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7 Things for Sunday: Part III 


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Still Up To The Lines.


5. Pats D Vs Falcon's O- The Chargers have been on fire the past few weeks. "I mean this is certainly a very hot team right now. An offense that is doing everything they can to win the game, put their team in position to win, control the game," Patricia said. "Certainly I think the run game, Coach Whisenhunt, obviously Coach Lynn has brought his philosophy of running the ball and trying to control the game from that aspect and wearing out the defense." They got two big veteran O-tackles in free agency, and they are wearing defenses down.

Gordon has good size, but he also has elite speed in the open field. "Melvin Gordon is an extremely strong runner, a very powerful guy, kind of a work horse sort of running back," Patricia said. "So being able to run the ball inside and outside with him, he's got great balance, burst, vision, very good stiff arm. This guy is really hard to tackle on first contact so with that kind of constant pounding that he can provide they've been able to really kind of establish the run from a number of just handing the ball off, handling the ball off and just repeatedly coming after the defense from that standpoint.

"Ekeler, who has been in there more recently here, is a real good change up back for them. Both of these guys are also involved in the passing game but [in terms of] speed and quickness he's definitely a guy that's a different type of runner but also very, very productive. His run average is extremely high." Both RBs are also excellent compliments in the passing game.

They use those RBs very well to set up the passing game. "Those two guys in the run game, and then combine them into the passing game, is kind of really where they've started with this offense," McDaniels said. "Then you push into the tight ends which we just talked about Gates and how great he is. And then really Hunter Henry who's another guy who is coming on very strong for them. I think another guy in the tight end position that the quarterback has a lot of trust in, has really started to feature a little bit in the passing game also. They do a good job, the offense, Coach Whisenhunt, Coach Lynn do a good job with mixing the personnel and the formations." They will run anything out of any formation.

They make it tough for the defenders to read their intentions. "That's one of the hardest things is the formations and the motions that they give you," Patricia said. "There's a lot of adjustments that have to go on. Then they create angles in both the run game and then leverage in the passing game. So that's something that they've done an excellent job with. Then when you get through all that you've got to try to deal with the wide receivers." They have a great passing game.

Allen has been one of the top WRs in the NFL on 3rd down conversions. "Keenan Allen who's an excellent-excellent wide receiver. He's got great hands, he's a big guy, he can get open, he's a great route runner, does all of the things that you want from that standpoint," Patricia said. "Then you mix with Benjamin and Williams, guys that have been able to push the ball vertically or just get explosive plays. I mean obviously you can see the speed of Benjamin there the other day [with] how fast he is. They can take those what might look like small plays or small gains or short completion or whatever the case may be, a reverse and then turn it into just a huge play with their ability to get into space and make people miss and in some cases just run away from people. So it's a huge challenge." Speed and power is the combo all offenses want to have.

But it was the two Big OTs Okung and Barksdale that really brought this offense together. "I'll tell you up front too, you know, I think the offensive line [is] a little bit of a change there for them coming in with Slauson going out but really just being solid up front, playing smart, doing a good job with the adjustments," Patricia said. "Philip Rivers still has control of the offense from at the line of scrimmage standpoint. [They run a] ‘check with me' system where he can change plays and the offensive line is right there with him. I think the group is really kind of all on the same page right now. They're clicking very well together from the standpoint of what they're trying to do by game plan so that will be a big challenge for us." They found their continuity on Offense three weeks ago, and now are much better than the offense we faced last week, the Falcons.

6. O-line- First it starts with Gus Bradley, ex-Seattle DC and Jaguars' HC. "I think there's definitely some similarities. They're not all the same. There's enough variables and enough things that they choose to do differently based on their personnel that it's certainly not a carbon copy of either scheme, whichever one you want to discuss and talk about," McDaniels said. "So this team, the way they utilize their fronts, some of the things they do with their personnel is definitely different than what we've seen last week, or what we've seen from that style of defense in the past." That's not really true.

