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7 Things for the Super Bowl: Part IV.


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4. This Ain't Gonna Be Easy- It seems every year we hear how the Pats are going to beat up on their final opponent. But it never works out that way. Especially with the Pats in the Super Bowl. This is going to be a fistfight from start to finish, and the Pats are going to have to win this game (likely coming back late) with every bit of grit and toughness they have earned all season. The friggin' Eagles didn't come here to play patty cake. They came to Minneapolis to freeze their asses off, and fight for their lives.

The Pats are here to do the same thing, and history shows us that they are not going to score first. "Yeah, all of the negative stuff in the Super Bowls we need to be aware of, too," BB said. "Look, we try to score in every game. I know that's probably hard to understand, but we try to go out and score and keep the other team from scoring. That's our goal every game." Brady tends to get so hyped up that he stinks to start the Super Bowl.

I know sounds crazy, but the Pats, under BB and Brady, have never scored in the 1st Quarter of the Super Bowl. "I mean, what's important is what happens this week against the Eagles," BB said. "We're going to try and score. We're going to try and keep them from scoring." This game is not going to be a blow out.

The Eagles battled through the NFC and earned their way into this game just like the Pats did. "Just real quick on the Eagles, obviously a really good football team. I have a ton of respect for what they do, how they do it; Coach Pederson on offense, Coach Schwartz," BB said. "I mean, they really have played well all year, have dealt with some things that really haven't gone their way injury-wise, and had to make some adjustments. They've done a great job with that. They have a lot of explosive players. They can score on defense. They score a lot on offense. They're good in the kicking game, so they're really pretty good at everything, which is what you'd expect. That's why they're in this game." They are worthy to play in this game.

They are here, and they are just as ready for a fight as the Pats. "We've got a lot of work to do. Obviously, this isn't a team we know very well at all, and so we'll get the players in today and start grinding," BB said. "I'm glad we have a little extra time on this game. I think we'll need it. They do a lot of things well and create a lot of problems. They've created them for everybody. That's kind of where we're at." No one is going to make friends in Minneapolis today.

It was a grind all week learning all about the best team in the NFC. "Again, you look at a team overall and then you start breaking them down and then you get into the situational things that would come up. You take it step by step. Sometimes that doesn't fall into place, everything doesn't fall into place until a little bit later after you are able to grind through the whole thing. Certainly it makes a little more sense each day, each time you cross a bridge, but there are a lot to cross and sometimes it takes a while to figure it all out [defensively]," BB said. "It's the same thing offensively. They have a ton of skill players. They run the ball. They throw it. They throw it deep, play action. They have a lot of misdirection plays. It's a great west coast offense, which we know the elements of that. This is very unique with their players. Where they were with Sproles and how, obviously, they've moved off of that. So things like that. The quarterback situation. They've continued to be very productive and very disruptive on defense." It will be a grinding battle on the field all game, where they will still be learning about the Eagles all game long.

Have you watched the Pats in the Playoffs? They have won five Super Bowls by an average of 3.8 points: New England 20- St. Louis 17, New England 32- Carolina 29, New England 24- Philadelphia 21, New England Patriots 28- Seattle Seahawks 24, New England Patriots 34- Atlanta Falcons 28. In what world does that add up to a blow out?

Buckle up Pats fans this is going to be a long tense game. Just like last year against Atlanta. Both teams earned their way to the Super Bowl. They are the two best teams in the NFL, and they are equally matched. The team that wins is the one that grinded the best during the week, and is more prepared, and plays the smartest. It sounded like BB made sure that was the Pats.  

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