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7 Things for Sunday: Part I.


Greetings Pats Fans,

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The Playoffs Have Begun.


1. One Loss Is Too Many- In case you missed it, the Playoffs started last week. "This weekend is the most important game [of the year]," Gronk said, "And the page turned on Monday after that game. It's just all Bills. Very good team. Very good defense and we've got to be ready." If the Pats lost that game than their Super Bowl hopes were over.

If they lost last week they would have found themselves in third place in the AFC. "[We're] just focusing for the big game Sunday," Gronk said. "Just preparing like any other week and just preparing as best as I can. It was a good week at practice. And [we've] still got 48 more hours to go." They would have had to win two Playoff games on the Road to reach the Super Bowl.

I do not believe they could go on the road and win in Jacksonville and then Pitt. "I've just been preparing all week, just like any other week. Preparing for a big [do or die] game on Sunday with the team, with the boys and just going to be ready for a hard-fought battle," Gronk said. "Every single time we play the Bills they're always battling hard. They're always mentally tough. They're always physically tough and this will be a big game Sunday." Maybe, if they were completely healthy, maybe?

But it is certainly much more likely they falter on the road than at Home. In 20012 they went into Pitt and won the AFC Champ game. But that was also after winning at Home. To play the Bye Week at Home, and then play two vicious Road Playoff games against the two best defense at hitting the quarterback, ON THE ROAD, is not a very high winning percentage. 

It is the same scenario this week. It is the same scenario every week the rest of the way. "I would say it's just as big of a game for us as it is them. It's a playoff-type game. It has playoff implications on both sides," Harmon said. "So we know they're going to come ready but we're going to come ready too because, like I said, we know how important this game is for us and we can't let [anybody] take it away from us." If they lose one game, their season is over.

If they lose this game to the Bills, they could wake up Monday morning and find themselves in third place in the AFC. "It's going to be a big challenge this week. Buffalo's coming in off a big win. They've got a lot they're playing for," David Andrews said. "We've got a lot we're playing for right now! So, it's going to be a great game, great division game coming down late here in the stretch and both teams are really battling for position." A loss in this game would also take away the indispensable Bye week that this beat up team so desperately needs.

This week is not a Division game, it is a Playoff game, and the loser will lose all hope of winning in the Playoffs. The difference between having the indispensable Bye and hosting the Playoff games is almost always the difference between victory and going home early.

2. Drafting Patriots- On Wednesday, December 27th are three interesting Bowl Games for pat fans.

#18 *Auden Tate- WR, Jr, 6-5, 225, 2nd- He can grab the clutch catches on 3rd down. Great size, and is at his best when his QB throws the high lob 50-50 ball. He just skies up over the smaller CBs and takes it. Nice hands to grab the ball thrown just a hair behind him, while the DB is hitting him. He is not quick off the line, needs some room to build up speed. Runs a nice comeback. He gets hurt a lot.

#54 Alec Eberle- OC/OG, 6-4, 299- He can get down field on the half screen, and take out a LB on the second or third level. "I think the guys are working hard, trying to stay focused, just really getting after it," Eberle said. "We’re determined to win this game. We want to finish the season 7-6, we want to have a winning record. I think this game’s really important in that way." He is a smaller OC, who looks like a Zone blocking scheme OC or OG.

He really gets downfield and blocks consistently on the move. "They want me to play Center and I’m going in as a Center. They said if I gain some weight they might move me to guard. I can do both," Eberle said. "I played Center a couple of years ago, but I play tackle now for my school.  I’m always working on my snapping with a private coach though. FSU wasn’t the only school that wanted me to play Center. I figured my best shot to play early in college and maybe even to get to NFL was to play Center." He is a Day Three interior OL who has a chance to be a starter in the NFL if he can hang on long enough.

2017: Started all 12 games at center and has 31 consecutive starts dating back to the 2015 season…named second team All-ACC…named to the preseason Rimington watch list, given to the nation’s best center, Outland watch list, given to the nation’s best interior lineman and Wuerffel watch list for community service…Behind Eberle, the Seminoles offense secured over 400 total yards five times…helped open holes for third-team All-ACC running back Cam Akers…helped guide true freshman quarterback James Blackman as he ranked third in passing by a freshman…team captain.

#5 Matthew Thomas- OLB, 6-2, 227, 4.67- Thomas is one of the top prospects in this Draft, as far as an ILB who can cover and stop the run. "He’s a very skilled linebacker," Fisher said. "He can cover, catch the ball really well. He got good eyes, instincts, and he’s so fast and athletic and strong. He’s got all the tools to be a really good player." He has the talent to be a four down LB.