Both defense are founded in the belief that getting up field fast and hurting the QB is always best and most important thing to do, Pete Carroll's core philosophy. "They're aggressive," McDaniels understated. "They know exactly what they want to do on every snap. They rarely make a defensive miscue. They don't give up many big plays, and it's all about taking the ball away. And they've done that very well over the last two years even before Gus was there. I know that's a huge point of emphasis for them. They're very active and aggressive." They send both D-ends up field like stampeding rhinos, and play cover one on the back end.

With all their young defenders finally coming through, it is working as well as any Defense in the NFL. "I mean, they're in the top ten in points allowed, red zone defense, passing defense, third-and-long defense, turnovers, sacks. They know how to take the ball away. They know how to disrupt the offense and they don't give up big plays," McDaniels said. "So they force you to drive the ball a long way and execute a lot of different plays while they're trying to create negative situations and get off the field. [They're a] really well coached unit, got a lot of good players at all three levels.

"They've got a lot of young players and this is a team that we really don't know. We've played a few of these guys before but most of these players we've never played and certainly we haven't played them in a few years. We're really working hard to try and get familiar with all of their personnel and how they play and what they do and what Coach Bradley is doing with them this year." They have been a better team, and defense, than Atlanta the past three weeks.

So the key to victory is the O-line, the more Brady gets knocked off his rocker the more the Chargers get over their jetlag. "I'd say they don't go past the quarterback a lot. Usually when they go past the tackle they hit the quarterback instead of going past the tackle and running by the quarterback. So if they can't get the quarterback they do a pretty good job of powering the tackles or countering and coming back underneath the tackles as the quarterback moves up in the pocket. They do a very good job of maintaining their relationship with the quarterback and ending up on his level," BB said about the passrushers. "Again, if they can get the edge, which they get it plenty, and just beat the tackle off the spot and turn the corner sometimes. They just turn the corner and make the play but when the tackle is able to ride him by then rarely do they get just pushed back out of the play. They either counter back or turn into power and a lot of time they collapse the width of the pocket so the tackles get compressed back into each other or back towards the center.

"Really it's hard for the quarterback to step up because the pocket is so narrow. There's no width to it. They do a real good job of all that. You just can't say it's all speed or it's all power or it's all counter. They have them all. They can both throw a number of different pitches. They do one thing and then you go to stop that and then they do the next complementary move that goes with it then you're thinking about that and then they just run you over. It's just a continuous [process]. Honestly, as you go through each game it's just a continuous highlight reel between the two of them. It's usually one of them but a lot of times it's both of them that are just being disruptive." Run the ball to slow the rush.

If the O-lines blocks the run game like they did last week? This is another easy victory. "They're all capable of making good plays and they're all capable of helping us move the ball and that's the most important thing that we feel about our group of backs," McDaniels said. "There's some that are maybe down and distance related. There's others that are maybe packages that certain guys practice more than others during the course of the week and then at times you just let a guy try to take a series and get himself into a rhythm. A lot of that is based on how the game goes and what happens during that series of downs, what kind of down and distance situations you find yourself in and then the type of success that you're having with what you're doing.

"It's not as cut and dry as just divvying it up equally or 'This series it's this guy only,' or what have you. I mean, there's a lot of different things that could go into that. [RB coach] Ivan has them all prepared for each situation and each role and they all do a tremendous job of backing one another up because we always have more than one guy that's capable of going in there and playing a different role, whatever that role might be. They all practice hard at that. They prepare well and it's a really hard-working group that you have a lot of trust and faith in to go in there and either run the ball, pass protect, catch the ball out of the backfield and ultimately just help us move the ball down the field and try to score points. I thought their ball security was good the other night. They all ran hard. We had a few blitz pickup situations that were done well.

"We had some guys catch the ball out of the backfield. As a group I thought they really played well. They complemented one another well and they all went in there and did their job. They're all unselfish. They don't care who gets the credit. They're just willing to go in there and when it's their turn they do the best that they can to help us in the role that we ask them to. I'm happy with what they did and looking forward to trying to improve that whole group as we move through the season." Run to protect Brady, and the run play action.


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