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7 Things for Sunday: Part III 


Greetings Pats Fans,

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Offense Vs. Defense.


5. Pats D Vs Bronco's O- The Pats have to play offense to win this game as well. "We're obviously pretty deep into Denver here, had a couple of extra days to get started on them which we've needed. It’s a really talented team. They have a lot of great players and I think Coach [Vance] Joseph has implemented his style into the team," BB said. " Offensively, very good depth at running back, excellent backs, good receivers. The tight ends have been productive. They can run the ball. They can throw it and they can make explosive plays. Sanders, Thomas are as good as any receivers we'll see all year.

"Athletic at the quarterback position in varying degrees but a problem. A good football team, very good at home, very good in their stadium. The fans have a lot of energy. It's a great crowd, a great football environment, Sunday night. I'm sure that place will be lit up. I feel like we'll need our best game Sunday night and that’s what we're working towards." But now Osweiler is back at QB.

They have to stop Osweiler first. "I think he (Osweiler) does a great job with all the offenses that he's run and obviously going back to the Chargers when we played him out there a couple years ago," Patricia said. "He does a really good job of understanding the weapons that he has as the players that he has around him and trying to utilize those guys to the best of his ability and get them the ball." He had the best game of his career against the Pats.

They cannot let him get that confidence back. "Certainly Brock is someone we played against a couple times and a guy who has had some success against us," Patricia said. "He's a big guy, does a good job of keeping his eyes downfield, he's tough, he's strong in the pocket. We've definitely had some good hits on him, and he's bounced up and really been able to stand in there and make some decent throws and read the coverage and get the ball to the right guy." It is hard to believe that we should be worried about Osweiler.

The Pats are the only team in the NFL that should fear him "So I think for a player who's moved around a little bit, been in a couple of different systems, had a couple of different coordinators, he's a guy that can step in at any time and be productive," Patricia said. "Obviously at the game with Philly [he was] getting back into the swing of things. I think he's got a great cast of players around him that they're going to utilize. It's very difficult for us to go out to Denver and play. It's an extremely hard place. It's a great environment if you love football but it's a hard place to play if you're the opposing team. So he's going to be able to use that to his advantage out there and be able to put themselves in a particular play or scheme based on what we do." The Pats D did get even with him when he played him in Houston.

So the Pats have to stop the run first, and make Brock beat them with his arm. "I think C.J. Anderson is running the ball extremely well right now with [Jamaal] Charles," Patricia said. "You'll see him in there. Obviously, [Devontae] Booker and those guys that have been able to rotate through on tape. So the run game is great for them. He'll use that to his ability to slow the game down and control it." They have to establish the run to make Osweiler a decent QB.

Because he has the arm and weapons to kill the defense with play action. "Then certainly the skill players, Thomas and Sanders, obviously being two great wide receivers for them that are very, very dangerous," Patricia said. "This is an explosive team that can really hurt you at any time so you've got to make sure that you're fundamentally sound there." They cannot let those WRs run free.

They also have a couple of good young Tight Ends. "Then I think what they've done a good job of is with the tight ends," Patricia said. "And I think that's always something that they've used well when we've played them whether it's Green or Derby, and get the ball to those guys and have a matchup that they like." They run a tricky scheme.

They like to get the D thinking about one thing, while attacking with another. "They'll formation you a couple different ways to try to get a particular matchup that they then can get the ball out to those guys in space," Patricia said. "Very dangerous team. Very explosive team. I think Brock does a great job of managing that and getting the ball to the guys that he needs to get it to in those situation. Using the run game which obviously has been great for them this year. I think that'll be a huge challenge for us out there." Of course the truth is the Bronco's offense stinks.

They have not recovered from the loss of Manning, and Osweiler was an act of desperation. If it were any other team in any other city? I'd be predicting a blow out. This could be the year that the Pats finally blow the Broncos out in Denver. It is just that the history of this rivalry says differently.

6. O-line- Defensively, they are not a joke (like their offense;). "From our perspective, the defense is the most challenging part. That's an exceptional unit that's been exceptional for a number of years. We know that that's who we're playing against. You play against the opponent, not the crowd or the weather or anything like that," McDaniels said. "But, like all road stadiums and road games, you have to deal with noise on the road there, and you've got to do a good job of handling your snap count and not creating penalties for yourselves and putting yourself in long-yardage situations." The offense has to mind it's Ps and Qs. 

This defense can change an entire game with one flash to the QB. "Obviously, playing well is what matters," McDaniels said. "If we do a good job of going out there and trying to play well and actually accomplishing that, then you usually have an opportunity to control how bad the noise actually gets." If the O-line protects Brady they win this game easily.

However, this defense doesn't allow that very often. "But the defense is the thing we're focused on," McDaniels said. "We've got to do a great job of preparing for a really, really tremendous unit from front-to-back, from back-to-front, however you want to look at it. They're really talented, they create a lot of problems for you, and playing in their stadium on the road at night, I'm sure it will be loud and that will add to the challenge. But, we've got to have a great week of preparation, go there and try to play the game the right way." Denver is such a difficult place for an offense to play, and not just for sound reasons but oxygen reasons as well.

They have to protect Brady against this great D-line. "I mean, they're athletic. I'd say they're powerful. It's a strong group," BB said. "Those guys are hard to block. They usually knock the line of scrimmage back across the board unless you double them, but even then they don’t give a lot of ground. It’s a strong, physical group and they're athletic. I mean, I wouldn’t say they're not athletic. I’d say their power is a problem; explosiveness. [Shelby] Harris has done a really good job for them. That’s another guy you can throw him in there, too. He’s been really productive." They also have three excellent cover guys.

This defense is the only way the Broncos can win this game. "They're very good defensively, at the top of the league in almost every category, or every category I should say. They're very good against the run. That’s been much improved from last season. They have a strong pass rush. They cover as well as any team in the league," BB said. "They have great players at all three levels of the defense. They're very disruptive, a tough team to move the ball against, a tough team to score against in the kicking game. They're explosive in the return game. They’re a good return team. They’ve already had six explosive plays this year on special teams, punt and kickoff returns, so that’s definitely a problem. Strong legs, good kickers, guys that can hit the ball a long way, change field positon, so explosive in that phase of the game." As much as a joke as their offense is, their defense is deadly.


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