 5-10, 203-

#7, Ralph Webb- Vanderbilt, 5-10, 202- Interesting Day Three RB who has a chance. He is good receiver out of the backfield. He pick up the LB in pass pro.

Earned start in the offensive backfield in every game, running his consecutive starts streak to a remarkable 49 games... As senior, posted 831 rushing yards and 10 rushing touchdowns, and 188 receiving yards and a touchdown on 13 catches.

#23 Johnson   D'Ernest- RB, South Florida, 5-10, 208- Very small RB who has an uphill climb to get Drafted.

#81 Jester Weah- Pittsburgh, 6-3, 210- I like this kid. He could be an interesting Day Three option for the Pats. He has great speed to go with his great size. I love the way he high points the ball.

#10 Daurice Fountain- WR Northern Iowa, 6-1, 210- He made the most money at the Shrine game. I have not seen him play, but a little birdie said he was the WR who garnered the most interest from teams. If there is a call up to the Senior Bowl for a WR he could get it. He can catch the ball away from his body. Nice speed with the ball in his hands. Carries the ball too low. Goes up over small school DBs to snag the ball, like they are children. Nice job getting open in pattern.

#5 DaeSean  Hamilton- WR, Penn State, 6-1, 206- Terrific athlete and WR. He has some clutch in him, and some great hands. If the Pats are looking for a WR on Day Three I would vote for him.           

#25 Justin Watson- WR, Pennsylvania, 6-3, 225            Small school WR who is huge. He garnered 1,115-yards and 8 TDs on 89 catches. Hewas 1st Team all Ivy this season and last season. "I am thankful for the opportunity to represent Penn one more time at the Shrine Game," Watson said. "My coaches and teammates have all helped me become the player I am and have helped put me in the position to play at the next level. I look forward to this challenge and taking the next step in my football career." He will get a lot of looks on Day Three.

#83 Regis Cibasu- WR, Montreal, 6-3, 232- Another mystery WR who a little birdie told e is going to get Draft higher than you think. I love how he goes after the ball. He doesn't wait for it, he goes up and gets it. His size is a huge bonus. He is an NFL player.


#50 Tony Adams- OG North Carolina State, 6-2, 315- 

#57 Austin Kuhnert- North Dakota State, 6-4, 304             

#75 Jaryd  Jones-Smith- OG, Pittsburgh, 6-7, 320- Saw him play a couple of times, and I would take him on Day Three no sweat. He is an NFL OG.

#70 Connor Hilland- OG, William & Mary, 6-6, 303-

#64 Brian Allen- OC Michigan State, 6-2, 302- Terrific OC with size issues.

#71 Brad Lundblade- OC, Oklahoma State, 6-3, 300     

#62 KC McDermott- OLT, Miami, 6-7, 300- He has the size and feet to play OLT in the NFL. Great job keeping his hangs high and tight. He does a good job keeping his hands inside. He could be an interesting Day Three developmental OLT.

#73 Austin Golson- OT, Auburn, 6-5, 314- 



#82 Ethan Wolf- Tennessee, 6-6, 245- He has to prove he can block first. A scout created some controversy by saying: "(you will not see a TE) "block as bad as Ethan Wolf", "(that he) avoids contact", he's "is one of the softest players I’ve seen on film." That I not good

And through all the controversy his allies didn't really defend him. "Is Wolf the most physical tight end that I’ve seen in college football? No," a former SEC OL Cubelic said. "There aren’t many physical tight ends anywhere in college football anymore. I make sarcastic comments all the time when I see tight ends actually block somebody that he’s actually a dinosaur of a college football player. Those guys aren’t really asked to do that a lot. There aren’t a lot of tight ends that put their hand on the ground next to an offensive tackle and are asked to get movement at the point of attack." But he can go up and snag the ball, and can hurt you after the catch.

#86 Damon Gibson- TE, MSU Moorhead, 6-4, 236- He was a game changer on the small school level. "Teams know about him, so they've got their best guys on him and they game plan their coverages around him," Moorhead HC Steve Laqua said. "The fact that he's statistically done what he's done this year I think is impressive. It's tough to duplicate the numbers he had last year." He has a chance to go on Day Three.