He has chosen to sit out FLA State's meaningless Bowl. "I feel like I have the ability to be the best linebacker in this country, but I’m not there yet, though," Thomas said. "I still have some things I have to work on. I feel like I have the ability." That is a huge mistake.

There is trouble in paradise. "It’s difficult when you don’t have discipline and follow the rules; you’ll make it hard for yourself," Thomas said. "That was the situation for me. I just had to buckle down and get myself together, and do what’s right." He was suspended (with the flu;) for his immature behavior earlier in his career.

So he has some character issues that teams have to be comfortable with. It could drop him down to Day Three. There are a ton of off the line linebackers in this Draft. He is one of the best, but he had trouble being eligible to play to starts his redshirt senior season. Which is not the norm. If he is mature enough, he is a starting ILB in the NFL. If not, he could break your heart.

His problems are all mental off the field. He missed games early in his career and this season do to his immaturity. I have no problem with Seniors skipping Bowl Games, but not if they still have something to prove. His selfish behavior got him in a lot of trouble. Now when it looked like it was all resolved, he makes the selfish decision again. He is now a Day Three LB.

#3 **Derwin James- FS, Soph, 6-3, 211, 1st- He is one of the true elite athletes in this Draft. "The first time I saw him, he was doing dumbbell presses," FLA ST weight coach Vic Viloria said. "He grabbed the 120s, and I thought, 'You're going to kill yourself, bud.' He sat down and somebody brought him the dumbbells. That grabbed my attention. Here's a true freshman, and somebody's bringing him the dumbbells? I knew he must have earned some respect outside of the building. Then I watched him do it, and he crushed it. But I wasn't going to allow myself to get caught up in it yet." They play him all over the field.

He was an elite prospect with obvious NFL potential fro day one. "A lot of times, those (high school) guys, you can't see size potential, but you saw it in him at that age," Fisher said. "He had the size potential and was physically developed. And then you saw the maturity, the athleticism, and you knew, almost instantly, this guy was going to be a player. And you better start recruiting him now. He had speed, size, intangibles. And when you got around him, his intelligence, it was very obvious." He could go top five in the Draft.

He plays Cover One as well as he plays the blitzing OLB role. "He's pretty-looking," a Scout said. "He's got one of those body types where you could play him at about seven different positions. "He looks most like a strong safety. But he's got the frame to put weight on and be a linebacker. He could be a huge corner. He looks kind of like what Patrick Peterson was coming out. Just a great-looking frame." They will line up at the Will on short yardage.

They will line up in Cover One. "He's a separate entity," Deion Sanders said. "There aren't too many people who do what he does or have what he has." He has great instincts in the run game.

He might be at his best as a Box Safety. "His athleticism jumps off the charts," Deion said. "His size and physicality is a whole other asset as well. And he loves the game of football. One of my dear friends, Mario Edwards, works down there, and can tell me about his intangibles. His practice habits. Who he is off the field. All those coincide for a recipe of success." He could be a Ronnie Lott like Corner.

I don't think you want him playing CB fulltime, but he step out do it. "If you put him at corner and you were patient with the technique stuff, he'd be able to do the physical stuff," a Scout said. "But with his size, you'd prefer him covering tight ends. It's as hard to find guys to cover tight ends as it is to cover wide-outs right now." He is the best coving TEs in this Draft.

He is now preparing for the Combine. "As a strength coach, it's weird to hear me say this, but I'll kick guys out of the weight room if they're only coming in to make their combine numbers better," Viloria said. "They're combine freaks. Derwin only trains to be a better football player. He runs and gets his body in shape only to chase offensive players. Sharpening your skill set. That's what the gym is for. And that's why Derwin does it." He is a work our warrior.

He has chosen to sit out this Bowl Game as well. "I feel extremely grateful that every person I spoke to supported my decision to begin my training immediately," James said. "They all know how much this program means to me and they saw firsthand how much it killed me to be away from the field when I injured my knee last year. It’s hard to really believe I’ll never wear that garnet and gold uniform again, but everyone I’ve reached out to has agreed that this is the best decision for me and my family." This game just became a ton less interesting.

#4 *Tarvarus McFadden- CB, Jr, 6-2, 198, 1st- Elite athlete with underrated ball skills.

