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3rd Quarter.


Brady hit Cooks for a 64-yards TD pass to start the 3rd. "It was huge. Whenever we win the coin toss, we talk about getting the halftime swing of whenever we're out there defensively," BB said. "I think this time we took the field, it might have been like five minutes or four minutes of trying to get off and get our offense back on. But most importantly, not giving up points knowing our offense is coming out in the second half." That is another BB infamous double halftime score.

It was just so obvious from the beginning that the Pats would completely outclass the Raiders in preparation, coaching, and understanding the nuances of playing in a foreign country. "Yeah, we just got to keep getting better. Obviously, you come out here and get a big win, but nothing is ever perfect. It's always great to break down the film and do it in a win, but you've got to learn from it," McCourty said. "There's some plays we left out here that we know we could play better on the defense. I'm sure it's going to be the same in offense and the kicking game. You always want to improve those things because you never know when it's going to come up in a big game. So we're going to need to do that, and I think we have a good understanding of coming in there on Mondays or whether it be Tuesday, whenever we get in there, saying this is what we did wrong. Let's fix it and move forward. We'll continue to do that throughout the season." They seemed to have everything fixed Sunday night.

The Pats went to Colorado Springs to prepare for the Altitude of Mexico City. "Really that's a credit to our players. Players win games. They're the ones that go out there and make the blocks, the tackles, the runs, the throws, the catches, the kicks. I think what it means is, number one, I've been doing it for a long time," BB said. "Number two, I've coached a lot of great players. So I've been very fortunate to have a great coaching staff, great assistant coaches, and great players, and had a great opportunity to direct those people." When Del Rio was asked what he did to prepared for being a 1/4 mile higher than Denver said, ah nothing, we just stayed in Oakland. 

The difference between the Pats and the rest of the NFL in leadership, coaching and coordination has never been more startling than the past couple weeks. "We played at a high level. They made some plays, but I thought we executed our game plan and did exactly what we wanted to do today.," BB said. "It's big. We talked about it when we took off to go to Denver, about a long trip but making it worthwhile. So like we talked about during the week, being away from home meant preparing, doing a good job of preparing, and being together, executing our game plan. I think, both sides of the ball, we did that today." It is astonishing how unprepared Denver and Oakland were the past couple of weeks.


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