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Philly Vs Vikes: Part I 


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1st Quarter.


The Vikings lined up to start the game in an I. Philly matched up in a 4-3 with a Safety in the box. They sent everyone. It was a run, and the four guys over ran the RB. He got through line, and was taken down by Cox.

2nd and 4, Vikings Bunch up the right in a Singleback. Philly matched up in a 4-3 with a DB in front of the Bunch. When the WR motioned the DB followed to show they were in Man. They slanted the DLs the right, and the RB was able to cut back. Jalen Mills and Timmy Jernigan brought down the RB short. 3rd and 2, Trips Right Weak Shotgun. Eagles matched up in a 4-2 Nickel with both safeties up in the box. They ran a Draw, and Bradham shot forward and tripped up the RB a tick late.

1st and 10, the Vikes motioned into a 2-Wide Weak shotgun. Eagles matched up in a 4-3 with five guys on the line. They send four, and the three LBs zone drop. Keenum dumped it off to the RB swinging out of the backfield. He ran for the first.

1st and 10, Singleback. Philly matched up in a 4-4 with an LB lined up between the Strongside DT and DE. They are keying run all the way. Ellerbe shifted up to the line when the TE motioned to the other side. All eight attack the line in run defense as the ball was snapped. Murray powered for more than he should dragging about ten guys with him.

2nd and 6, Singleback. The Eagles backed off a little in a more conventional 4-3, with a Safety up in front of the TE. The Vikes ran play action, and all three LBs jumped forward, and bailed back in panic. Keenum hit the WR outside for a First.

1st and 10, the Vikings motioned into a Singleback with twin TEs on the weak and Twin WRs on the strong. Eagles went back to the 4-4 look with five guys on the line. All eight guys attacked forward, and both safeties came up as they keyed run all the way. They finally pushed the little scatback out of bounds, after he got outside for the First. Philly tends to over stack the middle, and give up the edges a little more.

1st and 10, Vikes went 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Eagles key pass and back off a little in a 4-3. The Vikes ran again, and Mychal Kendricks and Ronald Darby bring the RB down. 2nd and 6, Trips right Weak shotgun. Vikings lined up in a 4-3 with a safety up barking signals. He moved up to the line, and ordered the Will outside. Keenum threw to the TE for the TD. Vikings-7.

Philly lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Foley ran play action and waggled outside. He hit Agholor for an easy First.

1st and 10, Philly came out Empty. They sent seven guys into the box, and the weakside TE chipped and went out. Foley stepped up and hit a WR in the hands, and the CB knocked it out. His WR was drifting to the middle, and he threw it behind him a little. So the WR had to drift back towards the CB.

2nd and 10, Philly went 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The X-WR ran behind Foles. Foles threw it to him on the other side, like he was an RB swinging out of the backfield. He ran for six.

3rd and 4, Philly went 4-Wide Weak, Trips-R shotgun. Foles threw a beautiful pass to the TE. He couldn't get both feet in, as he leaped up for the ball for no apparent reason. Then the Philly Jammer crashed into the Returner on the punt after the Fair Catch for 15-yards.

Vikes came out in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Philly matched up in a 4-2 Nickel, with the FS creeping up into the box. All 11-defenders were within 10-yards of the LOS. The Eagles send four, and all four DLs got great initial bursts off the snap. The LBs both over-jumped forward off the play action. Darby had great coverage on Diggs outside, and he couldn't hold on.

2nd and 10, they motioned into a Trips-Right 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Philly stayed 4-2 Nickel, but went into Cover One with the FS back deep. Then one of the LBs shifted over to the Trips side just before the snap. They ran, and Cox stuffed it by himself.

3rd and 10, the Vikes motioned into a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Philly went 4-2, but the LBs were back further guarding the magic yellow line. They rushed four again. Keenum made the big throw on 3rd down again. Philly's D is doing a great job keying on the Vikes D. Except for their extreme reaction to play action, they seem to read it right every time.

1st and 10, the Vikes went Singleback. Philly matched up in their 4-4 again, with the Safety on the strongside in front of the TE. Then Diggs went in motion to put Twins on the Weakside, and the LBs all shifted to his side. But all eight attacked forward, keying run. Vikes like the zone-blocking, and the RB was almost able to cut back behind the line. But Cox friggin' got him again, when it looked like everyone but him was fooled on the D.

2nd and 8, the Vikes double stacked the Strong shotgun. Philly matched up in a 4-2 Nickel with two DBs in front of each stack. Keenum threw quick, but Cooks dropped it. 3rd and 8, Vikes motioned into a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Philly matched up in a 4-1 Dime. They shifted two DBs in front of the two slot guys (1 TE 1 WR). Then went man straight across. Keenum criminally under threw the ball to his WR (although it looked like Long my have swiped his arm a bit). The ball went right into the hands of Patrick Robinson, and he got a pick-six. Philly-7. Vikes-7. 

