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Whose Has The Advantage.


1. Statistically Speaking- I'm a homer, and a fan of Homer. So of course I think the Pats are going to kill the ATL. But I was wondering what their real chances are in this game, from a little bit less of a homer perspective. Of course I cannot fully climb down from homer mountain, because I just know million times more things about the Pats than the ALT.

Neither side is really going to come up with an objective idea about this game. "They do when you get to this point of the year, whoever's left standing, obviously it's the two best teams of the league. This is certainly one of the best offenses in the league. One of the top two. You're going to see both of them come out this weekend," Patricia said. "I have my job cut out for me. This is a great offense, very explosive and very dynamic. They have a lot of great skill players that they can throw the ball to. Great coordinator in Kyle Shanahan. He's a great guy. Great quarterback who really does a good job understanding the offense.

"They keep a great rhythm of the offense. Great pace. They can change it. They can move in and out of tempo. I think they've really kind of mastered who they are. They understand what they're strengths are and what their best at winning. I think their attacking defenses is one of their strengths. They find where maybe you have disadvantages." It is what it is.

The main advantage most think that Atlanta has is on offence, with Matty Ice being the favorite for MVP of the Regular Season. "The Patriots have great defense," Matty Ice said. "It's absolutely going to be a hard time for our offense. They do a great job, especially [with] their front guys. They're big, heavy guys. They read the run very well, they stop [it] really well. They commit to making it really tough. They have a bunch of guys that work really well together and they do a lot of different complex things." But Brady was an incredible close second to Ice this season, and had a hell of a lot more mental obstacles to overcome.

But is that homerism, or more factual? Now I'm not denying that the ATL is the number one offense. "I think we have to start fast. I think, again, that's something on us. If we're not ready and we're not prepared for it?" Hightower said about Falcons' offensive speed. "You've seen it all year with those guys. They'll jump to 14 or 21 points on you. We know what kind of team they are, we know what kind of team we are, we just have to go out and be ready for them." However, the Pats are a tightly contested number two.

So the ATL offense averaged about 5 or 6 more PPG than the Pats offense (ATL-34.4 Pats-27.6). That is an advantage that doesn't make me happy. But, what about Ice Vs Brady. I mean, have you forgotten that that dirty little coward took four games away from Brady for crimes he knew Brady didn't commit. The Pats averaged exactly 30 PPG in the 12 games that Brady started.

So the Falcons offense averaged 4.4 PPG more than the Pats when Brady played, which is still not very good for the Pats. "Everything," Chung said about what makes the Falcons so good. "They have good receivers, explosive running backs, great quarterback. They're good, I mean we've got to slow them down. They're going to have their great players, they get paid, too. Just got to do our job and I think we'll be all right." Those are not the best stats for the Pats.

However if you look at the defense, the story swings overwhelmingly to the Pats favor. "What you said, smart, tough, physical, aggressive. We play for each other, we're a family defense. We're not the Bears, we're the Patriots. I don't care about what anybody says about any of that, we're a great defense. We've got to play our best game to win this game." Chung said, and then continued. "We play for each other, you play for the person next to you. I can go home and if I have a problem, I can call one of my teammates and talk to them. These are my brothers. If something happens to them it happens to me. That's vice versa, it's just how I feel. Our locker room is filled with good guys, not just a bunch of people doing a bunch of nonsense. Brotherhood." The best defense almost always wins the Super Bowl.

The Pats led the NFL in scoring defense giving up only 15.7 PPG. Meanwhile, the Falcons gave up over 9 PPG more at 24.8 PPG. That is a huge advantage for the Pats. If you give the Falcons a 4.4 PPG advantage on offense? The Pats have a 9.1 PPG advantage on defense. That adds up to a 4.7 PPG advantage for the Pats, when you factor in defense as well as offense.

Also, it is very hard to score TDs on the Pats defense. The Pats defense has only given up 6 rushing TDs this season, while the Falcons gave up 15. The Pats only gave up 21 passing TDs, while the Falcons gave up 31. That is 27 TDs given up to 46. That Pats defense is being vastly underrated in this game.