#91 *Derrick Nnadi- DT, Jr, 6-1, 303 1st- Great job pushing the OC up, when at Nose Tackle, and then shedding and diving on the RB. He is so strong inside. Elite initial burst when he guesses the snap. He is a little short and short armed, so he has to make up for that in the weight room, and he does.

He has some of the strongest legs in this Draft. "If you look at the last four years, we lost my freshman year, we lost my sophomore year, and we won one last year," Nnadi said. "How I see it, I want to make sure we push the record, and help our organization win another one." His game is all based on the power in his legs.

He will play in the game. "I never really thought of not playing," Nnadi said "I like playing the game of football. And my mindset is I want to help this team win another bowl game." Well thank god. Now there is someone to watch in this game.

#9 *Josh Sweat- DE/Buck, Jr, 6-5, 250, 3rd– He is having a great season. "From last year, Sweat’s made huge jumps as far as effort, his technique and motor," FSU DL Brian Burns said. "Everything has been pretty great. I look up to him so I just try to model my game after him. He’s doing a great job." He made himself an NFL peospect this season.

He  is so good at getting low and digging under tackles to the QB. "Josh is really evolving into a really good player, complete player," Jimbo Fisher said. "And understanding his role and how to play consistent every week, how to prepare what he's got to do weekly to be in position, mentally, physically to make the plays he has to make." He is playing with so much better leverage this season.

He is consistently holding up on the edge. "Doing a great job in the run," Fisher said. "Pass rush, [he] has got some pressure and things, but he's done a great job in the run. Especially how we had him playing. His strength and power allows him do that." He plays stouter than his listed weight.

Great lateral burst, combos his great hands, and he is sacking the QB. "Doing it at practice is probably my biggest thing," Sweat said. "Just repping it over and over again. Practicing hard and it just carries over."  His hands are much better this season.

He doesn't use it consistently, but he does have the speed to run around the OLT. He has chosen to sit out this Bowl game as well. This game just got even less interesting.

#20 Trey Marshall- SS, 6-1, 207, 4.57, 2nd-

#16 Jacob Pugh- DE, 6-3, 232, 4.78, 3rd-

#76 Rick Leonard- ORG, 6-4, 313, 5.28, 5th-

# Wilson Bell- OG, 6-6, 287, 4.89, 7th-

BC Vs Iowa:

#7 Harold Landry- EDGE 6-3 250 SR- He was one of the few guys who can close the angle down on Lamarr Jackson when he takes off outside. "This obsession with greatness, he has that," BC HC Steve Addazio said. "Harold is a great example of that development guy that popped in his third [year], and has a chance in his fourth to really and clearly become one of the nation’s elite players." He does a great job in the short zone, and when the great running QB takes off he can charge forward and take him down.

He has been compared to Jason Taylor, and I buy it. "I'd like to probably say Jason Taylor. You know, he's a guy that can get off the football, that uses his hands well," BC DC Jim Reid, who coach Taylor at Miami, said. "The one thing that Harold has developed very well, I think that Coach Pasqualoni will tell you this, is a great understanding of how to study film, you know. And how to practice. And the intensity of it and the environment and the awareness. Jason Taylor had a long reach. I coached him. Coach Pasqualoni was the defensive coordinator, and I coached the rush ends on the outside and the linebackers. He's that type of guy." His does have Taylor's length, but he has his ferocity and bend.

With a bum ankle against Louisville, they were dropping him a lot in coverage. They manned him up against the tight end to start the 2nd quarter. Excellent job jammed the TE right at the line, to take him out of his route.

He played through two injuries this season. "Jason Taylor was also the NFL Man of the Year, I think, like three or four times, maybe five," Reid said. "So I would also include that as part of the evaluation of what you just asked me to do because Harold Landry I think is a really great man. Great, great, great young man." He is tough, and was a one man rush the past two seasons.

Plays the option well. "He’s a pretty elite pass rusher," V-Tech coach Justin Fuente said. "He seems to have a great mix of both speed and power, in terms of being able to run around you and also being able to mix in a bull rush or up and under. We’ll certainly have our hands full with him." He knows when to hold his position on the backside, and not give a player like Lamarr Jackson a chance to bounce it back to his side.

He does a good job covering the RB on the screen to make the QB take off to the other side. "He’s definitely an elite pass rusher. We have to know where he is on every snap, either run or pass," V-Tech OL coach Vance Vice said. "They’ve got different packages where he’s sort of the roam-around linebacker. They’re utilizing him in every way possible." Even playing hurt, he has elite hands to shove the ORT off, and find a lane to the QB.

