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7 Things for the Super Bowl: Part IV.


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Let The Games Begin.


5. Pats D Vs Eagle's O- The Eagles offense was been better than the Titans and Jags Offenses in the Playoffs. "They've got good players. Everyone wants to hate on Nick Foles, but he's done a great job," Van Noy said. "He's still a high-caliber quarterback, like Carson Wentz. Nick Foles is a great quarterback who's done a great job. They distribute the ball really well and their run game is at a high level." They do a great job attacking all three levels. 

They have a great O-line, which allows them time to run a ton of trickeration and misdirections. "They're exceptional up front," Solder said. "Those guys are really good players. They play really hard. They have great scheme. They come out upbeat every play for sure." But we have the smartest defense in the League.

This is one of those rare occasions where a team felt as confident in their backup QB as their starter (do you remember that feeling;). "The offense is the offense. I think certainly in Philadelphia's case they didn't change the offense when they changed quarterbacks, which you wouldn't expect them to," BB said. "Foles is Foles and Wentz is Wentz. So you want to make sure that you are ready for the guy that's going to play. But certainly there are a lot of things offensively that are scheme related and the other players haven't necessarily changed. So looking at other players besides the quarterback. They're productive in every game. They move the ball and score points in every game. There are great opportunities to study the team in those games, too, so both." They paid Foles 10-Mil to be their back up QB, because they felt they could win with him if Wentz got hurt.

This is one of those cases were they felt they could succeed with the back up QB, and they were right (Gee, I wish we still had that situation;). "The first is you still look at the skill because the skill is going to be the skill. And Philadelphia has unbelievable skill players at every position. They're probably as deep as anybody in the league when it comes to talking about their skill. Then you look at, like you said, the quarterback play," Harmon said. "Carson Wentz isn't Nick Foles and Nick Foles isn't Carson Wentz. So you have to, as an offense, you have to adjust your play calling, the type of offense you want to run based off your quarterback's skill set. While they're different, Philadelphia still does some of the same things because Nick Foles is a good quarterback. He won games in the league, was a Pro Bowler. So he is more than capable of leading this team to wins and victories and winning the Super Bowl. We know we have to study him as much as we've studied any quarterback and we've got to study the skill because they're going to provide challenges for us that we probably haven't faced all year." They didn't change the scheme or the plays when Foles came in.

But he is not alone; they have a great core of three solid RBs. "See how teams have attacked you, where they've gotten some success from. Looking at last week, like you said Corey Grant had some success catching the ball," Harmon said. "I mean with Pederson, how good of a coach he is, a great offensive mind, great game plan coach, I'm pretty sure he's going to have something cooked up for that. We just have to go out there and know where we were vulnerable, show that we made the right proper adjustments and when it comes up, literally just take it away so they can go away from it from the jump." They can all hurt us in different ways, like the rookie Clements had a key play on the screen in the Champ Game.

This Offense is as explosive as any they have played this season. "We're going to need it in a week. This is a very tough offense we're playing against, very balanced in everything they do," McCourty said. "They have a certain amount of plays that go outside, and they have a certain amount that go inside. If it's a crossing route or a short throw that they hit, they have the same look and can go deep off of it. There's talented players all across the board, a stable of tight ends, a bunch of running backs, different receivers that do a bunch of different things well.

"I think you saw last week where Foles was able to be accurate enough to hit guys in traffic and then take advantage when they get behind the defense of throwing the deep ball. Defensively, we're going to have to do our job. No player is going to be able to be out there and do two things at once because they have too many plays that hurt different sections of your defense, so each guy is going to have to do their job and do it well for us to have a chance to win next Sunday." They love to run misdirection, RPOs, and trick the defense.

