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Pats Vs Chargers: Part III. 


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3rd Quarter.


The 3rd quarter started with a strange re-kick that re-shook the Chargers. Dion caught it at the five. He bolted outside at the 40, and flew past the kicker at midfield. He was finally shoved out of bounds at the 25.

The special teams really won this game. "The special teams' performance was huge. I'm really proud of how our guys played today," Slater said. "We knew coming into the game that this was going to be a big challenge for us. The Chargers are a very good unit. I think we're improving and getting better every week. We shouldn't be satisfied with where we're at because there is still room to improve, but we're really encouraged by today's effort." They were the most dominate of the three units (except for the two missed FG;).

The Pats lined up at in a 2-Wide strong shotgun. Brady whipped the ball into the dirt, and Cooks was wide open. "I just think we did a good job on continuing to fight," Cooks said. "Even though sometimes we weren't finishing, we did the little things well. I think we just got to finish better in the red zone." 2nd and 10, Trips-Left Strong shotgun. Brady had time, and hit Gronk in the hands, but the defender Pass-Interfered him to knock the ball out.

3rd and 10, the Pats lined up Empty. Brady had to duck under Desmond King. Brady stepped up into two DLs, and had to throw the ball away to force the field goal. "I definitely feel like we could have made this easier on ourselves," Amendola said. "We can play better. We haven't played our best football yet, and we're happy we won and look forward to preparing for what's next." Gostkowski missed the 43-yard FG, and crushed BB's dream of his infamous double halftime score. 

1st and 10, the Chargers lined up in a Singleback with a breath of air still left on the field. The Pats matched up trying to choke that breath with a 3-4. They ran the Jet Sweep to Benjamin again. Everyone was fooled except Butler. He shoved him out of bounds.

2nd and 3, the Chargers in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel. They ran play action. Rivers took the ball back and tried to throw outside. Van Noy tipped the ball. Which allowed Chung to grab the WR, as the ball was dropping softly to him, to stop the reception.

3rd and 3, the Chargers lined up Empty. Pats matched up in an aggressive 3-3 Nickel with all five guys on the Line. Rivers threw a beautiful pass to Allen on Flag route. He pulled it in over three DBs.

1st and 10, the Chargers lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 2-4 Nickel, with Roberts and Harris goofing around in front of each other. Rivers threw a beautiful pass to Williams for a TD, but he stepped out of bounds. The Chargers kept looking like they can run with the Pats. Then do something stupid to lose over and over again. It is actually kind of tragic.

So instead of a TD it was 2nd and 10, the Chargers lined up in a bunched-up Singleback. The Pats matched in a 3-3 Nickel with a Chung and Butler in the Box. River had no pressure for way too long. He played tiddlywinks for a few seconds. Then hit Allen for an easy First.

1st and 10 at the 29, the Chargers lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. The Pats matched up in a confused 3-3 Nickel. They ran Gordon off tackle. "I'm comfortable in any role that they ask," Van Noy said. "That's kind of why I like it here and I think they like me too. I'm ready to do whatever it takes to win." Van Noy hopped past the O-tackle, and knocked Gordon down in the backfield.

2nd and 1, the Chargers lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 2-4 Nickel. Roberts showed blitz and backed off. Roberts and Harris twisted. "We knew they were going to come out and try to run the ball, especially with the conditions the way they were," Harris said. "They have a good back over there in Melvin Gordon. They did hit us for that big run, but after that they slowed down. Everybody relaxed and just played good Patriots defense." Harris and the RB collide in a thundercrack.

Then Rivers ran away, and then knocked the ball out of his own hand. Just when it looked like the Chargers could get back into this game, the infamous Rivers choke strikes. 3rd and friggin' 31. Chargers lined up in a who cares. Pats matched up in a whatever, to force the punt.

The Pats came out, and can't believe the Chargers are handing them the game, like they are kids on Halloween. "It really comes down to consistency and us being on the same page all the time, not one guy playing one coverage and the other 10 guys playing another," Harmon said. "It's everybody on the same page, everybody communicating, everybody talking, everybody's playing with good energy, playing fast and physical and tackling. And that's really what's changed and what's helped us the last few weeks." And the Pats were happy to take their candy.

They lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady had to duck the rush, and riffled the ball into the turf as he is hit. 2nd and 10, the Pats lined up in a Singleback. They ran Dion into the line for nothing. 3rd and 10, the Pats lined up in a Winged Shotgun. He hit White sneaking out of the backfield. The Chargers D had backed off so much that White was just able to scamper for the First.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in an I. Brady handed it to Dion. He hopped inside for a beating. "We all did a great job," Dion said. "Everyone made their blocks. And I just had the easy job of running the ball." 2nd and 5, the Pats lined up in an I. They ran play action, and Brady hit Hogan crossing midfield for an easy First

1st and 10 at the 42, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Singleback. Dion cut back twice for about 7. "We know we have a lot of room to improve, and we know that we're leaving a lot of points out there," Dion said. "We can do a lot better execution wise, and we just have to clean some things up over the bye week and get ready to correct those mistakes. We can't keep leaving points on the field." 2nd and 3, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. The cold New England rain reigned down on the Chargers. The Pats ran Dion, who was lucky to get one.

3rd and 2, the Pats lined up in a Trips-L Strong shotgun. Brady had time. He calmly threw the ball to White as he was hit by an inside rusher. White snagged the ball, as he was crushed in the back for the First.

1st and 10 at the 24, the Pats lined up in a Singleback. But Dion got caught in the backfield. 2nd and 13, the Pats in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady avoids two rushers. Then tried to go down, but Desmond King hit him. Brady whined for a few second for some unknown reason.

3rd and 13, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady had time, and hit Gronk in the hands again. He couldn't catch it. It forced a FG by Gostkowski to almost end the game. The Chargers keep trying to give the Pats the game, and the Pats keep refusing to take it.

1st and 10, the Chargers lined up in an I. The Pats matched up in an aggressive 3-4 with six guys on the line. The Pats clogged the outside. Marsh ran down the line behind Gordon, and smacked him down from the back.

2nd and 11, Chargers lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel. Rivers threw a back shoulder fade to Allen. He turned back and snagged it, even though Bademosi had perfect overage.

1st and 10, Chargers in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 2-4 Nickel. River threw underneath to Gates, but he was just short. Chargers lined up quick in a 3-Wide Strong shotgun. He handed the ball to Gordon before the Pats were ready. "Just communicating. Matty P said it a ton," McCourty said. "We've got to over communicate today, make sure we've got it. Like I said, we can't replace High. [He's a] crucial part of the defense. But I thought guys stepped up as a whole. It wasn't one guy. It was everyone playing fundamentally sound and playing good football. " Gordon slipped forward for a few.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel. Rivers hit Gordon outside. "I think we're playing with each other. We have a lot of new guys and a lot of young guys," Van Noy said. "It takes time to jell and that's kind of what happened is we're just trying to jell and get to know each other. Learn how to play Patriots defense, and we're starting to learn that a little better and better each week." Van Noy took him down.

2nd and 3, Chargers lined up in a 4-Wide Strong shotgun. The Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel with 5 guys on the line. They faked the WR screen, and set up a screen on the other side. But Guy burst through the line and forced Rivers into a bad pass.

3rd and 3, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide weak shotgun. The Pat matched up in a 4-2 Nickel, with five guys on the line. The sent five, and then delayed Roberts. He was picked up by Oliver, as he was about to sack Rivers.

It looked like the Chargers just lucked themselves back into the game with a 50-yard TD. But an illegal pick was set on the play to send the Chargers back into oblivion.

3rd and 13, the Chargers lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. The Pats lined up in a 3-2 Dime with all five guys on the line. Rivers checked. Pats sent all five. Two rushers got to Rivers, but he lofted an incredible pass to Williams on a Flag. But Butler grabbed his arms and knocked the ball out of his hands to force the punt.  

