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7-Things For Sunday: Part III 


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Just Too One-Sided.


5. Pats D Vs Houston O- So much of this game is in the hands of the young rookie QB, which is a nice break for the Pats DC. "We got to see a little bit in preseason [of Watson] who is a very dangerous quarterback. I think he's a guy who gives them a different approach to the offense," Patricia said. "He's very calm. He's a real smooth guy. This guy is an experienced guy from the standpoint of he has played in some big games before. He can make throws downfield. He's got a strong arm [and can] make all the throws there." The problem is that he is a rookie QB who is not ready to throw the ball with any consistency in the NFL yet. 

But he will kill you with his feet. "I would say his ability to run the ball, his ability to escape pressure brings just a whole other level of a dynamic to their offense," Patricia said. "I think he does a great job of handling the volume that they give him week in week out. Bill does a great job with the offense and the game plan format where they'll change and attack a defense a certain way one week and then change it up the next week. So he's obviously shown the ability to handle that from the standpoint of the understanding of the offense and the opponent's defense." He is learning on the go, like all rookie QBs.

Inconsistencies also can come with some high highs. "I think it's a guy that the team really rallies behind," Patricia said. "I think that they know that with him he can make some big plays when they don't have a lot of options and they really have a lot of confidence in him to be able to do that." So they will back off of him, and try and take advantage of a rookie mistake or two.

Watson was a great clutch QB at Clemson. He has a chance to be a great NFL QB, and he showed some of that clutch play against Cincy last week. "You're exactly right. It's a great opportunity for us to look at him in a situation where it's obviously a critical situation in the game from a clock standpoint, from an operation standpoint, trying to get into a position where they can score points. It highlights his ability to make plays when things break down," Patricia said. "I think from the standpoint of his athletic ability in open space, we certainly unfortunately saw his athletic ability in the preseason game also down there [with] his ability to make guys miss. He just has really good body control. Like I said, he's a smooth athlete so you may think that you're in a good alignment or you may think that you have a good tackle lined up or you may have good leverage and he just has a good ability to ruin that leverage on you pretty quick which was evident again the other day." When he sees the coverage retreating in Man, he can run for a long time.

His 49-yard TD run was spectacular last week. "I think the bug thing there is making sure that we all understand that once this guy does turn into a full-blown runner and he's declared as a runner at that point, that we have to make sure that we do a really good job of hustling and getting everybody to the ball to try to put ourselves in a good position to tackle him because he is difficult to tackle," Patricia said. "I'd say again, just in general with their offense I want to make sure this doesn't go unnoticed, but obviously they have one of the best wide receivers in the league with Hopkins. There's a certain element there from a coverage standpoint you have to respect that and make sure you handle those different things that they do from their personnel standpoint, which gives the quarterback an opportunity to get some space and to extend some plays and take off if he has to." However, I still believe that as long as he is running, the Pats are winning.

We don't want him throwing downfield to Hopkins. As confident as I am against a rookie QB? The Pats are ranked 31st in pass defense. "Thanks for telling me. Sounds about right though," McCourty said. "We haven't played the best football that we know we can. Obviously, if you give up big plays, that's not going to rank you pretty high in pass defense. Like I said, obviously we have a lot of work to get done and it's something we've just got to keep improving." As usual the team has not come together early in the season.

The Pats always take a while to develop the communication they need to execute their complicated defense. "It's still a work in progress. I mean, each time, different things come up: it could be new, it could be something similar, and we just keep talking through it. I think one of the best things for us always is after practice in the meeting rooms," McCourty said. "Defensively, we're always communicating, talking, we're making the calls we made out on the field. Sometimes we make a call that, at the moment, we thought was right, but we get in there, we watch it, it's like, 'Hey, I called this but I think this will work out better,' and we'll talk about that right in the meeting room. I think that allows us to develop communication off the field." So while the secondary is coming together they cannot allow Hopkins to run free.

He has been targeted 14.5 times a game in the first two games. "Because, I mean, once you get in the season, we can't practice everything that will come up in the game," McCourty said. "But, just being able to sit through the practice film and to sit through some game film and decide exactly how we're going to call stuff and then try to keep that consistent once we get out there in the game allows us to keep getting better at communicating. But, it's something we've got to just keep doing and, hopefully, each week, each game it improves and we get to the point where it's like second nature." They'll put a bracket on Hopkins, and make Watson try to beat them with his other minions.