#27 Drew Brown- KR, Nebraska, 5-11, 200-

West Defense:

#3 Secdrick Cooper- FS, Louisiana State, 6', 211-  

#8 Cole Reyes            - SS North Dakota, 6-2, 215            

#12 Natrell Jamerson- FS, Wisconsin, 6', 198        

#17 Godwin Igwebuike- SS, Northwestern, 6-1, 212-

#22 Chucky Williams- SS, Louisville, 6-2, 210       

#32 Afolabi Laguda- FS, Colorado, 6-1, 205-


#9 Dane Cruikshank- CB, Arizona, 6-1, 206-

#20 Linden Stephens- CB, Cincinnati, 6', 193-

#24 Heath Harding- CB, Miami (Ohio), 5-10, 190             

#25 Davontae Harris- CB, Illinois State, 6', 205    

#31 Malik Reaves- CB, Villanova, 6', 200-


#2 Joel Lanning- LB/QB, Iowa State, 6-2, 230                   

#11 Ja'Von Rolland-Jones- LB Arkansas State, 6-2, 244             

#42 Leon Jacobs- LB, Wisconsin, 6-2, 245             

#43 Kenny Young- LB, UCLA, 6-1, 235      

#48 Tegray Scales- lB, Indiana, 6', 230-


#96 Marcell Frazier- DE, Missouri, 6-5, 265-

#45 Joe  Ostman- DE, Central Michigan, 6-3, 259                        

#57 Alec James- DE, Wisconsin, 6-3, 272-  

#90 James Looney- DE, California, 6-3, 280-

#99 Justin Lawler- DE, SMU, 6-4, 265-


#92 P.J. Hall- DT, Sam Houston State, 6-1, 310    

#93 Bilal Nichols- DE, Delaware, 6-4, 290             

#95 Poona Ford- DT,  Texas, 5-11, 303- 


18        P          Tripucka           Shane   Texas A&M     6030 / 220

44        LS        Scott    Drew    Kansas State    6020 / 215      

East Defense:

#3 Deatrick Nichols- CB, South Florida, 5-10, 189- Small guy who looks like a Nickel to me. He is tough and has shown he can cover bigger WRs. Does a good job bumping the WR off his route. He can play off and Bump and Run.

#4 DeVonta Delaney- CB, Miami, 6-1, 193- He went to college at the Citadel, where he was an All-American his last season at the Citadel. He garnered 6 INTs and 8 PBU. He was a graduate transfer to Miami in 2017. He has excellent speed. He also has a lot of experience at CB (36 game at the Citadel).

#14 Avonte Maddox- CB, Pittsburgh, 5-9, 180- Another little nickel corner. He is tough kid who can also blitz the QB.

#15 Grant Haley- CB, Penn State, 5-9, 190- He is a tough little Corner, who plays excellent run defense. He played outside at Penn State against a lot of good WRs. He will make a team on special team, I think he can develop into a good Nickel Corner.

#31 Brandon Facyson- CB, Virginia Tech, 6-2, 197- I really like this kid. He is one of my guys. East-West kids are usually taken on Day Three. He could be a steal for the Pats on Day Three. Nice speed to chase the RB down, 50-yards downfield. He can shut guys down in straight up man. Very interesting CB.

#32 Tre Flowers- FS, Oklahoma State, 6-3, 200- He is another one of my guys. I love the way this kid plays. I don't think the Pats need another Safety (but if he is there in the 2nd Round;). Watch this kid, because he can play. If he is there on Day Three the Pats should take him.

#11 Tracy Walker- FS, Louisiana-Lafayette,  6-2, 200- Terrific tackler who might be a SS on the next level. He only had 2 INTs last season, but 97 Tackles. Terrific small school athlete, who is tough and mean in the run game.

17 Damon Webb- FS, Ohio State, 5-11, 195- Webb can play. He flies up fast when he has the inside slot WR to knock him down. He can get a hand on the ball when the TE catches it going down the seam. He is a FS who can make plays on the ball, and cover WR and TE in the slot.

