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Pats Vs Buccs: Part I 


Greetings Pats Fans,

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Which I Am.


The 1st Half was an incredible success. When you think of baby steps in the beginning of the season, their defense was great in the 1st Half. If I had told you this iteration of the Pats Defense was going to hold Tampa to one TD? You would have said I was a Homer idiot (which I am;). But I would have been right. 

The Defense was dominate in the 1st Half. "I'm just really proud of our football team tonight. Coming off a tough game on Sunday and going on the road Thursday night, I thought they really responded with a great effort this week in preparation and getting ready for the game," BB said. "Obviously, I thought both teams played hard and I was proud of the way our guys played. I thought defensively, we responded to a good offensive unit with a lot of good skill players, a good offensive team, I thought we played really competitively. Certainly there's a lot of things in all three areas of the game that we can do better and need to do better, but good to come down here and win. I thought our team really gave a great effort on a short week, so I'm really proud of them for that." That Defensive game plan will not go down in the Hall Of Fame.

But it will go down as the changing point in this season. "We're trying to improve every week. I would say this week on a short week I thought there were some really good things that came through," Patricia said. "I think there were some situational things that were good. There's certainly a lot to keep pushing and keep improving on and that's really the main focus that we've got to handle. I would say for the most part I thought on the field the guys were really focused into what Tampa Bay does, the players that they go to, the quarterback, how they run their offensive system.

"I thought the preparation from that standpoint was really good. I think from a general standpoint of playing aggressive I think was good. I think the guys put themselves in position getting lined up when you have a week where you may not necessarily get a live practice in that week because of the time crunch. Sometimes the alignments or the adjustments or anything like that it's hard unless you see it live in practice first. I thought they did a real good job of that and just being ready to go. We've certainly got a lot to improve on. There's all areas of the game from last night that we've got to get cleaned up which we'll start that today." This was the first time they played real NFL Defense this season.

They had to bend a little, but they stood up together and held the Tampa Bay offense to 7-points in the 1st Half. "Pretty much everything. They had 100 yards that first half, but they moved the ball some," BB said. "We made some plays and they made some plays, but there were a lot fewer points. You got a chance to win giving up 14 points when we couldn't score much. It was one of those games where you got to do what you got to do to win and we did enough to do that." It is still a little hard to believe that the Pats Defense won this game.

It was the first sign that had a chance to defend the Super Bowl this year. "They played a great game, they really kept us in it all night," Brady said about the D. "I wish we could've scored more points, offensively, but defense really held their own. You know, we battled, just couldn't get enough done to ultimately get the ball in the end zone but I'm glad we won." They stood up after a week of abuse, and showed the pride it takes to get to the Super Bowl.

Gilmore is not going to go down in history as the smartest DB who ever played. "I think that's when you get the best out of me," Gilmore said. "When I'm following a guy, and studying that guy. I was out to prove something." He is an elite athlete.

He can play straight up man at high level, when he doesn't have to think, just play. "Yeah, that's what it was. He was on [Mike] Evans, and Malcom was on [DeSean] Jackson most of the day," BB said about Gilmore. "I thought he responded good. I'll look at the film and see how it goes. I mean Evans caught a couple of outs. We were in three deep zone. I thought Stephon competed well. I thought our whole defense did. McCourty was involved in a lot of plays, and Chung was involved in a lot of plays. Those guys did a good job. That's a good group of skill players: receivers, tight ends, quarterbacks. Those guys are pretty good." Gilmore was terrific for the first time in a Patriots uniform.

An ugly win is when the defense wins the game, and not the pretty offense. "I mean there is such thing as an ugly win," White said. "I mean, a win is a win. That’s a good football team that we beat in a tough environment. I mean there’s a lot of things to correct, but it’s a lot better when you have a win." On the short week, it is all mental preparation, because the physical preparation is all rest and healing.

The defense played smart and alert all game. "They played great," White said about the D. "We tried to play complimentary football as an offense. We could've helped them out a little bit more and put more points up on the board. Today they played a lights out job and like I said, we just have to be better as an offense to help them out." What would you have said if I told you that the offense would be the compliment the Defense in this game?

You would have said I'm crazy (which I am;). "Those guys played great," white said. "I mean, we have a good group of guys. We stick together no matter what. They just wanted to come out today and play a good football game and that’s what we did." The Defense certainly did, especially in the first half.


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