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Still Paranoid About Miami.


5. Pats D Vs Dolphin O- The second game at Miami should be the tougher game by far. "We're definitely aware of what happened in the first 10 games of the season, before we played them, and then our game and the Denver game," BB said. "Those are the two that weren't on the scouting report that we didn’t have any information on before our game. So since our game, we add those two to it. They’ve had a couple of personnel changes to some degree, so we'll have to see how those factored into those games, like [Damien] Williams not being in there offensively. Now he may play against us, but we've seen what it looks like without him in there or we've seen what it looks like without [Cordrea] Tankersley in there for the majority of the game last week and so forth, things like that. We'll just take a look at those things, learn a little bit more about the team, but Miami played very well on Sunday." They also will be playing Cutler instead of Moore at QB.

So they will have to be more prepared for his arm than for his backup's arm. "They always play well down there against us, so I think we know it's going to be a lot different game, and environment, and everything else Monday night from what it was last Sunday," BB said. "It’s not a continuation of last week's game. It’s starting all over again and that’s what we have to be ready to do. It’s not going to be the same game. It will play out differently. There will be different things in the game that will affect this game a lot differently than the last one. Hopefully, one of them not being snapping the ball to them for a touchdown, and we'll just have to react and play it out. We both know each other well. That’s really not the issue. It'll be how different plays matchup and how they’re executed and how this unique game will take its own life different than any other one." Cutler can put up a lot of stats up real quick.

He does have the WRs to throw too if he gets hot. "Landry with his production, the thing that's just really unique is that this guy is a competitor. He competes on every single play and there's just situations where you might have him doubled covered, you might have him in a situation where you think he's in a good position [where] you have him defended," Patricia said. "There's a lot of trust between the quarterback. There's obviously a skill set there where they're going to try to get him the ball no matter what and he comes up with those catches and those plays in those situations that receivers like him, great receivers, make. He makes those plays. Once you have that kind of ability and trust from the quarterback then even in those situations where you're trying to do the best to take him away or do your best to cover him, he still gets open and the quarterback will get him the ball and trust that he's going to come up with a big play and for the most part he does." Laundry is a legit NFL weapon.

He has some excellent compliments to go along with him. "But I think they have a great complement and the focus with Landry is critical," BB said. "But even with Stills and Parker, the guys that are on the outside, and they move those guys around. Coach Gase does a great job with moving them around that you can't just completely ignore those other players, along with Thomas now and the tight end position. You have to pick your spots that you can give attention to each one of those guys and really try to do the best you can to defend all of them because they're all very dangerous. [They're] dangerous players that can make big plays at any time." The Pats D is going to give up a lot of stats against this team, but the Pats have the best bend-but-don't-break defense in the NFL.

The Dolphins problem is that they have not been able to get the run game going. "Playing home and away is different. All those factors have to come into effect for us defensively. The quarterback position will be something a little bit different here," Patricia said. "The running back position we're going to have to wait and see. Obviously Drake had a great day yesterday. We'll see where Williams is at by the time we get to the game. They have great skill players so certainly they'll go in and adjust." They are a lopsided Offense.

6. Pats O Vs Dolphin D- It seems like we've seen this before. "McDonald had an interception, too. That came off the tipped ball. First of all, a really impressive performance against the Broncos. Offensively, they control the game. Defensively, they did a real good job on the running game. They turned the ball over," BB said. "The receivers were very tightly covered. They got pressure on the quarterback and they made plays in the kicking game, as well. So it was a really strong effort in all three areas of the game." I know BB has to talk them up, but I just can't buy it.

They cannot stop the run. "Playing down there is always different, especially now this time of the year. We're used to a little colder weather. It's nice to be down there in some heat and it'll certainly be a different climate for us. It's a tough place to play," McDaniels said. "The crowd can get going. Their rush has a chance to jump a silent cadence and those types of things that you've got to deal with and you've got to protect against, so there's a lot of challenges there and then playing a good defense twice in three weeks. They've got a really good front. They've got a good group of linebackers, a secondary that's very disruptive, both in pass coverage and taking the ball away and blitzing." This is one of those games where the defense could step up and cause problems for the Pats.

There is trouble in Patriots land "They do a lot of different things defensively, so this is always a challenge when you're looking at the game certainly in the rear view mirror that you just played and you've got to try to figure out how much to change and how much to do the same understanding that both teams are going to change some things," McDaniels said. "There's going to be some things they look at and maybe do differently and vice versa. Part of that is trying to be careful to not out-think yourself and do too much. And the other thing is, you're probably going to have to get into the game, feel out what adjustments they have made and be ready to adjust on the fly during the course of the game on Monday night, because that always seems to play a factor in the second game of a division series. You're going to need to adjust to something that somebody else did first, so we'll be ready to do that. We've got an extra day in preparation here for them, which will be good for us. We'll try to have a great week and go down there and be ready to go on Monday night." Brady has been showing his age for the past month.

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