6. O-line- The good news for the Pats depleted WR-corp. is that Houston lost two Corners last week do to injury. If they are still out, the Pats WR-corp. just got better. Houston will struggle to score a TD against the Pats, which is why I say (as almost always;) this game is all about the O-line. If they keep Brady on his feet it is an easy win.

The problem is that Houston has four rushers who can hit the QB on the field at all times: the Big Three, and McKinney. "I think the last few years, people have really expanded what they do relative to the fronts and where they put their personnel on defense," McDaniels said. "I think across the league, who started it and how it began exactly, I'm never quite sure. I don't necessarily track that exactly, but it's definitely a fad right now and people are using different alignments and different spacing on their defensive fronts to try to create some type of disruption for the offense, whether that be blitz pickup, matchups that they feel are in their advantage or try to attack the protection system if they feel like they know what that is." Like lining up 3 or 4 pure rushers from different angles with different skills.

Watt is the big 5-Tech who can rush, and Mercilus is the pure speed guy who can play every down. "So, it's all predicated on trying to create either confusion or pressure, and if they can do both, then that's kind of exactly what they're looking for," McDaniels said. "Some teams have had more success than others across the league. It's certainly something that you have to be ready for and you have to practice and prepare hard for each week, the different volumes of: fronts, looks, blitzes, alignments, personnel groupings that the other team may put out there on the field and show you. It definitely is a situation where you've got to be ready to block a lot of different people in our game. It's not just, 'I have to block this guy the whole game and that's the only person I'm going to block.'" So on one play Cannon with fight the power and quicks of Watt, and on the next the speed and quicks of Mercilus.

And that goes for all five OLs on every play against Houston. "All of our offensive linemen understand, [and] our tight ends same thing: that there may be a lot of different faces across from them at different points in the game and getting familiar with those people, getting familiar with the things that they do from those alignments is really something that's important each week as we prepare for the next opponent," McDaniels said. "So, this week will be a big challenge. They've got a great front. They've got a great defense: well-coached, very fundamentally sound, they can create a lot of matchup situations that they try to take advantage of, and try to create some confusion with what they do defensively. They've got really good rushers, they blitz well. They've got good cover players. They make things hard on you and they don't give up big plays. So, that's the hallmark of a great defense, and that's what we have in front of us this week. It will be a big challenge for us." They also have Clowney who is kind of the mirror image of Watt.

Watt is a power inside player with the unique ability to use burst, explosion and quicks outside to disrupt as well. "The quickness that J.J. has with the power that he has is a pretty rare combination. On top of that, he's got great length and he's got a great motor," BB said. "You're not talking about a 6-1 guy. You're not talking about a guy that takes plays off. You've got to deal with his length, his power, his quickness on every single play. That in itself is difficult. He just wears guys down with effort and toughness. Then when you take the skill that he has and combine it all together, that puts him at a very [rarified air]." While Clowney is a great speed outside rusher, who has the length and strength to be just as disruptive rushing inside.

Then they have the pure speed guy, who can also rush inside or outside of either Watt or Clowney. "He's had success against everybody. Mercilus is a really good football player: strong, fast, plays with great leverage, has length but plays with leverage, very fast off the edge and explosive," BB said. "Not just speed, but he's got power. He's got good quickness, plays hard, good motor. It seems like every time I watch him he's gotten better. From each year to going back to our game in '15 and then last year in '16 and then the playoff game and then training camp, he just continues to improve.

"We could tell from being down there with him that he works hard. He's very dedicated to improving his individual techniques and skills. I think you can see [hit talent]. I mean he's a good player, but he's also a rising good player. He just continues to get better. He's very hard to block and if you don't block him he'll run you down. He's got really good pursuit and chase speed." No team in the NFL has three rushers like those guys, and McKinney.

The Pats will struggle to run the ball, but they will have to slam it into the passrushers over and over to try to wear them down a little (which will lead to more punts than my stomach can handle;). So again this is an O-line game. With Cannon dinged up a little, it could be a Fleming or Waddle game. This will be pure trench warfare for the O-line. They have to win against the best front seven in the NFL.