20 Trey Marshall- SS, Florida State, 6', 217- Big Safety, who can still move on the field. He pumped up 10-pound this past year. A lot of experience playing Cover Two. He can hit the outside WR, right after he catches it outside on the 3rd level. I like how he moves on the field. They will line him up like an LB, and have him blitz. Fierce hitter coming up to smash the RB out of bounds on Tosses. He lined up in Cover One, but could get himself out of position sometimes. Usually excellent in position, especially as the last line of defense.

21 Jamar Summers- FS, UConn, 6', 190- Terrific free safety prospect. He played Corner early in his career, but struggle with instincts outside in coverage. He looked like he was more instinctual at FS. He has the athleticism to play CB in the NFL, and that is a great asset at FS. He might be the best FS prospect for stepping into the Slot, and covering the Slot guy.

#2 Jordan Martin- FS, Syracuse, 6-3, 206- Career Overview: Joined the Orange in 2017 as a graduate transfer from Toledo … Played in 42 games during his career, including eight at Syracuse ... Started 14 games at cornerback for Toledo and five games at safety for the Orange … Invited to the 2018 East-West Shrine Game ... Totaled 99 tackles and 14 pass breakups during his four seasons … Redshirted the 2015 season after suffering a torn ACL ... One letter.

Senior Year (2017): Saw action in eight games, starting five at free safety ... Missed the last four games after undergoing season-ending surgery on his wrist ... Recorded 25 (17 solo) tackles, three pass breakups and forced a fumble.

#30 Parris Bennett- LB Syracuse, 6', 216- He is really a little guy, but he is a great hitter. Very aggressive LB with speed. He will make any team that drafts him, as a special teams Maven. He looked like he was made to play special team in the NFL.

34 Jacob Pugh- LB Florida State, 6-4, 240- Long lean linebacker who is as troubling as he is interesting. Only played in 8 games this season.

2017: Coming off a spring MVP honor, appeared in 10 games and started six….totaled 19 tackles, one TFL, two PBU and a fumble recovery….opened the season against No. 1 Alabama with four tackles…followed up his performance with a tackle for loss against NC State…came away with a season-high six tackles on a Friday night at Boston College…recovered a fumble against rival Florida he returned 16 yards for a touchdown, the third fumble recovery and first touchdown of his career.

#40 Jason Cabinda- ILB, Penn State, 6-1, 234- Typical Penn State LB. But he is a small guy. He probably has to prove it on special teams first. But there is no question he made the Penn ST defense better. Great at filling the hole and finding the RB. Slides over to the slot in coverage nicely. Penn States leading tackle who is a great ILB moving forward.

#44 D.J. Palmore- LB, Navy, 6-3, 236- He is an option for the Pats, because he played at Navy. Tough as nails, and great in the run game. He has good size, and looked like an NFL player to me. 

#45 Chris Worley – LB, Ohio State, 6-2, 230- He is another one of my guys. He was better in the rush, and is playing behind his eyes ten times better than last season. He had terrible eyes last season. Excellent in coverage against RBs. Sneaky good athlete. He flies up fast to hit the RB coming out of the backfield fast. I just love the way he is moving on the field this season. Made checks and calls this season. He will still take a misstep or two sometimes. But is a much smarter player.


#33 Marcus Martin- DE Slippery Rock, 6-2, 255- Nice hands. He has great quick hands in the rush. Nice job protecting the edge against the scrambling QB. They will double him on runs, and he can split the OLT and TE. He can set the edge against the ORT with leverage and a straight arm, and then torque him aside. Plays position well on the edge against the Option. He can get over powered by the ORT at the point. Terrific technique moving upfield. 

92 Curtis Cothran- DE, Penn State, 6-5, 301- Interesting run stuffer. Might get drafted by a 3-4 team as a 5-Tech. He has some passrusher in him. He had a big Sack against Michigan. He also hit Barrett against Ohio State, but it was past the LOS.

97 Dalton Keene- Illinois State, 6-4, 275- I have heard good things about his kid, but I haven't seen him play. "From the moment I got to the hotel the experience has been unbelievable," Keene stated. "The Shriners Hospital visit was by far my favorite part. Meeting the kids and their parents was truly life changing and humbling. Being a collegiate athlete is something only few of us are given the opportunity to experience, and sometimes we take it for granted. People look up to us because we do what they dream of doing, and it was a surreal experience for sure. Forming relationships with those kids and the guys who were selected to play in the game is something that I'll never forget."