1st and 10, Vikes lined up in a Singleback. Philly went into their 4-4 against the Singleback again. You will likely see this a lot on Sunday. The Pats have been going Singleback a lot in the Playoffs. As Keenum signaled, the LB and DB on the strongside creeped up to the line. All eight guys attacked forward off the snap. The RB hop-cut to the left, behind the zone blocking OLs, and got about five.

2nd and 5, Vikes motioned into a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Philly went 5-2, and sent all five guys on the LOS. Then Kendricks dropped out and covered the TE, and Keenum misfired. 3rd and 6, the Vikes went 4-Wide Weak shotgun. They went into a 2-5, with five guys on the line, with two ILB. They sent all seven. Keenum had to throw short, and the WR couldn't break a tackle to get the First.

The Pats had better be able to handle their blitzes and over aggressive fronts, or it is going to be a long game. This is the most aggressive front-7 I've seen this season.

Philly came out in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass. But they have to start running the ball. Foles cannot survive if they don't run the ball. They ran a Draw to Ajayi. He slipped outside and ran for over ten.

1st and 10, Philly went 3-Wide Weak shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass. So do they go every other in this formation, and run here again? Yes sir. They ran a Dive to Ajayi. He hopped to the right for a nice power run. 2nd and 3, Philly motioned into a 3-Wide stack-R Winged shotgun. Winged shotguns are always pass, because the two RB next to the QB can block, chip, or just go out. That is the primary advantage of having two RB next to the QB in the shotgun. In this case the RB on the Right went for a pass, and the other stayed in to block. Foles hit Alshon Jeffries on a Skinny Post.

1st and 10, the Vikes lined up in a 3-Wide Stack-R Singleback. They ran a Jet-Sweep for a loss. 2nd and 11, Philly went into a Tight Singleback. Foles wanted to go deep. But he had to pump fake, and hit the TE in the box. 3rd and 10, Vikes went 4-Wide, Trips-R Weak shotgun (and I don't have to say they are passing here, right;). The RB stayed in to block. He got to other side of Foles to pick up the blitzer. Foles hit Ertz. He swung around and fell forward for the First.

1st and 10, Philly lined up at the 36 in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun: 1 for 2 Pass. So if they like to switch back and forth by formation they will pass here. They ran play action. Foles threw quick to Ertz slanting inside. 2nd and 2, Philly lined up with some power, in a 3-TE Singleback. This is obviously a run formation, and I want to outsmart myself and say they will throw (but I won't;).

They ran a dive to the Single-TE side, and not the 2-TE side. Blount was stopped short. But then he kept those feet chuggin' and fell forward for the First.

1st and 10 at the 26, Philly went 3-Wide Weak shotgun again. If they continue the switch strategy they will throw here. They ran play action, and Foley threw so quick to Jeffries on the slant, that I thought it was a fake and he really did hand it off to the RB. That was impressive.

2nd and 1, Philly lined up in a Twins-Twins Singleback (TEs-L WRs-R). Then they annoyingly (after I categorize it;) motioned the outside TE to the Twin-WR side. They faked a Jet sweep, and handed the ball off underneath to the RB. They did not pick up the first.

3rd and less than 1, Philly went 3-Wide Strong shotgun, Stack-L. If they continued to go every other (3-Wide Strong shotgun) it will be a run. I don't know how the Stack affects it yet. They ran play action. Ertz was wide open dragging underneath the outside WR. They seem to like to throw with the WRs stacked. We'll see if that holds up.

1st and 10 at the 11, Philly motioned into a 3-Wide, WR-Stack-R Singleback, and I have no idea what they're doing here. Then they motioned into a Double Stacked Singleback, and I'm sayin' it's a run. They ran a Dive. Blount slashed through the line, and got a head of steam going. And as we saw for many years, once he has that head of steam going near the Endzone you cannot stop him. He smashed into two DBs inside the Five, and carried the second one four yards into the Endzone for a great power TD. OMG. Blount-7. Philly-14.

1st Quarter:

3-Wide Strong shotgun: 1 for 2 Pass

3-Wide Strong shotgun, stack-L: 1 for 1 Pass

3-Wide Weak shotgun: 2 for 4 Pass

4-Wide Weak, trips-R shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass

3-Wide stack-R Winged shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass

3-Wide Stack-R Singleback: 1 for 1 run

Tight Singleback: 1 for 1 Pass

4-Wide, trips-R Weak shotgun: 1 for 1 Pass

3-TE Singleback: 1 for 1 run

Motion- Twin-WR-R Singleback: 1 for 1 Run

Motion, Double Stacked Singleback: 1 for 1 Run


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