Atlanta is facing the defense that gave up less TDs than any team they've faced this year. The Packers gave up 43 (32+11). The Seahawks gave up 32 (16+16), and the Falcons couldn't really score on them until they had the mental collapse after the Safety. The Pats are not going to have a mental collapse.

2. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard.- I'm not a stats guy, but that stat makes me feel more confident that what I'm seeing on Tape is what is happening on the field. Plus when I broke down the Green Bay game, I was shocked by how bad the Pacers defense was. It was the worst defense I had seen in the Playoffs in years. They just didn't have a secondary.

Against Seattle, the offense was very impressive. However, it was a special teams holding call and a single defensive play that lead to a Safety that was the linchpin of that game. The Seahawks never overcame that turnaround mentally. They were winning before, and lost the lead when the Falcons scored on the drive caused by the Safety (which gave them 2 point as well).

That special teams Hold/turnover gave Atlanta the game. Whichever team gives up the most turnovers or the biggest turnover is going to lose. With the offense these two team have, whoever loses the turnover battle is going to have to have a monumental climb to overcome it, because both these offenses will score off turnovers.

The biggest difference in this game is the defenses, and that is not even open to discussion. Which gives the Pats an advantage on two fronts. One, they are more likely to get stops, and two, they are more likely to get turnovers. That is when the pressure of the Super Bowl can crush a team mentally. Like an 86-yard swing on a punt return called back by the refs that led to a Safety that 86'd the Seahawks mentally.

Plus, from what I saw on Tape the match up on both sides of the ball works better for the Pats. The Pats will run the ball at the smaller passrushers. They will use misdirection to trick their young players on defense, especially the secondary. But most importantly, Brady will dink and dunk it underneath the Falcon's terrible Zone defense, drive after drive down field.

They will run power into the edgerusher. "Yeah, they have a great running attack. They have a balanced game," Beasley said. "A balanced game plan with: Tom Brady, Edelman, the receiving threats, Blount, Dion Lewis and the other backs." Then the Pats will run play action to get the young defenders going the wrong way, and pick up some big plays.

I just don't see how the defense I saw against Green Bay stops the Pats Offense. "Number one, he's a competitor. I think that's what jumps out the most. He'll stare right down, here comes a blitz or a rusher about ready to hit him, stands in, delivers the ball at the right spot," coach Quinn said. "The accuracy that he has going to it, to different receivers, that for sure is a factor. We know we have our work cut out for us, but at the same time, we've improved as well. So we like where we're heading defensively. We know it's a fantastic matchup and one we can't wait to be a part of." They literally formed a line of defenders about ten yards deep in pass coverage about half the time.

The defense that I saw against the Packers will be eaten up by Edelman and Brady. "Tom is a great player, and what they do offensively is they really take advantage of you and your weaknesses. They are a matchup type of offense. They'll change what they do based on who they play and that's what makes them so unique is because of their preparation going into the game," Dwight Freeney said. "As far as how do you stop them? You have to pretty much do what you do. You don't know what they are going to come with. You have to go with your fundamentals. The things that you have been doing all year. If you are a hook dropper, understand your hook rules. If you're a D-lineman, understand what you need to be doing from a D-line standpoint. And you follow those and you have to trust in those. That's basically what we're going to do because they're a team, they can come out in whatever personnel and play the whole entire game in that personnel that we have not prepared for." They couldn't cover a WR with "at least two" broken ribs, until they hit him a few times and he obvious could breathe right.

I'm sorry, but the Falcon's defense sucks. They are a legit 9 PPG worse than the Pats defense. But, the Falcons offense has been the best in the NFL all season long. "It's going to be tough. Obviously, New England is the number one scoring defense in the league," Matty Ice said. "They've done a great job of keeping people out of the end zone. For us, it's going to come down to playing well. We're going to have to make the plays when they present themselves: throw it well, run it well, catch it well, and block well upfront. It comes down to the details in games like this." I'm just not ah-scared.