7. Win By A Hairs On My Chinny-Chin-Chin- On the defensive side of the ball, they scare the crap out of me. "It's been, as always, a very challenging week getting ready for: Billy, Mike, Larry, their coaching staff. And their great players: Watt, Hopkins, Watson, Mercilus, McKinney, Clowney. They've got a lot of them," BB said. "We'll see how it all comes together here today and then on Sunday. It's a good football team, a tough team to prepare for. They always compete very hard. They have a lot of mentally and physically tough players that are well-coached that will provide a big challenge for us. One more day here to work through it." But I can't get over how consistently bad they have been on the other side of the ball.

Their offense is a one-man band led by a WR (Hopkins), and not a QB (Rookie what's-his-name;). That is never the path to victory in the NFL. They have some solid compliments to the QB in the run game. But besides Rookie what's-his-name, the RBs have struggled in the run game, as teams can stack their defense to stop the run first.

However, they had a great Draft. D'Onta Foreman was maybe my favorite RB in the Draft, because he was a Day One talent you could get in the 3rd or 4th. "I think we saw quite a bit of those guys. What I've seen from them hasn't been any big surprise," BB said. "I saw Foreman. We've all seen Watson. They're doing things that we've seen them do in college and saw them do in preseason. We saw it in our preseason game. Whether we practiced against them or not, we saw them in the game. Yeah, I mean they have some good, young players, players that they've added to the team. Cunningham is another guy that's getting quite a bit of playing time for them." Though Cunningham sucked in coverage at Vanderbilt, it was said BB loved him in the Draft.

D'Onta is huge and never gets caught from behind when he gets a lane. "Foreman is a big kid, a big, strong guy. I mean, not quite as big as Blount, but big like LG was," BB said. "[D'Onta has] really good hands. I spent quite a bit of time with him at Texas last spring. He's an impressive guy. He can run through guys. He can run around them. He's got good quickness in space, a good receiver. He's a big back with some little back skills. So he's got a very good overall skill set. He can be used on all three downs. But he can get tough yards and he can be tough in space as we saw in the preseason game." He has incredible competitive speed for an RB who has Blount's size, thud, and power.

They also have Patriot's Killer Lamar Miller hiding behind Watson. "I don't think he's quite as big as Foreman but he's got power," BB said. "He runs hard. He's got good lower-body strength, good balance, breaks tackles. He's got good long speed and he's good in the passing game, too. He can get out in space and he can make guys miss and break tackles out there. [He's] a good screen back. He's got good timing on the screens and uses his blockers well. They're both three-down players that have a lot of skill in the running game and the passing game." You will see them run some Options.

So between Watson, Miller, and Foreman they can run the ball. Like the Pats, they are still putting their run game together. So it is not as effective as it will be later in the season. But they will be forced to pound the ball into the defense to try and get to 3rd and short, and to try and use playaction to take pressure off Watson.

They are not going to beat the Pats with the run game and a rookie QB. If they had a veteran QB who could take advantage of the play action, like Fitzpatrick did a couple years ago with the Jets, then maybe. But with a rookie QB starting his second game, they are just too much of a one-sided team.

The Pats don't lose to teams that can only dominate on one-side of the ball. Whether it is on offense or defense. In this case they can only dominate on the defense side of the ball, which will make a long and ugly game. Brady will get beat up. They will punt too much. It will be slow tough physical football. But the Pats will win because a Brady led offense will always score more points than a rookie led offense. Not with starting CB Kevin Johnson out, and the opposite starter Jonathan Joseph questionable with a bum shoulder.

Plus Gronk practiced this week. "Am I good to go? Yeah, I'm good to go," Gronk said. "I'm ready." And everyone (including Gronk;) is saying he is going to play. Yay.

Phillip Dorsett is questionable, but he is saying he will play as well. "I feel good," Dorsett said. "I’m just a little sore. But I’m alright." They are going to need his speed in this game.

Maybe the best news is that Amendola is listed to play in this Game. "I feel really good," Amendola said. "I had a strong week. It was rough sitting out last week. I was excited to get back out there this week, get back to work." They are going to need him to get open instantly in the slot, to help keep Brady on his feet.

Having Gronk, Dorsett, and Amendola available is the game is another changer for me. Amendola can break open quick underneath, and help save Brady from the rush. Dorsett can slow the rush a little with some reverses and maybe a screen or two. And, well, Gronk is Gronk. He can also line up in the Slot and get open quickly underneath. Plus, he is a third tackle blocking in the all-important run game that they have to use to slow the rush. He will also stay in and block on passing downs sometimes. Pats win.

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