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7 Things for Sunday: Part I.


Greetings Pats Fans,

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Ghosts and Piggies.


1. Burnt Out- The Bills are a big challenge. This is going to be a tough game. The Bills coaches always have them ready to perform at their maximum level. This Organization is top notch and they are going to be looking to put a hurt on the Pats.

They were one of the hottest and toughest teams in the first half of the season. "These division games are coming one right after another now. So [I've] been very impressed watching Buffalo here all week," BB said. "They're a tough, hard-nosed football team. Tough team to play against. They do a really good job of their execution, make you work for everything. It will be tough up there. So we've got to have a good day today. Be ready to go on Sunday. Be ready to play 60 minutes. This team plays hard all the way through." They were actually fighting for first place in the AFC East, huh, a couple months ago.

Oh wait! That's all BS! The Bills HC just blew his team up by placing a rookie QB, who needed 3 to 5 years to develop into a legit NFL starter, into the starting line up. He predictably produced the worst Quarterbacking ever. They were 5 and 4 and still fighting the Pats for the AFC East crown. That decision blew up the Franchise 

BOOM! "Tyrod was our starter when you guys asked me that question, both Sunday and again on Monday," McDermott said. "Just like I do every week, I continued to evaluate our team, continued to evaluate our situation. Thought about it, slept on it. and I felt like we needed to move in a different direction at this time." That was just two weeks ago.

Losing begets losing. "I followed two great coaches in here with Bill [Parcells] and Pete [Carroll]. So, a lot of things that were established or in play, in one way or another. Two great coaches, one of which I was a part of, so I had a lot of familiarity with what we did in '96," BB said. "It comes down to winning. Once you establish that you can win, then that changes your program from not being a winning program to being a winning program, and that's all the difference in the world. I'd say it's a great question, so probably for another day and a longer story. Right now, I'm kind of trying to get ready to go this week against Buffalo and we need to play well up there. It's going to be a big challenge for us, so just going to put our attention there." That coaching move established them in the losing column again.

An NFL QB is the most important and fragile position. The QB needs to believe in himself, and so does the rest of the team. He has to be the leader of the offense and the team. When the HC undermines his QB, it has an irreversible losing affect.

I like Taylor as a QB, and he had a good week last week against the Chiefs in the most horrid of circumstances (19 for 29, for 183 yards, and a TD). "He has a strong arm, he's able to make all the throws and I also think because of his ability to escape the pocket and make plays, he doesn't really stay in there to make a bad throw," McCourty said. "He's not really trying to force it into bad situations because if you don't rush the right way and you open up a gap instead of making a throw into double coverage, he just moves up in the pocket. If somebody frees up for him to throw it, he throws it. If no one frees up and the lane's open, he takes off and runs, even if it's for a 4- or 5-yard gain.

"He understands he'd rather do that than to try to throw the ball into a bad situation and maybe end up with an interception. I think it's his ability and also his mentality of understanding what's best for the team. He really understands we'll live for another down to make a play." He really understands that his coach doesn't trust him anymore.

They had the ammo to beat the Pats, both Taylor and Shady have shown to be Patriots Killers. "Very dangerous. We've seen these guys for the last couple years, and that's always tough. Both of these guys, you want to get as many guys to them as possible," McCourty said. "One-on-one tackles against Taylor, McCoy all day probably won't work in our favor. We just want to try to get everyone to the point of attack and be ready because, I mean, the play can end up anywhere. It can start to the left, outside run and end up back all the way on the right side. So, we've talked about that as a defense trying to get all 11 guys to the ball once it declares it and everyone trying to tackle well." But in the end the HC is the biggest leader of the team, and he blew his entire team and Franchise up with a random act of stupidity, like Trump on crack.

2. Drafting Patriots- The Draft just got weird with the loss of Alabama to Auburn. Now, Auburn is playing Georgia for the SEC Championship. They both have some good prospect, but combined they don't have the amount of prospect that Alabama has on their team. Such a shame. The most talented team in college football will not be playing in the playoffs.

#78 *Trenton Thompson, DT, Georgia, 5th- Great job on twists and stunts. When he guesses the count, he is up field fast. He blows the play up right in the middle.

