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Greetings Pats Fans,

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3. Brady!- We interrupt this rant about Brady to bring you an important NFL Draft Notice:

If you want to understand Day Three of the NFL Draft you have to watch the Shrine Game.  Day Three of the Draft really starts with this game. You will see the Shrine players proliferate Day Three. If you can figure out where those guys will go in the final four Round of the Draft are not so confusing.

This years game is even more interesting because they are setting up an odd system were young NFL coaches, that teams designate as guys who they think can be Head Coaches someday, to coach in this game. So these players will be learning NFL plays, game plans, and techniques. Getting real NFL coaching is such an advantage for these kids going into OTAs and the off season right after the Draft.

The Senior Bowl will dominate the first three Rounds, but Day Three of the Draft starts next week. Think your team needs an OG, if they are looking for a Day Three guy he will likely be practicing at Shrine Game next week. Need a developmental DB or LB? Day Three LBs and DBs will be all over the Field Saturday January 21st at 3:PM.

Note: I was going to put up a roster of the players to help with viewing, but the format they put up was so terrible it is going to take me hours to put it together. I just don't have time to do that now. Hopefully if I finish next week I'll post it.

Now back to out regularly scheduled program:

The primary advantage that the Pats have is the Goat. Houston's defense clearly looked like the best defense in the NFL last week against the Raiders and Conner Cook. Now I loved Cook in the Draft last year (and yes I was pissed the Pats took Brissett over Cook, and I may have been mistaken). However he is a rookie, and rookie QBs have a way of making defenses look elite.

Brady is not going to be throwing into the dirt all over the field. Cook struggled to throw to the right receiver all game. Brady doesn't have his little Gronky, but he will not be as inept as Cook was. That doesn't mean that the Houston defense sucks. But again, Brady just needs to score in the 20s to win this game.

But I will still be nervous if they Pats are only up 14-points going into the 4th. Or has everyone so soon forget the greatest game of Osweiler's NFL career, when he led the Broncos to a 4th quarter win against the Pats. Osweiler is wildly inconsistent throwing the ball. But when he gets hot he is tough to stop.

He has the size to see over the line, and he has a great arm. "Without trying to leave too much of the game plan out there, obviously getting pressure on any quarterback helps us," Harmon said. "If we're able to do that in the front without blitzing the house or doing anything crazy that really helps us. Putting pressure on him helps out those guys on the back end with their hands full with Fuller and Hopkins and all those speed guys back there. Obviously if we can get pressure, especially in the middle, that will really help make him feel uncomfortable." They have to confuse him and hit him to blow Houston out.

When he is hot, he can riffle the ball into small holes that the DBs cannot stop. "I think he's a very big, tall quarterback," Ninkovich said. "In the pocket he likes to stay in the pocket and look down the field. He's so big he can pretty much see everything. He can make every throw. He's a really good pocket quarterback but he can also get out and run. So as a defensive lineman you have to be aware of situations where he can pull the ball down and try and run and that's up to the front." He is the most important player for Houston in this game, and nobody seems to be talking about him.

The Pats have to hit and confuse him all game and not let him get comfortable. He is just as likely to throw 3 INTs, as he is to throw 3 TDs. The Pats do not need him throwing three TDs tomorrow. He was the good Brock last week, and his throws were still as erratic as a toddler who found his daddy's gun. But he also threw some beautiful passes. Including a great throw deep down the sideline to Watkins.

So it is the Pats defense's job to not let him go off. When he throws one of his patented two or three yards off target throws, they have to pick it off. Another problem is that he is one of the hardest throwers in the League. He throws it so hard that a lot of DBs can't hold on. So he gets away with more bad throws. The Pats' DBs have to hold on when he throws it to them.

4. Evil Is As Evil Does: TrumpCare- Well, the new anti-Americans Republican Party finally went too far. They have finally gone too far in showing their complete contempt for American working men and woman.

This is not a partisan statement (though Republicans have made it so). This is an act of cruelty that can only be called evil. That is not hyperbole.  If 25% of the 50 to 80 Million Working Americans and Americans who are less fortunate than most of us and rely on Obamacare for insurance, die, not get sick or injured or hurt, but DIE do to not being able to see a doctor, afford a live saving procedure, or can't afford life saving meds? That is 20-million Americans murdered by the Republican Congress. They are conspiring to take insurance away from those less fortunate then them, and replacing their life saving Obamacare with the fictional TrumpCare.

Now let's be clear, that means that the Republicans just took away the ability to see doctors by working men and women, AND THEIR CHILDREN, and have life saving access to medicine and procedures, BY THEIR CHILDREN. Can you give me a better definition of Evil? Their cruelty couldn't even wait until Trump took over.

