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7 Things for Sunday: Part II 


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3. Finding Themselves- With Hightower out for the season, The signing of David Harris looks like genius. "David? You get about the same from him every week. He works hard. He's very professional. He's always engaged, always in tune with what you're doing," BB said. "He doesn't miss anything. You don't have to tell him the same thing multiple times. He hears it, tries to do it. I mean, he might make a mistake on it like we all do but then he corrects it and understands it, but he's a football guy. He's got a lot of experience, very into the game, understands situations, understands I'd say all of the things that we're doing or that we ask him to do. He's got a lot of experience. Again, he's as professional as anybody in that locker room." He has also shown he can be the leader in the middle.

This is a very important week for this defense. A lot of changes are going on, and they are facing a veteran offense, and a veteran QB who knows how to exploit every mistake a defense makes. Missing Hightower hurts the brains of this defense, and some of the clutch big plays. They have to find a few guys to step into his role.

The defense is going through a lot of changes this week with Gilmore maybe back, and Hightower gone. "It's a part of the game. When a guy gets hurt for a year, I never kind of look at it like, ‘Oh, man, what are we going to do defensively?' Like my instinct is to feel bad for that guy. We all give a lot of time, sacrifice time with our families and doing different things, so when your season ends and now you're back and the only thing you have to look forward to is rehab and recovery, that's what I think about first," McCourty said. "As a team, we'll always figure it out I firmly believe. Our coaching staff spends a lot of hours in here figuring out what we need to do personnel-wise, who needs to play here, what works, what won't work, so we'll figure it out. Whether that takes a quarter or two quarters, it'll happen. We'll figure that out, but High's been through a lot this year of trying to get back on the field. I think he was actually starting to feel good and feeling better, so it's just a tough blow for him." The defense has been evolving so far this season, and were great last week against Atlanta for the first time this year.

Now they need a little more continuity to continue the progress. "With the game plan each week we try to do what we feel like is best against the team we're playing against," BB said. "Some of it is matched up, some of it isn't. Some weeks it is, some weeks it isn't. Not every play is man-to-man. Not every play is a matchup play. Based on what we have called and we don't know where they're going to come up, but based on the location of the receivers and who's in the game we have adjustments to play the way we feel it gives us the best competitive chance for that call, for that situation." It is tougher to match up when it seems they have a different team on defense every week.

Losing Hightower the week they have to match up against the Chargers two big TEs Henry and Gates is not going to be easy. "Offensively, this is a very big skill group: [Tyrell] Williams, Inman, obviously Allen, Gates, Hunter. They're kind of receiving tight ends. They have a lot of size at those positions and then Benjamin gives them kind of the explosive catch-and-run player to go with that group," BB said. "Big receivers, good players after the catch. Allen's very, very good with the ball in his hands. Hunter Henry is a tough guy to tackle. And they use their backs quite a bit in the passing game, as well: Gordon, [Austin] Ekeler. Their backs are very productive in the passing game, as well. It's a well-balanced attack." Losing Hightower also hurts the run defense tremendously. 

He is great against the run at ILB and OLB. "Of course, the running game with Coach Lynn is always a challenge. They do a lot of different things. They probably run as many different running plays as any team that we will face or have faced," BB said. "They do: multiple groups, multiple formations, multiple schemes, and all of the complementary plays that go with it: the boots, the reverses, the misdirection plays." When they get Gordon going the offense can look like a top five offense.

Because then they break out the play action, and we all know Rivers has a great accurate arm. "They really challenge you in the running game and then they have a very explosive passing game down the field," BB said. "Rivers throws a great deep ball and they have a lot of good catch-and-run players with their skill guys, and their skill guys, again, are big so they do a good job of blocking in the run game so a lot of the plays that get to the perimeter with this group, really they have a mismatch with the size and the aggressiveness of their receivers. They're tough to handle there." So as the defense is forced to change again, it only makes things more difficult against a very good offensive team. 