With the win in their hands Brady misfired twice, but then lofted a beautiful pass to Hogan for a first. "You'd love to have timing and execution and consistency in offensive football. You know, that's an important word, and timing's important in the pass game and the run game, absolutely," Brady said. "I just think we can do a better job than what we've done. We're close. Even at the end, we're close to breaking a couple runs there for big yards. And a hit pass, and then we had a couple penalties, and I took a sack that I shouldn't have taken, and that hurts us. So, just work on it and try to do a better job." 1st and 10, Pats in an I. They ran Gillislee to try and end the 3rd. He  turned up field for a solid 9.

Then the Pats rush up to the line for some reason on 2nd and 1 in an I, and forgot they are trying to run out the 3rd quarter. They run the ball for the 1st, but won't run out the quarter.

So they have to line back up in a power-I to end the quarter with a run by Gillislee. "We're not scoring as many points as we're capable of scoring. I know that. I wish there was a simple answer for it, and the simple word would be execution," Brady said. "I mean, it's just throwing and catching and blocking and running and doing all those things, staying on track in the red area, but we have more opportunity out there.

"I mean, we know it. We just haven't done a great job finishing off the last three or four weeks, but hopefully we're going to get back to it, and I'm sure we'll watch a lot of tape and try to evaluate a lot of things that we've done and try to build on those things. I wish it would be better, but we're not. But, we'll just keep going after it. We'll keep working hard like we always do, and hopefully it'll be better here in the next couple of weeks." The lost points kept the Chargers in the game.

They came back on 2nd and 10 to start the 4th quarter in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun, which they will run out of. But Brady dropped. He hit Burkhead all alone in the Flat. But flag was unfurled, to take away a great 25-yard run by Burkhead.

2nd and 7, 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady stepped up into the pocket, and whipped outside to Gronk near the marker. "Half of the time we run the play in practice I'm wide open and the other half I'm covered like by two guys. So it's a kind of a little play action, a little mix up," Gronk said. "You just never know what you're going to get and you've just got to react on the play and Tom just saw me that I was wide open and hit me with the pass. It was nice. It developed [well] overall as a play." 3rd and 1, Power I. Brady handed it off to Gillislee. He popped through the line inside of Thuney and Develin for the First.

1st and 10 at the 44, the Pats lined up in a Singleback looking to put this game away. Brady handed it to Gillislee he got outside without any resistance and then cut inside, when it looked like he had more room outside.

2nd and 6 the Pats lined up in a Singleback. They ran Gillislee to the left again, and he got a few. 3rd and 4, the Pats lined up in a 4-wide Strong shotgun. Brady hit Gronk with a beautiful pass, as a Blitzer charged into his face. "They've got good players," Gronk said. "They've got a good defense and we've just got to execute better on offense. We've just got to play better on offense, just make more plays. We've got to get that ball in the end zone." Gronk caught the In, and curled upfield for the clutch catch.

1st and 10, Pats motioned up Empty. Brady jogged outside to get some room, but was knocked down just as he was going to throw. 2nd and 17, the Pats lined up in a Singleback. They ran play action, and set up a Screen. It looked like Amendola had room. But Desmond King took him down quicker than expected. 3rd and 12, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Winged shotgun. Brady hit Burkhead sneaking out of the backfield to make the FG a little easier.

3rd and 5, Gostkowski missed the FG that would have ended the game. "That's a good word for it. We didn't finish them off. I think we just have to do a better job of that," Brady said. "I know I've said that about 100 times this year, but it's tough. I mean, we're trying. It's just the execution is coming up a little short in critical times. I'm glad we won. That's the most important thing. You know, starting 0-1 and then being 6-2, you know? A lot of mental toughness. So that's good, and we've got to keep it going. You know? [Our] biggest games are ahead of us. So we're going to have to go play well." The Charger got the ball back

The Chargers keep trying to give the Pats the game. "I aimed right down the middle on that one and it got pushed a little bit. The first one that I missed to the left, I didn't get good rotation. The second one I thought I hit pretty good and sometimes that happens," Gostkowski said. "The first one was definitely tough and not my best kick. I thought the second one I missed, I put a good swing on it. I maybe kicked at it too hard into the wind. Sometimes if you get a lot of spin on the ball, the wind's going to affect it more, so you just got to kick a ball that has a little less rotation on it so it cuts through the wind a little better." The Pats kept refusing to take the win. Pats-18. Charger-7.


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