#17 Davin Bellamy- OLB, 6-4, 242, 5th- He is the leader on the field. Great job using his long arms to set the edge, and tackle the RB for a loss. Protects the edge like it is dinner. You cannot get outside on his side.

#20 Quincy Mauger- S 6' 200 SR- Big hitter, and an underrated athlete.

#24 Dominick Sanders- S 6' 189 SR- He can make a play on the arm right as the ball arrives to knock it out. He will grab shirt sometimes and get caught.

#7 Lorenzo Carter- OLB, 6-5, 242, 4.79- Nice job getting his hand on the ball as he tackle the RB, and rip the ball out.

#35 Aaron Davis- CB, 6-1, 190, 4.56, 5th-  

#14 Malkom Parrish- CB, 5-10, 188, 4.52, 7th-  

#3 *Roquan,, Smith- MLB- #3- He is one hell of a football player.  

#97 John Atkins- NT, RS SR-

#27 *Nick Chubb- RB, 5-10, 220- He looked quicker to start the second half against ND. He showed some herky jerky running style that made him great early in his career. Nice eyes to bounce outside for five when there is nothing inside. When you give him a lane he can still exploit it. He can still make a guy miss with his feet.

#1 *Sony Michel- RB, 5-11, 212- Great burst through the line. He can really move when he has a lane. Great cutback runner on Zone runs. He does a nice job in blitz pick up. Great slasher and cutback runner. Zone blocking teams will be looking for him on Day Three. Great job finding the crack to slash through. Fast to line, and reads it fast and bounces outside when the OLT wins. If he could just stay healthy.

#77 Isaiah Wynn- OLT, SR- Terrific moving forward in run. Chips off the NT and into the OLB with some interesting quickness and power. Nice balance in pass pro. He uses his long arms well. However, it can look like he is overextending sometimes. Nice run blocker. More of a power pass blocker than nimble in pass pro. I have to see him against speed, but he was perfect in pass pro against ND. He reminds me of Waddle, who I do like at OLT.

#83 Jeb Blazevich- TE, 6-5, 248, 3rd- Very interesting prospect. Good blocker and consistent in the passing game.

#6 Javon Wims- WR, SR/TR- Sure hands on short passes.

#8 Jarrett Stidham- QB, Soph, 6-3, 214- Strong arm. He can put it in the TE shoulder, like a bullet, while runaway from him do to pressure. He threw such a nice touch pass over the CB. Love the way he throws the deep ball. He can use his feet when he can't throw, but I like how he keeps his eyes down field and looks to throw when he has to leave the pocket. Great thrower when retreating from rusher. He is great at putting the ball where only his WR can catch it. Great thrower to the outside shoulder of the WR going down the sideline. Stares down one WR too-too much. He seems to have everything else.

#71 Braden Smith- ORG, Sr, 6-5, 300 2nd= They like to pull him a lot. He is bettor going forward to second level to hit the LB.

#36 * Kamryn Pettway, RB, RS-JR- He is a bulldozer runningback.

#73 Austin Golson- OC, SR- 





 #6 Carlton Davis- CB, Jr, 6-1, 203- He looks like a 1st Round talent to me. He is as physically talented as Gilmore. It is all about speed for him. He has to have a good very good forty to go in the 1st.

#9 *Byron Cowart- DE, Jr, 6-3, 283  .

#30 Tre' Williams- WLB, 6-2, 240, 4.74, 5th-

#28 Tray Matthews- SS, 6-1, 207, 4.65-

#95 Dontavious Russell- NT/DT, RS Jr-

#14 Stephen Roberts- SS, SR-

Let me tell you something, if Alabama is not the most talented team in the FBS than Ohio State is. They have to play undefeated Wisconsin in Badger land. Ohio State is the big favorite. They have won five straight against the Badgers. But Wisconsin has shown starling resilience, and has successfully refused to lose all season against teams with more NFL prospects.

#6 *Sam Hubbard EDGE 6’5” 265 RS Jr*- He looked a little faster around the corner this season. Nice power when he gets the LT moving backwards and off balance al little.

