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Do or Die Game.


5. Pats D Vs Bills O- The Bills are a little lopsided on offense. They need Shady and Tyrod Taylor to take over on offense if they want any hope of winning. Shady can dominate in the run and passing game, but the Pats will be keying on him a lot. While Taylor just doesn't have the weapons to throw too. Clay is good. Zay Jones could be good. Mathews was good. That is just not going to cut it in Foxboro.

But this offense is now Shady's offense. He is a marvelous player. Freakishly quick and strong and has elite lateral explosion. And as good as he is as a runner, he is terrifying when he catches the ball on the 2nd level in stride. He lead this offense in carries and catches.

Pats stop him and the Bills are done. "Yeah, obviously Buffalo [is an] extremely, extremely talented program and offense from the standpoint of their skill players," Patricia said. "Starting with their run game. Starting with McCoy. Obviously, a very dangerous player. A guy that can turn any play into a huge play at any time. [He's] extremely quick, fast. He's an explosive ball carrier with speed. I think they do a great job of getting him the ball into different runs that fit the way that he can create plays." He is also their best weapons in the passing game.

As Shady goes so goes their offense. So the O-line better block for him well, or the Pats win easy (I mean, they better not;). "The offensive line does a good job of covering guys up," Patricia said. "He (back to Shady again;) really has done an excellent job of being able to both run outside and inside. Really when you get him the ball in his hands, everyone's got to be ready for the ball to come to them. Tackling is extremely important with him Their run game has been great. It's been really good for a long time. He's really hard to defend. You may think you have him caged up and then he breaks loose and gets out of there." They also have a good backup to Shady.

But Travaris is more pure receiving RB out of the backfield. "Cadet is another guy that will come in," Patricia said. "He runs the ball extremely well too. And I think he fits exactly the personality of what they're looking for from that standpoint. [It's a] huge challenge for us from that standpoint. Like I said, the offensive line, again, this is a group that has been healthy, working together for a while here now. I think when you've got a group like that that has a confidence in the back and the run game you can really see it come through in how they try to control the game." The Pats have to do a better job in run defense, it is the running game that really sets up Tyrod.

If you let Taylor get hot, he can beat the Pats. "Tyrod Taylor is obviously another facet to the whole run dimension of the Bills. and what they do with him and his threat in general," Patricia said. "When they get into the shotgun position, the backs offset and they do run some of the zone schemes where it is a possibility where he could keep it, and run it, and they have some different option plays off that also. Then you're just kind of into a triple threat mode of trying to defend what they do. They really do a great job. I think Coach Dennison does a good job of mixing it from the standpoint of the run game and the pass game and keeping it moving from that standpoint. Certainly that will be a huge challenge for us this weekend." When Taylor can move, run, and throw on the move, is when he hurts the Pats the most.

The Bills Head Coach is an offensive guy, so there will be some new wrinkles in this do-or-die week for both teams. "I think Sean's [the HC of the BB] done a great job up there. They play well every week," Patricia bull-shittied. "They've had a couple, like we all have, games that haven't gone the way you want it to go. The team has bounced right back. They're competitive in all three phases of the game for 60 minutes pretty much every week. They play consistently. They're tough. They make very few mistakes. I know this is twice now preparing for them. You look on the film, you just don't see many mistakes. They don't make errors. You have to beat them, you have to execute well, you have to make good plays. They're not there because they're out of position, because they do something wrong. You have to make those happen, and if you don't do a good job of what you're doing, then they'll capitalize, which they have done a good job of." Whew! Take a breath Matt.

If the Pat don't create a turnover or two, and Taylor and the offense get confident, they will keep chipping and dinking and dunk down field. "They're plus-seven in turnovers, they play with good field position, they've won a lot of close games," Patricia said. "I think 5-2 in close games. So they've played well in competitive situations. You see those things week after week after week after week. Now, after 14 weeks, that's all starting to add up. So, I think Sean's done an excellent job with the composition of the team, the amount of turnover they have. They have a lot of new players in there. He's put that together well. They work very cohesively." Pats get a couple of turnovers and they win easy.

