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7 Things for Sunday: Part I 


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Still Learning.


1. Communication Breakdown. It’s Always the Same - The new question on the season is what will the Pats do when Gilmore is ready? And it looks like he is ready this week. The problem is that the secondary, and the defense, finally seemed to come together with him off the field. Now I admit that I don't have to deal with the 65-million dollar question, but I would leave Bademosi in the starting lineup.

Belichick will sit "more talented players" over guys who fit his system better. "The guys that play the best play the most," BB said. "The guys that don’t play as well continue to keep working until their performance either moves ahead of somebody else’s or they get an opportunity because of circumstances." Bademosi has out performed both Gilmore and Rowe on the field.

Not only has the defense played better, but Butler has played better with Bademosi on the field. Unleashed from the responsibly of checking and signaling Gilmore, Butler only had to focus on his assignments. And he has been spectacular the past few of games. The entire secondary was spectacular last week. That was likely the best performance of the secondary on the season. Especially when you consider they only had three CBs on the active roster.

Bademosi is an older and smarter player than Gilmore. He went to Stanford, and has been in the NFL for six seasons. So he understands what he is suppose to do, and has the physical talent to do it. Playing football in the NFL is not all physical. It is as much mental as it is physical.

In the NFL if you don't win and produce it is a very short life span. So you better learn your responsibilities and have them down pat. "The players that work on the scout teams get as high quality of work as anybody because they're working against: like our scout team defensive players are working against our offense, which is our best players doing the things that those players are best at, and we're asking the scout team players to cover them," BB said. "When you're on the scout teams, and all of our players take reps on the scout teams for that very reason, to keep that sharpness, so that's a great opportunity on the scout team to work on your techniques. You don't have to work on calls and adjustments and things like that because those are usually on a card or they're pretty standard. So, that's not the challenging part for the scout team guys. The opportunity for those players is to work on their fundamentals and techniques without having to worry about a lot of calls and adjustments and things like that. I think that's an opportunity for every player." 

So while Bademosi wasn't a starter, he has been practicing and working in the NFL for six seasons. The good news is that even though Gilmore has been off the field, his problems haven't been physical. Mentally, he has still been in all the meetings, working with his coaches, and doing his film work. So while he has missed the last few weeks physically, mentally he has been doing reps behind the scenes.

Gilmore is listed as questionable this week, and did practice. Which means he is likely to dress. "This league’s very competitive, and we know we’re all judged on our performance and our production. So when those opportunities come, you’ve got to take advantage of them," BB said. "I mean, it’s pretty fundamental the way it works. When the players get that opportunity, then it’s up to them to perform in that situation that they’re called to play on. Depending on how the performance goes, then that will probably either lead to less or more playing time eventually once it declares itself. So, that’s up to each individual player." We'll see, because Bademosi has clearly out perform Gilmore this season.

However, it can also give the coaches the excuse to limit his play a little, and let Bademosi play opposite Butler. "I mean, guys have to be ready to go when you get in. We can't afford for it to take a while to find out who's going to play good football. You know?" McCourty said. "We need to continue to get better, and that doesn't change with anybody going out, myself, anyone. If they're not there, someone else has to step up and play. It can't be open tryouts each week we go out there to play a game. Defensively, that would be really bad for us. I think guys have been in there, guys have been practicing all season." Each player on the field has to know what he is doing on every play, not just most of them.

Communication in the secondary is going to be paramount against a veteran QB like Rivers. "They do all that. I mean, Philip Rivers is a smart quarterback. So he's trying to run things that beat whatever coverage you're in," McCourty said about the importance of communication this week. "So, different times, if we're in man, I'm sure he'll test that out with their different bunch routes and stacks, and they do that a lot just in their offense. You turn on the film, they have a ton of condensed formations, and they go vertical out of it. They run crossers out of it, So they do a bunch of different things.

"The couple times I've played them in my career, they've done that. But, we've messed up on bunches earlier in the season, and in football, when that happens, you'll see that all year. How much you see it usually depends on how well you defend it. I think we're fully aware every week that some team is going to test it somehow. It doesn't show up as much or it's not as noticeable if we play it right. So hopefully we continue to do that." They have not messed up the communications against Bunches since Bademosi has started.