#59 *Tyquan Lewis- EDGE 6-4 260 SR- He looks bigger this season, and maybe a little slower. With all the talent on the Edge (the most talented group of passrushers I have ever seen on one team!), he has been lost in the shuffle a little. He will be a steal late on Day Two, or early on Day Three.

#11 Jalyn Holmes- DE, 6-5,270.  SR- I really like this kid. He finds more ways to the QB than most. He has that knack for hitting the QB. Hustles all over the field. Great physicality and burst in the rush.

#93 Tracy Sprinkle- DE,.  SR- He was a starting DT last season, but he missed most 2016 because he got injured.

#35 Chris Worley-  LB 6-2, 230, LB, SR- He hit the Indy QB as he moved forward, and forced a fumble. But they called it an incomplete pass. Terrific physical talent and speed, who struggles to read things right last season. He is reading things much better this season.

#17 Jerome Baker-  WLB 6-2, 230, SR- Another small speedy college LB. They have a lot of weakside LBs in this years Draft, as coverage becomes more and more important than stuffing the run.

#33 *Dante Booker-  SLB 6-2, 230, RS-JR- He is good in Coverage on the edge on the RB. He can play the ball better in the air.

#12 *Denzel Ward-  CB, 5-10, 191, JR- I love the way he moves backwards. He is a great mover, gong back from every angle. He can play the ball in the air,

Notable: Ward has not started a game yet for the Buckeyes, but he has enough starter-like stats that he could be considered the Buckeyes third starter at cornerback last season: he lined up on defense for 468 plays in 2016 as part of a three-man cornerback rotation that also featured two, 2017 first-round NFL Draft picks: Marshon Lattimore (No. 11 to New Orleans) and Gareon Conley (No. 24 to Oakland).

#7 Damon Webb- FS 5-11, 195, SR- He is a FS who was recruited as a Corner. He shows up in coverage. He is a Day Three pick who could turn into a good starter.

Notable: Webb is one of two Detroit Cass Tech teammates – running back Mike Weber is the other – who started all 13 games for the Buckeyes last season.

#3 **Damon Arnette- CB, RS-So.- He flies up fast when they throw a bubble in front of him.

#10 Kendall Sheffield- CB, So- JuCo kid. 

#34 Erick Smith- SS, SR,- 


#16 *J.T. Barrett- QB 6-2, 225, SR- I like how he runs the Ohio State offense. He has the leadership skills you need. He looked like he was throwing with more accuracy against Indy. My main problem with his is that the HC's system doesn't produce NFL QBs.

#54 *Billy Price- OL 6-3, 315 RS-Jr- This guy is a beast. I have yet to see miss an assignment this season (which doesn't mean he didn't;). He is an elite talent who will likely be stolen in the 2nd, because he is an OC.

Notable: Price has started 41 consecutive games and he is on pace to break Luke Fickell's school record for starts and consecutive starts of 50, set between 1993-96 ... Pat Elflein has played in the most games for an Ohio State football player: 55.

#25 **Mike Weber– 5-10, 214, RB, RS-SO- He was said to run in the 4.3s at Ohio States workouts. Which means he could runs in the 4.4s at the Combine.

#74 * Jamarco Jones- OLT, 6-5, 310 JR- Great pop on short yardage. I like how he gets low, and pops the DE up until he is high and off balance. He glides past the QB so smoothly moving sideways and backwards when he is locked onto the speed rusher. He looks like a 1st Round OLT to me.

#85 Marcus Baugh- TE 6-3 – Very good blocker on the move on outside runs. Great seal blocker on the edge on the QB sweep. He sealed the Edge for Barrett on his two point conversion against Indy.

#59 *Isaiah Prince - ORT, 6-7, 310 JR- Most think he will stay in school, and switch over to the left side as a senior to make his Draft stock much higher.

#5 Parris Campbell- H-Back, - He is a pure speed talent, and track guy. "I saw the clock and I ran it three or four different times. He was consistently hitting 4.3 [in the forty]. It was insanely quick,” his high school coach Lancianese said. "Another test, I wanted to see how reactive his speed was so I timed him for the 20 [yard dash] and that was even quicker." But he is not a football player yet.

