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7 Things for the Super Bowl: Part III.


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3. Foley Moly!- Madden did it's test with the Pats Vs Philly simulated Super Bowl, and the Pats won. Well of course they won! The whole thing was stupid! The Eagles were playing with a simulated back up QB, who is starting for the guy who would have allegedly been the League's MVP (though I'd still take Brady). Of Course the Madden programmers would have coded him as a J-E-T-S Suck-Suck-Suck player, like they do with all backup QBs in their game.

The problem Pats fans? Is that he is no longer just a backup, and he wasn't before the Champ Game either. "[Foles is] someone we’ve won games with," Philly GM Roseman said before Wentz went down. "We want to do everything we can to keep Carson healthy and on the field. But if Nick is out there, he can win games for us." He was a better player than he would have been programmed to be by EA Sports to start the season. Never mind now!

Foles is no Wentz, but he has been the next best thing in these Playoffs. "I would say, like you said, you take part in two parts of it. The first is you still look at the skill because the skill is going to be the skill, and Philadelphia has unbelievable skill players at every position. They're probably as deep as anybody in the league when it comes to talking about their skill," Harmon said. "Then you look at the quarterback play. Carson Wentz isn't Nick Foles, and Nick Foles isn't Carson Wentz. So you have to, as an offense, adjust your play calling, the type of offense you want to run based off your quarterback's skill set. While they're different, Philadelphia still does some of the same things because Nick Foles is a good quarterback. He won games in the league, was a Pro Bowler. So he is more than capable of leading this team to wins and victories and winning the Super Bowl. We know we have to study him as much as we've studied any quarterback and we've got to study the skill because they're going to provide challenges for us that we probably haven't faced all year." So the idea you can just look past Foles is folly.

I mean, did anyone watch the NFC Camp Game? "They're a good football team and they have a lot of good players. Obviously, Nick has come in and done a very good job for them and they obviously have a lot of trust in him and they trust in themselves. We're just going to focus on preparing for them and doing as much preparation as we can for this game knowing that this is the last one of the season," Hogan said. "You never want to look back on this game and think, 'If I watched a little bit more film here or there.' You never want to have that feeling. Putting as much preparation as we can over the next couple weeks is going to be the number one thing for us." He has been spectacular in the Playoffs.

The Eagles run a lot of the trickiest, and most recent, offensive schemes to come out of college into the NFL: the R-PO. "I would say probably some of the one-on-one situations they'll put you in. When you have that run-pass option, pass players that sometimes turn into run players because a guy is blocking him, a receiver or a tight end. You can't free up and just go to the ball because you still have to cover your guy because he's not blocking," McCourty said. "He's running a route. So for you, it's a pass play. For the six or seven guys in the box it might be a total run look, so you might not gain any help underneath because they're playing the run. Individually, matchup-wise if we're in man-to-man or it's a zone and a guy is in our zone we've got to be sound and be able to play what we're getting. It's a run-pass option so it could be a run, but if you're getting a pass play in coverage then you need to play the pass. When the pass comes up you're ready to play and the guys up front that play the run have to play the run." That's how Foles hit so many guys in the Champ game for long TD passes, even though he's just a back up.

RPOs are something new that the Pats haven't really faced this year. The QB runs a Delay or Draw, as he looks down field and reads the Safeties and Linebackers. So he can read the defense before he decides to pass or hand the ball off. When the LBs and Safeties get too aggressive and attack forward to stop the run, like Vikings did in the Champ Game, Foles will pull the ball back from the RB and go deep. Like he did with scary efficiency in the Champ Game. When they are frozen in fear, he will hand the ball off to the RB.

Now the two biggest factors in this game are going to be Brady and Foles, but they don't really play each other. "Nick's a good quarterback. People forget the year he had a few years ago. That guy works his tail off. I was confident that whenever he had to come into a game, he'd be fine," Philly's ORT Lane Johnson said. "It shows his resilience. You see on some other teams when the quarterback goes down, the whole team dies. The snake and the head’s done." Works his ass off? Resilience? Huh? Sounds like Brady.

Foles is playing against the Pats D, and they better be ready. "We're very confident. Nick's had success in this league," Johnson said. "You've seen what he can do. I think he has a chip in his shoulder. He's been working his tail off all year, now that we're in a situation where we need him, he's prepared." The last backup QB to win the Super Bowl was Brady.

In 2001 Brady was the back up to Bledsoe, and he only got on the field because Mo Lewis attempted to kill him. "Mayo talked about that. As much as everyone talked about Tom's hand and how big of a deal that was, he talked about the team being an overall good [Eagles] team. I think that's the same thing with the Eagles," McCourty said. "Wentz, Sproles, Peters, you have all these guys that go down that usually hurts a lot of teams, but when you have a good overall team I think that believes in each other and each guy in that locker room, you saw it, they just kept rolling. I think a lot of people doubted them thinking they were done because obviously Wentz is a really good football player, but it just shows football is a team game.

"You need to have an overall good football team, especially to be playing in this last game. You rarely hear a team that has just one star player or just good on one side of the ball or just good on offense and defense and the worst special teams. That just doesn't happen to get to this point. You'll see good overall football teams battle next Sunday." Sounds like the 2001 Rams discounting Bledsoe's backup.

Foles was my choice for MVP of the NFC Champ game for a reason. "We're very confident. Nick's had success in this league," Johnson said. "You've seen what he can do. I think he has a chip in his shoulder. He's been working his tail off all year, now that we're in a situation where we need him, he's prepared." And the Pats D better ready for him, and the new NFL offensive weapon the RPO. 

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