Okay I am ah-scared of Julio. But to me, Antonio Brown is just as good. The Pats shut him down in the Champ game. The Pats need to do the same with Julio, because he can change the complexion of the game in an instant.

I think the Pats put Butler on him, because he has the speed to run with him. "Just a lot, man. Just him growing and maturing as the player that he is. A lot can be said about Malcolm," Hightower said. "Just overall his work ethic. The guy hasn't changed from the first day being here from arguably working to actually having a roster spot to being the number one corner and being the guy and playing the way he has played. It has obviously been good. No. Great, having him on this side and with us. I'm just looking forward to going out there this Super Bowl and working with him." Then put Logan Ryan on Sanu, because he has the physicality, familiarity (they played at Rutgers together), and quicks to cover him.

Matty Ice looked completely lost when they took Julio off the field, and he had to throw. "You obviously, can't simulate a great player like that," Hightower said. "That's like somebody trying to do that for Gronk, or Tom or some of the guys like that we have on our team. We've practiced all throughout the year with the practice team guys and going against Tom. Obviously, we're aware of certain things that Matt Ryan does well and some part of that is his accuracy, pre-snap, post-snap reads. That's football. That's part of it. We just to go out and be able to execute and have those sideline adjustments." He had his three worst throws on the game when his wittle Binkie had to go to the sideline.

The decision of which CB to match up on which WR could be the biggest factor in the game. "You know, Malcolm, let's just say he's more of a me than a Bennett," Hightower said. "He just kind of shows up to work and he has his jokes and stuff here and there but most of the time it's just working hard, doing what he's got to do, coming to work every day with his hard hat. We all have fun in our own ways but I don't think anyone can come close to Marty on that." Julio can run away from Ryan.

So I think they put Butler on Julio, and still give him help over the top. If they take Julio out of the game the Pats win easy. The trouble is that they can't give so much attention to Julio that they let the RBs go nuts. It is a very fine line the Pats defense has to walk. But they can do it. They have done it all season, and this is their final test.

3. Stop Boring Me!- I think it's funny how similar these teams are. It' like when we played Houston. Their management and player development is right out of the Belichick playbook, just like Houston. No drama before the game, only respectful quotes. The Falcons were the most boring and milk toast team in the NFC. Just the way BB made the Pats.

So this is the second team that grew off the BB tree. If they were cereal, the Pats would be Count Chocula, which came first. And Houston would be Boo-Berry, and Atlanta would be Frankenberry. Three different flavors of the same sugar tree that started with BB.

Even their teams and road to this game are similar. While Brady is the best of all time at QB, Matty Ice had the best season of any QB this year. Both played a tough defensive team in the Divisional Round. The Pats won because the Houston QB lost it mentally, and the Falcons won because the Seahawks lost it mentally after the Safety. Then the Falcons preyed on a team that was defeated physically before the game started. And the Pats took advantage of a Pitt team that got wounded during the game when Bell went out.

Both teams in this Super Bowl were the best teams in their Conferences all year long, which happens a lot less than you would think. "It is but in the long [run] it's really kind of knowing your role and accepting what it is." McCourty said. "I mean, Bill, Matty P, and Josh, and Joe Judge are going to do the best job that they can as far as putting the right guys out there and calling the right calls. If rotating, however we're doing it, if that's the call, if that's the play I'm not here to argue as long as we get that 'dub' at the end." Blah-blah-blah.

And both teams are boring off the field. "This is a tremendous franchise, tremendous team. They have done great all my years in the league," Freeney said. "It's been them mentioned in the Super Bowl and there is a reason for that because of people they have around even from the upper management, down. They do a great job of preparing those guys to play and this is going to be another tough one." Stop it your boring me.

