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3rd Quarter.


The Titans started the 3rd Quarter, but a drive killing Holding was call, and then a Sack by Butler ended their first 2nd Half drive quick. Then the Titans D stepped up. An injury to Waddle ended the Pats first drive. The cold was getting to both offenses.

The Pats D drove the Titans straight back to 3rd and 31, after a false start, a Sack by Jean-Francios, and a Sack by Marquis Flowers that Trey Flower jumped on after. "Our continuity has gotten better. Our execution has gotten better in the pass rush. It always helps to play from ahead so you can make the game one-dimensional, make it a passing game. It's always easier to rush the passer in that situation," BB said. "But, we've had a lot of guys step up: Marquis [Flowers], Adam Butler, Deatrich], Ricky had a couple good rushes. It's good to have Kyle [Van Noy] back.

"So, a lot of different guys contributed. Trey Flowers? Trey had a good night. He was hard to block. So, we had a lot of guys really do a good job there, but I think the overall being able to do it week after week, some of the guys that are playing now weren't playing. If we had had this conversation in the middle of the season, you wouldn't be asking about them. They've stepped into different roles and they've worked together more, gotten a better feel for each other, execution's better, so it's good." The Pats went Prevent and all Mariota could was throw under the Umbrella to force the punt. Then the Pats almost blocked the punt.

The Pats lined up looking to put this game away. They got the ball at their own 44, and motioned Gronk. "It just gives Tom a sense of what the defense [is doing, and] what the coverage is going to be when you motion over like that," Gronk said. "Just had to go make a play. Tom threw a nice ball. I just made the catch and got some yards." Brady lofted a beautiful pass to Gronk. He caught it around the 47, and ran inside the 30.

1st and 10 at the 29, Pats went 3-Wide Singleback, which was the Pats primary formation of the game so far. Play action. Brady throw just enough behind Dion that he couldn't catch it. 2nd and 10, Pats went 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady hit Cooks in the box for a nice gain to set up 3rd and short.

3rd and 3, Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong Shotgun. Amendola went in motion to the right. "He's a great player," Gronk said. "He works his tail off. And he's just Danny 'Playoff' Amendola. For real. Every time the playoffs come [or] big games, he's always there. He's always stepping up his game. He's a great player, great teammate, great dude. So it's great to see that." Danny "Playoff" ran an In to the left for the First.

1st and 10 at the 15, Pats went I. They ran a smash to Dion. He crashed unto the line behind Solder. 2nd and 7, Pats went 4-Wide strong. Brady threw to the star of the game so far, Danny "Playoff". He caught it a half an inch short of the magic yellow line. 3rd and 1, Big I. They gave the ball to Bolden. He made a great lateral burst outside, and ran the First behind Solder and Allen.

1st and Goal from the 3, Pats motioned into a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady misfired to Amendola. 2nd and goal form the 3, Big Ugly-I. Andrews, Shaq, and Develin opened up a lane a Mack truck could drive through.

Bolden bolted untouched for the soul crushing TD run. "Brandon's been a very dependable and versatile player for us. He's been able to play on all four downs. He can carry the ball on early downs. He can play on third down, pass protection, catch the ball well, and he's one of our top special team players. He's really a valuable guy for us in a lot of different roles," BB said about Bolden. "Until you need him, it doesn't seem like that much. Then when you need him, it's a lot. And it's hard to find players like that that can step up into those critical roles: pass protection, ball handling, tough yards on the goal line, things like that. Without getting a lot of reps. Without getting the multiple opportunities and just step in there and do it the way he does it.

"We have a lot of guys on the team like that, and he's a really valuable guy. He doesn't get enough credit for what he does, but he does a great job for us, and he does a great job with the leadership he gives us in the kicking game with the younger players, with other players that are on the unit. His communication skills and experience and awareness are very good."

