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Pats Vs KC: 

A Mystery To Me, Part II.


There is so much to go over on this offense. Hogan is the only starter left at WR from the Super Bowl. Right now he is the Number One WR. Until Cooks can show he can play that role in this offense. He did not show that in the Preseason. Having Mitchell placed on IR after Edelman went down makes this game a lot tougher. This Offense is so far from last season's that it is difficult to say who the second and third options are for Brady. But at least Gronk is back, and the one position you can feel secure about is RB. 

Their two most productive WRs could be Cooks and Phillip Dorsett. Only nether did a damn thing in the Preseason. "I think both those players have a number of good skills at their position. I’d say it’s the combination of all of it. You know, we’re not putting together a track team here. We’re trying to build a football team," BB said about Cooks and Dorsett. "A good football player is a good football player. Whatever those skills are, if they can help our team, great. Everything’s important, but I don’t think one thing is. In this league, being able to do one thing just isn’t enough to have much value. Maybe a little, but in the end, it’s usually not enough. You’ve got to be able to do a little more than that." Both guys have the speed and quicks to cause a world of trouble, but they haven't done it in this offense yet.

To say this Offense is just going to step up and play like they did in the second half of the Super Bowl is a mistake. "It's football! And football is very humbling. You may think you go out there, [and] practice and things go well. And then you go to a particular game, and they do things that maybe you haven't worked on or haven't thought about or haven't talked about," Brady said. "I think the experience helps with maybe just some recall about things we could do to solve the problems that maybe a team is presenting to us. When I was younger, you'd come in on Monday morning and make corrections. We'll be making corrections after the first drive based on things that they've been doing and things that they haven't shown, things that they're trying to do to slow us down. That's how football's played. 

"It's very much like checkers. They're going to have things that we haven't been working on, vice-versa, and it's constant adjustments throughout the game. You know, you can't prepare for everything. We haven't seen that much on film this year, just a couple preseason games where most of the guys weren't in there very long. They've got their defense. We've got our offense. It's going to take a big effort. They've got great players at all levels of their defense, and we're going to need to play great." Experience certainly helps. But this offense is missing a lot of continuity in working together, because of all the turnover this off season. 

There is not a lot in commonality with the team that played in the Super Bowl, and what will be on the field come 8:40. "I mean, I just met him yesterday," Brady said about Dorsett. "I don't know much about him, so we'll see. I think he's a young player and he's trying to learn our system, but he's just coming in, trying to work hard and figure out what to do." KC's defense is going to be looking to turn the ball over early and often.

The lack of continuity from the Preseason could hurt the Pats in this game. "They take the ball away in a lot of different ways," BB said about the KC defense. "That’s one of the reasons why they have so many. They have a lot of fumbles. They have a lot of interceptions. They strip sack the quarterback. They cause fumbles with ball carriers. They intercept passes and they disrupt the quarterback with the pass rush to create some poor throws, tipped balls, things like that." KC had almost no turnover on their starting defense. The biggest changes are players returning from injury, and not new players. 

The secondary has good ball skills. "Peters [and] Berry in particular do a good job. But I mean all those guys are pretty good," BB said. "Their safeties have played corner. [Daniel] Sorensen is another guy. [Ron] Parker was a former corner, but he has good hands. [Derrick] Johnson is another very instinctive player with good hands and good ball skills at the linebacker position. So, they do it at all three levels. They do it in a lot of different ways, not just one thing, really, that you’ve got to be concerned about. It’s pretty much all of it. So, that’s probably where the numbers come from. It’s not one guy that’s got 25 of them, it’s the: D-line, the linebackers, the secondary, the corners, the safeties. They’ve got a lot of production all the way across the board." Their secondary has three solid, if not spectacular, starters. Look for Brady to try and pick on Terrance Mitchell.

They had one of the best groups of linebackers and Edgerushers in the NFL last season, and added Kpassagnon to their 3-4 linebacking Corp. "They have playmakers. Derrick Johnson is one of the best linebackers in the league. He does so many things for that defense. You can tell it really hurts them when he's not out there," Brady said. "And Eric Berry is a big time playmaker. Marcus Peters [had] more interceptions than anybody since he came in the league. [Justin] Houston and [Dee] Ford. I mean, they strip sack the quarterback. So, they're very explosive and really force the ball out of your hands quick because they get a good rush and then their playmakers in the secondary have eyes on the quarterback and they're trying to make plays, too. When they're roaming around, you can't just stare them down where they're right where you want to throw the ball. 

"It's always like a little cat and mouse with safeties and quarterbacks. They've got a lot of playmakers. That's why they've forced that many turnovers. That's why they're so complementary as a team. You know, they get the turnovers, they score points, they get a lead, they rush the quarterback, strip sacks, turnovers, and it just keeps going. Hopefully we can get off to a fast start like we always talk about, but it's a very challenging team." Both defenses are familiar with the offenses. I think that helps the defenses more.

The offense has to show they can work together better than they did in the Preseason. Since almost none of these guys played together in the Preseason. The only time the offense clicked was in the 1st half of the Detroit game. Otherwise, it would be an understatement to call them disappointing. Only that was the plan. 

Andy Reid has no idea what this team is all about (anymore than we do;) after that Preseason. "Yeah, opening day is always a time where you have a lot of questions, butterflies," BB said. "Yeah. I think that’s part of opening day. A lot of unknowns on our team. A lot of unknowns on their team. A lot of unknowns when the two collide. So, we’ll see how it goes." Brady really only played a Half in the four Preseason games.

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