Sen. Kane said, "There is no reason, while we acknowledge the need for improvement, to repeal the Affordable Care Act outright without having a sense of what the replacement would be. By doing so, we create chaos in the economy, chaos in the health insurance market, and chaos in the most intimate and most important area of people’s lives: their health."

They spent six year and 100s of millions of dollars pretending to repeal Obama Care, and forgot that it was a political stunt. They got so trapped within the Fox Fake News Bubble that they forgot that 50 to 80 Million real Americans now rely on Obama Care to SAVE THEIR LIVES. So what does Mitch McConnell say to someone whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer, and just had his daughter health care legislated away, "F-U Loser!" or maybe a more compassionate, "could you please go die quietly."

Or the stunningly insincere Paul Ryan said, "By taking this first step toward repealing Obamacare, we are closer to giving Americans relief from the problems this law has caused." Like having to share doctors with 50 to 80 Million Americans who are less fortunate than he is.

Sen. Schumer said "They're going to find repealing Obamacare without putting in a replacement will be far more disastrous and less clever than they think. That's all I'm going to say."

I love this flaming wad of crap by Ryan, "So, without getting into all of the legislative mumbo jumbo [like the fact that there is no TrumpCare replacement legislation that has even been started to be written], we want to do this at the same time and in some cases in the same bill." It took two years for Obama to put that Bill together without any help from the Republicans. Now the lying Sacks are saying they can "do it" in an hour or so. Or as the TrumpCare provider himself said, "in some cases instantly".

"Once repeal is passed we will turn to replacement policies that cost less and work better than what we have now," McConnell lied. That is simply impossible. It is pure fantasy. He has just promised to bring Dragons back to Earth.

Sen. Murphy said about the Democrat's latest legislation to stop the Republicans from killing millions of Americans, "If Republicans have their way, 30 million Americans will lose their health insurance [instantly, with tens of millions to follow]. We’ll go back to the day when people were denied coverage and went bankrupt simply because they got sick, and when women paid more to receive the same benefits as men. I refuse to allow that to happen, and this amendment will help us stop it."

When these lying sacks of Republicans say they can replace Obama Care with their magic wands "concurrently", "within hours", "within days", or "on the wings of dragons" they are lying to your stupid face. And not only are lying to your stupid faces, they are doing it in a way that is calling you "Stupid." When Republicans say that they will "replace it with something better and cheaper [and much more magical, like faery dust]" they know that is complete fantasy. AND, they are telling you that they think that Working Americans are too stupid to understand that it will take years to replace Obamacare, if they were actually interested in replacing it.

"We cannot allow Republicans to make America sick again by repealing the ACA without a replacement plan," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said.

I mean, the FBI just conspired with Russia to fix an American Presidential Election, and that is not longer the scariest story in America today. What do you say to the mother and father, who are both working 60-hours a week at menial jobs, when their kid gets sick? And they can't afford to take their daughter to a doctor? BECAUSE they are two of the 50-80 Million Americans who the Republicans are taking life-saving Medical Insurance away from.

This is not a nameless faceless piece of parchment. 50 to 80 million Americans can now see a doctor when they are sick because of Obamacare. 

Contemptible doesn't cover it. Only the word evil can truly encapsulate all the pain misery, death, and destruction the Republicans have just unleashed on Working Americans. Obamacare was the Republican plan created by Bob Dole, the Republican think tank (such as it is) Heritage Foundation, and Romney. THIS WAS THE REPUBLICAN'S ONE AND ONLY PLAN.

And now it's gone. 50 to 80 million children, women, and men just lost the only Health Care they can afford. This is the time to keep your eyes open Citizens. Only subjects close their eyes to such cruelty when it is inflicted on those less fortunate than you are. 

The Republicans have nothing. They have no plan. No desire to have a plan. And only lies on top of lies on top of lies (which is my definition of evil) now known as TrumpCare. What is TrumpCare? It is that if you can afford Health Insurance you get it, yay. And, the 50 to 80 million Americans, who just had the ability to be helped by a doctor when they are sick ripped from their cold dying hands?

Word just in, the new TrumpCare legislation is in, and we have a copy. Here it is, "If you can afford Health Insurance we will keep raising it until you can't, and if you can't afford life saving health Insurance for your children anymore, then you can go F-yourself!" Yay TrumpCare.

#Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

When a politician is literally too crazy to tell the simply truth, then he is too dangerous to be allowed to run roughshod over the Constitution:  

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