But this year the Bills are not giving it up. Their offense, while conservative, has been very effective. "Offensively, they do a good job of getting the ball to all their skill players," Patricia said. "Certainly, McCoy is a featured guy, but whether it's Cadet or Tolbert earlier in the year or O'Leary or Clay or the receivers, the quarterback, they've been productive with a lot of different players doing different things. So that's I think a testament to how well-coached they are and how they're able to utilize all their resources." The Pats stopped Shady and Clay from dominating last time they played, and they won.

The Defense will have to have a similar effort this week. Not having Van Noy makes covering Shady, Clay, and Cadet much more difficult. They can't let Taylor get on a roll. Limit the effect Shady has on the offense, and don't let Clay hurt them.  If they can slow those three guys down, the Bills just don’t have the guys to compliment them yet.

6. Pats O Vs Bills D- The Bills defense caused a lot of problems for the Offense a few weeks ago, and now the Defense should be even more familiar with the Pats offense. "Let's start with the Bills. We had a tough game up there. They're a good defense, challenge you with a lot of different things, whether it's players or scheme, do a good job of taking the ball away," McDaniels said. "I know they're one of the top teams in our league in terms of creating turnovers. They forced a turnover in our game, also. So, they do a good job of taking away the ball from the opponent. They play very good in the red area." Their D-line can get pressure.

Plus, their secondary is healthier than they were three weeks ago. "They're a team that challenges you with different looks up front," McDaniels said. "Their safeties and their secondary do a tremendous job of disguising coverages and trying to hold their rotations, whether that's to include blitzes or not. They really force you to be disciplined and see what's going on after the ball's snapped because they're extremely well-coached. I mean, Sean and Leslie [Frazier] do a great job and they have their group playing really well." This is not the wacky out of control Bills we've seen that past few years.

The Pats will have to be disciplined and run the ball. "They know the system, they know how to play within it, they know how to adjust it to whatever formations or personnel groupings you're playing with and they've got a lot of good players," McDaniels said. "So this will be a big challenge. Playing them twice in a relatively short span is always a good challenge for you when you're playing a division opponent because they know you so well. You know them, and it's about execution. And who has a great week of practice. And goes out there and executes our assignments and plays with great toughness. And does the little things well for 60 minutes on Sunday." This is not going be an easy game.

The Bills defense wants revenge and they know if they lose, their season is done. "In our league, you can't sit there and look back. You've got to look forward. Win, lose or draw, you have to take what you can learn from the game you just got done playing and you apply those lessons to hopefully make your team better or your unit better as you move forward and really get your focus turned to the next opponent and the next task at hand as fast as you can," McDaniels said. "I think our team does a really good job of that of really getting onto the next team, the next challenge that we have in front of us. In this case, it's a significant one with Buffalo, a team that knows us better now than they knew us three weeks ago." Their familiarity is going to show up on the field in this game.

The Pats offense has to be better this week then they have been the past few weeks. "It's obvious they're playing for a lot, we're playing for a lot, and every game matters," McDaniels said. "Every game is really important this time of the year, and hopefully the motivation is the same each week. To try to reach our best potential, play our best football and continue to get better and improve so that we can play our very best each week as we continue to move through the season." Both teams dislike each other, and both are in do-or-die Playoff mode. So this should be one hell of game to watch.

7. Pats Win- This game has all the revenge aspects of the Miami game that worried me so much, but it doesn't feel the same. If this game were in Buffalo, I would pick the Bills. But the Pats know this is a Playoff game. They cannot lose this game. The coaches know it. The Players know it. And now you know it.

If the Pats are a legit Super Bowl contender than they win this game, period. If they lose this game than they don't deserve to go to the Super Bowl. I think they are a legit Super Bowl contender. I think the Bills will be distracted with revenge. I think the Pats will be focused on the win. Pats win in a rough and tough game.

And MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody. Go Pats!

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