99 Chad Thomas- DE, Miami, 6-6, 275- This is another one of my guys. I would gladly take him on Day Three. A little surprised he is in the Shrine (which means they look at him as a Day Three Pick). He can be unblockable sometimes on the edge. Rushes from the inside as well. He has elite size for a DE. If BB wants a DE, this is a guy he could steal at 96.


90 Parker Cothren- DT, Penn State, 6-4, 304- 2017: One of eight players to be a part of three-straight seasons with a shutout (Illinois, 2015; at Rutgers, 2016; Akron, 2017), marking the longest such streak since a three-year span from 1989-91...Part of a defense that logged a season-opening shutout for the first time since 2007 (FIU, 59-0). Pittsburgh (9/9): Logged two stops. Georgia State (9/16): Made a pair of tackles...A part of a unit that posted its second shutout of the season, marking the first time since 2009 a Nittany Lion defense posted two shutouts in a single season. at Iowa (9/23): Had one solo tackle. Indiana (9/30): Totaled four tackles...Recovered a third-quarter fumble, which was forced by Marcus Allen, for his first career fumble recovery. at Northwestern (10/7): Made three tackles. Michigan (10/21): Made four tackles...Logged a solo quarterback takedown in the fourth quarter...Part of a defense that held the Wolverines scoreless over the final 40:03 of the game... Part of an defensive line that earned the coaching staff's Defensive Player of the Week. at Ohio State (10/28): Totaled one tackle. at Michigan State (11/4): Posted three stops...Added one quarterback hurry. Rutgers (11/11): Registered two tackles. Nebraska (11/18): Had one tackle...Combined with Shareef Miller on a first-quarter stop behind the line of scrimmage.   

93 Folorunso Fatukasi- DT, UConn, 6-4, 303- It seemed the more he played at UConn the worse he looked. He has NFL size and athleticism, but has to show it in this game if he wants to get drafted.

#96 Kentavius Street- North Carolina State, 6-2, 287- If doesn't make it won't be for lack of trying. Benches 500-pounds squats 700-pounds. Nice burst into the double team, and he can pop the OC and OLG back. He looks like a guy could play some 5-Tech in the NFL.


49        P          Davidson          Joseph  Bowling Green            6070 / 236      

53        LS        Bradley            Hunter  Mississippi State            6030 / 240      

West Offense:

#6 Jeremiah Briscoe- QB, Sam Houston State, 6-3, 225    Pure shotgun QB who plays in that wacky spread offense, where the QB claps to initiate the snap. 3 to 5 year project. He does have a nice accurate arm. He can put some heat on the ball when he needs to. Struggles with accuracy with a rusher in his face.

#7 Nick Stevens- QB, Colorado State, 6-3, 215- He is Michael Gallup's QB. He usually has nice accuracy on outside throws to Gallup. But he plays in that wacky spread offense as well. He will take 3 to 5 years to develop like Case Keenum. He does throw it quick. He is one of the quickest throwers from catch to release in this Draft. That is a good sign.

He throws accurately waggling outside. He will throw it short, when he can't step into the throw because of pressure. He took a wicked hit on that throw. It wasn't the next play, but he completed his next attempt, with a rusher in his face. Very brave in the face of the rush. I would draft him on Day Three just from his Oregon ST Tape.

#16 Nic Shimonek- QB, Texas Tech, 6-3, 225- I'll try to be fair, but I don't lie Texas Tech QBs.

#2 Jeff  Badet- WR, Oklahoma, 6', 178- Small WR like Dede Westbrook, but near as talented.