I have no problem with Bademosi starting over the 65 Million Dollar Man. "Bademosi, who played in Cleveland, there's enough defensive film on him to see him play. This isn't a player that hasn't taken any snaps on the defensive side of the ball," BB said. "You get players, you play them in preseason, you play them in training camp, you play them in the spring, and everybody gets an evaluation. The guys that play the best play the most. The guys that don't play as well continue to keep working until their performance either moves ahead of somebody else's or they get an opportunity because of circumstances.

"Not every player can control the opportunities that he gets. An opportunity arises and then the player does whatever he does with the opportunity. That's up to each individual player. That's why each player needs to always be prepared, always be ready. So that when that opportunity comes, he's able to take advantage of it and not miss the opportunity and then that will hurt his chances the next time. But also he loses the chance to improve his value to the team."

Either way the Pats desperately needed depth in the secondary, as they had on three friggin' Corners on the active roster last week. That is just insane. Getting Gilmore back, whether he starts or not, is big for this team. The Chargers have more then two good WRs, and they are going to need more than three Corners to stop them in this game.

2. The New Look Chargers- This is a much different team than the disastrous team the Chargers have had the past few years. In those years, they earned a lot of top Draft picks (not a compliment;). But they made good on a lot of those picks. Plus, they picked up a ton of toughness in free agency that has really stepped up their game. Players like, Okung, Barksdale, and Mebane. The talent level on this team is obviously much higher.

So in that respect, there are a lot of new players to study. "I think they've given us a good opportunity to devote as much time as we can to knowing and understanding the Chargers. Again, a team we're not very familiar with. We're familiar with some of their coordinators and their schemes, but really a lot of work to do on this team," BB said. "It's a very explosive team. In the kicking game, [Travis] Benjamin, as we've seen from Cleveland when he was at Cleveland, a huge play, big play threat in the game, can change the game in one play. He came pretty close to doing that last week in two plays with Denver, in the Denver game." Benjamin was a game changer in Cleveland.

They also suddenly have great depth at WR and TE, and an RB that is one of the tops in the League. "Offensively, they have so much depth at the skill positions," BB said. "They have a lot of good players at running back, tight end, receiver, a lot of guys that you have to deal with. Again, quite a bit of scheme in the running game which is a challenge." Gordon has taken a lot of pressure off of Rivers.

But is it defensively where this team has gotten exponentially better. "Defensively, we already talked about Bosa, Ingram. But Mebane, Liuget, [Chris] McCain. They've got a lot of other players that are pretty difficult to handle out there, too," BB said. "Defensively, they do a good job on Coach Bradley's scheme. We're familiar with that. I mean, it's a very sound system that is aggressive and attacks the ball and does a good job of turning the ball over. Just all the way across the board we've learned a lot about these guys this week and hopefully we'll be able to transfer that to our performance on Sunday, but they're playing extremely well and they're well-coached." They are not a great team, yet.

But they are young and talented with a veteran QB. They seemed to have put it all together on the field, as management and ownership is an abject disaster. They have won three in a row with defense and River's arm. Also, when Gordon rushes over 20 times a game they win. He was spectacular the past three games. The Pats have to limit him in this Game.

Lucky, the Pats have the big Branch back in. "Alan is a guy that has done a great job for us around here. He's worked hard to really try to do everything that we've asked him to do and I think every game is different from that standpoint," Patricia said. "So I definitely see some things that he's doing well in some of the looks that we're trying to get him to play. It's just about consistency for us. It always is and I think going back through a couple weeks now of conversations and just trying to get everybody in the front. So Alan or whoever it is, Malcom or Lawrence, everybody just to play consistently. And I think that's out biggest thing right now is just trying to stay consistent. Trying to improve every week. Trying to get our hands inside, trying to keep our pad level low and do all of those good fundamental things that we teach.

"I think Alan is working in the right direction with it and I think all those guys in the front are. We're certainly not there by any means. We're certainly trying to just get better. The run game this week will be, like I just was talking about, it'll be another big challenge so I think all those guys up front have really got to do another great job of it. I think Alan, he does all the things we ask him to do. He's really trying to improve his technique too. We all kind of start over every year and that's kind of where we are in the season right now and just trying to get back to that point where we're playing consistently well." Though the loss of Malcolm Brown will be big in this game.


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