He has become unstoppable in rushes when no one helps the tackle. "I think it’s definitely harder with teams game-planning," Landry said. "When I get presented with the opportunity of a one-on-one, I have to make sure I come through on my end and produce." He is an elite speed rusher already.

#5 Morre Kamrin- CB, SR- Terrific cover CB, who tough against the run as well. It is all be about his speed at the Combine. I like him as a Day Three steal.

#94 Noa Merritt- DT  SR-

#13 Conner Strachan- LB SR-

#10 Ty  Schwab- LB SR-

#20 Isaac Yiadom- CB SR- He is a terrific hitter when a WR catches the ball in front of him.


#89 Tom Sweeney- TE- When he catches the ball, he is a terrific power runner after the catch. Good blocker, but even better pushing his RB into the endzone on short yardage.

#74 Marcell Lazard- ORT, RS SR/TR-



#25 Akrum Wadley- RB, Sr, 5-11, 195, 3rd- Likes to cut back when  the line gets overwhelmed He could be a interesting prospect for a zone blocking team. Elite special teams player. Runs nice routes out of the backfield. His stop and go move makes DLs miss at the line. I really love his quicks. Terrific lateral explosion to make guys miss. Not afraid to lower his head and get what he can get. Consistent weapon out of the backfield. He will fumble it sometimes.

#79 Sean Welsh- ORT 6-3 288 rSR- He moved over to ORT for his senior season. He is too small to play ORT in the NFL. He is a little light, but he can push the DT back on short yardage, and then go and shove the RB forward. Nice job getting inside and turning to keep the DT outside, and then hold on with power for a few seconds. He will grab hold of the much bigger DT, and let him drive himself out of the play, and let the RB run behind him. He looks like a Day Three steal to me.

#89Matt VandeBerg- WR, RS SR, 7th- 


#15 *Josh Jackson- CB, 6-1, 195, 1st- This is the player for Pats fans to watch. "It’s always a possibility," BB's buddy Kirk Ferentz said. "It's really nice in life when you get to do what you want to do. We don’t want anyone staying here if they aren’t fired up about that." If he declares he could easily be picked 32 by the Pats.

He is better prospect than Desmond King (and I loved Desmond in the Draft). "Desmond was a different story," Iowa DC Parker said. "He doesn’t have the same dimensions (King is shorter and slower) and skill set that maybe Josh has. But Desmond has a lot more football instinct that maybe Josh has." Elite understanding of position and what he has to do on the field. 

Best moving going backwards and sidewards down the field. "He has all of the athletic ability," Parker said. "It takes some time when you’re in the secondary with the different coverages and schemes, zone or man, and I think that’s really helped him. The more he was involved in the game plan and seeing it, he improved every day. I think he has a lot more upside." Great quicks to stop and turn inside when the WR makes a great break inside.

He played WR in high school, and most thought he would be a WR at Iowa. "He’s always been able to jump," his high school coach Young said. "I always thought when he went, he would end up being a receiver. Because he’s got such good ball skills." He has great ball skills for a CB.

Played more and more of the side-saddle technique where he watches the QB instead of the WR this season. "I was surprised when he said that," Young said. "But he really thought he could [make it to the NFL]. That makes sense. That’s what the NFL wants, guys that look like him. Long guys with the ball skills that can cover." Just does not get beat down the sideline.

Plays mainly on the QB's right. "You've just seen him grow with his role," Ferentz said. "But you never know where it's going to go and how well a guy will play. He's really had to work hard, and he has worked hard. And that's really the key. He's had good ability, but now he's really learned how to play a little bit, and that's a good combination." Plays Press and off with equal aplomb. 

He is one of those guys who looks faster and quicker than everyone else on the field.

#43 Josey Jewell- ILB, 6-1, 235, 4.74, 4th- Nice speed to the outside to stop the QB on the keeper. Nice speed blitzing up the gut. He can get to the QB fast, and slap the ball down as he throws. He has that knack for finding the ball. He looks like the real deal. If he has the athleticism, he is an NFL player. He sure reads it right, fast, and finds the ball.

#99 Nathan Bazata- DT, 6-2, 285, 4.93, 6th- Terrific stack and shed player. A little short, but he might be able to play some 5-Tech. Doesn't get up field in rush very well. Not much of a prospect.

#44 Ben Niemann- OLB, 6-2, 230, 4.74- Solid tackler in space.