No one rocks the boat (don't rock the boat baby). "It really helps. Not only the big game, but over the course of the season there are going to be highs and lows," Slater said. "There are going to be things that don't go your way and then things that do go your way, but you just have to stay the course until you see the thing out to the end. I think the maturity that we have on this football team, even with our young players, to be able to handle big moments, to be able to handle adversity, it's really been impressive over the course of the season. Hopefully we can continue that trend here over the next couple of weeks, and we have to understand that when we go into this game, everything is not going to go our way. The football team across from us is far too good, so that even keel mentality that you mentioned is definitely something that we're going to have to display come Super Bowl Sunday. I think, again, it speaks to our leadership starting with Coach [Bill Belichick]. They say you are a reflection of your coach. There is no one more even keel than him, you guys know that. We're thankful to be where we're at and hopefully we can see that out in the next two weeks." Seriously? I literally fell asleep listening to that soliloquy.

No drama, ah, O-football? "The different coverages. They switch up on every week, so you can't really get a tab on them," Coleman said. "I tip my hat to (New England Head Coach) Bill Belichick and what's he been doing all the years that he's been in the league. It's going to be difficult, but at the same time, we're a high-powered offense, and as long as we stay with our prep I feel like we'll be okay." Now remove lips from butt.

Both teams have been so bland and uncontroversial that media had to manufacture their own controversy with Patriots hating. "They're a fundamental defense," Sanu said meanly. "They don't make mistakes, so it's going to be a real challenge for our offense." The Falcons even have a Rutgers flavor on the team as well.

The primary story this week has been how much so many guys in the media hate the Pats with the ignorance of President Jerkballs. "Well, this is, you know, getting ready for Atlanta now," BB said. "This is a team we're really not very familiar with, so we've had to do a lot of digging, get caught up here. Fortunately we have a little bit of extra time to do that and I think we'll need it; I know we'll need it. They've done a great job. Coach Quinn, Thomas have put together a very good football team." Only neither team would help them with the hate.

No matter how hard they tried. "Yeah, we adjust our surroundings," Edelman said. "We have a facility we go to. We have our same types of meetings. We are staying in a hotel. The more we can keep it to the similar routine we have at home the better." That's just mean.

So all the dumbass quotes have come from the media, and pathetic NFL ex-experts who got their asses beat by the Pats. "No, I am not worried about what people are saying," Edelman said. "I am worried about what they are doing. I have said that week in and week out. We ignore noise, and we really just to try hunker down on preparation, our practice, and going out and trying to play our best games on Sundays." The problem is that this also allowed Atlanta to skate through unscathed.

This has been the most boring Super Bowl week I can remember. I can't wait for the game to see somebody somewhere talk some trash on the field. I can't wait to see what the Pats offense does to the Falcons defense. Do the Falcons dare change their scheme completely from what they have done in the Playoffs? Try to Man the Pats up to try to confuse the Pats early? Because they could hurt them right off the bat.

Or do they stick to what got them there, and Zone it up. Because Brady will tear their Zone a new one. When Green Bay still had some semblance of healthy receivers on the field, they moved the ball right down the field. I just can't help seeing the Pats moving up and down the field at will, with a far superior run game than either Seattle or Green Bay had, and a healthy group of WRs.

4. Pats Number One Defense- Seven times the top scoring O has faced the top scoring D in the Super bowl, and the top D has won six of seven times. "I think every year is different. I think that's a cool statistic for the fans and you can write pretty good stories on it, I'm sure, but that probably won't help us much next Sunday," McCourty said. "I think it's an interesting stat, but we've got to go out there and we want to play well and prove that it will come down to us. It will come down to us executing and trying to slow down their great offense." Defense wins Championships.

These guys have the big game experience, and know that they just have to do their jobs. "Guys that are up front that the defense dictates different roles for us, and if you've got to play the run, you play the run, and if you've got to play the pass, you play the pass," McCourty said. "I remember [the Mighty] Vince telling me that back in, I think 2011. He came in and told the whole secondary, he said, 'We've got the run. If you're supposed to be deep, stay deep.' He said it with a little different choice of words, but that stuck with me." That is how the Pats defense works.