1st and 10, Titan put themselves in a hole. Then the Patriots Defensive MVP Trey Flower stunted under Butler, and sacked Mariota to end this drive on First Down. 2nd and 22, Butler got pressure on Mariota to force a bad throw on the move. Then on 3rd and forget-about-it.

The Pats rushed three, and Wise got pressure to force Mariota to dump the ball off. "He's just been focused. I think he does a good job of just listening to everyone, whether it's the coaches, whether it's the older guys trying to tell him different things, and then he's just stayed at it," McCourty said about Wise. "You know, him and Adam Butler up front, they've played a lot of football throughout the season. I think the good thing is when you're a rookie and you get to the playoffs or the end of the season, you've got a lot of experience under your belt. So, you've seen some more things than you did early in the year, so I think he's using those things and now he's just going out there, letting it fly and he's playing really well." The Titans had to punt on 4th and 14 to end the game.

The Pats lined up on 1st down in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady turned and threw quickly to his right on what looked like a broken screen, and the ball took off to nowhere. 2nd and 10, I. Dion danced forward past four defenders for a kinetic run. 3rd and 5, the Pats went 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady got completely surrounded by the O-line, and was just able to squeak the ball into the box, where White was slashing across the field for the First.

1st and 10, Strong Formation. Lewis had to stutter step at the nine. Which is never a good thing. Then he got knocked down short. 2nd and 8, Strong Formation. Brady dropped. Looked all around the field twice. He waited in the pocket a long time.

Then found the star of the offensive game Amendola on the 3rd level. "Danny does a great job for us. His ball handling, his reliability, dependability is exceptional," BB said. "As you said, handling the ball on these punts in conditions like tonight, it's not easy. And, as we saw, there were several times when he had guys breathing right down on top of him, standing right there when he was catching the ball, so it just put a little more pressure on it. But, Danny has great concentration, tough, really a smart football player, makes good decisions, good judgment, knows how to get open, makes some big catches in tough situations. So, he's kind of guy you take for granted, but he delivered a lot tonight, as he always does. " Brady hit him deep to end the 3rd quarter.

1st and 10 at the 44, the Pats lined up in a Singleback. Brady threw the ball to where only Gronk could catch it in the middle of triple coverage, but the ball got ripped out by Cyprien and Avery Williamson.

2nd and 10, Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady had some pressure, and threw the back shoulder to Gronk for the First. 1st and 10 from the 23, 3-Wide Singleback. They ran for very little. 2nd and 10, Pats went into a 3-Wide Singleback. Brady had time. He looked at Hogan crossing, but he threw it to the ILB Jayon Brown inside. But he dropped it.

3rd and 10, Pats went 4-Wide Weak shotgun. White stayed in to block. Brady had to run right from pressure, as the Titans overloaded the left. Then he suddenly turned and through a balloon to Amendola on the opposite side of the field for an impossible 1st down reception. "We locked eyes early and I could tell he was thinking about it," Danny Playoff said. "I kept running and I knew I had a couple yards, and he looked back again and let it go and it ended up working out." Oh My Goodness.

1st and 10, Pats lined up in a Singleback. They ran Dion ran to the right. He hopped back behind his blockers and barely fell forward for a cloud of dust.

2nd and 7 at the 13, Pats motioned into 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady had to run away from a blitzer coming from the left side again. He somehow flung it to Dion on the sideline. Dion almost got the First. 3rd and 1 from the Six, Pats in a Big-I. Brady snuck it for the easy First inside the Five.

1st and Goal, Pats motioned into a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady hit Dion crossing too short. 2nd and Goal from the Four, Pats motioned into a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady lofted another Balloon to Gronk.

He leaped up over the LB and made it look easy. "Two great players making a great play," BB said. "Great throw, similar to the one that Rob made a couple weeks ago against Buffalo, where only Rob can get it and maybe only Rob could have caught it. But Tom put it where Rob could get it, and Rob got it. So, like I said, two great players making a great play." Game. Set. Match. Pats-35. Titan- going home.


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