They are very well coached (whoever said Peterson was the most unqualified HC ever is an idiot!), and have won in every quarter they have played in the Playoffs. "They look very well coached. They're top in the league defensively in two-minute, top of the league offensively in two-minute. Their situational football is great on 3rd down, red area. So to me you can tell they're going over a lot of those small things," McCourty said. "Coaches are hitting them, the players understand them and you can see they outscored their opponents offensively in really all four quarters. They don't really lack in anything. We can't afford bad fundamental plays or a guy not doing his job here or there and give up a play because it's not going to come back around. Like we're not going to be able to rely on them messing it up and allowing us the opportunity to take it. It's just not going to happen." Preparation is everything in the Super Bowl, and the Eagles offense was the most prepared in the NFC Playoffs.

6. Pats O Vs Eagles's D- The Pats biggest advantage is Brady. "Everybody says you’ve got to get pressure on Tom Brady, but even when the pressure’s on, he ain’t nervous a bit," Philly DE Vinny Curry said. "I don’t even think the dude be sweatin’ out there." They will get pressure, but it's nothing Brady hasn't seen before.

Their defense is the kind of defense that can give Brady trouble. "They’ve got a great defense. As good as we’ve faced all year," Brady said. "The D-line is I think better than anyone we’ve faced all year.  Fletcher Cox is an incredible player, but they’re all really talented. They all play really well together. They’ve got a great scheme that mixes in well with their coverages. They’ve been playing well all year, and that’s why they’re in this game." If the O-line slows the Philly D-line down, the Pats weapons can beat this secondary.

This is really a game were everyone on the Offense has to do their job. "We have to hopefully play our best possible game, because that’s what it’s going to take playing against a team that challenges us in all phases," Brady said. "(Philly) been great on special teams, they have a great offense, and they have a great defense. So I don’t think anything less than our best is going to win the game." Brady will find guys open, if he has the time.

He has faced a Schwartz defense more than once. "I think that’s what makes him great. There isn’t that one thing [that can stop him]," Schwartz said. "He’s a well-rounded player. They’re a well-rounded offense. It’s not an offense where you can take one aspect away and render it ineffective. I think Brady is that same style of quarterback. He can beat you in a number of ways." The Pats have a huge job ahead of them.

But it is not anything they haven't faced before. "It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be a lot of hard work. We’re playing a great team," Brady said. "But I tell you what, we’ve got a locker room full of guys that are ready for the challenge." Like Brady said, he has all the answers to the test.

The Eagles looked vulnerable to short crossing and out routes. Their LBs are not great in coverage. The RBs were also very effect attacking the edges in the passing game, which is what White does best. The Vikings also beat them up in short outside patterns, which is also what the Pats do best.

And let's not forget Gronk. "I was just going through the protocol, whatever the standards were, whatever they had me do throughout the weeks," Gronk said. "I mean, I would say they were more on the cautious side of getting me out there right away with the bye week and everything in between, which definitely helped out big time, but just did every step by step every day, everything went smooth, and officially got the word today that I was cleared. So it was super nice to hear from the doctors going through the whole process and I'm ready to roll." The Pats came back and beat the Jags without Brady's best weapon.

The Eagles don't have anyone who can cover Gronk. "Obviously looking forward to the matchup," Jenkins said. "He's a top tight end in this league for a reason. He does a great job of creating contact and using his body to separate the defender from the ball and catches contested throws. He's faster than most people think and then (Tom) Brady puts it in a spot only he can get it." Yeah, Jenkins ain't gonna stop Gronk.

The Eagles haven't faced anything like Brady and Gronk before. "His size is significant. Most guys who are big are usually kind of slow. They'll try to box you out and use their bodies. He can do that. But he's also stretching the field, running vertical routes probably more than he runs anything else," Malcolm Jenkins said. "He's stretching the field, and when all else fails, Tom Brady can throw him open, and he catches anything that comes in his wing span. It's going to be a tough matchup, but one I'm looking forward to." That is the biggest difference between the two teams.

This game will be decided in the 4th quarter, and Danny Playoff won the last one. "When you look up 'good football player' in the dictionary his picture is right there beside it," Belichick said about Amendola. "It doesn’t matter what it is: fielding punts, third down, big play, red area, onside kick recovery. Whatever we need him to do." The offense will get beat on for three quarter, but that's why there's a 4th.  

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