He is a track guy. But he has started to produce this season. He garnered 410-yards on 29 catches before he got injured (plus, 5 carries for 51-yards and a TD). He is a rare physical talent who could be great in the NFL if he figures it all out. He is an H-back, who is also a terrific kick returners, which is just crazy.

#48 Troy Fumagalli- TE, Sr, 6-6, 249- Great release off the line. Nice swim over the ILB in pattern. Nice job stepping in front of the DB to knock the pass down. I thought he was better last season.

#11 Jazz Peavy- WR, 6', 189, RS-SR- Career: Has played in 34 games with 17 starts … owns 68 receptions for 958 yards and 5 touchdowns … also has recorded 24 carries for 325 rushing yards and a touchdown … has made 19 punt returns for 108 yards.

#25 Derrick Tindal- CB, SR- Not afraid to come up in the run game. He has a knack for being around the ball. When the ball is thrown to a different man than he is covering, he hustles to the ball when it is in the air and gets involved in breaking things up. He can get beat deep, and catch up and knock the ball out. Speed might be a problem. He plays a lot of Off.

#5 Garret Dooley- OLB, 6-1, 233- Nice blitzer off the edge. He can get to the QB. He is fast into the backfield. He can drive the ORT into the QB, and when the QB takes off, shed him and sack the QB. He was making a lot of plays against N.Western.

#34 Chikwe Obasih- DE, 6-2, 267, 4.82*-

#14 D'Cota Dixon- SS, 5-10,198, 4.56

#43 Ryan  Connelly- ILB, RS JR

#32 Leon Jacobs-Nwude- 6-2, 245, OLB, RS SR– He rushes from both sides. He has that knack for continuing to move forward in the rush, even against much bigger blockers. Plays well with his arms extended. A little short for NFL. Like all Wisconsin LBs, he rushes and drops into coverage with regularity. He is the guy that N.Western chose to triple on the key play of the game that led to a sack by a teammate.

#57 Alec James- 5-T, RS SR


3. Ghosts of the Past- This might be a good time to sit up and look back at what this team has accomplished this season. They were in 3rd place in the AFC in September, and looked like the greatest team ever assembled was a giant crock of crap. They were more ghost of wins than a winning team. They're biggest off season pick up (stolen from the Bills;) looked like he had never seen a Bunch formation before. Their O-line was letting Brady be the most hit QB in the NFL.

Then the injuries started. I thought they had the deepest WR corps. in the NFL. Only Mitchell went down. Then Edelman got injured, and they started going into games with three WRs on the game day roster. How do you do that? Stunning! Then their O-line started losing starters, and back ups.

Their secondary was in complete shambles. Butler seemed to be pouting. Rowe was hurt. Cyrus Jones was gone, and there shiny new 65-million dollar man was proving to be woefully un-bionic. They lost two of their first four games, at Home, to the Chiefs and Panthers.

Now, they have won 13 straight games on the road (that is just incredible). "We don't really think of it any different than being home. It's kind of just our preparation throughout the week," McCourty said. "Honestly, I don't know why we've had that stretch where we've played really well on the road, but I think it's us just trying to stick to our process, stick to what we do. On the road, I think you have a mentality of it's just us. When you go into a different stadium, you know there's no home crowd, there's no energy coming from the crowd for your side. So, I think we understand that mentality, but I don't know the secret kind of to why we've been able to win and play well on the road." This will be their 14th straight win on the Road.

Since allowing 134-points in the first four games (33.5 PPG), they have given up the fewest points in the NFL. "Execution. Just playing the defense better. I think we got better and we focused on what we're being coached to do, and what we needed to do game plan wise. We just played it better," McCourty said when asked about that impossible shift in defense. "It's crazy that it's that simple because it's like, 'Well, why didn't you do that the first four weeks?' But, I think everyone just stuck at it, didn't kind of fall into how the game was going and get on that roller coaster ride. Everybody just locked in and focused on their job and trying to do their job better. Overall, that made us a better group." Now they are the hottest team in the NFL, and the favorite to host the AFC Champ game, ah-gain. 


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