They are going to be very reliant on David Harris to step into Hightower's Mike role. "He's had a good comfort level. I think it's because he's very knowledgeable of what's going on, but the more reps he's gotten, obviously he's done better," McCourty said. "The thing is, like he came in there Sunday, there was no panic from anybody. He was very calm, played fast, was running around hitting. So I think anytime you get veteran players, playing football is not new to them. Obviously, the scheme and all those different things when you go to a new place, but once you get out there and you're playing, I think you just go play football.

"I think he's a guy that can play different roles because of his knowledge of the game. I think he's stepped up and showed he's ready to go. I think the thing that I have tremendous respect [for] is he's like one of those true pros. He's in here the same time every day, he knows everything, he's been on the sideline [during] games where he's inactive, he's pointing things out of what's going on in the game. He's a guy, I think for players, you can tell whenever his number gets called, he's going to be ready to go because you can tell he studies what we're doing and what the opponents doing, week-in and week-out, for whenever he's called upon, to be ready to step up and play well." They are going to need him to help stop Gordon in this game.

4. Helping Brady- As inconsistent as the defense has been with personnel, the offense has been worse. The O-line has been inconsistent, and now Cannon is injured. Malcolm Brown, Hightower, and Rowe are out. Gilmore and Cannon are both listed as questionable. This is not a good week for Cannon to be out.

Bosa and Ingram have already combined for 16 Sacks. "Fast. Definitely. Bosa and Ingram, they've got a really good group of pass rushers," Brady said. "They get to the quarterback and they do it a variety of different ways and some of it's blitz but a lot of it is just beating matchups and those guys are very good one-on-one and it's a big challenge for our offensive line.

"We've faced a lot of good pass rushers and it seems like we say that every week, ‘man, this team's got a good rush, they're coming after us’ and this is another team that really has it. It's just what we're dealing with every week. So hopefully we can use some of the experience we've had these first seven games and really put it to work versus this group, which is really good. They really get after you. I'm not going to be able to stand back there and hold it forever. It's just a real good rush." Ingram usually lines up on the Blindside.

Bosa usually lines up on Cannon's side. "He plays really hard. Every play he's all out. He makes plays from the back side, chase, outstanding pass rusher," BB said about Bosa. "He's got good strength but he's got good quickness and he knows how to use both of them. If you are over-aggressive on him he's quick enough to get by you. If you sit back then he is explosive enough to power the blockers into the quarterback or into the backfield. He's a very disruptive player.

"He's got a lot of length so he gets to a lot of plays, tackles, tipped balls, can reach out and get the quarterback. He's a hard guy to throw around or over. He's really just good at everything but he's got a great motor so you've got to deal with him every play. You can't run away from him; that's not the answer because he'll chase down plays." Their two D-ends have really changed their defense this year.

Not just in the passrush, but stopping the run as we. "Running at him is not the answer either because that's a problem, too, so to say 'Well, let's just run away from him,' well A- you're running into Ingram, and B- these guys, Ingram and Bosa, will both make plays from the backside," BB said. "They're good. They're really good. Good in the running game, good in the passing game. They create a lot of long-yardage situations and then they just kill you on third-and-long." So the key to this game is the O-line again.

Brady has been sacked 18 times, so the O-line is the Offense again this week. "I mean, we're putting in the work every day trying to get things right and those guys are working really hard. You couldn't ask any more of them, what they've done and what they're continuing to do on the practice field and the games," Brady said. "Everyone has contributed. I think everyone has made a lot of plays. It's been a lot of fun. We've had a good group. Obviously, losing Jules is not ideal but a lot of the guys have rallied around and stepped up and tried to do a really great job for us and we just have to keep fighting through it. We're at the, obviously, close to the midway point and this is when we've really got to hit the accelerator because that's what the good teams do."

Hogan getting injured last week really worried me. They only have four WRs on the active roster right now. If he goes that leaves three, with Dorsett still in a limited gimmicky role. So we will see what the O-line brings this week. They have to be as good as they were against Atlanta, or it could go bad real fast.


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