#41 Bo Bower- LB, RS SR-

#19 Miles Taylor- SS, SR-

Missouri Vs Texas:

#16 Marcell Frazier- OLB, 6-5, 260- Frazier is a guy who has all the physical gifts to be a great edgerusher in the NFL, but he hasn't put it all together. "Just resiliency," Frazier said. "Says a lot about Coach Odom. Just resilient, hard-nosed guy, blue collar. Nothing flashy. There’s no secret ingredients. It’s just waking up every day and working hard." I'm still not sure he has that knack for hitting the quarterback yet.

Explosive burst into the backfield. Excellent against the run as well. He is as fast upfield as any D-end in this Draft. He makes ORT twitch off sides in fear. He can get low and power under the ORT, and get to the RB on the toss fast. He's tall and thin, but is much stronger than he looks. I really like this kid. Explosive blast off. He gets into the backfield consistently. He is so good at using his hands to shove the ORT off his shirt. He is ultra quick and is one of those guys who looks faster and quicker than everyone else on the field. 

#22 Anthony Sherrils- SS, RS SR- He is a heck of player. Great hitter on the goal line. He can play the ball in the air. Team leader. Got into a crippling Brain injury accident as a freshman.


#3 *Drew Lock- QB, 6-4, 225- He is a young strong armed spread QB. He may or may not be coming out. But if he does the Pats could be interested.

Brady is showing some wear and tear this season, and the Pats will have to draft a young developmental QB in this Draft.

He has not decided whether he is coming out yet or not, but most seem to think that his HC leaving will prompt him to leave for the NFL Draft. "Not too much," Lock said, "At the beginning, it was all coming out, [everyone said] 'Heupel left, so Drew’s leaving now.' But really I’m on the same course as to making a decision. It (isn't) a huge factor in my decision." He could be on the Board between 30 and 40.

Smart kid who has played in three different offences in four years. "It speaks a lot to have a quarterback who comes in and learns three different systems as far as being able to relay that at the next level," his OC in 2015 John Henson said. "If a guy does come in here with a brand new offense, with the players we have and the mindset I would have going into it, I think we’d be just fine." So there is a lot of turmoil in Missouri right now.

I am in the crowd that thinks he's gone. "We run the same plays with Drew that we do with Maty," Pinkel said. "[Lock] moves in the pocket well. I think he has pretty good instincts back there. He doesn’t have Maty’s foot speed, but not too many quarterbacks do. But again, he’s got to be who he is." He can take the big hit, and complete the next pass.

He also throws well on the move. "(Lock has) that playmaking ability, the understanding of spacing, the understanding of where the ball is going to go," Thomas said. "He’s a competitor. It’s almost, for people to understand it, it’s what Johnny Manziel does with his teams. When he steps on the field, you always feel like you have a chance to win." TMIWTMIL.

#5 J'Mon Moore-  6-3, 190,  4.57- Nice job catching the ball and turning up field. Great size, and seems to have some good speed.

#7 Nate Brown- WR, 6-2, 205, 4.63-

#46 Malik Jefferson- OLB, Jr, 6-3, 240- Good blitzer off the edge. Nice job using his hands to fight off the OL, and then grab the RB and try to rip the ball out as he takes him down. The problem is how valuable is a run stuffing ILB in the NFL now. Nice job slipping around the line and grabbing the RB on short yardage to stop him. Not bad moving laterally in zone defense.

#95 Poona Ford- NT- 6-6, 290- Very good on the goal line. He made two huge stops on the goal line. He is starting to look pretty good to me. Great job digging under the ORT.

#5 *Holton Hill- JR, CB*- Nice ball skills. He can leap in front of the WR, and knocked the ball down. Tough fighter on the edge against the run. He did the best job against James Washington of any CB I've seen. Great job coming up and taking out the WR on the screen. His Forty at the Combine could propel him into Day Two.

#40 Hughes, Naashon- LB RS SR/3-

#55 Connor Williams- OLT, Jr, 6-6, 320- Injured knee.

#25 Chris Warren III, RB*- Nice shifty little RB. Best going up the middle. Great job blocking for his QB on the edge when he runs with the ball. Terrific blocking the DT coming up the middle in pass pro. Great in pass pro. When they need a late drive, he just stays in to block and stones DE and DT rushing like a OT. Best RB in pass pro I've seen this year. With Connor Williams out, he has had to stay in to block on almost every pass play. He was invaluable for them in pass pro.

#75 Nickelson, Tristian SR/TR/2-



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