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Pats Vs Buccs: Part II 


Greetings Pats Fans,

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Defensively Speaking.


It wasn't just the 1st Half that the defense didn't break. The Pats D gave up more yards in the 2nd Half, but they didn't break. A large part of this story is the tragic bad luck the Buccs' have had acquiring a Kicker. But when you waste two picks to trade up in the 2nd Round to draft a kicker? You kind-ah deserve it.

But the Defense finally showed some smarts and toughness. "We didn't play perfect," McCourty said. "But that's the thing. We don't have to play perfect all the time to get a win," McCourty added. "Just play smart, be on the same page and not have mental errors. I thought we did a better job of doing that." Of course a large part of that is Captain Hightower.

He has become the heart and soul of this defense. "Since he got here, when he’s out there, he has a way of: calming things down, taking control of the huddle, taking control of the defense in the middle. [It] has been huge. [Since] I’ve been here, guys like Mayo, [Brandon] Spikes, him, Jamie, they calm things down out on the field. Because they know everything everyone else has to do," McCourty said. ″[Dont'a] is that voice. When you hear it, we know it’s a calming sense. I thought between him and Van Noy stepping up tonight, taking control of the huddle, was big for us." They cut a lot of the complications in the schemes, which finally made it look like they were coordinated on the field.

It looked like everyone knew that they were doing every down. "He’s run this defense for five years: being in the middle, having the dot, calling the plays, making adjustments," Harmon said. "I think it was good to have him back out there, especially in the middle, to give us some familiarity. It just allowed us to play faster." It looked like the tragic communication breakdowns from last week were in the past.

Even Gilmore. "I was locked in on the communication. I was following Evans so that made it a little easier. When I got my guy, I’m good," Gilmore said. "Early in the week they told me. I was happy for it to get on a guy and follow him wherever he goes. Studied just him. Pretty much knew every route. It was fun." This allowed him to just play and react, and not think on the field.

Which was truly imperative, because they were quickly becoming the worst defense in history. "Honestly, I think our backs were against the wall. We had one choice: to get better, or stay the same," Harmon said. "I think all the competitors we’ve got on defense and we knew it wasn’t enough. We knew we were literally costing our team. We really did cost our team the game last week. And it was good to come out here and play good football, and help us get a win today." The Defense could not continue to suck as much as the first four weeks, if the Pats wanted any shot at hosting the Champ Game.

Defensively, it was literally the worst four-game stretch in Pats history. "If you go out there for four weeks and stink it up, things will [have to] start to change," McCourty said. "Coaches have to make changes, and guys know that. Our backs were kind of against the wall. We had to come out and play well. You take adversity, and it helps you bond as a team." First they had to get back to basics, where players could react and not have to think at full speed.

Some players struggle when they have to think at full speed. "What y'all were saying was right," Harmon said. "It was right, and we knew it. We knew we had to play better." It doesn't make them stupid.

It means they need to react without thinking. "I think I did play with confidence," Gilmore said. "I play with confidence every night, but sometimes it don’t go your way. Just got to keep getting better." Not every player can play in a complicated system.

The system has to adjust to the players, as much as the players have to adjust to the system. I think this was a lesson for the coaches as well. Switching coverages every play can be confusing for most DBs. Things happen so fast on defense that thinking is often the enemy. It is really a rare Secondary that can act on more than instincts. So they trusted their player's instincts, instead of an all out effort to trick the QB.

They only switched over to Zone when Evan and Jackson weren't on the field together. "I think it really helped settled the game plan down, knowing we’ve got Steph on Evans, Malcolm on Jackson," McCourty said about staying in man when Evans and Jackson were both on the field. "Obviously, we still have got things to fix, but you can build off this as a defense. You can’t build when you’re cutting guys loose. So today was obviously a step in the right way. And we’ve got to keep at it." This allowed Butler's and Gilmore's natural instincts to take over in Man.

And this was as tough a pair of WRs we are going to face this season. "Those aren't two easy guys to cover," McCourty said. "I think that really helped settle the game plan down. Knowing we have Steph on Evans and Malcom on Jackson, and we know those two guys love that. They love to go out and compete, and be out there on islands one-on-one against guys. That helps the defense when we know those two guys are good." It allowed them to just react to those two great athletes, instead of worrying about disguising and switching it up on the QB.

It allowed, not just the secondary, but the whole defense to come together. "It had to," McCourty said. "This is the NFL. You don’t get a whole season to play bad in the NFL and say, 'I guess we’ll be OK.' You go out there for four weeks and stink it up and things will start to change, and coaches have to make changes. Guys know that. Our backs were kind of against the wall. We had to come out and play well." So the veterans like Hightower, McCourty, and Chung really stepped up in the leadership department this week.

Every team will have adversity, and the Champions are the ones who adjust to the hard times the best. "You take adversity and it helps you bond as a team," McCourty said. "We had to come together, we had to stick together through a rough Sunday and on a short week when we couldn't practice hard and run around. We had to talk to each other, communicate through walk-throughs and trust each other. I thought that's what helped us: depending on each other." The only question left is can they continue this positive trend on defense?


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