Each unit has to do their job. "The key to any big game is a guy that's supposed to be playing the deep middle part of the field not making a tackle in the run game for two yards. If you do that, you're wrong," McCourty said. "I don't care really how it was drawn up. You're wrong. I think that's always the key when you play an offense like this that's so balanced. Guys just have to do their job. You have to play your assignment, whatever that is and whatever defense it is, you've got to just play your assignment." The Pats players were the best in the NFL this season at completing their assignments on defense.

The Falcons do have an advantage on Offense. "They're very explosive offensively. Every guy that gets the ball can score a touchdown from 80 yards away or more," BB said. "Defensively they have very good team speed. They've got usually at least nine if not 10 of the players on the field, sometimes all 11, I'd say are pretty fast. They've got a couple of big linemen that they use; they're good. But then there are times where they only have one or two of them in there and the other guys are [fast]. Their ends are fast. The linebackers are fast. The secondary is fast. Sometimes they take out the big guys and put in a couple of more fast guys like Grady [Jarrett] or guys like that. I'm not saying they're like track guys, but for their position they're fast. They're athletic. They're very hard to block in space and pass protection and things like that." Both teams have an unstoppable weapon to help their QB. Matty Ice has his wittle Julio.

Unfortunately, Brady's Gronkie is injured. "I think that as a collective unit, that everyone has to be able to adjust," Edelman said. "Anytime you go into these types of games, you expect there to be some sort of adjustments. We are just going to have to prepared for those types of adjustments." That is the biggest differences in the offenses, Matty Ice has his wittle Binkie and Brady doesn't have his wittle Gronkie.

So the Pats offense starts off a little behind. But Bennett has stepped up in the TE role, and Hogan has stepped into Gronk's role as top deep threat. "Chris has worked his tail off," Edelman said. "He has come in here and he has been a good leader, a great guy to have in the locker room. He works extremely hard. He is more talented than what people are giving him. He is so fast. Anytime you go in and put in the work that he has, results are going to be seen and that is what we are seeing." For whatever reason, Brady has been able to hit Hogan deep down the field the way he hits hit wittle Gronkie deep.

So all the Pats weapons having been working to replace their wittle Gronkie. "I think that it the reason why we are at where we are at," Edelman said. "Anytime you have a lot of guys who can makes plays, just through the years of playing that is usually the teams that go further. It is a good thing to have that." Though Hogan will not be as effective as he was against Pitt.

So it is up to the Pats defense to take away Ice's Binkie. "I mean. we put him on Antonio Brown in the opener in 2015," BB said about Butler. "Obviously there has been growth over a period of time. I don't think you go from one level of a player to another in a few practices or a game or a half or whatever. I don't really think that's possible.

"But again, we thought that he had showed enough going into the 2015 season that he would be our guy that we would match up against certain receivers. I don't want to say number one receivers, but again, it depends on who we're talking about here. He's developed a lot since then like any player would from year one to year three, barring some either setback, or I'd say unusual circumstance. That's a big growth period for players." They need Butler or Ryan to step up and take out Julio.

The Pats defense gave up almost 20 less TDs than the Falcons. That is the Pats biggest advantage. So the Falcons biggest advantage (Matty's little Binkie) vs. the Pats biggest advantage (their Defense refusing to give up TDs). And of course the biggest test the Pats defense will have early in the game, can they stop the Falcons from scoring on the opening drive? If the Pats can stop that opening drive score, they can put a dagger right in the heart of the Falcon's confidence.

It will he a tremendous mental hurdle for the Falcons, who have score on their opening drive for eight straight games, to overcome. But if they do score, it doesn't hurt the Pats mentally at all. It is expected. So I will be watching the opening drive like an eagle hunting a falcon riding on the clouds. Shoot the Falcons down on the their first drive, and they will be in big trouble. Key number one for the Pats.

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