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7-Things For Sunday: Part II. 


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3. Houston's Achilles Heel- Houston just doesn't have a QB. Despite his reputation as a QB-Whisperer, Billy O'Brien has been a complete and utter failure at finding a QB who can run his system. It is really a mystery. His first choice at QB Tom Savage couldn't last a Half do to a complete and utter inability to run the offense. He ran 31 plays against a terrible Jaguar's team and was sacked 6 times.

That is terribly offense. They were forced to punt on each of their first four possessions. However, they then came back last week and miraculously beat a Bengals team that just could not handle their defense. Which is what the Pats have to look out for. Of course, Watson scored the only TD of the game with a 49-yard run, not his arm and rookie-brain.

Cincy didn't score a TD in Week One against the Ravens as well. "You have to put your game plan together and do what you feel is best and in the best interest of whatever it is you're trying to accomplish on that play," BB said. "I mean, McKinney's an edge player. He's a problem. Mercilus, Clowney, Watt, their defensive line is strong and physical. Their whole front is really, really dynamic in terms of the way they play and what they can do to disrupt the offense.

"We only have so many blockers and they have just as many rushers. At some point, every football game becomes about what you can do and your individual one-on-one matchup, and there's no guarantee that you can double-team this guy or that guy. That's virtually impossible to determine before the ball's snapped, before they align on defense. They don't line up in the same spots every play. So, you've got to be smart and try to do what you can to move the football: run, pass, first down, second down, third down, whatever it might be. Against a group like this that's dynamic at a lot of spots."

Cincy's offense is as terrible as Houston defense is great. Watson was 15 of 24 for a rookie like 125-yards and 0-TDs. That is not going to do it this week. They are even more of a one-sided team than they were last year.

And this isn't a top-secret news. The Houston defense knows damn well the whole victory is on their shoulders. "Well, it's no different than any other position," BB said. "You look at the new player that's in there and you look at what things are different and acknowledge those, and you look at what things are the same and those things are the same. Fiedorowicz is out. Watson is in. Edelman is out. Every team goes through that. That's football, unfortunately. That happens on just about every team. We deal with it every week." Well it is different from any other positon.

Everything on offense goes through the QB's brain. "[Watson's an] athletic player, good poise, has a good arm," BB said. "I think he can make all of the throws he needs to make. Obviously, can throw on the run, a really athletic guy." But he still has a rookie Brain. He has played for six quarters without throwing his first NFL TD.

The defense has to step it up and not let the rookie get comfortable in the pocket, without letting him get out of the pocket. "Very athletic. He throws the ball well, has got a good arm. Has got a lot of poise… I mean, this is not the first time we've ever played against a scrambling quarterback," BB said. "We practiced against him three weeks ago. I mean, look, you have to defend the whole offense. You can't defend one guy or stop one guy on defense. You know the skills of those individuals and you take those into consideration. You have to also take into consideration the overall scheme and what they're doing and what your assignments are. In this case the different defenses and different calls that we have."

He can kill you with his legs, but anytime he is running he is not hurting you with his Brain. Playing QB in the NFL is about hurting the other team with your Brain, as much as it is hurting the defense with your arm. All rookie QBs struggle with that battle to win with their arms and brains. The Pats defense will force him to think on his feet, and throw into all kinds of coverages.

It will be disgusting to watch. As the D-line will rush to contain, and not to scare the QB out of the pocket. His only real weapon throwing the ball is Hopkins. "Hopkins is a very physical receiver. He's a good route technique guy and he has great hands," BB said. "He's good against off-coverage with his stems and his route technique and he's good against press coverage because he's physical. He uses his hands well and he's able to create separation and then he can extend. He catches the ball away from his body very well. When the quarterback can put the ball where he can get it, he gets it.

"He has good timing on the deep balls to go up and out-jump the defender who might have good positon on him, but he goes up and can get those balls, make spectacular one-handed catches or diving catches. His catch radius is probably as big as any receiver in the league. There's somewhere you can put the ball, no matter where the guy is on him, there's somewhere where you can put the ball where he can get it that the defender cant, and if it's a good throw he'll get it and it will be a completion. So he's never really covered even when he's covered." Otherwise it is all run the ball, and that doesn't beat the Patriots.

4. Getting Defensive On Defense- The Pats suddenly seemed to have found two edgerushers. "He was a productive player in a great conference. He played against a lot of good players and played well." BB said. "I mean Deatrich [Wise]? He's coming along like most guys are in their first year. He's got a long way to go. There are a lot of things he needs to work on. He's making progress. If he keeps working hard, keeps improving, working on the things that he needs to work on then he'll get better, and maybe he'll be able to help us more." Wise and Flowers look like they could be the real deal for a long time.

Plus, they are getting some interesting work from their CBs, like Rowe. "Eric was in a tough situation last year. He came in during the season, didn't have the benefit of training camp, the foundation of the systems, a lot of catching up on the way. Which I thought he did a real good job of and he helped us a lot," BB said. "But this year it's been much better for him to be able to be here from the beginning with a year of experience behind him. [He has a] much better understanding of what he's doing, what our opponents are doing. Some of the techniques and so forth that we use are a little different than what they had in Philadelphia. He's definitely gaining with the experience that he's received and earned." He was terrific last week, and looked like the player I projected the Pats to pick in the 1st Round in 2015.

Jonathon Jones was also great last week making two plays on the ball. "I thought on both of those plays the technique that he used to finish the play, the final reception point, was excellent, perfect. It was textbook technique. What we teach all of our players to do, but it's a great illustration of Jonathan doing it and having two big plays, two very productive plays," BB said. "Those are good examples for us to show, not only him, but all of the other players in terms of playing those types of passes and finishing in the situation that he was in. Defensive backs only get, usually, not very many opportunities to play balls like that in practice or in the games. It doesn't come up a lot of times in the game.

"For Jonathan it came up twice in that game, which is, I'd say, is a little bit unusual, that the frequency would be that. But when it does come up it's such an important play that we've got to play it properly. It's so critical to play it properly because of the importance of the play. Again, he did a great job on that and those will be great teaching tapes for him, both him and our other players, that when they're in that position, to see how he did it properly and how successful that was."

The coverage and pass rush always works together to disrupt and confuse the QB. But the passrush will be slowed this week because of contain. So they have to mix things up a bit in order to slow the rookie's Brain down a little more. "I think week in week out our coverages, our fronts, our calls, our different looks that we go in, it all changes," Patricia said. "So I can't really sit here and say that it's really one particular thing, it's probably pretty balanced overall if you take a look at it. I think that we try to do a good job of changing it up and mixing it depending on what we have to defend.

"The situation has a lot to dictate with that, the team we're playing, the field position. It has to do with the game itself. I can't really say that there's just one thing. That's not really kind of what we do. I'd say in general for us the communication as a defense as a whole is something that we're working on.

"It's obviously something we had to improve after Week 1. I think hopefully we've taken some steps in the right direction with that but we certainly need to keep improving that and move that forward. It's got to be something that we can build on each week to get better at and it certainly becomes more challenging every week as the season goes. Offenses advance the things that they're doing. We're trying to make sure that we keep up with that in response. Our communication is a big part of it."

They will have to mix things up with zones, which also helps the DBs see when Watson is taking off. When a DBs is locked onto a WR it is much harder to see what the QB is doing. So they will Press a lot, to slow down the patterns. And zone it up a lot, to keep the QB thinking and the DBs better able to stop the QB when he takes off. But Houston will have trouble scoring one TD, never mind two.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

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