2017: Has played in all 13 games with two starts ... returned one kick for 24 yards against TCU in the Big 12 Championship Game (12/2) ... had an eight-yard reception against West Virginia (11/25) ... caught three passes for 20 yards at Kansas (11/18) ... returned one kick for 11 yards against TCU (11/11) ... caught one pass for a 5-yard touchdown at Oklahoma State (11/4) ... rushed once for 24 yards vs. Texas Tech (10/28) ... tied season high with five receptions for 42 yards in start at Kansas State (10/21) ... recorded two receptions for 59 yards, including a 54-yard touchdown, against Texas (10/14) ... in first start at OU, returned three kicks for 61 yards and made one catch for 19 yards against Iowa State (10/7)  ... caught two passes for 57 yards, including a 48-yard TD, and returned two kicks for 71 yards at Baylor (9/23) ... caught one pass for 13 yards and rushed once for two yards against Tulane (9/16) ... recorded five recpetions for 82 yards, two rushes for five yards and a career-high four kickoff returns for 79 yards at Ohio State (9/9) ... caught four passes for 91 yards, returned two punts for five yards and brought back one kick for 23 yards in OU debut against UTEP (9/2).

#10 Blake Mack- TE, Arkansas State, 6-3, 229- Lines up in the slot a lot. He can get down the Seam fast. Nice hands, turning back and leaping up for the slightly off pass. They will line him up a TE, and use some misdirection to throw it to him in the flat. He is also quick, and can make a guy miss, after he catches the ball in the flat. Does a  good job moving to open space, when his QB has to take off. Great job leaping back to snag the ball thrown high and behind him. He has the hands, smarts, and athleticism to be an NFL TE.

 #19 Jake Wieneke- WR, South Dakota State, 6-4, 215-  Man they are making some big WRs this year. Long strider with some speed. He can get open on the In, and then slip the CB with a great quick burst outside. Not easy to tackle. Big guy, who can get low and dig the ball out of the turf. He looks like an H-Back than a WR. Nice agility leaping up and snagging the high pass. More of a strider, than quick initial burst off the snap.

85 Steven Dunbar- WR, Houston, 6-3, 202- Another big WR. He is excellent at playing the ball in the air and going up and getting it. Extends his arms consistently to hand catch the ball. He goes and gets it. He doesn't really run lot of patterns, and is going to take some time to learn a route tree.

#82 Jordan Thomas- TE/WR, Mississippi State, 6-5, 280- CAREER: An athletic and big-bodied tight end/wide out who proved to be a matchup nightmare for opponents … Used his size and speed to separate himself from defenders … Played two seasons with the Bulldogs after joining the squad from East Central Community College in 2016 … Used his versatility to play both tight end and receiver … Played in 25 games with five starts, catching 31 passes for 311 yards and 4 touchdowns.

2017 SENIOR SEASON: MSU’s third-leading receiver who saw most of his action at receiver due to a corps decimated by injuries … Also played tight end … Played in all 13 games with five starts … Starts came against Kentucky, Texas A&M, UMass, Arkansas and Ole Miss … Caught 22 passes for 263 yards and three touchdowns … Ranked second on the squad in receiving yards … Recorded at least one catch in 12 of 13 games.

#87 Andrew Vollert- TE, Weber State, 6-5, 245- Nice blocker outside on the edge. He can knock the OLB upfield and let the RB run under him. He was really an H-Back at Weber, and mostly lined up off the line.

#88 David Wells- TE,  San Diego State, 6-5, 255 


#21 Justin Jackson- RB, Northwestern, 5-11, 200             

#23 Phillip Lindsay- RB, Colorado, 5-8, 190           

#38 Jordan Chunn- RB, Troy, 6-1, 235-


#77 Jake Bennett- OC, Colorado State, 6-3, 290   

#62 Jacob Ohnesorge- OC, South Dakota State, 6-3, 295-

#50 Dejon Allen- OG, Hawaii, 6-3, 290-

#74 Salesi Uhatafe- OG, Utah, 6-5, 320      

#75 Jacob Alsadek- OG, Arizona, 6-7, 325             

#76 Cody O'Connell- OG, Washington State, 6-9, 368-


65 Mark Korte           - OT, Alberta, 6-4, 285         

68 Zachary Crabtree, OT, Oklahoma State, 6-7, 310             

72 Greg Senat- OT, Wagner, 6-8, 290        

78 Brett Toth- OT, Army, 6-6, 305-  




15        K         McCrane          Matthew           Kansas State    5110 / 165



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