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Do or Die Game.


3. Do or Definitely Die.- The Bills have just as much on the line as the Pats. This is a Playoff do or die game for them as well. The Bills beat the Dolphins last week in impressive fashion. "Getting back on the Bills, they had a really impressive game against Miami last week," BB said. "Obviously, we're pretty familiar with the Dolphins and Buffalo did a great job against them in all three areas of the game. They moved the ball well offensively, played well on defense, solid in the kicking game." They had their best game in the second half of the season last week.

So they can't really start taking cheapshots that can cost them this game. "We’ve got too much work to do," McDermott said. "And this is too good of an opponent for us to, A, talk about it, or B, even think about it. The weeks go by too fast for us to do anything but focus on what we’ve got to do and the New England Patriots." Both teams need to win this game if they want a chance in the Playoffs at all.

So the HC is talking to his players on defense, and telling them no shenanigans against Gronk. "If you do that, doesn’t that open up for their other weapons to take over?" McDermott said. "He’s as good as they come at the tight end position. As good as there’s been on the field that I’ve been around in my 20 some years in the NFL. You saw the results of the game the other day, so, we’ve got to play sound, whatever we do, it has to be sound. And sometimes when you try to do things outside of your wheel house, to take a certain guy away, you risk at times becoming unsound, so, that’s a delicate balance every week." This could be a game won or lost by revenge.

Meanwhile, the Pats are focused on what they need to be focused on. "Our coaching staff does a great job of preparing us for every situation for the game, whether it's two minute, trick plays," Harmon said. "I'm trying to tell you we go back 10 years before sometimes with an offensive coordinator [and] a trick play he might've ran like 10 years ago. I mean our coaching staff does a great job of preparing us for each and every situation so that we can go out there with the utmost confidence and comfort level to play as fast as we can." So while the Pats are focused on winning, McDermott is focused on making sure his players are not focused on revenge.

This is one of those games that should have all the checks going Buffalos way, like Miami a couple weeks again. But it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like the Pats will focused solely on the win, and there is no way all the Bills players can say the same thing.

This will not be the same team we played a few weeks ago. "It looks like there have been a few changes since the last time we played the Bills and getting guys like Benjamin back, and [Ramon] Humber's role in the kicking game, [Matt] Milano's increased role on defense, the situation at corner," BB said. "There's a number of things for us to work through. Not to mention the quarterback position, which seems like that’s returned to what it was when we played them. But there’s been some transition in the intermediate time. It'll give us a lot of things that we need to work on and be ready for. Tolbert being back, of course, is another big one." It just seems the Pats will be more focused in this game.

4. Run Forest Run- The run game stands out again this week. "We've kind of had some division games back-to-back. Each team, they do something different," David Andrews said. "There's going to be different keys here and there and there's going to be wrinkles, so you just try to prepare. You prepare for everything. Luckily, you know a lot of those guys in that sense. Schematically, there's always going to be different wrinkles getting thrown in there, and that's what's great about football and that's what makes this game fun." The O-line, as always, is half the offense, and maybe the most important factor on offense.

They have to block better than they did last week for most of the game. "It's never good enough. Everything is held to such a high standard, and so we as a group look, and no matter what, we can always find something," Andrews said. "We can have a perfect game, but to us, it's never going to be perfect. There's always going to be something frustrating to us. So, it's definitely a challenge. We challenge each other. Coaches challenge us. It's just to be the best that we can be. We've definitely got room to grow, and I think that's what makes a mature football team is these teams that can grow and improve, especially here down the stretch and late in the season." Dion has been terrific the past few weeks.

If they can get him going that takes a ton of pressure off of Brady. "I'm sure it'll be a very competitive game, like it always is against Buffalo. I think that the Bills have played great football all year long. Coach McDermott's done a great job with the team. They’re very disciplined. They’re tough. They’re physical," BB said. "They’re very competitive in every phase of the game on every play. There’s no downs off. There’s no plays off. We're going to have to play a good 60-minute game. We need to play with fewer penalties, fewer mistakes, better ball security, better tackling, better discipline. There’s a lot of things we need to do better than the last time that we played them, but they’re a good football team. They’re well-coached and I’m sure that we'll get their best shot. We need to give them ours." It's do or die time for both teams, and the Pats will not win the Super Bowl if they do not win this game.


Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

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